Google Andorid Application


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A smart phone based personalized search application that helps locate books and DVDs and also networks this data with other users.

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Google Andorid Application

  1. 1. Team Members : Manjunath Reddy Akshay Suresh Varun Vijayvargiya
  2. 2. What’s our app about: Scan a product's barcode with your phone's camera and check the central DB to verify if the user already has that product or if one of their friends in the users friend list owns a copy of it.
  3. 3. Wi-Fi HTTP Request/ Response HTTP Request/ Response PHP Script Architectural Overview MySQL DB
  4. 4. Start Barcode App Enter username Try Again If user exists Open camera and scan the barcode Option/ Results HTTP Request to server Display Window HTTP Request to server via Wi-Fi via Wi-Fi Server queries DB Server queries DB Option selected Present in users/ Present in DB? Friends list? Return Not YES YES Found Insert ISBN into DB
  5. 5. Workflow: • Application provides a login interface where user types his USER ID
  6. 6. On clicking the submit button (and after verifying user exists), the camera preview is activated. The barcode picture is then taken and the ISBN is extracted (using ZXING).
  7. 7. The application provides two options, 2.To check if product already exists in your DB (you already own it!) 3.To store the product’s ISBN in your DB (for future reference)
  8. 8. On clicking Check DB, a search is performed in the database and the results are displayed.
  9. 9. In this case, the user doesn’t own this book and hence a search is performed to see if any of the users friends own this book.
  10. 10. Application also provides an option of adding the book to the database if a record does not previously exist for it.
  11. 11. How we did it • Android SDK version 1.1 • IDE used -- Eclipse Ganymede • Barcode Scan is done using the ZXING application provided by Google • Connection to the server is done using the packages provided by Apache. • Server Used – Apache XAMPP Lite • Database Server – MySQL 6.0 • Server Side Scripting – PHP
  12. 12. •Central server used – Apache XAMPP Lite •A new HTTP client object is created (HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();) •Followed by HTTP GET Request ( HttpGet request = new HttpGet(url); ) •On connection establishment, request is processed by the server. •Server returns the appropriate output depending on whether the book is present or not in the DB.
  13. 13. Future plans • Extend the functionality of this application to other products other than just books. • Tracking book store using GPS