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"NAUGHTY CONDOMS" brings in a completely different category of animated condoms. They intend to fantasize and feel the same heroic powers in the bed as the animated character marked on them. They also help the sex mates to smell the fragrance of their special character figures marked over these condoms.

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Akshay naughty condoms

  1. 1. NAUGHTYCONDOMS BY: Akshay Mittal Email Id : akshay.mittal@ymail.com Phone No: 9711308147
  2. 2. CONTENT Introducing Naughty Condoms History of Industry About Naughty Condoms Get Naughty with the hotte !! Market Segmentation Competitive Analysis SWOT Analysis
  3. 3. History of Industry Condom was named from CONDUS’ which means a vessel or a container. Various types are as mentioned below : Latex Condoms: These condoms are made up of latex rubber .This can be used only with a water-based lubricant and not with oil-based lubricants Polyurethane Condoms: Polyurethane is a type of plastic. It offers a superior advantage in terms of the feel and appearance. Female Condoms: It helps in preventing pregnancy and infections as it lines the entire vagina. The above mentioned types of condoms are manufactured with varying size, shape, length, strength, color, flavor etc.
  4. 4. ABoUT NaUGHTy CoNDoMs
  5. 5. Naughty History Naughty condoms bring in a completely different category of animated condoms into the market. Naughty condoms are animated with the most favorite animated characters in the market such as Spiderman, Batman.. Etc Naughty condoms tries to fantasize and feel the same Heroic powers in the bed as the animated character marked on the naughty condom. These animated condoms also help the sex mates to smell the fragrance of their special character figures provided over these condoms. Naughty Condoms can make you a new HERO every time in the bed.
  6. 6. Get Naughty with the hotte !! Animated Condoms to enjoy ,feel the pleasure in a different way
  7. 7. Get Naughty with the hotte !! Feel the super powers within you…
  9. 9. Market segmentation Demographic: Psychographic:Gender: Male & Female CultureAge: 15-50 years – Needs & WantsTeenage (Students), Adults(Workers)Education: Minimum high school &can understand English Language Geographic: Behavioral: AwarenessDeveloped countries Health concernsDeveloping countries Partner (girl friend, prostitute,Under developed countries wife, servant, etc)Others
  10. 10. Competitive Environment External Environment Political: EconomicLaws governing condom manufacturing Economic growth affects the sexualTrade regulations desire then intercourse times. Unemployment rate increases sex rate Exchange rates –import &exports Social TechnologicallySocial, cultural & traditional obligations. Substitutes like contraceptive pills andLifestyle of people (Western Vs Eastern) artificial toysEducation level Changes inPopulation growth rate Technology transferAge distribution Distribution channelsCarrier attitude of the peopleLeisure time for people
  11. 11. SWOT STRENGTH WEAKNESSFirst time available with animatedcharacters marked over to attract Cannot advertise directly onlymore consumer. surrogate advertisement forEasily raw material availability condoms.Almost essential for sex Social, cultural and traditional hindrances.Available in many size, colors andflavor to attract more consumer. Not 100% guarantee completely STD and pregnancy control.Increasing awareness & increasingsales Slipping ,bursting problems.Use of condom to avoid STD fromspreading(no other alternativeavailable except condom)
  12. 12. cont. OPPORTUNITY THREATSPeople are getting more aware & Surgical Procedures (sterilization)- conscious about use of condom. Tubal Ligation(F)/Vasectomy(M)Scope for expansion Society- the Roman Catholic Church generally opposes condom use.Increasing Availability in vending machines(people are still shy to ask for Masturbation and use of Sex toys. condom) Natural methods to avoid pregnancy like withdrawal (avoid ejaculation inside her).
  13. 13. Thank You