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To get this rolling at foofys .

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Welcome to foofys

  1. 1. Welcome tofoofysJoin/Create and Engage
  2. 2. Before we beginHenry ford and mpigeon share the samethought -If you think you can ,or if you think you can’teither ways your right.If you are coming on board , get ready foran awesome adventure.
  3. 3. Lets begin Great things happen when people come together. Foofys our application enables the same.
  4. 4. Why we have created Foofys The rise of social media platforms allows us to stay in touch with family and friends. Have you wondered how we actually meet new people, and how hard it is to actually strike a conversation with someone?To solve the above problem we have created amobile / web application called foofys.
  5. 5. How does foofys work ? Itall starts by creating a cloud number ( group number ) , for purpose, location orinterest.Create foofys cloud Users of our application After being part of thenumber • After signing up network• Done on foofys.com • Key in one or many • Users can start• This number is then foofys cloud numbers communicating with shared on social other members platforms. • And start meeting like minded people.
  6. 6. Example 1 : conferences Scenario : over 2000 people are attending a conference for chocolate manufacturing and you want to meet a few suppliers of chocolatesSign upEnter the foofys cloud Foofys enginenumber for the event takes over and starts showing you results. There are numerousSearch for chocolate things you can dosuppliers when you are a part of a cloud
  7. 7. Example 2 : collegeScenario: you have just entered college and wouldlike to make new friends. You get to Join/create a see their On clicking on foofys cloud interest a member number AND Common friends you Share it with You get to have with them college see all the on Facebook mates members , LinkedIn and twitter
  8. 8. Here are a list of things you can do on foofys (1)  If you are the creator of the foofys code you canConduct Take polls Start a discussion Shout afeedback message to all the members Create and share an Run adv. campaign Agenda
  9. 9. Here are a list of things youcan do on foofys (2) Things you can do as a member of a cloud See other Twitter members embedded Discussions Share Poll Transfer files contacts We plan to Note Find your release 1 new mutual friends feature a month
  10. 10. Take a break – go tofoofys.com and sign up
  11. 11. Marketing foofys  Objective :To create 200,000 foofys code in two months and have over 4,000,000 users in 4 months.  Mission-To be the fasted growing application from India.Remember: if you think you can , or if you think you can’t either waysyour right
  12. 12. Let us get to know each otherfirstI have created a google + page and facebook page for the interns to talk to the management in order to execute the marketing plan . All content / media kit , doubts etc would be shared there.
  13. 13. Why work alone ?Get your friends on board and work together as a team , we wouldbe willing to provide a certificate to both you and your teammembers
  14. 14. The planAs a team we would identify , Upcoming events , (ticketing platform like eventbrite and doattend) densely populated target audience , Meet up groups (www.meetup.com Facebook groups Trending topics of Twitter Google groups/ yahoo groups ,
  15. 15. Step 2 : approach Email / tweet or send a message to the group owner introducing him to foofys. Also contact top 3 members of that group telling them about foofys. 2 days after initial contact , follow up for feedback.A media kit would be shared with you.
  16. 16. To be continuedWe shall be sharing slides to teach you how to market toOur audience.For now please log on to out facebook or google plus pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Foofys-interns/323201717703882https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116665083407406049701/