WordPress security

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An introduction to WordPress Security

An introduction to WordPress Security

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  • 1. blogVAULThttp://blogvault.net
  • 2. WordPress Security Akshat Choudhary Founder, blogVault blogVAULT
  • 3. Why?Sites get Hacked! blogVAULT
  • 4. Why will some one hack a Site? Fun and Profit blogVAULT
  • 5. Fun: Because they can blogVAULT
  • 6. Profit: To make moneySEOAffiliate ScamRedirect to a different sitePolitical defacementUse host for hacks blogVAULT
  • 7. How?Vulnerabilities! blogVAULT
  • 8. Where?Wordpress Core Plugins Themes blogVAULT
  • 9. How do I know if I have been hacked? blogVAULT
  • 10. Browser warning blogVAULT
  • 11. Google Search Warning blogVAULT
  • 12. Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Tool blogVAULT
  • 13. Inspect FileshtaccessJavascript FilesUnknown PHP filesExisting PHP files blogVAULT
  • 14. What to do when my site gets hacked? blogVAULT
  • 15. Recover from Backup Most reliable method blogVAULT
  • 16. Use SucuriNot foolproof, costs money blogVAULT
  • 17. Talk to an expertDifficult Job. Dont take lightly. blogVAULT
  • 18. Change Password blogVAULT
  • 19. Change Authentication keys Removes existing sessions. blogVAULT
  • 20. Prevention is better than Cure blogVAULT
  • 21. Update Wordpress / Plugins / Themes blogVAULT
  • 22. Change Database Prefix Prevent SQL Injection attacks blogVAULT
  • 23. Disable File Editordefine(DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT, true); blogVAULT
  • 24. Make Folders / Files Readonly blogVAULT
  • 25. Prevent File ExecutionAddHandler cgi-script .php .pl .py .jsp .asp .htm .shtml .sh .cgi blogVAULT
  • 26. Use SSL / Google Authenticator blogVAULT
  • 27. Set Authentication Keysdefine(AUTH_KEY, put your unique phrase here);define(SECURE_AUTH_KEY, put your unique phrase here);define(LOGGED_IN_KEY, put your unique phrase here);define(NONCE_KEY, put your unique phrase here);define(AUTH_SALT, put your unique phrase here);define(SECURE_AUTH_SALT, put your unique phrase here);define(LOGGED_IN_SALT, put your unique phrase here);define(NONCE_SALT, put your unique phrase here); blogVAULT
  • 28. Security by Obscurityremove admin user / hide wordpress version / ... blogVAULT
  • 29. Automatic Backups e.g. use blogVAULT blogVAULT
  • 30. What makes a good backup solution?Complete - Database + FilesOffsite - Local backup is as good as noneRegular BackupHistory of backupTest the RestoreSecure Backup blogVAULT
  • 31. Thank you blogVAULT http://blogvault.net We are Hiring!