Programming firebird 5 using microsoft robotics studio   2008
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Programming firebird 5 using microsoft robotics studio 2008

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Programming Firebird V Robot using Micrsoft Robotics Studio. ...

Programming Firebird V Robot using Micrsoft Robotics Studio.
ERTS Lab, IIT BOmbay.

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  • 1. Programming Firebird 5 using Microsoft Robotics Studio 2008
    -weekly seminar presentation by
    M.Tech 2, ERTS Lab,
    IIT Bombay.
    2nd September, 2010.
  • 2. Demonstration
    Burn the suitable program on the Firebird 5
    that keeps reading the sensor values on the bot and communicates that over Xbee/serial port to the PC and
    keeps reading the motor values from Xbee/serial port (as received from the PC) and sets the motor accordingly
    Run the suitable service on MSRDS 2008
  • 3. Demonstration (contd…)
    The monitoring system on the web browser
    Console output
    Service state
    Two services are orchestrating
    The ABMFirebird5 service; and
    The ABMWhiteLineFollowerFB5 service
  • 4. How it is working
    MSRDS Runtime
    Firebird 5
  • 5. Service
    A service model [1]
  • 6. Subscription & Partnership
    A subscription model [4]
  • 7. Components
    MSRDS 2008 has the .NET framework at the base level
    CCR layer exists over that
    No need of explicitly creating threads, using semaphores or need to synchronize
    It is operative in a way such that the whole system is responsive*, scalable* and efficient in dealing with failure
    Takes care of load balancing*, scheduling* and coordinating
    DSS layer exists over that
    Loosely coupled services interact through each other via partnership
    * Claims by Microsoft, not verified by me
  • 8. Other features: VPL
    VPL – Visual Programming Language
    Gives a GUI (user friendliness) angle to programming
    It is a data flow based programming model
    A VPL Program [3]
  • 9. Others: Simulation
    VSE – Visual Simulation Environment
    Hardware is expensive, difficult to debug, and hard for a team to work concurrently
    Simulation has a low barrier to entry, easy to prototype and test out new ideas
    Useful for education, good learning and debugging tool
    Architecture [2]
    Simulation and services [2]
  • 10. MSRDS: Pros and Cons
    • Pros
    • 11. Design highly scalable, concurrent and distributed robotics applications.*
    • 12. Efficient backend and rich simulator.
    • 13. VPL: Makes simple robotics applications easy to compose
    • 14. Cons
    • 15. Knowledge of coding is required for some significant work.
    • 16. The complexity of C#
    • 17. Modelling of objects using third party software.
    • 18. Real Time constraint handling missing.
    * Claims by Microsoft, not verified by me
  • 19. References
    [1] Microsoft Corporation. Dss documentation. Website.
    [2] Microsoft Corporation. Video tutorials on simulation. Website.
    [3] Microsoft Corporation. Vpl documentation. Website.
    [4] Microsoft Corporation. Service Tutorial 4. Website.
  • 20. THANK YOU