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TimeTRONIX Desk is Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees attendance.

More info can be found here - http://www.bioenabletech.com/index.php/software/time-attendance/timetronix-attendance-software/

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TimeTRONIX Desk Attendance Software

  1. 1. TimetronixDesk BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd Office No. 203, 2nd Level, Cyber City Tower S4, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune-411013MH, India Phone : +91-20-65600600, Fax- +91-20-26898686 Toll Free : 1800-209-2131 (Only from India) Website - www.bioenabletech.com Email - sales@bioenabletech.com
  2. 2. Introduction Timetronix desk software is useful for recording time attendance of the employees. This software is suitable for the small as well as large size companies TimeTRONIX desk software provides easy to use time attendance reports which are used for daily routines in the company. The reports mainly comes into daily reports as well as monthly reports. In daily reports user can keep a track of employee wise, shift wise, company wise, department wise reports In monthly reports we have included who is in report through which management can check employees attendance during office start time also.
  3. 3. Download the software of Timetronix from the CD This is the icon for Time Attendance software. Double click on this icon to start software After double click, this screen will get displayed. Click on Go button to continue with the software. In order to register your copy click on “Enter serial key” button.
  4. 4. Login Window Screen Text In this screen click on login button to continue with the software Click on next button to continue with wizard
  5. 5. Introduction of Timetronix Desk Wizard Holidays Start Company Designation Shift Timetronix Wizard Department Employee Finish
  6. 6. Organization Details and Setting Menu Screen In this screen click on finish button to complete wizard In this screen enter user id length depending upon the user id digits.
  7. 7. Important fields in Setting Menu TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT In this screen by default password is selected. In this screen enter STD, ISD, Telephone length code. According to this information user can set fields for phone in company master
  8. 8. Selection of Report Type and Product In this dialog box select report type according to requirement. User can select MS Excel / CSV (Text) format for report generation. In this screen select appropriate product according to criteria. For BAT S 100
  9. 9. Company Master and Shift Master Screens TEXT TEXT Go to the company master and there click on BioEnable name then user will get modify button enabled on menu bar. Click on modify button to modify name of company. Enter the details of new company and click on save button. The after that close whole application and make login in the new company which you have created right now In this screen fill out the necessary details. Provide grace minutes for early punches as well as late punches of the employees. Note that 23 hours shift can be defined including grace + OT + lunch
  10. 10. Designation Master and Department Master Screens TEXT TEXT TET TEXT Click on the designation master. There create new designation for employee and click on save button In this screen enter any new department for employee and click on save button
  11. 11. Employee Master >> Enroll Users Click on the User management option in the tree and click on the new button to enroll new user in the software In this screen enter same emp id with which user is registered in Biodesk/ FRT/ NAC/ Timescan. After entering same emp id press TAB key from keyboard. If Biodesk is used with this software then it will automatically fetch all the details inclusing(finger/ password) in this software. If you are using any other device then select authentication type as password for registration
  12. 12. Privilege Management and Holiday Master Screen In this screen administrator can create new software users so that users can assign administrator rights to other user. In the access leval assign respective right and click on save button In this screen enter holiday name, select its type, select date and click on save button
  13. 13. Leave Management Screens In this screen enter pay type for the leave and click on save button to save record In this screen select to whom leave should be given in “leave to” box Select it’s type, date and click on save button
  14. 14. Leave Accruals Screen In this screen select the employees to whom leaves should be given, and in the no of leaves box enter total no of leaves and then click on leave assign button to assign leaves to employees
  15. 15. Process Logs Screen In this screen select From date and To date for processing. If User has installed Time attendance software with Biodesk (as combined setup) then he should click on “Use current database option” otherwise select appropriate path and click on process button For NAC 3000 unit select From Date and To date for processing, select path of Nitgendbac.mdb and click on process button
  16. 16. Log Management Screens In this screen click on new button on menu bar to add new log for the particular employee In this screen enter new log for the employee. Select appropriate type, enter machine id and click on save button
  17. 17. After correcting the invalid punches user can reprocess the logs through process log screen and check for the reports Visit next slide for detailed information of report
  18. 18. After processing logs user can see Reports
  19. 19. So what is so special in Reports ? <ul><li>Who is in : This report gives you details about at particular timing “who is in” in the company. E.g if we want to find out between 9:00:00 A.M to 9:15:00 who is in in the company so this report gives you details for the same. This report is very useful when any theft happen in company and at that time we want to find who is in? </li></ul><ul><li>Exception Report : This report shows you details about the invalid logs entered by user, so that administrator can correct his logs </li></ul>
  20. 20. Company wise daily Report
  21. 21. Daily Employee wise Report
  22. 22. Shift wise Daily Report
  23. 23. Company wise Monthly Report
  24. 24. Department wise Monthly Report
  25. 25. Monthly Late/Early Report
  26. 26. Monthly Lateness Report
  27. 27. Monthly employee Muster
  28. 28. Shift wise Monthly Report
  29. 29. Monthly ‘Who is in’ Report
  30. 30. Muster Summery Report
  31. 31. TimetronixDesk For more Information Call Our Technical Person +91-020-65600600 Email : sales@bioenabletech.com
  32. 32. Thank You BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd