Education and Technology in Brazil

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  • 1. Educational system in Brazil
  • 2. Post doctoral studiesGraduation Doctoral degree education Post Master degree education Especialization courses Sequential Extension Graduation 3 to 6 courses courses Graduation courses years of study Professional Education Selective process Age 3 or 4 Professional education 15 + High schol years of study Youth and adult education BASIC EDUCATION Age 18 + Age 9 years 6-14 Elementary school of study Youth and adult education Age 15+ Age Daycare Special education: 0-5 Early education center Integrated in schools
  • 3. 8:00 – 12:00Morning 7:30 – 12:10 (6th) 13:00 – 17:00Afternoon 13:00 – 17:30Evening 18:45 – 10:30
  • 4. Some problems of the educational system in Brazil
  • 5. politics public education
  • 6. On the blackboard: It is frequent the neglect of public education! Teacher: What has changed in this sentence? Student: Nothing!School buildings in poor condition
  • 7. teacher Chiquinho, absent teacher Marluce, absent teacher Luis absentNo teachers
  • 8. All right, now I am going to see who is present and ... If we have time left I will teach you!Too many students in the classroom
  • 9. No respect for teachers and no integrated work What grades are these? What grades are these?
  • 10. Take it easy, I am a teacher! Sorry, man, my bad. Here some change!Low salary to teachers
  • 11. No preparation for educational technology Good news kids, now we have a computer!
  • 12. I could not do my homework because my computer got a virus and This virus contaminated my pencils and pens as well.”Brazilian way”
  • 13. Educational Technology in Brasil
  • 14. Educational Technologyin BrazilResult ofinterviewing4 teachers fromSouth of BrazilOwn knowledgeInformation Northfrom internet Northest Midwest Southest South
  • 15. How technology is being usedto support learning and education- as a tool for teachers, for updating and getting ideas for activities- for developing more interesting classes- for accessing information from internet- for exchanging experiences with other teachers- for increasing student’s creative power
  • 16. How technology is being used to support learning and education- in higher education it is used for distance learning
  • 17. Technological tools available- tv/dvd- radio- copy machine- sound system (microphones, speakers, karaoke)- computer and data projector- camera
  • 18. Problems in using technology in education- there are no computers in every classroom and in computer labs not for all students- teachers do not have own computer/internet access- there is the need of enhancing teacher’s ability to make use of technology- methodology X technology
  • 19. Possibilities for the use of technology in education- government is investing in education and also in technology for educational purpose- development of applications- development of teacher’s ability of using technology in general and applied to education
  • 20. Questions?