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Presentation for Women in Development NYC by Rebecca Krause-Hardie and Jen Edwards

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  • Chris Brogan did a nice piece on the Trust Economy. Here are some of the key points.
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  • Social Media - Women In Development

    1. 1. Women In Development Social Media and Fundraising Rebecca Krause-Hardie and Jennifer Edwards November 15, 2010
    2. 2. Introductions Jennifer Edwards Rebecca Krause-Hardie
    3. 3. Today’s Plan Social Media Strategic Overview Creating Content to Connect Online Fundraising Tips Case Studies
    4. 4. The Currency of Social Capital Resources that we mutually invest in our human relationships, accumulate over time … becoming the basis of friendship
    5. 5. “Our only path to profitable growth may lie in our ability to turn our most loyal customers … into our marketing department!” Frederick F. Reichheld
    6. 6. Why Listen? - The Trust Economy
    7. 7. The Trust Economy We want our friends to tell us what is good I’m here because my friends are here Trust is important
    8. 8. The Trust Economy Give me Money Now! Boo!
    9. 9. The Trust Economy Relationships Yeah!
    10. 10. personal relationships are, well, personal Flickr attribution Amit Gupta
    11. 11. trusting Flickr attribution opxphile
    12. 12. sharing Flickr attribution Andy Woo
    13. 13. responsive Flickr attribution ClickFlashPhotos
    14. 14. valuing Flickr attribution avriette
    15. 15. giving away control Flickr attribution kitchenkam
    16. 16. being real
    17. 17. join the conversation - by listening first Flickr Attribution Rabbit by D-32
    18. 18. My Org Conversations are happening everywhere! Your job is to listen, join them … and add value
    19. 19. twitter Conversations happen everywhere My Org facebook blogs twitter
    20. 20. Twitalizer
    21. 21. Growing your visibility and sharing your network
    22. 22. Having a common language - understanding Listen before you leap… Be sensitive to the culture and context, and feeling of the community you are engaging with.
    23. 23. Adding Value - Geo-caching • What did they say well? • What did they miss? • Answer questions • What are other people saying? • How does it apply to you? • Imagine what could be done in the future • Reflect on your personal experience • Ask what if?” “Read someone's blog post and start a conversation: Before you leave a comment, ask yourself: Beth Kanter
    24. 24. Intentionality What is our motivation? Is our agenda overt or covert? Our currency must be: Transparency, Integrity and Authenticity. We listen a lot with our friends, the same is true with social media relationships.
    25. 25. Discussion Time
    26. 26. Case Studies
    27. 27.
    28. 28. •Short •Draws people in (eg suspense or humor) •Emotional connection •Clear message •Clear and easy call to action Tips for content creation
    29. 29. •Clear achievable goals (but audacious) •Making it personal – Its about you •Create sense of urgency – matching incentives •Easy to understand and easy to use •Fun positive focus •Leverage networks (Integrate online & offline) •Say Thank you in creative and visible ways Tips for fundraising
    30. 30. Discussion 2
    31. 31. ROI of social media takes time - 6 to 18 months •First is organizational learning •Engagement •Conversion •Real World Behavior Change From clicking to final bequests
    32. 32. Social Media Learning is Iterative
    33. 33. Thank you! Find Rebecca here: Rebecca Krause-Hardie Blog: Twitter: @arkrausehardie Email: Find Rebecca here: Rebecca Krause-Hardie Blog: Twitter: @arkrausehardie Email: Find Jen here: Jennifer Edwards Blog: Twitter:@jenniferedwards Email: Find Jen here: Jennifer Edwards Blog: Twitter:@jenniferedwards Email: