Last Ace of Space Postmortem


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This is a presentation given by Brian Stabile to the Orlando iOS Developer Meetup group. He outline the ups and downs of developing Astro Crow's game "The Last Ace of Space".

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Last Ace of Space Postmortem

  1. 1. Post-Mortem Brian Stabile Co-Owner/Executive Producer, Astro Crow
  2. 2. Who Am I?■ Brian Stabile ■ UCF Digital Media (Comp Sci Minor) Graduate ■ Worked for UCF on Serious Games ■ Worked on ‘Three Dead Zed’ for PC ■ Plays drums in Yogurt Smoothness (www.yogurtsmoothness. com)
  3. 3. ■ Released April 7, 2011 ■ iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch■ Company created and game conceptualized in one day■ Development cycle: ~8 months■ Number of Sales Worldwide: *insert sad face*
  4. 4. What Went Right
  5. 5. Excellent Presentation■ High-Quality Trailer ( v=fpQAKUV46zY)■ Great Artwork / Sound Design■ Humorous
  6. 6. Unique Take on Existing ModelJump Jump, Collect Jump, Slide, Turn Jump, Slide, Flick, Pop, Shoot, Collect, Run, Fart!
  7. 7. Continued Support■ Constantly updating game to improve the overall experience■ Past updates included ■ Game Center Integration ■ Tutorial Overhauls ■ Retina Display Support and native iPad Support ■ New Enemies
  8. 8. Tons of ‘Ground Work’, PositivePress■ Press Releases■ Promo Codes■ YouTube Reviews■ Generally Positive Reviews ■ “…one of the more interesting variations on the runner genre I’ve played” –Destructoid ■ “purr-fectly addictive!” -iFanzine
  9. 9. Physical Ad Materials■ Small and large promo cards■ Great conversation starter■ Adds credibility/ No longer creepy.
  10. 10. What Went Wrong
  11. 11. Positive Reviews Did Not Translate To Sales ■ Large number of iPhone casual gamers do not read game blogs/materials aimed for hardcore gamers. ■ Front Page of Destructoid ■ 1,300 views ■ Only averages 1 sale a day
  12. 12. Lite Version Not Limiting Enough■ Full game minus a few enemies, no iPad or Retina support.■ Updated: ■ Incorporated Ads ■ Added Nag Screen ■ More limiting updates to come!
  13. 13. Tutorial Not As Foolproof As We Thought ■ Only tested amongst our gamer friends ■ Bad design made obvious through further testing ■ If not 100% obvious, some players just don’t get it – even when it is 100% obvious! ■ Improved in updates ■ More improvements to come!
  14. 14. ZERO Advertising Budget / No Love For Indies ■ Too broke to ‘gamble’ on an ad campaign with no guaranteed return. ■ Hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches. ■ Friends unwilling to help ■ Consumers can’t distinguish between our title and EA’s titles ■ Piracy (Unavoidable, but still annoying) ■ Search function sucks!! ■ Misjudged Twitter
  15. 15. Tools Updated Too Quickly■ 4 different tools issuing updates at almost monthly pace■ No deprecation – very time consuming!■ Incorrect installation instructions!
  16. 16. Remember: They Can Only Buy Your App Once! There’s Room For Us All On The Market! ■ How to help fellow indie developers ■ Tweeting ■ Sharing on FB ■ Downloading, Rating, and Reviewing ■ WORD OF MOUTH
  17. 17. Thanks! Keep An Eye Out For Future Astro Crow Projects!■ Brian Stabile Feedback and Suggestions Welcome! ■■ Twitter: @AstroCrowGames■■