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  • 1. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE “Our vision of excellence is undaunted and is beholden to the ideals of creativity and versatility in the belief that on these foundations we can create a potpourri of ideas and diversity of actions in one concrete and synchronized solution.”
  • 2. OUR SERVICES StudioSupremo is a design consulting firm founded by Errol Supremo during the early Strategic Consulting 2000 in Hong Kong , with an unwavering - Feasibility Study passion and commitment to render each project - Programming uniquely responsive to its purposed - Space Planning environment and end-user by working closely - Workplace Solutions with client proponent from inception to - Branding completion, understanding its realm and delivering design intelligence with pride andArchitectural & Interior Design integrity. - Design Concept/Presentation - Design Solutions Educated as Architects and Designers, we - Design Development have gained over 20 years of global exposure. - Design Documentation Our experiences covered U.S., Australia, - Design Coordination China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines and - Tendering/Negotiating the Middle East which gained us the knowledge to engage with cultural and personal diversities. Field of Expertise - Corporate Facilities Constant exposure to new developments and - Lifestyle & Retail modern technologies, our knowledge base is - Hospitality & Restaurants abundant in ideas from micro-design of - Residential & Show flats Corporate and Exhibition Facilities to macro- - Mixed-use Developments design of Lifestyle and Mixed-use Developments. Other related works - Graphic Design Our vision and passion inspires us to constantly - Environmental Graphics strive to meet and precede the current - Landscape Design challenges by continually searching and - Urban & Masterplanning learning the process of change, create sustainable built-environments that responds to evolving lifestyle and proactively collaborate to create humanist-responsive design solutions.OUR SERVICES
  • 3. We understand multi-cultural and social market segments having served various countries and personalities, delivering intuitive and intelligent design solutions. Our experience and global presence assures you of a world class design from a 100% Filipino owned firm.RETAIL & LIFESTYLE is adamant to The CORPORATE environ has The REAL ESTATES’s OFW marketthe Filipino culture with multiple never been as progressive as now is a strong segment that’s veryshopping malls virtually in every with Philippines being at the significant to the industrycity. While the rush to quantity helm as one of the best influencing the economics andinvigorates, replications of no outsourcing hub on the globe. providing buying power fromsubstantial advancement and Investors all over are seeking over 5 MILLION PINOYSinnovation flourish and does not providers not just for quality scattered across the globe andcorrespond to the evolving taste system solutions but quality growing multiplied by a horde ofof local consumers, hence, travel facilities as well that understand benefactors at home. Who elseand internet has privileged the the underlying corporate culture can better understand theirFilipino to see what’s OUTSIDE and ideals of every organization. commercial demographics butTHE BOX. Our progressive ideas Our decades of thorough experience derived from the those who themselves spentare constantly evolving asevidenced by our international world’s best design firms has years being one like us.experiences, creating new strengthened our knowledge Moreover, the trend of compact-paradigms as we render each base as we render extra-mile spaces among condo developersproject uniquely significant collating distinct values and now has greatly been influencedcelebrating both the users and the culture in composing a cohesive by HK’s spatial culture which weproponents in equilibrium. environment that inspire and have creatively been part of for 2 motivate people. We call this decades. DESIGN INTELLIGENCE. We are Filipino. Talented . Persistent . Resilient . Capable . Versatile & Global. Be a proud Filipino like Studio Supremo. It’s your CHOICE that will make this nation great again!OUR VALUE
  • 4. ARCHITECTURE experience
  • 5. Skyrise 4 Option 1Located in Asiatown I.T. Park, CebuCity owned by Skyrise Realty & DevtCorp., with 17 floors of office space,envisioned to be a leading BPO facilityprovider in the area with amenitiesconducive to hyper workplace culturewith roof break-out areas and gardento reduce heat and emission andalfresco at ground floor. 2010
  • 6. Skyrise 1&2Located in Asiatown I.T. Park, CebuCity owned by Skyrise Realty & DevtCorp., this earlier version of Skyrisefamily of buildings is a 2 building ,ergeto one. The client wanted to reinventthe buildings image in line with Skyrise4 with similar BPO facility . Ongoing2012
  • 7. Golden Peak HotelLocated in Lahug, Cebu. Is set forrebranding and renovation as Cebu ‘stourism is at its helm. The currentbusiness climate and the influx ofmajor hotel facilities require anupgrade to be competitive.
  • 8. Skyrise AlphaEnvisioned to set a newprecedent to modern BPOfacilities , this edifice will rise inCebu Business Park andcompliment and alreadydynamic skyline. A new level ofapproach to facility planningheralding the current clamor forenvironmental and socio aspects.Constructions starts in 2013.
  • 9. Eton Centris Walk Events VenueA vacant 3500sqm Lot with an existingwarehouse behind Centris Walk Edsa corQuezon Ave. has been tasked forconversion and expansion thus theindustrial look for this high end place ofvenue with mergeable multi-functionspaces and F&B facilites, garden spaces,open parking and in-suites. 2010
  • 10. Starace School, ParanaqueA Proposed New Building as partof the expansion for the growingenrollees of Starace School.Provision of 8-Classroom facilityequipped with library, computerlab and canteen.2008
  • 11. Antipolo International SchoolA Proposed International School on a1700 sqm corner lot envisioned to caterto primary and secondary levels byproviding 30 classrooms, labs, coffeeshop, library, chapel, Botanical garden,aquatic habitat, an elevated auditoriumand multi-purpose rooms convertible toclass rooms.2008
  • 12. Observatory Court, Hong KongA Proposed refurbishment andconversion of an old residential buildingin the upscale Tsim Sha Tsui area into aluxury service apartment. Total facelift ofthe façade and reorganize the podium toprovide amenities for a clubhouse wasthe given task. 2004
  • 13. Aviator Bar & Restaurant,Tung Chung, Hong KongA 485 sqm Irish bar located at TungChung MTR Station Developmentpremises. Intended to be a majorwatering hole for pilots and airlinecrews attributing to its proximity toChek Lap Kok international Airportin Lantau Island.. 2006
  • 14. Huangpu 155, ShanghaiAn upscale shopping mall in down townShanghai with a 4-storey glass waterfall.In collaboration wih WoodsBagot. 2008
  • 15. COASTAL MALL, SHENZHEN,CHINAA hypermodern shopping mall set to risein Nansha District, equipped with skatingrinks and a large atrium providing spatialluxury. The layout is influenced bycurvaceous planning formations makingshopping voyage an aesthetic revelation.In collaboration with WoodsBagot. 2009
  • 16. HOSPITALITY experience
  • 17. LeftLift Lobby Peninsula,BeijingPeninsula Palace Hotel, BeijingInvolved in the Design and rehabilitationof the Public Area and the Jing Multi-Cuisine Restaurant of Palace Hotel.Considered as one of Beijing’s tourismHeritage being one of the oldest hotel inthe city, located in the historic street ,the Wang Fu Jing Road.The Jing Restaurant which servesauthentic Cantonese and Beijingspecialties was ranked as one of the"75 Worlds Top New Restaurants" in2003 by Condé Nast Traveler, and"Best Beijings Fusion Restaurants" byModern Media .BottomMain Lobby Front DeskPeninsula, Beijing
  • 18. Top LeftVIP Dining JingRestaurantPeninsula, BeijingBottom LeftSpiral entry stairs atJing RestaurantPeninsula, Beijing
  • 19. Fortune Restaurant Hong KongJockey ClubAn elegant restaurant set to cater tothe flamboyant members of the eliteHKJC. Located at the buildingoverlooking the Happy Valley RaceCourse. Inspired by east meets westtypology, textures and details are keptto a minimum with hints of Chineseelements to give the push for culturalintegrity and fuse with simplified yetfunctional forms.Initiated in collaboration with ChhadaSiembieda + Associates HK
  • 20. Inagiku Japanese Resturant, Royal Garden Hotel, TST, HKThe project is part of the F&B provision of Royal Garden Hotel of Sung Hung KaiProperties. The brand “Inagiku Japanese Restaurant” is a high end restaurantfrequented by celebrities in Tokyo. Walter Kwok, CEO of Sun Hung Kai Properties,personally initiated this project with his desire to entertain friends here. ATeppanyaki Room installed with raw dining table top imported from Africa waspersonally designed for his use.
  • 21. Emperor Hotel, Macau A refurbished 3-star Hotel in the middle of urban Macau and one of the few Chinese hotel brand in the Business. Intended to showcase as a modern Chinese Business hotel. The project was a venture of New World Development of HK..Lobby AreaEmperor Hotel
  • 22. GENYUAN MARRIOT HOTEL, YINCHUANGenyuan City is fast gaining affluence as acommercial hub in the Muslim province ofYinchuan. This collaborative engagement with GILof HK requires a conceptual prologue thatadheres to the local culture in a modern context.The seamless and undulating form in sync with itsarchitecture mimics dessert sand dunes typical tothe province. The bottom Lobby Wine Bar has asunken modern gypsy fireplace with metal shaftand wooden rings extended to atrium apex.Bottom LeftFeature LobbyWine Bar & modernMongolian fire place
  • 23. Joyce Hotel, Huadu, Guangzhou, ChinaA former government convention center hasbeen designated for redevelopment andconversion into a Spa-Hotel to compliment andprovide facility to the tourist traffic of thepopular Huadu Lake in front. A modern tropicalambience will usher the spa towards thegrowing health-conscious local and internationalclientele. 2008
  • 24. RETAIL & LIFESTYLE experience
  • 25. SAMSUNG SERVICE CENTER,TSIM SHA TSUI , HKThis proposed new customerconvergence outlet adopts a newhyper-modern look inline with theirevolving product line up. Incollaboration with Krispace Design.2011
  • 26. DRINK TEA PILOT SHOP DRINK TEA Beverage Lounge will be situated at Retail Slots 11, 12 & 13, Ground Floor, MDC100, Eastwood, Quezon City,Philippines leasing a total of 49.56sqm of floor space. This new loungy & modern tea shop is poised to bring new paradigm inthe local beverage industry The location is very strategic with a centric opportunity for vertical and horizontal traffic comingfrom the entrance and lift lobbies. MDC100 is destined to be amajor corporate address in Eastwood and daily clientele milieu are corporate employees, upper-end yuppies and condo residents in the vicinity.
  • 27. Petrol PhilippinesStudioSupremo wasinvited by the RRJ groupto join in preparingdesign concept andguidelines for the newlyestablished US PetrolBrand here in Philippines .2012
  • 28. Nayun Spa & Rich Salon, Starmall,Shenyang, ChinaAnother outlet in parallel with that ofOnemall, the leased space is a 1800 sqm ofspace with abundance of height at 5m. Thedesign has more freedom for its verticalityand rooms for guests. Currently underconstruction. 2012
  • 29. RESIDENTIAL experience
  • 30. LeftLounge AreaTheHarboursideBottomLift LobbyTheHarboursideThe Harbourside ResidentialDevelopment, Hong Kong3 Luxurious residential towers 1,122units and a gross floor area of128,845 sqm, with a 5-level carparkpodium, erected on top of the AirportExpress Kowloon Station. Completedin 2003, was regaled as one of themost luxurious developments in HK.The task was to design theClubhouse and 6 showflat themes,including the much publicized 1stglass show flat of Asia.
  • 31. TopBedroom ofGlass Show FlatThe HarboursideBottomLiving Room ofGlass Show FlatThe HarboursideThe Harbourside ResidentialDevelopment, Hong Kong3 Luxurious residential towers1,122 units and a gross floor areaof 128,845 sqm, with a 5-levelcarpark podium, erected on top ofthe Airport Express KowloonStation. Completed in 2003, wasregaled as one of the mostluxurious developments in HK. Thetask was to design the Clubhouseand 6 showflat themes, includingthe much publicized 1st glass showflat of Asia.
  • 32. TopAsian ContemporaryShow flat Unit 2The HarboursideBottomUrban Sleek ShowFlat Unit-3The HarboursideThe Harbourside ResidentialDevelopment, Hong Kong3 Luxurious residential towers 1,122units and a gross floor area of128,845 sqm, with a 5-level carparkpodium, erected on top of the AirportExpress Kowloon Station.Completed in 2003, was regaled asone of the most luxuriousdevelopments in HK. The task wasto design the Clubhouse and 6showflat themes, including the muchpublicized 1st glass show flat of Asia.
  • 33. TopModern Art DecoShow flat Unit 3The HarboursideBottomMediterraneanShow Flat Unit-3The HarboursideThe Harbourside ResidentialDevelopment, Hong Kong3 Luxurious residential towers 1,122units and a gross floor area of128,845 sqm, with a 5-level carparkpodium, erected on top of the AirportExpress Kowloon Station. Completedin 2003, was regaled as one of themost luxurious developments in HK.The task was to design the Clubhouseand 6 showflat themes, including themuch publicized 1st glass show flat ofAsia.
  • 34. CORPORATE experience
  • 35. Concentrix TP2 Eastwood A 3,000 sqm space inEastwood is occupied by thisBPO company with capability to house their 600 strong personnel. They required a modern facility equipped with today’s technology and adapts to the changing corporate culture. A very unique idea with provisionfor an internal garden, a first of it’s kind in Philippines.Completed last August 2012.
  • 36. Cognizant Office Bonifacio Global City A Bid proposal for 3,000 sqm space in Fort Bonifacio to beoccupied by this BPO company to house its 350 strong personnel with provisions for another 50. They require amodern facility equipped withtoday’s technology and adapts to the changing corporate culture. 2010
  • 37. Mind Share, Group M, BonifacioGlobal City, PhilippinesA Bid proposal for 4,000 sqmspace in Fort Bonifacio for aBranding agency. They required amodern facility equipped withtoday’s technology, with a blendof creativity and adapts to thechanging corporate culture. Incollaboration with HBO+EMTBPhilippines. 2010
  • 38. MEDIACOM, Group M,PhilippinesA Bid proposal for 4,000 sqmspace in Fort Bonifacio for aBranding agency incollaboration withHBO+EMTB Philippines. Theyrequire a modern facilityequipped with today’stechnology, with a blend ofcreativity and adapts to thechanging corporate culture.2010
  • 39. Sun Hung Kai Headquarters,Wanchai, Hong KongThe client is a major player inHK’s property skyline. I wasinvited by HBO+EMTB HK tohelp re-create a new identity inline with their new rebrandinginitiaves and redefine the planand outlook of their corporateheadquarters. In in Wanchai HK.Images show the new receptionand breakout areas.
  • 40. Capital Land Sales Office, Foshan,ChinaNegotiation AreaConference RoomGallery Corridor
  • 41. R&F Head Quarters,Guangzhou, ChinaIs a public listed company on propertydevelopment s in Asia-Pacific. This buildingwill serve as their China headquarters. AsChina is geared towards modernity, thedesign and planning is envisioned to leadsimilarly and provide a sustained environ forfuture growth. In collaboration withWoodsBagot HK. 2008
  • 42. Poly Sales & Exhibition Office,Jinan, ChinaThe Poly Sales Office and ExhibitionCentre in Jinan will be an display venueof key developments by Poly PropertyDevelopment Corp. in Jinan and propelthe projects to the wider spectrum ofinvestment and opportunities in theregion. The Exhibition facility will house5-star developments of contemporaryand quality residential living that will beportrayed through Models, Audio Visualsand Graphics. The lower floors will bededicated to the exhibition and thedirect personnel’s involved. The upperfloors will be the corporate facility forexecutives and general personnel. Designand planning was developed inconsensus with the administrative,corporate and marketing needs of Polyon a series of briefings.
  • 43. Hong Kong Projects China Projects Four Seasons Service Apartment Sales Showroom CapitaLand in GZ-Sales office centre i Foshan 57F IFC Tower 2, Central R & F Sales Centre and Show Offices in GZ Observatory Court Service Apartment, TST ShenZhen Coastal Mall Motorola Flagship Shop and Service Centers New World Bravo Service Apartments, Beijing Prince Watches Retail Stores Huadu Resort Hotel & Health Complex, Guangzhou Cancer Center, Pamela Yude Hospital, Chaiwan PolyGarden Sales Office Centre in Jinan The Aviator Pub, Tung Chung Oriental Havana Hotel, Guang Zhou MegaBox Shopping Complex, Kowloon Sino Group Office Complex & Guest House, Dongguan HK University of Science & Technology Master Planning Chengdu Park Royal Hotel, Chengdu Inagiku Japanese Restaurant, Royal Garden Hotel Pudong Kerry Center, Shanghai 15000 Sq. Ft. Luxury Residence, Deep Water Bay Shenyang Shopping Mall Cyberport ShowFlat and Public Areas, Aberdeen Main Lobby and Lobby Lounge, Palace Hotel, Beijing Michelle Yeow’s Office 250,000 sq.f. Glory Dept. Store, Dalian Digital Telecom Service Center Beijing Capital Paradise Residential Development. Kaz’nova – Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar, Tsim Sha Tsui Marie-France Beauty Shop, Shenzhen 6,000 sq.ft. Luxury Residence, Waterloo Rd. Coastal Mall, Nanshan, Shenzhen HarbourSide ShowFlat, Hang Lung Properties Huang Pu 155, Shanghai 18 South Bay Road, Eton Properties Dong Hai Plaza Redevelopment, Nanjing RoadChinese University of Science & Technology Master Planning Pudong Kerry Centre, Shanghai Fortune Restaurant and Derby Room, HK Jockey Club Golden Hotel & Shopping Mall, Inner MongoliaHarbourside Clubhouse and Show Flat, Han Lung Properties Braclays Corporate Headquarters Collaborative SHKP New Headquarters experience Philippine Projects Macau Projects SM Southmall Cyberzone Mandarin Hotel Coffee Shop SM Pampanga Cyberzone Old Taipa Tavern-Irish Bar, Taipa SM Tarlac Cyberzone Emperor Hotel SM Fairview Cyberzone Eton Centris Events Venue, EDSA, Quezon City India Projects Festival Mall Redevelopment, Alabang The Brasserie, Oberoi Hotel Robinsons Mall Alfresco Area 1, Manila 30,000 Sq. Ft. Luxury Residence, Madras Robinsons Mall Alfresco Area 2, Manila ITC-Parel Hotel, Mumbai G-Box Redevelopment, Robinsons Manila Ananda Spa, Ananda Penshoppe Rebrand Design Guideline 3,000 sqm Cognizant Office, MacKinley Hill US Projects 500 sqm Yahoo Manila Office, Fort Bonifacio 40th ST. Manhattan Apartment, New York Nickelodeon Office, E. Rodriguez, Pasig City 3 Storey Residence at #.23-29, 35th St. Queens NY 17-Storey Skyrise 4, Asiatown IT Park, Cebu 6-Storey Building, 32-76 Steinway St., NY Antipolo International School, Rizal Corporate Building, 56 Steinway St., NY Starace School Extension Building, Betterliving Subd. Oro China Jewelry Shop, SM Laguna
  • 44. Errol Supremo Jason Valderrama Ben Guia Andrei Bonnie Dio Tony Au Chi HungPrincipal Architect CE, PMP,CBP Hospitality Expert Facility Planner & Business Dev. &Design Director Project Manager Artist Project Manager Project ManagerPhilippines, HK PR Philippines HK PR Macau, HK PR China, HK PRErrol is a licensed More than six (6) years Ben has over 18 years Bonnie is a well- Tony’s Shunjing Deco.Architect in the of solid experience in of varied experience entrenched professional & ManufacturingPhilippines. With solid end-to-end real estate in Hong Kong with in both corporate, company is based in20 years of extensive project delivery, from emphasis in the field lifestyle & hospitality. Beijing with vastdesign experience in project initiation, of Hospitality derived Having worked with experience andthe Asia-Pacific region. definition, planning, from his work with Bilkey Llinas, MTRC, connections in China,His exemplary journey construction, Steven Leach, Simon Hirsch Bedner Goudie Macau & HK that led toin design started in HK commissioning, Wong and as Senior HK, Getty’s and In- Studio Supremo’s18 years ago with handover through at Hirsch Bedner HK. Projects on senior and continued influx ofRecio+Casas Ltd. HK, close-out. Over the past His dynamic skills in directorship posts. patronage in Beiijing,Simon Wong Design, six years has managed planning, concepts Currently based in Shenyang & Suichuan.Chhada+Siembieda, and advised on more and presentations Macau undertaking His 30 years of projectHsin Yieh Architects, than US$ 95M in leverages his role as Project management managementWoodsBagot HK, and construction capital collaborative partner roles and serves as experience invokeswas Director for expenditure. Has on Hospitality Projects collaborative partner for strength as collaborativeHBO+EMTB successfully completed for Asia region. Macau. partner for China.Philippines before he over 1.7M sq. ft. of realfounded Studio estate/built environmentSupremo in Manila. projects. Collaborative partners DESIGN INTELLIGENCEWilliam YS Chan Raymond Velasquez Myrna Frago IS THE VALUE DERIVEDArchitect & ProjectManager Property & Investment Consultant Landscape & Environ Designer & Advocate FROM THE EFFECTIVEHK PR & USA Philippines Philippines CONSUMMATION OFWilliam is a registered Mon is educated in civil Myrna’s education started MULTIPLE EXPERTISEArchitect in North engineering but went to with architecture whereAmerica covering New join Colliers right after she harnessed her mantle TOWARDS AOrleans and Texas college which gained him for nature and aesthetics.State. His senior roles a wide spectrum of She later founded Forest SUPERLATIVE RESULT.with Adrianse Group network in the property Garden and formed aand WoodsBagot HK leasing area. Held horticulture enclave in thegave him a wide directorships with mountains of Mt. Makilingspectrum in HBO+EMTB, Megaworld Laguna. A recipient ofmanagement and and Shell. Serves as a multiple awards indesign of projects collaborative partner & landscaping, she servesspecially in corporate consultant for property as a collaborating partnerplanning and and investment and and consultant forhospitality. He serves initiates business landscape andas collaborative development. masterplanning.partner for HK andNorth America.
  • 45. Thank you STUDIO SUPREMO DESIGN CONSULTANCY INTERNATIONAL Contact: PH +63.9275617803 T +632.9254939 T&F +632.9212571 14F Millionaire’s Suite 28 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City Philippines 1106 info@studiosupremo.com www.studiosupremo.comwww.facebook.com/studiosupremo