AIESEC Jordan Communications Plan - 2010-11


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AIESEC Jordan Communications Plan - 2010-11

  1. 1. Communication Plan Part 2: Yearly Communication Plan AIESEC Jordan MC July 5, 2010 Table of content 1. Overview 2. External Scan 3. AIESEC Jordan Message Framework 4. Communication Objectives 5. Key channels and tactics 6. Major Brand Management Projects 7. Timeline AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  2. 2. Overview As a general situation AIESEC has very strong messages to convey and we do stand in a unique market position to distinguish ourselves. Nevertheless the challenge of inconsistent communication, when it comes to the use of channels and the frequency of communication, is damaging both our brand and our overall visibility. Jordan’s external environment is an excellent soil for the activities of AIESEC, but also poses the risk of fragmented channels and confusion of our messages between audiences. The coming pages are outlining the strategic direction and action steps we will be taking to grant a simple, but strong brand visibility for AIESEC Jordan. External Scan Perception of youth His Majesty King Abdallah II has outlined several times to importance of youth in Jordan. There are multiple initiatives supporting education and the development of youth and the country is aware of of this importance. Nevertheless as a cultural trait in Jordan there is a general mis-trust for organization led by people who are “too young”, thus this make our job harder in showing the real strengths and achievement of AIESEC. Despite the above challenge Jordan has an excellent background for communications and AIESEC in terms of the perception towards youth. Royal and Governmental pressure on the development of youth will grant us the opportunity to overcome the challenge ahead. Competition Competition is not numerous, but strong, and is mostly coming from Royal initiatives or government funded organizations/NGOs. AIESEC Jordan has been struggling with highly limited resources, thus have a weaker reach. Access to universities and stable funding have been hindering us compared to our competition. Another edge or threat may be our limited presence nationally. While we claim to be a fully national organization our geographical outreach is lagging behind, though it is recently being tackled by the expansion initiative run by the national team. AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  3. 3. Unique AIESEC advantages Clearly there is not organization in the country with 60 years of successful history, being fully led by youth all around the globe. Also in the last 4 years AIESEC Jordan has seen such remarkable development in its membership what barely any other organization can claim in Jordan. Last, but not least, our competition is highly reliant on funding to provide developmental opportunities for young people, while AIESEC Jordan have already proved to be able to deliver outstanding results in this field with much more limited resources. AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  4. 4. AIESEC Jordan Message Framework Positioning AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of Statement of your higher education. mission or the Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. philosophy that drives the AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social organization origin. Tagline  Activating leadership in Jordanian Youth by empowering them in leading teams and initiatives Key words or  Exposure to a global network of 107 countries through conferences and the Global Internship Program phrase to capture what makes your  Professional, personal and cultural experience through managing the organization and engaging in the GIP organization special Elevator AIESEC, as an international organization led by youth, creates the opportunity to experience leadership and the differences of Speech culture at an early age. Besides the Global Internship Program the entire management of the organization is in the hands of youth, A 2-sentence thus granting them a unique, unparallel experience. summary of what your organization does Audiences Students Corporate NGOs Government Alumni Parents What interests your Doing something Interested in Interested in how Wants to make sure Want to re-engage, They do care about audiences different, self- accessing local or can we cooperate operations are legal leverage the the development of development and international talent. together and align and are serving the network and some their children, but in potentially the GIP Wants to see a our objectives. (also interest of the of them to deliver the same time are is of interest. return on potential TN taker). Kingdom. support to AIESEC. concerned about investment. their safety Benefits &  Engage with an  Access to  Engage with  Development of  Re-connect with  Development of Attributes international international Jordanian youth Jordanian youth former peers their children Key Messages community talent (through on specific  Strictly designed  Engage with a  Kids growing up about what your  First hand the GIP) issues internal policies potential in self organization offers experience  Access to local  International  Strong business confidence,  Social network & talent expertise accountability network getting ready for Engagement  Funding the through the GIP structures  Support AIESEC “real” life  Corporate development of  Network of  Legal at least with  Interaction with network issues youth and Compliance presence foreigners in a  Impact You can  Funding the corporations  Being positive controlled make development of around the ambassadors of manner  International Jordanian youth topics we work Jordan in a  Engaging with Opportunities  Talent on. global network different people AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  5. 5. (internships, pipeline  Capacity building of youth with clear conferences,  Issue based objectives (not CEED) impact for just random focused brand coffee place projection hang outs)  Enhancing employer brand  Expanding CSR portfolio Features  100 members in  List of AIESEC  Key international  Despite being  Their own  Stories of Talking points or Jordan Jordan Partners NGOs partnering youth lead so far development Jordanian detailed messages  107 countries  Testimonials with AIESEC always meeting and experience members abroad about the benefits  The from Partners (e.g.: Artemisia) government and in AIESEC  Engaging with achievements of  Experience and  Long history of legal regulations  How much have interns directly our members contribution of Jordanian NGOs  Stories of AIESEC Jordan  Stories of  Stories of interns working with us Jordanian EPs developed in the Jordanians’ development  Number of (JOHUD, ZENID, abroad last few years development in from our internships etc.)  Good case  A strong intern AIESEC members delivered  Stories of interns practices of community  Experience of  20 interns in the  107 countries working at NGOs other countries  GCPs of Alumni Alumni country  60 years of here supporting engaging all  60 years of  3 projects background  Long lasting AIESEC around the history  Multiple teams  Jordanian partnerships,  Stories of Globe with  Stable legal partners such as SOS development of AIESEC. background engaging with us children village Jordanian  Truly global for a longer Students organization period (CCC,  Registered with 4Ps, To Excel, the Ministry of etc.) Interior  Total number of  Trade Mark partners we are registration in working with progress AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  6. 6. Communication Objectives 1. Simplification of the AIESEC Brand for all audiences  one clear voice which is easy to understand 2. Basic channels are set up with clear objectives, simple structure and are being maintained properly 3. The membership is able (and willing) to act as brand ambassadors 4. Improved knowledge of our markets enable us to find the right communication mix for the right audiences AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  7. 7. Key channels and tactics Targeted Development/resources Channel Potential Purpose Decision Audience needed Frequently used channel and Needs specific content To keep, mostly as it is platform of preference for the development. a platform of reference student sector. FAQs and discussion are to be and also the risk of A key tool of interaction, being the placed. abandoning existing nature of the channel. Tabs of partners or other operations is high. Facebook page Students Not the best platform to publish development points are to be lengthier content, but still being added. content and update demanding Needs constant attention and update, hard to abandon without damage. Great and easy tools for general At the current stage we need a Supporting channel for visibility through press releases. If clear database to support the mass exposure, with Newspapers & Mass Media we want to step forward though dissemination of press releases. lower ROI Online portals especially newspapers require personal relations with journalists. Segmented tool to reach business Needs personal attention in Starting with ACTIVATE oriented audience. developing partnerships. they are a tool to be Excellent sales support and brand Also clearing of previous developed, as the first awareness tool in the Corporate, relationship issues are a must. clearly segment NGO and Governmental segments. For proper utilization they will oriented channel. Magazines Corporate/NGO need specific stories, pieces of news and press releases. Will need to balance between mass media and exclusive segment related materials. Twitter Synchronized with the Facebook Fan page, no additional attention required, drive traffic to Facebook The general background of Major energy is to be added Definite must have General, all Website referrence. Key in any here, needs to get fixed stakeholder communications activity as every technically then proper and high AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  8. 8. material will refer back to here. quality content is to be added. Needs to contain both general and As a last stage structure/system segmented information, for a fast update to be done. communications mix is to be decided per section on the website. Provides a simple platform for Content – though many of it will Keep and invest time disseminating content, with a less be available through campaigns, into it. formal style. press releases and events. Re-launch together with Also blog features enable easy Easy development and easy, the website as Student (Primary), tracking and instant feedback and though could be linked easily. complimentary Blog NGO & Corporate interaction through comments, platform. (Secondary) which is not available on the Check if we can render website. Could bring us closer to it through the website. the audience. Get blog 2nd key discussion/relationship oriented channel. Interactive, but very resource Needs video editing and many No need – do not demanding channel. If properly other skills which are rare in the delete, add reference Student (Primary), maintained can be very powerful in organization. Time consuming links and keep as back Youtube channel NGO & Corporate triggering emotional bond with the maintenance of content. up (Secondary) audience, but in case the quality does not reach the standard it backfires. Posters and flyers mostly. Their While they are costly and work Hell yeah tangible nature makes them intensive they are a key tool in excellent reference materials to the mix. If online reference drive traffic to other communication channels are backing up the Offline materials Student sector channels. messages and the content they (Students) Also they are the front line in will bring and excellent ROI for creating attraction to the the relatively high demand on organization and they do trigger an resources. emotional bond to the brand. Sales Materials Corporate & NGO Creating the first impression, One time major time investment Review of materials to AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  9. 9. (Corp) strengthening and presence of the in reviewing all materials. be done, decision on account manager. Does come with printing cost, but printing is to be made Again as tangible materials they are if used wisely ther return on based on budget of reference and emotional value. investment is direct and strong. available. All of them are to be designed with the mindset that they will be used as decision support content internally in our accounts. As a summary the key channels are the following: 1. Online and constantly updated channels a. Website b. Facebook fan page (with Twitter synchronization) c. Blog d. Mass media (press releases) 2. One time development a. Student promotion materials b. Sales materials review 3. Possible segmented channels (as a second phase of channel development) a. Magazines for corporate, NGO and Governmental sectors AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  10. 10. Major Brand Management Projects 1. Brand Audit a. Audiences: Students (Primary), Corporate and NGO (Secondary) b. Purpose of the project: Support our understanding of the market, cross check hypothesis on our perception in selected audiences. c. Brief description/methods: A mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to serve the 2 key objectives. With a clear focus on understanding our student market better and shift a bit from unbalanced corporate orientation. 2. Recruitment a. Audiences: Students b. Purpose of the project: Attracting the right people into the selection process c. Brief description/methods: With the planned 1 recruitment campaign we need to make sure that our communications mix is effectively attracting the kind of people who we need now in the organization. 3. Tales of 1001 Arabian nights a. Audiences: All stakeholder groups b. Purpose of the project: Documenting the stories of development, achievement and contribution c. Brief description/methods: Case studies and testimonials to be collected from all stakeholder groups. This is a major support campaign and would serve a healthy communication/message mix for the coming 2-3 years. Corresponds mainly with the communication objective of 1 voice. 4. Website development a. Audiences: General for all audiences b. Purpose of the project: Creating a stable background of all communications c. Brief description/methods: By a simple and informative website the basic reference channel will be created, ready to support any campaign or communications. 5. End year networking event/celebration a. Audiences: Corporate and NGO (primary); parents (primary); students (Secondary) b. Purpose of the project: PR for showcasing AIESEC Jordan achievements c. Brief description/methods: Through a closure event for the term we could bring together most stakeholder groups. This will enhance our direct relationship with them, along with serving as an excellent media tool. 6. Organizational Development Plan a. Please check the separate document with the plan AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |
  11. 11. Timeline 2010 2011 Timeline Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun NLDS August ACTIVATE Events to tap TACTIC NLDS February LC Events (potentially) Website Brand Audit Brand Management Tales of 1001 nights projects Recruitment Networking event Communication TF AIESEC ‫جمعية تنمية مهارات الشباب القيادية‬ PO Box 841148 | Amman 11181 | Jordan | |