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Web Widgets & Your PLE
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Web Widgets & Your PLE


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Web Widgets presentation prepared for the beginners.

Web Widgets presentation prepared for the beginners.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Web Widgets: Helping to Shape Your PLE Asako Yoshida Introduction to the Emerging Technologies for Learning
  • 2. What are Widgets?
    • Widgets are small objects that can be integrated into web site, blog, social network, mobile device or your desktop.
    • Widgets help you organize new information that is being published in various sources on the Web.
    • Some common types of information you receive in widgets are weather, news, stock and blog information.
  • 3. Web Widgets
    • As monitoring tools.
    • As marketing tools: “Marketers love widgets as the way to drive the traffic to their sites” (source: )
  • 4. Some Catchy Web Widgets for Promoting the Web Sites
    • “ What a good widget looks like”:
  • 5. Benefit
    • Information is coming to you.
      • With the RSS/mxl pulling-in mechanism, you can regularly and conveniently monitor the new updated information or data.
  • 6. For Shaping One’s PLE
    • You can monitor a cluster or collection of widgets on a regular basis.
    • iGoogle or Netvibes can easily aggregate widgets and support your work/learning processes.
    • Use them in conjunction with bookmarking & tagging tools like and diigo (for searching & locating the sources when you need them.)
  • 7. Create Your Own Widgets
    • A number of widget platforms:
      • Widgetbox
      • MuseStorm
      • Sniperoo
      • Clearspring
      • Spring Widgets
  • 8. Or Look for RSS Logos
  • 9. To Platforms of Your Choice
  • 10. Some Applications/Examples
  • 11. iGoogle Personal Page
    • Click for Demo:
  • 12. Netvibes, Pageflakes, etc.
    • Click for Demo:
  • 13. Facebook, Myspace, or Any Other Social Networking Platforms This is the widget that I created using Widgetbox. Now it’s part of my Facebook account as one of the applications.
  • 14.  
  • 15. Still some doubt?
    • Many widgets to monitor.
    • Still overwhelmed with information overload!
    • Would they be of any use when you want to monitor a couple of hundreds of blogs, for example?
  • 16. Consider A Shift in Perspective
    • You are connecting to fluid, ad hoc, interactive, open networks for learning.*
    • Your learning takes place as you participate in the networks of your connections.
    • *“Everyone’s a network”:
  • 17. Yes You Can: Connect!
  • 18. For further references: