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Assumpta school handbook Assumpta school handbook Document Transcript

  • ASSUMPTA SCHOOL VISION and MISSION<br />A. Vision<br />A COMMUNITY OF INTERGRATED PERSONS WORKING FOR A JUST HUMANE SOCIETY<br />B. Mission<br /> Moved by the love of God and inspired by the zeal of Msgr. Louis Joseph Melanson for Christian education and his dedication to Mary, Assumpta School commits to inculcate in the individuals the values of Maka- Diyos, Maka-Buhay, Maka- Tao, Maka- Bayan, Maka- Kakalikasan, and to equip them with knowledge, skills and values towards becoming a fully integrated individual.<br />OBJECTIVE OF THE ELEMENTS EDUCATION<br />To provide opportunities for the young to know Jesus Christ and to love and serve him by loving and serving others.<br />To provide the basic knowledge and develop the foundation skills, attitudes, and values, including their moral and spiritual dimensions essential to the child's personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu.<br />To provide learning experiences which increases the child awareness of and responsiveness to the changes in society, and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement?<br />To promote and intensify the child's knowledge of, identification with the lobe for the nation and the people to which he belongs<br />To promote experience which develops and enhances the child's orientation to the world of work and creativity in order to prepare him engage in honest and gainful work.<br />IV. SCHOOL LOGO<br />-1428756766560<br />“AM” stands for Ave Maria in praise of our Blessed Virgin Mary because Assumpta School is under the patronage of Mary in the mystery of her Assumption. It also stands for the Arthur Melanson who is Founder of the f.m.a. Congregation.<br />The blue color signifies the Marian Spirit of an Assumptionist. It also projects the dignity of knowledge and well- integrated learner who has faith in God.<br />V. ASSUMPTION HYMN<br />ONWARD, ASSUMPTION<br />Onward, onward Assumption<br />Onto glory and fame<br />O'er land o'er the sky wave your banner<br />With knowledge and faith teach your name.<br />Rise and live Alma Mater<br />Assumption, Assumption we stand by your side<br />We are with loyal and true.<br />Hail, o hail Alma Mater<br />God's blessings on you<br />Our hearts dear Assumption, we offer to you.<br />Our hearts dear Assumption, we offer to you<br />VI. MORNING PRAYER<br />MORNING OFFERING<br />O my God in union with our Lord, Jesus Christ, offering Himself in the Holy Mass and through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer You my prayers, works, joys and suffering of this day. In reparation for the sins of the world, for my special intention and of the intensions of the Holy Father, I wish to gain all the indulgences attached to my prayers and good works for this day. O Mary by your Immaculate Conception keeps my body pure and my soul holy.<br />PRAYER FOR THE PHILIPPINES<br />O Almighty God, bless and protect the Philippines. May it ever be a country of freedom and justice. Teach us to love you and to love our country. Inspire and guide our rulers. May we always be united and loyal to You. And may we be loyal to our country and to our flag. Grant us true peace, Amen.<br />VII.POLICIES, RULES AND REGULATIONS<br />Assumpta School is open to any child who wishes to avail of the services provided all requirements and regulations set by the school are met. However, the school reserves the right to deny admissions or re- admission of pupils under certain conditions.<br />ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS<br />Admission to Assumpta School of Tagum Grade School and High School Department is granted with a definite understanding that the pupils and her parents or guardians agree in writing to comply with scholastic standards of the school and its rules and regulations.<br />OLD PUPILS<br />Report Card<br />Should sign the Educational Contract with parents.<br />NEW PUPILS<br />Parents and guardians of new enrolees are required to accompany their children when they come to enrol<br />Kindergarten<br />Nursery<br />At least 3 years old by June of the current school year.<br />Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar.<br />Junior Kinder<br />At least 4 years old by June of the current school year.<br />Interview<br />Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar<br />Senior Kinder<br />At least 5 years old by June of the current school year.<br />Placement Test<br />Interview<br />Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar<br />Grade One<br />At least 6 years old by June of the current school year<br />One year attendance in any preparatory school<br />Placement Test<br />Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar<br />Grade Two – Six and HIGH SCHOOL<br />Form 138: Satisfactory ratings in all subjects from the first grading period.<br />Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar<br />Baptismal Certificate (For Catholics)<br />2 ID pictures (1x1) for handbook<br />Letter of Recommendation from the Principal/Guidance Counsellor/ Adviser of the school last attended regarding character and co-curricular involvement.<br />Placement Test<br />Photocopy of recognition paper or DECS permit of Private School last attended.<br />TRANSFEREES (within the academic year)<br />a. Original copy <br />b. Letter of Recommendation from the Principal of the school last attended.<br />c. Letter of Certification of Good Moral standing from the school last attended.<br />d. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (if Catholic)<br />e. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate (if Catholic)<br />f. Registration from duty accomplished<br />g. Parent/Guardian and child interview<br />h. Written/Oral Entrance Test<br />I. Letter from the parents of guardian signifying their intention to transfer their child<br />(Transferees from other schools are accepted only later than October. They must submit the necessary credentials for admission.)<br />PRE-SCHOOL: Pre- Kinder/Kinder/Preparatory<br />a. Pre-Kinder – a child should be at least 3 years old<br />b. Kinder – a child should be at least 4 years old<br />c. Preparatory – a child should be at least 5 years old <br />(First time enrolees must obtain satisfactory marks in the entrance test and interview)<br />FOREING PUPILS<br />a. Alien Certificate Registration (ACR)<br />b. Certification of Grade Placement from the Department of Education<br />c. Original Report Card (with the latest remarks)<br />d. Photocopy of Birth Certificate<br />e. Photocopy of Baptismal Certificate ( if Catholic)<br />f. Letter of Certification from the Principal of the School last attended.<br />g. Letter of Certification of Good Moral standing from the school last attended.<br />h. Parent/Guardian and child interview<br />I. Written/Oral entrance test.<br />PUPILS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ADMISSION<br />a. Second time repeaters from other schools<br />b. Those with irregular attendance, failing grades. Poor conduct, or those without credentials or Assumpta students who failed twice in the same level.<br />c. Pupils with failing grades in any two or all of the following subjects: English, Science, and Mathematics.<br />d. Expelled or Excluded from Assumpta School or other School<br />ENROLMENT PROCEDURES<br />Take the Placement Examination at the Guidance Office (For new enrollees)<br />See the Principal or authorized representative (new enrollees) for interview.<br />Submit Form 138<br />Fill up the registration form correctly and completely.<br />Should sign the Educational Contract with parents.<br />Secure the signatures of the Guidance Counselor, Discipline Coordinator and the Principal.<br />Proceed to the Cashier for payment.<br />Submit the accomplished registration form to the Registering Officer/s.<br />Proceed to the Bookstore.<br />PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS<br />Fees of all kinds and the annual tuition fee are summed up and divided by the number of months of the school year with a bigger amount for the down payment at registration. The balance of the fees is paid within the first days of the month in nine months.<br />Four periodical examinations are scheduled during the entire school year.<br />Pupils are expected to comply with the financial requirements before taking the exams.<br />No transfer credentials will be issued to pupils with unpaid obligations.<br />A pupil enrolled should be considered to have registered for the entire school term.<br />A pupil who transfer or otherwise withdraws, in writing, within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition fee and other school charges in full or for any length longer than one month may be charged the equivalent of 10% of the total amount due to the term if he/she withdraws within the first week of classes 20% if within the second week of classes regardless of whether or not she has actually attended classes in the school. The pupil may be charged for the entire school term if he withdraws anytime after the second week of classes. If the transfer of withdrawal of the pupil is due to justifiable reason, he may be charged the pertinent school fees only and including the last month of his attendance at the discretion of the school.<br />Pupils who withdraw or drop out should notify officially the registrar and cashier, otherwise they will be billed for the whole year’s fees. No withdrawal is allowed in February.<br /> <br />B. SCHOOL FEES, SCHOLARSHIPS, DISCOUNT<br />Miscellaneous fees must be paid in full upon registration<br />Tuition fees are on a yearly basis. There are 3 possible arrangements for payments;<br />a. Full payment upon registration ( a discount of 5% on tuition fee paid fully upon registration)<br />b. Monthly payments<br />c. Semi- annual<br />d. Annual Scholarships<br /> (A 100% discount on tuition fee for those who obtained the 1st General Excellence Award; and 50% on tuition fee for those who obtained the 2nd General Excellence at the end of the school year.)<br />e. Family discounts- ( non- transferable)<br />-this is granted to children of the same family<br />e1. 15%- for the 3rd brother/ sister on tuition fee only<br />e2. 30%- for the 4th brother/ sister on tuition fee only <br />e3. 55%- for the 5th brother/ sister on tuition fee only<br />PUPIL'S EVALUATION SYSTEM<br />GRADING SYSTIME<br />Grading system is Cumulative<br />SELECTION OF HONORS<br />a. Selection of Honors per Grading Period<br />a1 .General average is at least 89%<br />a2 .No grade below 85% per subject<br />a3. for GMRC ( conduct) No grade below 88%<br />b. Selection of Honor Pupils at the end of the School year<br />b1. General average is at least 89%<br />b2. No grades below 85% per subject in all grading periods<br />b3. for GMRC (conduct) No grades below 88% in all grading periods.<br />BASIS OF RATING THE PUPILS IN DIFFERENT SUBJECTS<br />SUBJECTPERCENTAGE ALLOCATION PER SUBJECTPRPTQRPHWSWCEnglish/Filipino15%25%15%15%10%10%10%-Mathematics15%25%15%15%10%10%10%-Science15%25%15%15%10%10%10%-Sibika15%25%15%15%10%10%10%-MAPE15%25%15%15%10%10%10%-Christian Living15%25%10%15%10%5%5%20%HELE15%25%15%15%10%10%10%-<br />Legend:<br />PR– Prelim Examination<br />PT – Periodical Test<br />Q – Quizzes<br />R– Recitation<br />P– Projects<br />HW – Homework (Practicum for HELE)<br />SW– Seatwork<br />C– Conduct<br />PROMOTIONS AND FAILURES<br />At the end of the school year, pupils who passed in all the subjects will automatically be promoted to the next year level. Those who failed in at least two subjects will be promoted, however, they have to take summer classes and the submission of their summer grades is a condition/requirement for enrolment.<br />Those who fail in three or more subject are retain in the same grade.<br />HONORS AND AWARDS<br />5.A Honors<br />5.a.1. In order to determine the honor pupils, Assumpta School organizes Honor and Awards Committee composed of Registrar, Prefect of Discipline, Teachers and the Principal.<br />5.a.2.Honor pupils in each grade level shall be proclaimed First General Excellence, Second General Excellence, Third honors, Fourth honors, Fifth honors, and With honors. Honor pupils will get recognition in every grading period.<br />5.a.3.Selection of honor pupils shall be based on the following:<br />Final Grade-70%<br />Extra / Co-curricular Involvement-20%<br />Conduct-10%<br />100%<br />5.a.4.Method of Computation of Academic Honors is: Cumulative<br />5.B.Awards<br />At the end of the school year, recognition is given to deserving pupils for the following:<br />5.b.1.Special Awards<br />
    • Winners in annual Speech fest
    • Winners in Quiz Bowl
    • Winner in competitions outside the school e.g. Press Conferences
    5.b.2.Outstanding Parents Award<br />
    • This Certificate of Recognition shall be awarded to Parents of the Top Two (2) graduating honor pupils.
    • Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to Parents who have manifested unending support to school activities and school projects.
    5.b.3.Non – Academic Awards (for graduating student only)<br />
    • Loyalty award
    • Community Service and Leadership Award
    • Institutional Service Award
    • Meritorious Awards
    5.b.4.Requisites<br />
    • The candidate for non – academic awards must have manifested his/ her full understanding and acceptance of the mission of the school.
    • He / She must not have been involved in any infraction of school rules and regulations.
    5.b.5.Non – Academic Awards And Criteria<br />
    • Loyalty Award
    • This award shall be given to the pupil who has studied in Assumpta Grade School Department for at least 6 years.
    • He / She had manifested good moral character.
    • He / She had not transferred to other school.
    • Community Service and Leadership Award
    • This award shall be given to the graduating pupils of Assumpta School with a residence of at least (2) years (Grade 5 and Grade 6). This award is given by the government (Mayor’s and PCL) and / or non – government organizations to the deserving pupils.
    • This is given to pupils who have participated / initiated community activities. Community here refers to the community outside Assumpta.
    • He / She must possess a good moral character.
    • Showed loyalty to the school and has promoted the good name of the school while he / she is giving services to the community.
    • His / Her Final General Average is at least 89% and has no grade below 85% in the academic subjects. GMRC grade is also a requirement. (Refer C.2.b.3.)
    • Computation for Ranking Leadership Award
    (For the last two years)<br />Co – curricular Activities-6 points<br />Conduct-3 points<br />Final General Average-1 point<br /> 10 points<br />
    • Institutional Service Awards
    • He / She must be a graduating pupil.
    • He / She has given voluntary service beyond the call of duty.
    • He / She has shown good moral character.
    • He / She has promoted and defended the Mission Statement of the School.
    • He / She has shown a positive attitude in sharing his time, talent, efforts, and services to the school community.
    • This will be decided by the Honors and Awards Committee.
    • Meritorious Awards
    • Best in Christian Living
    • Best in Conduct
    • Best in Attendance
    • Leadership Award
    6. EXAMINATION<br />Evaluation is an important part of the academic program because it provides evidence of the pupil’s achievement in the different subject areas. Test and examinations are some of the evaluation tools to determine strong and weak points of the students.<br />All pupils are required to take preliminary and periodical examinations on scheduled dates;<br />Only those with valid admission slips will be allowed to take the examination;<br />All financial obligations for that period must be settled prior to the examination issued by the cashier’s office<br /> In meritorious cases, such as sickness of the pupils, death of the immediate family member, accident, etc., special examination may be given within five days after the regular examination. A letter from the parents of such case shall be presented during the special examinations. However, no special examinations are given to make up for the quizzes missed.<br />7. ATTENDANCE<br />Punctual and regular attendance is important and is required of all.<br />Three (3) late in a month is equivalent to one (1) day absent.<br />Absence – pupils should not be absent from the school for any reason except illness. In case of absence, the parents should inform the school office immediately either personally or by telephone.<br />An absentee must present a letter of excuse in the diary duly signed by his/her parent or guardian on the day he reports back to school. Inability to present one would require him to see the Prefect of Discipline for an admission slip but should be still be required to present the required letter of excuse from the parents the next day.<br />An absence does not exempt anyone from accomplishment of classroom task and the absentee is required to make necessary arrangements with the teachers for any work missed during his/her absence.<br />Habitual absences may be grounds for disciplinary measures as follows:<br />
    • Three absences (with or without excuse) will merit notification by the adviser to theparents through the diary.
    • Nine absences will require a parent’s conference with the Prefect of Discipline and/or Guidance Counselor.
    • Any pupils who leave the classroom without permission from the teacher and remains outside for more than 10 minutes will be considered to have cut classes and be dealt accordingly.
    A pupil with accumulated absences equivalent of 20% of the total number of school days will automatically be dropped even without prior notice to the parent or guardian.<br />D. School Discipline<br />Discipline is for the character information and growth not a restriction on freedom or mere punishment. It is a means towards achievement of self – control. It projects the school’s concept of a true Assumptionist.<br />D.1 Marks of a Good Discipline<br />
    • Being reverent towards Religious authority
    • Being respectful towards elders and peers
    • Honest in thoughts, words and actions
    • Working and playing together
    • Respecting private and public property
    • Being neat and careful with things with one’s self
    • Conforming to school’s regulations
    • Being courteous in speech and manner
    • Respecting the rights of others
    D.2. OffensesMinor offenses<br />
    • incomplete uniform
    • no I.D
    • no prescribed uniform and shoes
    • improper haircut or hairstyle (ex. Dyed Hair, punk style, etc.)
    • borrowing of lending of Assumpta I.D, uniform or permit to fellow pupils or outsiders
    • irregular attendance
    • cutting classes between periods
    • habitual unjustified tardiness
    • loitering during class hours
    • skipping from school activities during class hours
    Major offenses<br />
    • Membership in organizations not recognized by the school such as fraternities, sororities and gangs is a major offense, which is strictly prohibited by the school. Anyone caught participating and / or directly involved in such organization and who persists after two (2) warnings is subject to more serious disciplinary action (suspension, prohibition, debarment, and expulsion).
    • Other Major offenses
    • Vandalism on walls, classrooms, chairs and tables, or anywhere inside the campus
    • Stealing in and out of Assumpta School
    • Bullying acts, vicious name – calling, provoking fights in and out of the campus.
    • Uttering vulgar words
    • Making obscene signs and gestures
    • Cheating during examinations
    • Distributing pornographic materials
    • Acts of violence towards persons of authority
    D.3 Disciplinary Actions for:<br />Minor OffensesFor first offense (for doing the same act / violation)a. violation reportb. a warning noteFor second offense (doing the same act / violation)a. violation reportb. conference with the pupilFor third offense (for doing the same act / violation)a. Violation reportb. information to the parents<br />For fourth offense (for doing the same act / violation)a. violation reportb. conference with the parentsc. suspension or expulsion<br />Major Offensesa. violation reportb. conference with the parentsc. suspension or expulsionE. Parents ParticipationParents are expected to participate in the following activities of the school:d. General Assemblye. Homeroom PTA meetingsf. School Fiestag. Christmas CelebrationF. School Uniform Daily Uniform – The Assumpta School uniform aptly serves as an identification of the Assumptionist. The complete and proper uniform to be worn at all times consists of:<br /> 1.1. Type A uniform – (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) a. Girls – one piece pleated jumper of checkered material available at Assumpta School with school seal at the front and white under – blouse with short sleeves and baby collar. b. Boys – short navy blue pants for pre – schoolers and grades 1-3 pupils, long navy blue pants for grades 4-6. White polo with Assumpta logo at the pocket c. For Boys and Girls – any (rubber or leather) black closed shoes and white socks<br />1.2. Type B uniform – (Wednesday)<br />Girls – one-piece pleated jumper of checkered material available at Assumpta School with seal at the front and Excelsior under – shirt.<br />Boys – Excelsior T–shirt and prescribed navy blue pants<br />Shoes of any kind for Boys and girls.<br />1.3. Uniform on Friday – Excelsior T-shirt and Assumpta jogging pants<br />VIII. STUDENTS’ SERVICE and FACILITIES<br />Guidance Services<br />The Assumpta School Guidance Center provides services to students and pupils, which includes: Information, Recruitment, Testing, Individual and Group Counseling, Remedial Classes and Evaluation.<br />It aims to create healthy environment for learning and development, to well-equip the students in their adjustment to high school life and for total personality. It will serve as a pillar for them to become a fully functioning individual, versatile and responsible wherein God is the center.<br />Clinic Services<br />The Clinic-in-Charge sees to it that preventive measures arte undertaken in caring for the health of the students/pupils. The clinic gives first aid services, and sends to the school’s affiliated hospital in case of necessity: Medical and Dental services are also rendered.<br />Canteen Services<br />The Canteen is one of the auxiliary services of the school. It cooperates to promote the aim and objectives of the school. The Canteen-in-Charge ensures that the rules and regulations concerning management are observed.<br />
    • School Supply Center
    • The School Supply Center sells necessary and relevant school and office supplies at a reasonable price for the convenience of the pupils/students/teachers.
    • Audio-Visual Room
    • The Audio – Visual Room is equipped with facilities for quality learning.
    • Students’ Publication
    • The School also provides an avenue for sharpening and enhancing the talents and creativeness of the students in writing. The official school paper of Assumpta Elementary Department is Excelsior and Tudla. The official school paper of Assumpta Secondary Department is The Blue Bugle and Ang Mithi.
    • Science and Math Laboratory
    • The School provides an up-to-date Science and Math Laboratory, where students can perform their Laboratory activities with the proper Laboratory Materials in a proper and safe area. The Science and Math Laboratory is well provided with Laboratory Apparatuses that students can safely use.
    • Computer Laboratories
    • The School provides an avenue for Computer Education with fast running and new computer units. Each student can enjoy learning because each is provided with his/her own unit. The computer Laboratory is Web Connected which students can use for their Internet researches.
    • Library
    • The School provides an avenue for learning and research programs. The Library contains up-to-date books which the students can borrow anytime they want. The Library is very spacious where the students will not problem where to read. Also, Assumpta School of Tagum High School Library is Air-conditioned which is very suited to calm each student’s minds.
    • Speech Laboratory
    • The School’s Avenue for Speech Improvement. This SPEECH LABORATORY is labeled to be used in the improvement of the students English Abilities especially in their Speeches and their way of communication. The Speech Laboratory is well equipped and Air-conditioned.
    IX. OFFICES AND INFORMATION CENTERS<br />Maintenance OfficeThe Physical Plant Department is responsible for the upkeep of the physical environment of the school. This office also promotes the maximum usage of school equipment/ facilities with minimum depreciation. <br />Office of the Prefect of DisciplineThe Prefect of Discipline’s Office is responsible for maintaining order in school and promoting student discipline. This office also ensures the observance of school rules and regulations.<br />Coordinator of Student’s AffairsThe Curriculum Development and Accreditation Office supervises curriculum planning and evaluation in the preschool, elementary and high school levels. This office also spearheads the school’s efforts to comply with accreditation requirements.<br />Business Office (Cashier and Treasurer) The Business Office handles the financial functions of the school.<br />Registrar’s OfficeThe Registrar’s Office handles the information about students, including personal information, and grades. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for the safekeeping, retrieval and release of academic records and other pertinent school documents.<br />RE-ED Office<br />The Religious Education Office is responsible in the formation of students in their conduct and manners. The RE-ED Office is responsible in the implementation of the school’s Vision and Mission specially in the holistic growth of the students.<br />Guidance and Counseling OfficeThe Guidance and Counseling Office is responsible for the formulation and implementation of the guidance and counseling programs of the school. This office also provides guidance and assistance to students with regard to their personal-social, academic and career concerns.<br />
    • The school aims to engage the students in sports, participation in any different accredited performing arts and clubs in order to develop the students’ skills and talents in acting, singing and sports.
    • Theater Arts
    • Sports Club
    • Malikhaing Kamay
    • Book Lovers Club
    • Marian Vocation Club
    • Knights of the Alter
    • DBC Club
    • Sci-Math Club (SIGMA-MU CLUB)
    • Home Makers Club (Young Entrepreneurs Club)
    • Melanson’s Choir
    • Communication Arts Club (TROJAN CLUB)
    • Youth for Christ
    • Adanza Dance Troupe
    • Supreme Student Council
    • Boy Scouts of the Philippines
    • Citizen Advancement Training
    X. REVISED PANTANG MAKABAYAN<br />Iniibig ko and Pilipinas,<br />Aking lupang sinilangan, tahanan ng aking lahi.<br />Kinukupkop ako at tinutulungan<br />Maging malakas, masipag at marangal.<br />Dahil mahal ko ang Pilipinas,<br />Diringgin ko ang payo ng aking mga magulang,<br />Tutuparin ko ang tungkuin ng mamamayang makabayan.<br />Naglilingkod, nag aaral at nagdarasa, nang buong kataptan.<br />Iaalay ko ang aking buhay pangarap, pagsisikap sa bansang Pilipinas.<br />Revise Oath of Allegiance<br />By Sec. Raul P. Roco<br />Nov.12,2001<br />XI. PARENT’S AGREEMENT <br />AGREEMENT<br /> We understood that the handbook is a guide for my child while he/she is at Assumpta School, to insure proper deportment, good order and help him/her attain a high level of quality work required of him/her.<br /> We fully and freely agree to bind ourselves by the contents of this student handbook.<br /> _____________________ _________________________ <br /> (Father’s Signature) (Mother’s Signature)<br /> Over Printed Name Over Printed Name <br /> <br /> ______________________<br /> (Guardian’s Signature)<br /> Over Printed Name<br /> <br /> _________________________<br /> (Date)<br />
    425450393065<br />
    • Assumpta School is a non-stock, non-profit, Catholic Elementary and Secondary education institution duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1996.The school’s foundation was laid through the initiative and efforts of Sr.Aurelia Berdenas, fma and Sr. Consolacion Josue, fma in 1995 when they opened a nursery class with only seven (7) pupils in the Old social Action Center of the congregation within the compound of th f.m.a Notiative.
    • This initiative received a big boost from the parents and the community when in the school year 1996-1997 Assumpta school, after receiving the permit from DECS to open a pre-school, grades 1 & 2 enrolled 110 pre-schoolers, 60 grade 1, and 35 Grade 2 pupils. In the succeeding years, Assumpta School added more levels so that in the school year 1999-2000, Assumpta received the DepEd permission to open the high school with the first and second year levels.
    • Assumpta school was born as a response of the daughter of mary the assumption, a congregation dedicated to the Christian formation of the children and adults , to the needs os the growing community surrounding the area of Barangay Mankilam.
    • Although the fma Sisters have been in Tagum since 1997, there was no felt need to open a school then because Mankilam was mostly forest and agricultural. However, when the farms in Mankilam, La Union were converted into housing subdivision, need for a Catholic school accessible to these children was impressed upon the sisters.
    • Assumpta school shares in the vision of the catholic church in the Philippines for a Catholic Education institution that will be instrumental for the total integral formation of individuals and communities who will work towards a just and humane society. Moved by the love of God and missionary zeal and aspiration for Msgr. Louis Joseph Arthur Melanson to the spread of good news of Jesus Christ, Assumpta school commits its self to provide opportunities for the young to know, love and serve Jesus Christ by loving and serving others especially the poor in their midst. It also dedicates itself to equip pupils and students with competency in basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make them creative, productive and participative members of the school, home and community.
    • Since the beginning, Assumpta school has been cognizant of the many expressions of blessing of God received through the gestures of affirmation and support from the larger community. The general administration of the Daughters of Mary the Assumption for the financing of the new constructions, the moral support from the Diocese of Tagum, the DepEd Division of Davao del Norte, and Tagum City our local Government, the dedicated teachers and staff of Assumpta, the continued guidance and inspirations of its patroness Mother Mary.
    • Inspired by her assumption, Assumpta School says, Excelsior! Go beyond; Go higher for the greater Glory of God and in the service on one’s country and the people.
    COMPUTER EDUCATION IV<br />Fourth Year – PRUDENCE<br />GUESTBOOK<br />STUDENT ID/ CODELAST NAME,FIRST NAMEDATETIME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,STUDENT ID/ CODELAST NAME,FIRST NAMEDATETIME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<br /> <br />Submitted By:Boys of Fourth Year PRUDENCESY: 2010-2011Submitted To:Ms. Karen Ann AlcalaTeacher: Computer Education<br />