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Virtualization Commputing
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Virtualization Commputing


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Sorry Guys I am Little Late Publishing It.Virtulization is Too Fast Than My Expectation's.Its Already Shows its Impact Everywhere Corporates,SMB's etc.

Sorry Guys I am Little Late Publishing It.Virtulization is Too Fast Than My Expectation's.Its Already Shows its Impact Everywhere Corporates,SMB's etc.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. VIRTUALIZATION COMPUTING What does word virtual means? What is virtual computing? Why I am asking u guys about virtual or virtual computing , is this so much important?
  • 2. Yes It Is Becoz Future of IT professionals Lies in Virtualization MS WINDOWS SERVER 2008 Active Directory Services + DNS Server + DHCP Server MS-EXCHANGE SERVER 2007 Files And Application Server Web Server
  • 3. Let’s Understanding The Diagram
    • We See The Five Computers Each Serving The Different Services.
    • That was The Scenario You See In The large Organizations , Institutes. I mean to Say Widely Used Architecture By Administrators.
    • Now Simply Calculate The Cost Of These Heavy Machines , Approximatly 4-5 Lac’s.
    • Is that Affordable By the Organization You Work For or Joined Recently.
    • The Answer Is No because presently companies Tried to Cost Cutting as much as Possible .
    • Jobs are no more secure for the IT professionals .
    • Companies Hiring Employees Helping Them Manage This Problem , means they Know the Requirement for working efficiently is True but how to reduce the cost .They need employee who is capable to do so.
    • And That Is You Who help them But how that’s your problem .
  • 4. Here Is The Answer Virtualization
    • Virtual means that something exists but not physically but working like air u can feel it but can not see it.
    • Same is the case of virtual PC it works like a actual physical machine .
    • All you Have to Do Install a software supports virtualization on your physical Machine like VMWARE, Microsoft VIRTUAL PC And Win-Server 2008 With Hyper-V in hyper-v version of 2k8 it’s inbuilt you have to purchase a software to enable it which cost u around 6-7 thousand rupee’s .
    • Install One Of The Above Given Software And Install on Ur Main PC.
    • It uses your physical PC’s Resources like CPU , RAM & Hard Disk.
    • So U Need a High End Machine .
    • CPU 2.5 ghz or Higher.
    • RAM at least 5GB .
    • HARD DISK 160GB.
    • NTFS File System.
    • DVD-ROM
    • Format your hard disk make two partitions C & D
    • Allocate 15 GB to C drive its your primary partition.
    • Allocate remaining space to D drive 145GB.
    • Make a Folder On D drive Give any Name lets named it virtual.
    • Inside virtual folder make folders According to your operating systems you want to install like win-vista , win-7 , server 2003 , Exchange server .
    • Start your virtual software a new window opens like a desktop u see taskbar icons , it show u the virtual partitions u made for different operating systems .it automatically takes the resources like ram however u can increase or decrease everything manually.
    • Now insert the DVD's one by one & Install The Operating Systems to their respective folders .installations begin like your physical installations.
    • You can even open virtual Bios also it looks the same as it is ditto same.
    • After Installation Process you can run your operating systems as you like.
    • Start one by one windows open on top of virtual software minimize maximize or closed the operating systems as you want .
    • All your Tasks Under Your Control .
    • A single machine provides you the functionality of four physical systems.
    • Results Low Cost You Save Your Company At least 3 Lac’s .
    • This is what your Boss wants from you.
    • Now complete the task by installing just virtual pc software on client machines just software nothing else they can also share the resources & their Queries successfully solved .
    • Most importantly it works on both LAN's and Wan's and transfer data over the network securely by encryption as usually we do on the physical machines .
    • This is the magic of virtualization computing.
  • 8. Physical PC + Virtual Systems Installed & Working Client PC 1 + Vm Client PC 2 + vm Client PC 3 + vm Client PC 4 + vm Client PC 5 + vm Client PC 6 + vm SWITCH