AL YASMINA          ABU DHABI        Connect   issue 4 SCHOOL                               Bloom     2012/2013           ...
WELCOMEWelcome to the fouth issue of the Secondary                              The Secondary PARTnership keeps you up-to-...
FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, MR GALEAs one year ends and another begins it is appropriate that wecontemplate what we have achi...
TERM ENDS ON AHIGH NOTE FOR MUSICDEPARTMENT                                TIt is probably only when you get all of Al Yas...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL   issue 4                    2012/2013                      Al Yasmina Singers is invitation-only for ad...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                 issue 4                                                 ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                  issue 4                                                   2012/2013    ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                issue 4                                                  ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                        issue 4                                          ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                 issue 4                                                 ...
FADHILA WINNERFOR THE SECONDTIMEFor the second year running Year 11 student Fadhila AlAsmawi was named WOW Factor winner a...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                           issue 4                                       ...
KEEPING COUNT AT THE GOLF: from left Aaron Parker, Alexandra McMillan and Katharina Toma, and Tamara Al Khatib and Soo Lim...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                 issue 4                                                 ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                     issue 4                                             ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                    issue 4                                              ...
AL YASMINA SCHOOL                                                 issue 4                                                 ...
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Sp issue 4 20122013


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Sp issue 4 20122013

  2. 2. WELCOMEWelcome to the fouth issue of the Secondary The Secondary PARTnership keeps you up-to-date withPARTnership for the 2012/2013 academic year. The student activities across the secondary department. ItSecondary PARTnership is the publication for Al also gives Al Yasmina School the chance to celebrateYasminas secondary school and is published eight times progress and achievement and provide more in deptha year. Look for previous issues on the school website. information to parents on a wide variety of subjects. We welcome your feedback. communications@alyasmina.sch.aeCONTENTSWELCOME From the HEAD OF SCHOOL 3Music Department 4Arabic, Islamic and social studies 6guest speaker for business studies students 8accelerated reader programme winners 9year 9 communications officerS 10WOW factor winners 11sporting highlights 12duke of edinburgh award expedition 14festive fayre 15student success 16world challenge hands for uganda 17The fouth PARTnership for this academic yearTopics, trends, updates, views and news from the Al Yasmina Secondary DepartmentPictured on the cover: BRASS ENSEMBLE: Harrison Crawford and Ramya Iyer perform at the Festive Concert 2
  3. 3. FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, MR GALEAs one year ends and another begins it is appropriate that wecontemplate what we have achieved and consider the promiseof what is to come. The two-faced god Janus, after which themonth of January is named, was, after all, a god of beginningsand endings.Looking back, we see new staff and students settling in duringSeptember. We see a really positive ADEC inspection report inOctober, and a wonderfully inclusive celebration of NationalDay in December. FOY had great success with their inauguralFestive Fayre, and the Music Department rounded off the yearnicely with their Festive Concert .New and better ways of connecting with the schoolcommunity are a priority in the coming year. A key platformwill be the new School Communicator which will go live at theend of the month, replacing email as the primary means ofcommunication.I would like to take this opportunity to thank Diane We also have students in Years 9 and 11 making optionsCrawford for the work she has done establishing the School choices. This is a critical time for them to consider theirCommunicator and the Secondary Partnership. Her time with futures. We have started recruiting staff for the new schoolthe school has been invaluable and we wish her well as she year in September. We look forward to the selection processreturns to New Zealand. and seeing what potential new staff can bring to the school. Full details will be communicated to parents once the process is completed. My New Year’s aspirations for the school are not negotiable and we are clear about the way ahead. I very much look forward to sharing those aspirations with you in coming editions of the Secondary Partnership. “Time is an equal opportunity employer. Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes everyWISHING HER WELL: Mr Gale and Mrs Crawford day. Rich people can’t buy more hours. Scientists can’tWe have just released the Year 11 mock exam results, and invent new minutes. And youYears 12 and 13 have been sitting more external examinations.This is a crucial time for students in examination classes. As I can’t save time to spend it ontold students at a recent assembly, “time is of the essence”. another day’’ 3
  4. 4. TERM ENDS ON AHIGH NOTE FOR MUSICDEPARTMENT TIt is probably only when you get all of Al Yasmina’s musicianstogether in one room that you can fully appreciate the depth andbreadth of talent being nurtured in the Music department.This would have been obvious to the many family membersand friends who attended the Festive Concert at the end oflast term. The audience was treated to a diverse range ofperformance from four choirs (both junior and senior), thesenior orchestra, the Al Yasmina Singers, the primary stringorchestra, two brass ensembles, the flute choir, the saxophoneensemble, the primary clarinet ensemble, and piano soloists.The department has gone from strength to strength since itsearly days. Curriculum Team Leader Mrs Hudson has beenthere since the beginning and is thrilled with the progresswhich has been made. She says there is a huge advantage in AlYasmina being a through school (FS1-Year 13), as the primaryschool music teachers can “shape” the students, knowing whatsecondary teachers are looking for. Talent can be spotted early,encouraged, and followed through in the secondary school.At secondary level, the department has two full-time teachers– Mrs Hudson and Miss Macleod – but they are supported bya team of itinerant instrumental teachers who are employedby Aldar Academies Music Service. There is no shortage ofopportunities for the school’s musicians to display their talents.On the last Thursday of every month the department holdsa recital in the old uniform shop, just off the atrium. Thisgives students, mostly soloists, the opportunity to get used toperforming in front of an audience.“I use it as good practice formy GCSE and A-level studentsbecause they have to doperformance recitals for theirexams.” - Mrs Hudson 4
  5. 5. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013 Al Yasmina Singers is invitation-only for advanced singers, comprising male and female voices, students and staff. The group currently numbers about 25. The senior choir is open to anyone who would like to come along and sing, and numbers about 60. The senior orchestra is open to any instrumentalists, providing they can read music. The big events for the Music Department are the Festive Concert in December and the Spring Concert, to be held on March 20 this year. “These are whole school events and are where we showcase our music ensembles.” Some of the items from the concerts are also performed at end of term assemblies so that the rest of the school can hear and share what the Music Department has been up to. Such is the popularity of the school’s musicians that they are often asked to perform off-campus, with the weeks leading up to Christmas proving particularly busy. Senior singers are invited by Yas Links Golf Club each year to sing carols, and a number of hotels also invited them along last year to share their talent. “I think our reputation is starting to build.” This is evidenced by an annual invitation from the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival (ADMAF) for students to take part in workshops each March run by visiting professional musicians. Last month, six students from Al Yasmina auditioned. Those who are successful will get to join talented students from other Abu Dhabi schools to compose a piece of music with the input of a professional, and then perform it at a Young Artists Day concert on March 9. However, the core business of any school department is getting its students successfully through external exams, and the Music department is no exception. While the number of students who see their future in music is small, it is growing. There are 10 GCSE students in Year 10, five in Year 11, and a total of six taking music for A-levels – two in Year 12 and four in Year 13. At all these levels, the students must continue to develop their skills in listening and analysis, composing, and performing. “The numbers are starting to grow,” Mrs Hudson says. She has high hopes for the current Year 9. “They’re a talented year group.” 5
  6. 6. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013PROJECT AIMSTO MAKE ALDARACADEMIES’ ARABICTHE BESTAl Yasmina’s Arabic department has been working on adevelopment project across the Aldar Academies schools, withthe aim of making the subject “a most outstanding feature”at the schools. An important part of the project is the ArabicEducation Development Conference scheduled for the start ofnext term. It will involve a range of speakers, including thosefrom the Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) and the Ministry ofEducation who have played a key role in the development of theArabic curriculum in the UAE, said Mr Abu Saleh, CurriculumTeam Leader for Arabic, Islamic and UAE Social Studies.“The goal is to find ways forward tomake the learning and teaching ofArabic, Islamic Studies and UAE Studiesoutstanding as compared to any otherschools.”Mr Abu Saleh is one of four representatives from AldarAcademies schools who have been working on the developmentproject. “We have already planned for 2012-2015. Theconference will take us beyond that,” he said. ”We will besharing best practice across the cluster. The theme is teachersleading teachers.” 6
  7. 7. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013 PEACE: THE THEME AHEAD OF PROPHET MUHAMMED’S BIRTHDAY (PBUH) Peace was the theme for Islamic Studies students in the lead-up to the commemoration of Birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on January 24. “The focus has been on how to make peace in daily life and how Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance,” said Mr Abu Saleh, Curriculum Team Leader for Arabic, Islamic and UAE Social Studies. Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have also prepared colourful displays and models illustrating UAE geography, history and heritage. These can be seen outside the Arabic department on the first floor. 7
  8. 8. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013SOLE TRADER OFFERS TIPS TO YEAR 10BUSINESS STUDIES STUDENTS"You have to be patient and dont expect to be a millionairein your first year."Nasser Alameddin was a teenager when he first thought Mr Alameddins first shop in Musaffah was near a number ofabout running his own business. The idea stayed with him schools, but this work decreased as many of the schools setfor the next 30 years as he honed his trade, working as a up their own reprographics centres. He decided to move shopcustomer services engineer servicing photocopiers and as an after a year and to expand his business services to includeelectrical engineer in Kuwait and then Jordan. He now has printing on a range of marketing material.his own thriving business in Musaffah, offering photocopy andprinting services, which include printing on items such as "Location is very important. Customers begin to know and visitties, t-shirts, cups and tiles. me and I am able to build a relationship with my customer base who then become repeat customers." Mr Alameddin saidMr Alameddin, who shared his tips for operating as a sole he saved money to start his business, deciding that being atrader with Year 10 Business Studies and Economics students sole trader would allow him to challenge and improve himself.on the final day of last term, told them that having a solid Not having to manage staff has both benefits and platform, the relevant experience and access to good But with his business expanding, he is looking to take on hissuppliers were key success factors, along with having a good first employee within the next six months.relationship with a sponsor and finding the right locationfor premises. Being au fait with the legal requirements for He told the students that in the first year he covered his costs,establishing a business in the UAE was also crucial, Mr in the second year he made a small profit and in the third yearAlameddin said, along with having the appropriate budget set he started to make a larger profit.aside for this. "You have to be patient and dont expect to be a millionaire inMarket research was also important and he spent two years your first year. Sometimes I do get fed up, but I dont let thatcarefully scrutinising the market before opening his business. get me down. I look forward and stay positive." 8
  9. 9. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013READING PROGRAMME A BIG HIT: from left (standing) is Gina Cantelmi, Reem Ibsais, Zara Woodrow, Aran Quintana, Katherine Hill. From left(sitting) is Fadhel Barakat, Nour Barjes, Fehim Korkmaz, Mariah Wu Chan, Natasha Callow and Mehek Mather. Absent: John Alley.ARAN TOPS YEAR 7 READING PROGRAMMEDespite stiff competition, Aran Quintana emerged last term’s The successful students were given period seven off to watch awinner among Year 7 students in the Accelerated Reader film and eat pizza. The points tally is now wiped clean and theProgramme, with Katherine Hill taking the award for Most competition kicks off again for term two.Progress. The 12 winners from term one were:Aran read an impressive 24 books, earning him 341.5 points,while Katherine was nominated by her class teacher as havingmade the most progress with her reading. Highest scorers Most ProgressThe year group is piloting the research-based programme, Aran Quintana Katherine Hillwhich encourages students to develop a passion for reading anddevelop their skills as active readers. Gina Cantelmi Fadhel Bakarat Nour Barjes Fehim KorkmazStudents are given a range of books to choose from and Mehek Mather Natasha Callowtake part in a quiz to test their comprehension skills after Zara Woodrow Reem Ibsaiscompleting each book. Points are awarded to students each John Alley Mariah Wu Chantime they win a quiz and these points are exchanged for prizes.English teacher Miss Walsh says the programme is also auseful tracking and monitoring tool which tests a student’sbasic language and literacy skills, ensuring their range of books “The programme has reallyis appropriate. fostered and nurtured a love of“The programme has really fostered and nurtured a love of reading and a competitive edgereading and a competitive edge among the students.” among the students.” - Miss Walsh 9
  10. 10. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013YEAR 9 EXPERIENCE SCHOOL LIFEFROM THE OTHER SIDE There’s every chance parents will be greeted at reception by a Year 9 student some time this year, as they take turns in a new Student Communications Officer role. The community service/work experience fits neatly with the year group’s PSHCEE curriculum on careers and follows a successful trial at the school. Each student will spend one day per year in both a front-of-house and behind- the-scenes role -- greeting visitors, supporting administration staff, and carrying out important duties for all staff, students and parents at the school. At the end of each day the student is given feedback from administration staff and awarded house points for outstanding service. Hamdan was up first, with Safarat currently taking on the role. They will be followed by Khalidiya, Gurm, Muroor and finally Jaziera. “Year 9 has made a positive impact and I have seen students raising their profile across the wider school community,” says Year 9 Leader Miss Waggett. “This role provides students with a sense of ownership, not only by being involved in the running of Al Yasmina, but also being the face of the student body to visitors and parents. “It also endows students with a wealth of experience when applying for work and further education. I am very pleased to hear that students have enjoyed it so much and that they are excited to perform the role.” Miss Waggett says the role is run very successfully in UK schools and she envisages it will have the same positive impact on Al Yasmina students. Mrs Arkley, who oversees the students, says the Student Communications Officers are “absolutely invaluable” to secondary and primary reception. “It has enabled the school to function in a much more proficient manner, and allowed students to get a better understanding of the workings of the school. “We have also gained an insight into the ethics and goals of the students who have so far taken part. Personally, we have been absolutely thrilled with their attitude and behaviour.” “It’s been good,” says Safarat student Talha Syed after a day in the job. “I enjoyed working with the staff and it was nice to experience a job life and being away from school life. I have learned that you need to manage your time carefully, plan ahead and be pro-active.” Lamya Al-Yazdi enjoyed helping out and interacting with parents and students, but “it’s very hard work and not as easy as I thought”.A DAY AT THE OFFICE: from the top is Omar Abul Ata,Lamya Al-Yazdi and Talha Syed.“It also endows students with a wealth of experiencewhen applying for work and further education.”- Miss Waggett“I enjoyed working with the staff and it was nice to experience a joblife and being away from school life. I have learned that you need tomanage your time carefully, plan ahead and be pro-active.” - Talha Syed 10
  11. 11. FADHILA WINNERFOR THE SECONDTIMEFor the second year running Year 11 student Fadhila AlAsmawi was named WOW Factor winner at the end of a fun-filled, talent-rich show last month.Over 40 students auditioned through heats, with a full rangeof talent on show - singers, musicians, comedians, groupacts and dancers.Staff even took part in a Gangnam-style themed dance whichwas a hit with the students!Judges Kenny and Accalia from Radio 2’s breakfast showhad a tough job but finally named Fadhila the winner withher acoustic rendition of The Power of Love, and Year 7students Declan Ball and Laura Webster the runners-up fortheir duet.“All three students were fantastic and we cannot believeDeclan and Laura are only in Year 7!”Of Fadhila, the judges said: “What a fantastic performancewith such talent - this is a recording artist of the future!” 11
  12. 12. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013PE LESSONS GET AMAKEOVERAl Yasmina is taking a leading role in implementing changes in theway PE is taught in Abu Dhabi schools. It hosted a training day for PEteachers at schools throughout the capital, lead by UK company CreateDevelopment, which provides teachers with the inspiration and tacticsto change the way they teach and students learn. Director of Sport MrSmith says the training day explored creative development within physicaleducation."The aim of the training day was to re-evaluate the way PE is taughtwithin schools," he says. "The course was practically based to show whataccelerated learning can take place while developing the whole child in afun, imaginative way." Al Yasminas PE department organised the courseand invited teachers from other schools because it wants to promote thefuture structure of teaching PE throughout Abu Dhabi, Mr Smith says. "Iwant Al Yasmina to be at the forefront of this and to show our school asone that embraces new ideas and sets the standards for PE within AbuDhabi."“I want Al Yasmina to be in the forefront of this and to show ourschool as one that embraces new ideas and sets the standards forthe PE within Abu Dhabi” - Mr Smith THE CHALLENGER RUN On Saturday January 26 , the three of us had an early start - 3am to be more precise. Over the past six weeks we had trained for the 8K Challenger Run, organised by World Challenge to help us raise funds for our expedition to Uganda in July 2013. The training included running together at the Yas Marina Circuit every Tuesday, as well as doing our own individual training. It was without a doubt a very challenging experience, considering the fact that none of us are the most athletic people! The run was held at The Pavilion at Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, with the course winding along the beach, past Burj Al Arab and Wild Wadi. Unbelievably, we won the male category and came first and second in the female category. Overall, the race was an enriching experience which enabled us to physically push ourselves. It also gave us the opportunity to meet other students from Dubai schools who are planning expeditions as well. We’d like to thank all the students and teachers who sponsored us and got us one step closer to Uganda. - by Shahmir Khan, Priyanka Iyer and Abigail AlexanderUGANDA FUNDRAISERS: from left isShahmir Khan, Abigail Alexander andPriyanka Iyer. 12
  13. 13. KEEPING COUNT AT THE GOLF: from left Aaron Parker, Alexandra McMillan and Katharina Toma, and Tamara Al Khatib and Soo Lim.YEAR 10 STUDENTS GET A SLICE OF THEACTION AT HSBC GOLFA group of Year 10 students got a close-up view of the action last month when they worked as volunteers at the prestigious HSBC GolfChampionship in Abu Dhabi. It is the third year Al Yasmina has been involved in providing helpers at the tournament. This year 24 GCSEPhysical Education students spent the first day of the championship helping out.They were part of an army of more 700 volunteers in total who gave up their time to keep players and fans happy. The students workedboth the walking scoreboards and the leader boards. “We like to pick kids who are switched on for the scoring. You can’t be a slacker,”said leader board co-ordinator Shawn Lundy. Mr Ward, who runs the school golf team and supervised the students on the day, said theyloved being part of the event and seeing the world’s top players up close.GAME ON FOR AD NETBALL ACADEMY SQUADYear 8 student Sophie Ensor has been selected for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Netball Academy Under 14 squad which will face the mightof Dubai in a Festival Match this weekend.Organiser Kellie Pomeroy says the new U14 squad came about after talks with Dubai Schools Netball with the aim of increasing theopportunity for competitive matchplay. ”Basically we are going to form an Abu Dhabi and a Dubai team and we are ultimately hopingto include Bahrain and Doha also. “The long-term plan is to develop a Junior Inter-Gulf Championships and an U12/U14/U16 & U19academy in 2013-2014.”In December, 42 girls from Cambridge, Al Yasmina, Brighton College, BISAD and Al Bateen Schools tried out for 20 places. Sophie wasselected from Al Yasmina. From the squad of 20, A and B teams have been selected for the clash against Dubai at Zayed Sports Citytomorrow.Ms Pomeroy and Abu Dhabi Inter Gulf coach Sandra Du Plessis have been coaching the girls on a voluntary basis each weekend andsay they have made great progress. Sophie says she has really enjoyed the experience. “I’ve enjoyed playing with girls from otherschools and I’ve learned a lot from the coaching sessions." The organisers would like to see as many supporters as possible at ZSC.Matches start at 3pm.Meanwhile three senior students - Emily Green, Lucy Thompson and Chanel Lehmkuhl - are currently training twice a week in the U19squad ahead of the Inter Gulf Championships in March. This is in addition to playing in adult league matches every Tuesday and playingfor the school team. 13
  14. 14. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013CONDITIONS KINDER THIS TIME FOR DoEDESERT EXPEDITIONAfter a gruelling training trekin the unseasonal heat inNovember, conditions were muchkinder last month to studentsundertaking their Duke ofEdinburgh (International) Awardassessment expedition.Thirty Year 10 students leftschool early on January 11 fortheir 2-day, 16km trek throughthe desert from Al Dhaid. Dividedinto small groups, they set offarmed with a GPS and a set ofcheckpoints they had to reachbefore the sundown. Duke ofEdinburgh Award CoordinatorMiss Stephenson said all thestudents followed the GPSaccurately and reached theircampsites in plenty of time to setup tents, cook their meals andsettle down before the campfirewas lit at dusk.The next day, students learnedhow to use pacing and compassbearings more accurately tonavigate their way across the8km of desert between them andtheir pick-up point. “The groupsall showed great enthusiasm andteamwork and achieved theirBronze expedition awards withflying colours.”MR RICHARDS’ MATHEMATICAL CHALLENGEThe solutions for last month’s Christmas challenge were This month’s challenge is a little easier to start the New Year off:correctly provided by Year 7 student Isabelle Amor, Year 7, andDuaa Al Saqri, also Year 7 (with a little help from her dad). Ann was 23 when her son Brian was born (on the same day as Ann’s birthday).Bess / 6 / yellow / train Brian was 2 when his sister Carol was born (also by chance onMary / 7 / orange / sledges the same day).Sue / 9 / blue / spinning tops Now Ann’s age is the product of her two children’s ages.Johnny / 3 / green / racing cars Can you find the current age of Ann, Brian and Carol?Jane / 5 / red / football Please email your answers. The solution and the person who solved it correctly will be published next month. 14
  15. 15. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013FOY’S FIRST FESTIVE FAYRERAISES DHS21,000  FOY’s inaugural Festive Fayre was a huge success and plans are afoot to makeit an annual event. With the support of the school community, more than21,000Dhs was raised on the day. There were about 45 stalls in total, rangingfrom cakes to crafts. A big attraction for the younger children was Santa’sworkshop, where they could enjoy a number of Christmas-themed craftactivities.The older students, however, were more interested in the “dunk tank” wherethey could pay to have their friends dunked in the not-very-warm water.Mr Gale was also very obliging about being repeatedly dunked but has requesteda warmer tank for next year! The Al Yasmina Singers and the school’s brassensemble provided a musical backdrop to the event and were a big drawcard.“The kids singing definitely made it,” said Friends of Yasmina chairpersonJanine Loftus. It would not have been nearly the success it was without thecontribution of parents and staff. FOY is keen to thank all those who donatedtime and goods for the tombola, raffles and hampers.A proportion of the money raised will go to Operation Smile, FOY’s chosencharity for the year, some to a worthy yet-to-be-decided local charity, and therest will be used to buy wish list “extras” for the school. One of the ideas beingexplored is a landscaped “quiet area” where primary students can sit or read inthe shade outside. 15
  16. 16. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013STUDENTS OF THE MONTHCongratulations to the following students:Zahraa Barakat (Islamic Studies - native),Rida Khan (Islamic Studies - non-native)Aya Zeidan (Arabic - native),Rosa Smith (French, PE & Arabic - non-native),Diala Nasser (UAE Social Studies),Ramya Iyer (Art),Yash Bhatia (Business Studies & English),Emily Prest (Drama),Nawal Hasheem (DT),Anissa Johnson (Economics),Nicholas Clarke (Geography),Bidisha Misri (History),Shan Coley (ICT),Ruby Hughes (Mathematics),Mitchell Bryant (Music),Faisal Ali (Psychology),Mohammed Al Muhairi (Science),Kenan Saleh Basha (Spanish) CONGRATULATIONS: at the back is Yash Bhatia, Rida Khan and Mr Gale, in the middle is Nicholas Clarke, Rosa Smith and Emily Prest and in front is Bidisha Misri, Ruby Hughes and Ramya Iyer.EXAM SUCCESS FOR MUSIC STUDENTSThe following students were successful in passing their ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) instrumentalexams last term: Piano Ryan Sayegh - Grade 1 Distinction Ano Chinengo - Grade 1 Merit Annia Mirza - Grade 3 Distinction Savannah Ansell - Grade 3 Merit Violin Anushae Akhtar - Violin 117 Pass Zunair Khurram - Violin 121 Merit Hannah Green - Violin 117 Pass Shan Coley - Violin 122 Merit Muireann Dempsey - Violin 126 Merit EXAM SUCCESS : standing from left Ryan Sayegh, Ano Chinengo, Anushae Akhtar, Shan Coley. Sitting from left, Hannah Green, Mr. Gale, Muireann Dempsey. Not pictured: Annia Mirza, Savannah Ansell and Zunair Khurram. 16
  17. 17. AL YASMINA SCHOOL issue 4 2012/2013HANDS UP FORWORLD CHALLENGEEXPEDITIONStudents got to get their hands dirty this week in aid of Year12’s World Challenge Expedition to Uganda. In exchange for asmall donation they got to dip their hands in paint and leavetheir prints on a huge roll of paper which will be displayed asa “Hands for Uganda” mural in the atrium at school.“It required a lot of planning on our behalf, organising thepaints, the rollers and the paper,” said student organiserShahmir Khan. “We’d like to thank everyone who participatedfor their support and we look forward to everyone taking partin the many more fundraisers we have planned in the comingweeks!”The World Challenge students are raising money to help buymaterials to add extra rooms on to Jjezza School in Uganda,which they will work on in June. They will be bricklaying,mixing concrete and painting around the school. They willalso help teach the children during their stay.“We’d like to thank everyone who participatedfor their support and we look forward toeveryone taking part in the many morefundraisers we have planned in the comingweeks!” YAS WATERWORLD PREVIEW DAY Hundreds of students from Year 4 upwards were among the first to experience the wet and wild of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld last month, thanks to complimentary preview tickets provided by Aldar Developments. Al Yasmina, along with other Aldar Academies schools, was invited to a preview day on January 12. Students got to check out all the rides and sample the food and drinks on offer ahead of the waterpark’s official opening on January 24.CHICAGOAl Yasmina’s Secondary School presents Chicago - TheMusical.Set in 1920s Chicago, the show revolves around the JazzScene and the lengths people will go to for fame! We inviteaudience members to dress to impress in the style of the1920s to fit the exciting and innovative style of performancewe have in store for you. Tickets are available from receptionor Mrs. Hetherington, priced at 20Dhs. Hurry to get yoursbefore we sell out - you won’t be disappointed! 17