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  • 2. CONTENTSWELCOME From the HEAD OF SCHOOL 3FOCUS ON PHYSICAL EDUCATION 4SPORTS AWARD WINNERS 6ABLE, GIFTED AND TALENTED NEWS 8DT STUDENTS COLLABORATE WITH YEAR 2 9FAREWELL TO THE FIRST YEAR 13s 10OVERSEAS TRIPS TO NEW YORK AND PARIS 11sTUDENT COUNCIL ACHIEVEMENTS 15FOY NEWS 16SPORTING HIGHLIGHTS 18AMBASSADOR AWARDS 20studentS OF THE MONTH 20Welcome to this issue of the Secondary PARTnershipfor the 2012/2013 academic year. The SecondaryPARTnership is the publication for Al Yasminassecondary school and is published eight times a year.Look for previous issues on the school website.The Secondary PARTnership keeps you up-to-date withstudent activities across the secondary department. Italso gives Al Yasmina School the chance to celebrateprogress and achievement and provide more in depthinformation to parents on a wide variety of subjects.We welcome your feedback.communications@alyasmina.sch.aeThe latest PARTnership for this academic yearTopics, trends, updates, views and news from the Al Yasmina Secondary DepartmentWELCOMEPictured on the cover: Students take in the sights of Paris during their March trip2
  • 3. 3FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, MR GALETerm three is always a demanding term. There are two keycontrasting features of the term, exams and celebrations.This term exemplifies the purpose of a school. This is whatschools are about, preparing students to be confident andsuccessful in their exams as well as developing, nurturingand rewarding all aspects of school life.It is a real mix, with the upper school facing the pressuresand rigours of examinations and the lower schoolcelebrating all that has been achieved throughout thisacademic year.On 23 May, we held our inaugural Year 13 leavers’ assembly(see our feature on page 10). It was with a great sense ofpride we heard of the students’ affections for the school andthe positive effect Al Yasmina has had on them.Two of the school’s key roles are to ensure students ‘enjoy’and ‘achieve’. I believe Al Yasmina has this combinationright. You will see, by leafing through this publication, thebalance of academic rigour and celebration.You will read of the sports awards in this edition as wellas the introduction of the Al Yasmina student ambassadoraward (see page 20).Whilst just over 200 of our students in Key Stage 4 & Post-16may not feel much like celebrating at this time of the year,we are confident that they will reap the rewards of theirefforts in August!I do look forward to seeing you in school at one of our end ofterm celebrations.Enjoy the publication.Two of the school’s key rolesis to ensure students ‘enjoy’and ‘achieve’.
  • 4. PE DEPT HAS AMBITIOUS GAME PLANAn overview with the Director of SportIn less than five years since Al Yasmina opened, the school’sPE Department has firmly established its reputation amonginternational schools in Abu Dhabi but has big plans to takesport to the next level.As the school has grown, the department has developed theincreasing pool of talent and this year’s achievements are thebest yet.Almost 300 fixtures have been played since the beginning ofthe year, across a range of sports including rugby, football,netball and hockey. In football, Al Yasmina is the strongestoff-island school and in rugby, the Under-16 team was bothCup and League runners-up. The secondary netball teamsdeveloped more depth as the Abu Dhabi Netball Leaguecompleted its second season. While the senior hockey teamdoes not lack talent or enthusiasm, it remains short oncompetition, with BSAK their only opposition.The swimmers are a success story in their own right. AlYasmina returned from the recent British Schools in theMiddle East swimming championships with 60 medals– 11gold, 25 silver, and 24 bronze. The swimmers set six BSMErecord and each swimmer recorded personal best times. AlYasmina is now in the top five teams in the GCC region. On alocal level, our swimmers dominated at last month’s Under 16swim meet. They beat BSAK and Al Raha by 100 points. “Theteam has had a great year and we are yet to lose an event,”says swim coach Mr Todorov.While the sporting achievements are encouraging, Directorof Sport Mr Smith has a number of initiatives planned forthe coming year to take advantage of the school’s maturity.“We are trying to raise the standards of our elite athletes andsquads so that we can compete well.”From next year, each school sports team will get two one-hour training sessions a week, up from the current one. Andin a joint venture with Harlequins Rugby Club, all secondaryschool rugby training will transfer to the gentle grass pitchesof Zayed Sports City where players will be coached by bothschool staff and Harlequins coaches.“This is my first year as Director of Sport and one of my mainpriorities is to try and develop community links.” This hasbeen initiated by teaming up with local sports organisationsto offer Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) in sports such assailing, equestrian, and ju-jitsu. Mr Smith is also exploringthe possibility of a joint Aldar Academies sports team for anoverseas tour.In addition, an agreement has been reached with HaddinsGym which will see their staff working with the PEDepartment across the secondary school.They will provide strength and conditioning training tostudents in school sports squads on Thursday afternoons andwill offer one-off sessions with gifted and talented studentsduring school time. They will also offer further training forstaff and will run specialist ECAs in classes such as yoga andpilates.The department recognises the value of using the latesttechnology to its advantage, and has Mr Dunne taking the leadrole in the use of interactive whiteboards, TVs, and iPads inthe PE curriculum. They can be used for video analysis, GCSEpreparation, presentation of sports, and the viewing of videoclips of sport in action. “It’s another way to be creative in howwe teach.”Launching the sports section of the school website was MrSmith’s first project in his new job and he says it has been ahuge success. It lists upcoming fixtures and results, runs acalendar, records photos and other relevant information. Itwill be further developed next year by adding a link to players’and parents’ mobile phones.Sporting “colours” are being introduced to Al Yasmina for thefirst time this year to give recognition to students who haverepresented the school or won an event or award. “I reallywant to create a sporting ethos and raise the profile andstandard of sport in the school.”He says the school must record its sporting successes anddisplay them for all to see. To this end, an honours board isto be installed in the secondary sport hall. He is currentlycollating Al Yasmina’s sporting achievements to be recordedon the board. It will include school sports winners, housesports winners, record holders, team achievements, andPlayer of the Year recipients.“It’s important to start the school history and build on it.”issue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL4
  • 5. Curriculum focus with Head of Secondary PEA particular core curriculum focus for PE is to developleadership within the school. This is especially important withthe introduction of A-Level PE. The Junior Sports LeadersAwards, a recognised sports qualification in the UK, shouldreturn to school next year after the relicensing of a staffmember to run the programme.The JSLA develops sporting links across the school, assenior students work with primary students as part of theprogramme.This year saw PE classes divided into sets according to abilityfor Years 7 to 9 for the first time. Mr Cantrill says it has beena “very positive experience”, as those with more abilitieshave been able to be challenged, while those not as sportyhave been encouraged and able to develop without feelingovershadowed.A-Level PE is to be added to the curriculum for the first timein September. It will build on the success of the current groupof Year 11 GCSE students, whom Mr Cantrill says have workedhard and are expected to achieve the best grades yet in thesubject. They have already completed their practical examcomprising 60 percent of their marks, with all 14 studentsachieving A*-C grades.At least six or seven students are expected to carry on withA-Level PE, while there are 30 students in the current Year10 who will be working towards their final GCSE grades nextyear.As the number of students continues to grow so does thestaffing, with one replacement teacher and two new onesdue to start in September. “This gives us more scope forspecialised teaching.”One of the new staff members is a dance/gymnasticsspecialist which fills a gap that currently exists at the school.“It will be great to have someone to focus on the artistic sideof sports.” Mr Cantrill hopes to see the current dance clubexpanded and a gym club added next year.issue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL5
  • 6. Matthew BrundanMale Hockey playerof the YearJenny GoldsmithFemale Hockeyplayer of the YearGina CantelmiU12 Football playerof the YearSally ZeidanU14 Football playerof the YearAbigail AlexanderU16 Football playerof the Year6SPORTS AWARDSRoss GammellMale Sports person of the YearEmily GreenFemale Sports person of the YearRyan HunterJack O’DonnellAwardCameron OliverOutstanding SportingAchievementCameron OliverMale Swimmer ofthe YearDannielle HatcherFemale Swimmerof the YearFadwa QadanFemale Swimmerof the YearSam ForbesU12B Football playerof the YearMurray HughesU12A Football playerof the YearLiam BryantU14B Football playerof the YearSyed TalhaU14A Football playerof the YearYazdhaan AbbasU16 Football playerof the YearJake HughesU18 Football playerof the Year
  • 7. Sophie EnsorYear 8 Netballplayer of the YearAaron ParkerGolf playerof the YearSyed RehmanCricket playerof the YearTeamPlayers Player AwardCommitment AwardYear 7Alanood Al AmeriErin CasselsYear 8Rachel FoulshamSally ZeidanYear 9Nikita AmirCourtney ReadYear 10Jessica LewisKatharina TomaYear 11Yea In LimHolly O’SheaYear 12/13Sophie EnsorEmily GreenSwimming AwardsCommitment Award Alexa Groh and Milan Den HaeseImprovement Award Rosa SmithNetball AwardsUnder 12 BRiyadh Hassan-BeckJamie QueenTeamPlayers Player AwardCommitment AwardFootball AwardsUnder 12 AOmar AbusinSam HudsonUnder 14 BKyle CrightonAdnan Al ArmoutiUnder 14 AAhmed Al SheryaniOwen HarcupUnder 16Mohammed Al HashmiTom WoutersUnder 18Joe SturtFasial AliBoysTeamPlayers Player AwardCommitment AwardUnder 12Katya AyassDhabia Al MazroueiTeamPlayers Player AwardCommitment AwardGirlsUnder 16Charlotte PatricoloTina KamelUnder 14Katie ParkerAya ZeidanSports Avievement AwardSam O’Shea - TriathlonRyan Hunter - GolfRyan Wynn - Motor crossTeam of the Year AwardSwimmingissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL7Ano ChinengoYear 7 Netballplayer of the YearShan ColeyYear 9 Netballplayer of the YearAlex McMillanYear 10 Netballplayer of the YearChanel LehmkuhlYear 11 Netballplayer of the YearLucy ThompsonYear 12/13 Netballplayer of the YearPaolo PretoriusU12 Rugby player ofthe YearCalum McKayU14 Rugby Player ofthe YearThomas CookU16 Rugby player ofthe Year
  • 8. issue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOLABLE, GIFTED AND TALENTED PROGRAMMEAl Yasmina runs an AGT (able, gifted and talented) programme.It is for students who are identified as having a particularstrength highlighted by various factors within school.A combination of staff referral, Cognitive Ability Test (CATs)results and student achievement is taken into considerationwhen identifying AGT students.Those who achieve a CATs score of 120 or above are placedon the school’s official AGT register. The AGT students showaptitude in their general understanding and ability to relatetheir learning to the wider world around them.8The Dove and the OrcaA dove, a dove, so graceful and smallBut against the orca it shall fallFor the orca is so big and tallBut even that can stall at the dove’s call.Life is not how we see itBut every day we die a little bitWhen in bed, some will sitWhile our silent and dark streets are lit.For what we might see in our sightWill give us a horrible frightAnd as we sleep at nightA terrible flame is set alightSo back to the doveSo full of peace and loveAre we the dove or the orca?Are we full of hate?Or have WE decided on our fate?Some of us take life for grantedSo help us grow this tree we planted.By Natasha Lauren Callow and MehekMathur“The AGT programme here at Al Yasmina is developing to helpchallenge and motivate students to push their own learning,”says programme co-ordinator Miss Magee. “We offeropportunities for like-minded students to take part in activitiesthat are not necessarily part of the curriculum in order tostimulate them.”As an example, some Year 7 AGT students have been chosen tobe part of a group that will receive coaching from our winningYear 9 debating team in order to take part in an upcomingdebate. There will be other opportunities for AGT studentsthroughout the academic year, both within and outside ofschool, she says.NATASHA AND MEHEK ARE PUBLISHED POETSThe English Department would like to congratulate Year 7students Natasha Callow (left) and Mehek Mathur (right) onthe publication of their poem ‘The Dove and the Orca’ in AbuDhabi’s 181 publication.This beautifully written poem uses symbolism to exploresociety today and what we’re doing to our world. Mehek andNatasha now join the ranks of talented published writers!Good luck to Shahmir Khan, Abby Alexander and PriyankaIyer in their trial for the UAE Debate Team on June 15. Thestudents are keen debaters with an excellent knowledge ofcurrent affairs and issues. If successful, they will represent thecountry in the World Schools Debating Competition in Thailandin August 2014.AL YASMINA DEBATERS TRIAL FOR UAE TEAMThis will be the UAE’s fifth participation in the tournamentand it has developed a strong tradition of fielding competitiveteams. Last year’s team finished 13th out of 50 nations, ahighly creditable performance. Shahmir, Abby and Priyankaare excellent speakers and have all been instrumental inraising the profile of debating at Al Yasmina.
  • 9. issue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOLYear 2 students and teacher Miss Dean took on the role ofclients this term for A Level Design Technology students whohave created fabulous furniture for the children’s shared area.The Year 13 (A2) DT students were fulfilling a courserequirement that they undertake a major project that specifiedthey work with a client, just as professional designers wouldoperate in industry. Alistair Mains, Stefan Bennett and Hasan AlMashani chose to work with the primary school, and specificallywith Year 2.The designers had a client interview with Miss Dean where thebrief was set and they generated some initial creative ideas.Miss Dean then offered some additional client direction and thestudents made some small and full-scale models of a numberof different components from their designs, which allowed themto resolve some technical challenges. They used a variety ofdifferent skills, from sand casting to sewing, as well as usingthe computer-controlled router and laser cutter.Hasan produced a round artist’s table with integral storageand a light box. Stefan made a drawing table with its ownmagnetised ruler and table top ,and with a built-in paper roll.Alistair made a nautical-themed seating unit with built in bookdrawers and portholes with fish decals.Miss Dean says it was a fantastic opportunity to be involved inthe A Level DT projects, and that the furniture has transformedthe children’s learning environment. “It is difficult to believethat they were not shop-bought items!”“The Year 2 children now have a tailor-made, multi-purposeworkbench with objects to help them with pencil control,handwriting, group work and word building; a reading area thatis comfortable and encourages them to share books with theirfriends, and finally a brightly-coloured art table with easilyaccessible pots to store brushes and pens, not to mention afully functioning light box!”Miss Dean says the designers were very professional and askeddetailed questions to ensure they fulfilled the needs of Year 2.“They found out what the Year 2’s liked doing, what they neededhelp with, or what was missing from our learning environment.”Mr Wood, Curriculum Team Leader Design and Technology,says the client-led process is a rewarding experience for thestudents, as they get constant feedback throughout the process.A-LEVEL DT CREATIONS A HIT WITH YEAR 2“Stefan, the workbench isawesome! It has a whiteboard,paper and the Spirograph helps meget better at my pencil control andmy writing.” - Oliver“I love the reading bench, itreminds me of the sea which Ilove! Thanks Ali!” - Laurie9
  • 10. issue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL10An important milestone in the short history of Al Yasmina was reached this month, with the school’s first-ever group of Year 13 students completingtheir education and moving on to the next stage of their lives.The occasion was marked with a special school assembly on May 23, followed by an evening function for the 22 students, their parents, and a smallnumber of staff at Yas Links.Miss Fenning, Learning and Progress leader, Post-16, admits to mixed emotions as the students head away. She says it has been a rewarding year,getting to know the students both as a group and as individuals, but it has not been without its challenges, as systems were established for Year 13sfor the first time.Some of the students have been at Al Yasmina since its opening in 2008, others have joined more recently, but as the first cohort of students tocomplete their education at Al Yasmina, they will always be fondly remembered, she says.As is fitting for students from an international school, most have conditional offers at universities in many different parts of the world.FIRST YEAR 13S GRADUATE
  • 11. AL YASMINA TAKESON THE BIG APPLEMuseum of Natural HistoryThe Natural History Museum was massive and we onlyhad an hour and a half, so we had to prioritise. We headedstraight for the animals. We started in the mammal areawhere some of the animals were absolutely massive and sorealistic it was slightly disconcerting. We tracked down theaquatic animals and saw a giant whale suspended from theceiling, a turtle with a tracking device backpack and somefreaky deep-sea creatures. Our next mission was to findthe giant dinosaur skeleton seen in the movie, “Night at theMuseum”. After asking a number of friendly security guards,we finally found it and it was incredible, SO BIG! - AlexMcMillanGuided tour of Wall StreetOur guide had lived in New York for 60 years and knew somuch about the city. We learned about Wall Street, the slavetrade and how the business district was formed. He told usabout the history of New York and took us on a walk througha cemetery, then on to the 9/11 memorial site, and then intoa church. - Alex McMillanCentral ParkThe best day was the day we went to Central Park, wherethe teachers had organised two surprises for us - CentralPark Zoo which was fabulous, and a horse and cart ridearound Central Park. The park is beautiful, especially inthe winter weather. In the afternoon, the drama grouphad a dance workshop where we learned the moves to thefirst two verses of ‘All That Jazz’ from the Broadway show‘Chicago’. The rest of the students went off to the Museum ofMathematics. This was a once in life-time experience whichwas just incredible! - Emily Simpson 11
  • 12. Statue of Liberty and 9/11 MemorialsiteWe took the boat out to see the Statue of Liberty where itbegan to snow, which was a huge shock but very exciting, asmany of us had never seen snow fall before. After we sailedaround Lady Liberty we went to the 9/11 memorial site.We got to look at the incredible fountains where the TwinTowers once stood. This was very moving as we saw videos,photos and accounts of that terrible day and how it will neverbe forgotten. Then we had a surprise - a trip to MadameTussauds where we got to meet a whole bunch of famouspeople, from Robert Pattinson to Albert Einstein! To round offthe day we went ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre. A trulyiconic New York City experience. I had so much fun on thisbrilliant trip! - Holly YoungOn our cruise round the Statue of Liberty, it started to snow.It was the first time I have ever seen snow, it was amazingand I really enjoyed it. Actually this day was the best day forme! After visiting Madam Tussauds, we had free time to shopand walk around. Times Square is the best place in New York- it’s always busy, exciting and enjoyable! After a long day wewent to an awesome restaurant called Planet Hollywood. Thewaitresses were really friendly. One of them was from AbuDhabi and wore my scarf as a head piece! - Eissa Al ShehhiRadio City, Empire State Building, andFifth AvenueOn our first full day in the city, we visited the flagship Applestore on Fifth Avenue. It was a massive shop that wasunderground with a huge glass entrance. They were sellingevery single apple product available in the world in that shop.Next door was Fao Schwarz, an enormous toy store. The shopwas three stories high and had the best toys ever. Fifth Avenuewas really long and the shopping was very good.After this we went off to the famous Radio City Hall, whichwas a huge arena which looked like the best place to perform.We went backstage and saw the crazy different types ofmechanisms used to get the stage to move in several differentways. We got to stand on the stage as the performers do andexperience how they would feel on their performance whichwas great!We had to wait in line to go up the famous Empire StateBuilding and the view we had from the top of the building wasamazing. We could get a bird’s eye view of the entire city. It wasfantastic. - Karan SampatShopping in SohoWe got to do lots of shopping in Soho which I really liked! Whenour two hours was up the fun wasn’t over. Mrs. Eaves arrangedfor all the girls to go to the “Dash” shop which is owned by thefamous Kardashians. The girls loved it!We found a snapback shop where everyone went crazy. We allthen went to the park and put our snapbacks on the table, andtook pictures of how many there were. In total the group hadspent around $340!Back at the hotel, Mrs Eaves and Mrs Hetherington had boughtus all “I heart New York t-shirts” as a surprise and said weHAD to wear them on the journey home. It ruined my look sowhile everyone wore their shirt normally I put on my LouisVuitton on and it looked awesome. At the airport we signedshirts and said our goodbye to New York. It was a great holidayand I loved being with my friends, learning new things andmaking new friends. - Hazza Al Bushlaibiissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL1212
  • 14. MR RICHARDS’The solutions for last month’s Christmas challenge wereThere is only one word to describe this trip. AMAZING ! It was agreat experience just travelling on my own, visiting so many places,like the Eiffel Tower and Euro Disney. We even went on a cruiseon the River Seine. One of my favourite days was when we went toAbercrombie & Fitch and went shopping. I also tried French cuisinelike frogs legs, snails and fondue. Overall it was a great trip and weall had so much fun. - Marina Girguis, Year 9 KhalidiyaGoing on the Paris trip has been amazing. We have all learnt somany things about France that we never knew about. The metrorides were the funniest bits… we would all sit, take selfies andlaugh. Experiencing different things and speaking a differentlanguage to strangers was hard but it sure was fun. Best five daysof my life. I really hope it happens again next year! - Aleya Al Ketbi,Year 9 GurmThe French trip was the most amazing experience ever. It wasbeyond fun, we had a lot of laughs and Paris is definitely my newfavourite city. All we did was try new things and try to speak Frenchwhich was so fun and hilarious. I think all of us fell in love with thebeauty of Paris and will go back there some day. This trip overallwas the best 5 days of my life. - Shamma Biny Sied, Year 9 SafaratPendant le voyage à Paris nous avons visité beaucoup d’endroitscool comme la tour Eiffel, le château de Versailles, le Louvre,Disneyland, les Catacombes, L’arc de Triomphe, le Notre Dame etbeaucoup d’autres choses. J’étais très audacieux et j’ai mangé desescargots et des grenouilles aux cuisses. C’était dégoutant. J’aifait beaucoup de nouveaux amis et j’ai vraiment passé un momentfantastique! - Silke Griffin, Year 10 KhannourBonjour. Il y quelque semaines, j’ai voyagé en France à Paris.Nous avons visité la tour Eiffel, le Notre Dame et beaucoup plus.Selon moi, c’était très excitant et intéressant, parce que j’ai apprisbeaucoup de français et aussi j’ai trouvé Paris très amusant !- Luke Read, Year 11 Fahidiissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL14
  • 15. issue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOLThe mission statement of the StudentCouncil is to “make a difference” atschool and as the end of the yearapproaches, those involved areconfident that they have. While thecouncil members have learned thatsome of their bigger ideas take timeto implement, they have a number ofachievements to show for their effortsand further initiatives under way whichwill benefit the whole school.The council has representatives fromall mentor groups and is dividedinto committees, each with its ownarea of responsibility. They areCommunications, Curriculum, Events,Rewards, Facilities, Recreation, andSustainability.Highlights from this year includePink Day, a breast cancer awarenessfundraiser. The students offered forsale pink ribbons, pink face painting,pink hair spray, and pink ice-cream.The Student Council was also closelyinvolved in International Day. Thestudents helped to set up the stallsand each member of the council wasassigned to assist a primary class.They were a huge hit with the youngerchildren, who did not want them toleave!Establishing recycling at Al Yasminahas been a high profile projectthe Student Council has taken onwith determination. The recreationcommittee undertook a marketingcampaign, which included hostingassemblies,explaining to students and teachers theneed for sustainability in the UAE, andthe importance of the contribution AlYasmina could make by recycling.Colour-coded bins are now a familiarsight around the school and paper binshave been place alongside printers.Responsibility for managing theprogramme was tied in with the housesystem, with house leaders supervisingthe recycling at break and lunchtime.Although it got off to a slow start inMarch, everyone is making a habit ofrecycling now and ambitious targetshave been reached.A red “thermometer” on the wall inthe atrium tracks progress. By the endof May, four huge metal cages hadbeen filled. “It’s been hard work, butthe students have stepped up, withencouraging results,” says Mrs Hewitt,Student Council Team Leader.The facilities committee is eagerlyawaiting the arrival of a vendingmachine offering healthy food anddrink options. The committee membershave worked hard on this project overa number of months, engaging indiscussion with both management ofthe canteen and the school in order toget the go-ahead.They see it as a way of bringingadditional healthy food choices to theschool, and relieving queues at thecanteen.There are many other ideas theStudent Council is working on for thecoming year. These include selectinga mascot to represent Al Yasmina,setting up STAR (Students TakingActive Responsibility) awards schemeto recognise the volunteer workstudents do around the school, andestablishing a Student Charter. Everyclass has been asked to submit threerights and responsibilities they believeall students should have. The StudentCouncil will then vote on which onesshould be included in the charter.Mrs Hewitt says she loves thecouncil meetings and seeing therepresentatives working to makea difference at school. Despitesometimes encountering setbacks, thestudents have persisted and “reallyshone”. She is looking forward toseeing their efforts further rewarded inthe new school year.STUDENT COUNCIL PROUD OF ACHIEVEMENTS15
  • 16. FRIENDS OF AL YASMINASaturday, 1 June 2013Al Yasmina School Atrium9.30am - 12.30pmclothing,household items,cakes, etc.(no plants,no animals,no flammables)TABLE TOP SALEFor futher details contact: alyasminafoy@gmail.comissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOLNEWS FROM FOY  This month has been another busy one for Friends ofYasmina. Fifteen multi-coloured beanbags were boughtfor the primary school and these are being enjoyed andwell used by the children in the library and the FS1 sharedarea.A Welcome Coffee Morning is held at the beginning of eachterm. It is a very informal morning to help welcome newparents into the school. It is open for anyone to attend,new and old, and a perfect opportunity to help someoneout or just meet some new faces and make them feelmore at home in Abu Dhabi. Thank you to all those whoattended the coffee morning last month.Our final fundraising project for the year is the Table TopSale, to be held inside at school on Saturday, June 1,9.30am-12.30pm. Last year it proved very popular andthis year should be no exception. Clothing and householditems will be for sale.16
  • 17. MR RICHARDS’MATHEMATICALCHALLENGEYEAR 11’S ALVINSINGH TOPS UKMTCHALLENGEYear 11’s Alvin Singh topped Al Yasmina’s results in this year’sUnited Kingdom Mathematics Trust Intermediate Challenge,with a score of 71 out of 135.Sixty-one students in Years 9-11 sat the challenge whichinvolves lively, intriguing multiple choice question papers,designed to stimulate interest in maths in large numbers ofstudents. The combined junior and intermediate categoriesattract over 600,000 entries from more than 4000 schools andcolleges.Alvin’s result earned him the Best in School and Best in Year11 awards. Best in Year 10 went to Ruby Hughes and Best inYear 9 was jointly shared between Syeda Manal Ahmed andMohamed Al Hammadi. While no-one won Gold, 10 Silver and13 Bronze awards were made.SilverYear 11: Alvin Singh, Usman Liaqat, Hibah Hassan, MohammadShahrour, Clara Ziada.Year 10: Ruby Hughes.Year 9: Syeda Manal Ahmed, Mohamed Al Hammadi, GraceChuan, Jack Dunn.BronzeYear 11: Sarah Munro, Ahmed Al Saqri, Luke Read, AnissaJohnson, Magdalena Bedrozova.Year 10: Ashkan Bafti, Oliver Barron.Year 9: Chris Lincoln, Ryhana Rasidi, Georgina Jones, JosephWhite, Sana Aftab, Yara Al Fawares.Mr Hetherington, Curriculum Team Leader for Mathematics,says that considering only the top third of students from eachschool take part, it is a big achievement to receive a Gold,Silver or Bronze certificate.Students in Years 7 and 8 sat the Junior Challenge at the endof April and are awaiting their results.There were no correct entries last time. This month’schallenge is similar but a little harder.Fill in the empty boxes so that every line adds up to 30. Usetwo numbers only, one of which is double the other. Whatnumber should replace thequestion mark?6 1 75 16? 145 13Please email your answers to crichards@alyasmina.sch.ae.The solution and the person who solved it correctly will bepublished next month.Year 8 Tayyibah student Eve Willis with the signed footballshirt she won during the Secondary Sport and ECA Awardsassembly for correctly guessing the number of songs playedduring the House Sports clips. The answer was 66.EVE WILLIS A WINNERissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL17
  • 18. AL YASMINAFIRST SCHOOL TOAFFILIATE TO UAETOUCHAl Yasmina is set to become the home of Junior Touch Rugbyin Abu Dhabi, with the announcement that it is the firstschool here to become affiliated to the UAE Touch footballprogramme.“This is another step in the right direction for UAE Touch,”says programme founder and president John Larkins. “Weare looking for our schools programme in Abu Dhabi todouble in size next year and by affiliating Al Yasmina, wewill now be able to call on the skills of international Touch-accredited coaches and referees and will be able to accessresources that are consistent across the world with otheraffiliated organisations.”Al Yasmina Director of Sport Mr Smith has welcomed TouchRugby into Al Yasmina.Already this year the school has hosted the U9 and U11School Finals, as well as the second round of the Abu DhabiSecondary Girls Touch Tournament. “Getting the basis ofTouch Rugby established at primary age will, in the longterm, benefit not only the sport of rugby but the overalldevelopment of the students.”He can see that the development of the sport within theschool offers another competitive pathway for students tofollow, but it also contributes to students fostering a life-longenjoyment of sport and understanding of the overwhelmingbenefits it can bring.“Touch Rugby is here to stay at Al Yasmina, with a programmein place for September already up and running.”MILAN QUALIFIESFOR BELGIUMNATIONALCHAMPIONSHIPSYear 10 swimmer Milan Den Haese has qualified for theBelgium National Championships this summer after anoutstanding performance at the Grand Prix Guy Coolencompetition he attended there in April.He won one gold, two silver, and one bronze medal, andproduced the following times:200 Individual Medley 2.24.9100 Free 57.6100 Breaststroke 1.1950 Free 27.06These were fast enough for him to qualify for the nationalchamps. The club in Belgium which Milan is associated withis called De Meerkoet in Bree. Milan’s father, Piet, says theclub was very impressed with Milan’s achievements and hardwork, and was looking forward to welcoming him again in Julyto train for the national competition.Mr Den Haese says the credit lies with Milan’s hard workand the skills of Mr Todorov, “an amazing and extremelycompetent coach”.Congratulations, Milan!Mr Gale with UAE Touch founder and president, John Larkins and Director of Sport, MrSmithissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL18
  • 19. MIXED FORTUNESFOR GOLF TEAMWhile only in its second year, Al Yasmina’s golf team has beenquietly going about its business, with increasing success.The team has competed in monthly tournaments around AbuDhabi and Al Ain. Highlights include Callum McKay shooting avery impressive one-under par at Abu Dhabi Golf Club to winback in November and Aaron Parker scoring 21 points to winat Al Ain Golf Club in February. The team finished joint first inDecember at the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club.“Overall there were mixed fortunes as the team finished arespectable 4th for the season,” says Mr Ward, the teacherin charge. “The hope is to push on even further next yearand grow golf at Al Yasmina and hopefully mount a strongerchallenge for the league title.”Team members are:Ryan Hunter (Year10)Harry Baldock (Year10)Jake Peate (Year10)Aaron Parker (Year10)Callum McKay (Year9)James Forbes (Year9)Max Baldock (Year8)James Tweddle (Year7)NETBALL SEASONHIGHLIGHTSUnder 12 (Year 7)6th place in the Abu Dhabi Schools Netball League (ADSNL)Under 14 (Year 8)5th Place in the ADSNLSophie Ensor was selected for the inaugural U14 Abu DhabiNetball Squad.Under 14 (Year 9)7th in the ADSNL League and runners-up in the endof seasontournament.Under 16 (Year 10 and 11)5th in the ADSNL and the end of season tournament.Voted Team of the YearEmily Green and Chanel Lehmkuhl represented Abu Dhabi inthe Inter-Gulf Tournament, where Emily Green received Playerof the Tournament.Under 19No league for this team, but they were runners-up in the endof season tournament, losing marginally by 3 goals.Lucy Thompson represented Abu Dhabi in the Inter-GulfTournament.Miss Jones with netball league award winners Sally Zeidan, Erin Cassels, Emily Green,Sophie Ensor and Yea In Limissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL19
  • 20. Congratulations to the following students:Fadhel Barakat (Islamic Studies - native)Sumayyah Yousaf (Islamic Studies - non-native)Aida Anani (Arabic - native)Claire McManamon Purtell (Arabic non-native)Amro Luqman (UAE and Social Studies)Mera Al Farawes (Art)Faisal Mohammed Ali (Business Studies)Emily Simpson (Drama)Maxwell Korff (Design & Technology)Yea In Lim (Economics)Hamzeh Abbaas (English)Adam Pollock (French)Alvinderjit Singh (Geography)Karen Alexan Girgis (History)Roxanne Gardiner (ICT)Nicholas Ensor (Mathematics)Kelsi Friedenthal (Music)Aurore Queromain (PE)Yousef Abdel Fattah (Psychology)Mehek Mathur (Science)Jordan Youlten (Spanish)STUDENTS OF THE MONTHThe Year Leaders were very excited at the start of this term tointroduce a new award for Al Yasmina students. While students canreceive a range of awards for their academic studies, the pastoral teamfelt that there was something missing…A new – and very special – award has been created. It will go to thosestudents who, we feel, fully represent the values of the school. Theaward is for those students who, on a daily basis and without the needfor reminders meet, and exceed, our standards and expectations.These students demonstrate a caring, supportive approach to otherstudents; they are respectful, polite and aware of the feelings of others.In addition, they participate in, and contribute to, the life of the school.In short, they are students who we feel are true ambassadors for AlYasmina.AMBASSADOR AWARD ANNOUNCEDThe Al Yasmina Ambassador Award takes the form of a small, roundpin bearing the Al Yasmina logo – we hope students will wear thiswith pride. Learning Mentors will make nominations to Year Leaderson a half termly basis with one boy and one girl from each year groupreceiving the award each half term. The awards will be distributed inour regular awards assemblies. The first group of students to receivethe award are: Jamie Queen (7 Maryah), Muzna Abdulrahman (7Butinah), Roxanne Gardiner (8 Bih), Daniyal Ahmed (8 Tayyibah), AdnanAl Armouti (9 Hamdan), Ramya Iyer (9 Safarat), Milan Den Haese (10Qattouf, Jess Lewis (10 Qattouf), Luke Read (11 Fahidi) and Emily Green(11 Fahidi).Congratulations to all of those students who received the Al YasminaAmbassador Award, it is richly deserved.Mrs Peacock, Assistant Headteacher, Studentsissue 72012/2013AL YASMINA SCHOOL20