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Pp june issue 3

Pp june issue 3






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    Pp june issue 3 Pp june issue 3 Document Transcript

    • CONTENTS WELCOME From the HEAD OF SCHOOL 3 INTRODUCING primary curriculum team leaders 4 FOCUS ON foundation stage 7 Year 6 & year 9 history project 9 year 2 VISIT ABU DHABI airport 10 KS2 spelling bee 11 students of the month 11 sats results success 12 haad award for school 12 year 6 award winners 13 primary achievement centre launch 13 FOY roundup for the year 14 Welcome to the last issue of The Primary PARTnership for the 2012/2013 academic year. The Primary PARTnership is the publication for Al Yasmina's primary school. It gives Al Yasmina School the chance to celebrate progress and achievement and provide more in depth information to parents on a wide variety of subjects. We welcome your feedback. communications@alyasmina.sch.ae The last Primary PARTnership for this academic year Topics, trends, updates, views and news from the Al Yasmina Primary Department WELCOME Pictured on the cover: Foundation Stage 1 Performance 2
    • The Primary PARTnership is becoming increasingly popular, with many staff and students keen to showcase their achievements in each publication. In a way, I feel short changed that the summer break is upon us and this will stall the interesting and informative developments of the primary school. Looking back, the school has continued to go from strength to strength. While this is only edition 3, it has set the standard and has been well received. Much time and effort goes into preparing each month's edition. I am very grateful to the staff involved in making each publication an interesting and informative read. Special thanks go to Ms Fitzgerald and Mrs Vorster. FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL, MR GALE “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” - Henry Ford I do hope you enjoy reading through this edition and that the break will leave you eagerly awaiting edition 1 of the new academic year. Changes and developments are under way to secure our journey towards “outstanding”. The feature on the Achievement Centre will give you an insight into one of a number of planned initiatives for 2013/2014. The children and the school have so much more to share with you. We look forward to doing this. Enjoy the read. Travel safely. issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 3
    • Overview with Assistant Headteacher Kate Davies In September 2012, Al Yasmina was four years old. As a staff and as a leadership team, we felt it was the right time for the school to start moving towards having Curriculum Team Leaders to ensure that our curriculum was tailored to meet the specific needs of our international student body. We also needed to ensure continual progression in skills and learning, as well as a uniform approach to assessments across the school. The CTLs have been in place for one academic year now and the changes they have brought about are excellent. This has been a year of trialing new approaches and discussing initiatives with the staff. From September, we will be starting from a much stronger, more embedded position and I think the potential for considered change and improvement to Al Yasmina’s curriculum is immense. It is a very exciting position to be in and the CTLs and the staff in their Action Groups can be very proud of all their hard work in bringing us to this point. Watch this space... there is a lot more to come yet! issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 4 INTRODUCING THE CURRICULUM TEAM LEADERS
    • What we’ve been working on - Writing School Development Plan identifying strengths and areas for development. - Writing whole-school assessment policy and leveling document. - Monitoring the effectiveness of maths teaching across the primary school. - Embedding higher order questions into lessons. - Liaising with Secondary Maths CTL to ensure students are ready for a smooth transition into the Secondary curriculum. What lies ahead - Working collaboratively with staff to produce a “written methods of calculation” document which will be shared with parents at a demonstration evening. - Sharing great practice. Teachers will have the opportunity to swap year groups for particular maths topics. - Work more collaboratively with Arabic teachers for our EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners. - Work with other Aldar schools to share our assessment/ leveling document. Final Word “Nothing remains the same. Effective management of the ever- changing curriculum is the effective and, hopefully, comfortable management of change itself. I need to have my finger on the pulse and describe the present situation and demonstrate that changes to the curriculum are well thought out and planned for in advance.” The purpose of my role To ensure the primary school has a consistent and progressive approach to teaching and assessing literacy, and that standards in reading and writing are secure. Final Word Kofi Annan, the seventh United Nations Secretary-General, once said, “Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life.” Here at Al Yasmina, we aim to provide a balanced literacy programme that integrates the four modes of language (reading, writing, talking and listening) within a supportive, stimulating and secure environment. We provide opportunities that develop each child's ability to use language to think, to explore and to express their ideas with confidence and clarity, irrespective of their cultural and language background. What we’ve been working on - Introducing new sub-leveling documents across the primary school to ensure consistency in assessment, which will be ongoing. This means that we won’t have to wait until the end of the term or year to determine a student’s level through testing. - Introducing moderation of Year 2 and Year 6 students across all Aldar schools to ensure consistency of assessment. - Working Action group by teachers, to update our monitoring of reading and writing. - Book Week in March was a great success, with activities which included a parade of favourite book characters, mystery readers, and the Readathon which raised over 8000dh to be spent on books for the World Challenge school in Uganda. - KS2 Spelling Bee last month which saw 24 fantastic spellers in the final. What lies ahead - Introducing the Accelerated Reader programme to Years 5 and 6. This programme is already running in Year 7 with encouraging results. The AR software tracks and monitors a student’s basic language and literacy skills, ensuring the range of books offered is appropriate. The students take part in a quiz to test their comprehension after completing each book, with prizes for winners. The competitive element to the programme has proven successful in getting demotivated readers involved. There is consistent evidence that those who have greater access to books read more, and that those students who are provided with more time for recreational reading show better gains in reading achievement than those who don’t. Reading and higher order comprehension skills will still be taught each day in school, but AR allows for extended reading practice helps to reinforce critical vocabulary and comprehension skills. - Making Book Week (beginning October 6) bigger and better than ever, with a storywriting competition, a Literacy Open Morning for parents, and children’s author Ciaran Murtagh already booked to speak to students. - Extending the Spelling Bee to include KS1. - Introducing cursive handwriting to the entire primary school, in line with other Aldar schools. The children will practice their writing skills every day. Literacy Miss Wood Year 5 Parakeets Miss Gaywood FS2 Orange Maths The purpose of my role To maintain an overview of the maths curriculum through the primary school, to listen to the needs of staff and the requirements of our learners towards tackling the unfamiliar, and to move teaching and learning forward to reflect a more skilled hands-on approach. issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 5
    • The purpose of our role It is a new post, only created in February. We aim to improve the ICT provision and curriculum across the primary school. What we’ve been working on - Sourcing a new ICT curriculum called IT@SS which will be implemented in September from Year 1 through to Year 6. - Testing out hardware, establishing new ICT policies, and setting up staff training programmes ready for the new school year. What lies ahead - The replacement of the shared area computers with tablets in class for all students and the implementation of an exciting new ICT curriculum. IT@SS offers six modules per year group, with steady progression through the primary years. Modules include Creating Pictures, Handling Data, Word Processing, and Internet Research Skills. Final Word “We are really excited about how the future of ICT looks at Al Yasmina.” What we’ve been working on - Science Open Morning for parents and Home Science Challenges. - Science Week at the end of April, with science topics central to as many lessons as possible. The students were invited to take part in the Science Challenge in which they chose their own question to investigate. Year group winners were selected and presented with a prize at the school assembly. Children were also asked to participate in a photo competition in which they took photos of “science in the world around them”. What lies ahead - To make Home Science Challenges a termly event. - To further develop Science Week in term three - Enhance links with the secondary school by enabling some classes to enjoy “wow science” in the secondary science labs. - Years 3 and 4 to participate in the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in November. Final Word “We are trying to take forward a skills-based approach to science, rather than just book-learned knowledge. We are going to continue to monitor this, so that the children are constantly developing their skills throughout the year, and their time at Al Yasmina.” Science ICT Miss Ritchie Year 4 Wagtails Miss Brown Year 3 Buntings Miss Lewis FS1 Red The purpose of my role To make science a focus and allow the students to see how they can use their science skills in the real world. To monitor assessment, and to establish links between home and school so students can see that science doesn’t just happen at school, it is all around them. issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 6
    • issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL As the year draws to a close and senior students have squared up to the exam board, it is timely to also acknowledge the progress and achievements of Al Yasmina’s youngest students. Foundation Stage was one of three primary year groups to hold awards ceremonies last month recognising achievement and marking the students’ progression on to the next stage of their education. Head of FS2, Mrs Abraham, says her year group is excited and ready to move on to Year 1 and Key Stage 1. Both FS1 and FS2 have had a busy term with plenty of opportunities for “hands-on” learning. In the first half-term, the topic was Expeditions and the children “travelled” to the Polar ice caps, outer space, the desert, under the seas, and even went on safari. They learned about the environment in each of these places, the animals which live there, and the explorers who bravely went there first in order for us to know what life is like in these habitats. During Space Week, a company came to school and set up a planetarium in the primary sports hall. In this igloo-like tent a documentary on space was projected on to the roof and the students lay down to watch it. “The children just loved the experience,” Mrs Abraham says. The second half-term saw the focus on “People Who Help Us”. This created the opportunity for visits from members of the community and willing parents wearing their professional hats. First up were the police, and the stage was set for the mystery of who “stole” Mrs Barranger’s handbag. With the detective work of the students, the diligence of the “officers” and the timely arrival of Batman, the “villain” was apprehended and the crime solved! A parent in Gold Class also arranged for a police car and officer to visit the school and allow them to look through the vehicle and ask lots of questions. Next up, Nurse Wendy visited the children and talked about the importance of personal hygiene and demonstrated some basic bandaging techniques on her teddy. The children then undertook a hospital role play, utilising their newly-acquired skills. The students also looked at the important work of the Fire Service and FS2 got to complete an assault course which would have challenged the best fire officer! This year the EYFS Revised Framework curriculum was introduced in FS1 and will be implemented in FS2 in the coming year. It reduces the number of objectives which need to be achieved in each area of learning, allowing for teaching and assessment to be much more focused than in the past. “It has had a great impact on the children.” Mrs Abraham says it has been a “fabulous” year in Foundation Stage and the children have made great strides in their development, setting them up perfectly for their journey through primary school. 7 FUN-FILLED LEARNING FOR FS STUDENTS
    • Photo taken by a Year 2student, Zane Dooley Cullinane issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 8 FS1 PERFORMANCE
    • Changing times for Year 6 pupils have meant collaboration with their soon-to-be secondary peers. As the students from Ospreys prepare to make the move into secondary school, they have spent time with Year 9 Jazeira looking at some of the changes that have taken place in society over the past 50 years. “Year 9 completed the project a couple of months ago,” says History teacher Mrs Wood. “It’s a massive topic to get to grips with, so they have been able to help the Ospreys students focus on key areas and also advise on good websites and areas of research.” Year 6 were full of ideas and had quite a clear vision of where they wanted their project -- on either sport, fashion, transport, film or music -- to go. Under the guidance of their class teacher, Mr Howell, they had picked out some of the significant events and big changes they wanted to look at. “We were assigned to give them ideas, support, help them, and overall act as group mentors,” says Grace Chuan, of Jazeira. “Ospreys were very enthusiastic and had great ideas of their own which they eagerly shared with the rest of the team. The two lessons that we were given were used very efficiently; they were focused, found relevant information and worked very well together,” adds fellow Jazeira student Carol Al Mokatash. Working with Year 9 also allowed the Ospreys students to gain some expert knowledge on new ways to present their research, a skill they will continue to develop in secondary school. “The Year 9s were very helpful, suggesting many creative ideas about how to present our research, including Prezi, which we haven’t used before!” says Alex Rashed. “We have all enjoyed this experience as it has helped us understand how to work as a team, and it has given us lots of ideas about presenting our work.” Year 6 went on to present their work to their peers to help launch the project to the year group as a whole for Enrichment Week. “It has been a pleasure to watch Year 6 and Year 9 children working collaboratively for the past few weeks, says Ospreys teacher Mr Howell. “The children have gained a lot in terms of how to present their research, and how to work as a team to achieve a goal. Working in the secondary school has also been beneficial, as part of the transition process, in building the children’s confidence as they prepare to start in the secondary school in September.” YEARS 6 AND 9 TEAM UP ON HISTORY PROJECT issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 9
    • Year 2 made headlines last month with their insider’s tour of developments at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The visit, which was well covered in local papers, focused on teaching the students about how the airport serves the capital and passengers from around the world. Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) and Etihad Airways staff led the students on a comprehensive tour through Terminals 1 and 3. They learned about passenger check-in procedures and how e-tickets and self check-in stations work, immigration requirements were explained, they witnessed how the conveyor belt system quickly delivers luggage, and they visited food and retail operations. The students were also treated to a pre-flight preparation experience at one of Etihad’s flights departing for London. They were briefed by cabin crew on procedures taken ahead of each flight, from catering and cleaning, through to maintenance checks. They even spoke with the pilot and asked him lots of well-considered questions. YEAR 2 CHECKS IN FOR AUH AIRPORT TOUR The students also got a feel for the scale of the developments taking place around Abu Dhabi International Airport as they viewed a model of the newly operated Air Traffic Control Tower and the 700,000 square metre Midfield Terminal Building. The trip was organised as part of ADAC’s commitment to promoting the aviation industry with younger generations. “ADAC is committed to ensuring that there will be a well-educated and enthusiastic workforce in place to help drive Abu Dhabi’s aviation industry in the future,” said ADAC chief operations officer Ahmad Al Haddabi. “Tours of the airport introduce young students to the world of aviation and the limitless potential professions it provides.” Mr Gale was thrilled with Year 2’s opportunity. “Hands-on experiences are a vital part of our curriculum and we are proud to partner with ADAC and Etihad in order to offer our students an opportunity to learn about different career options.” Congratulations to this month’s winners: STUDENTS OF THE MONTH Year 3: Rayan Mahmoud Jood Al Mukhtar Year 4: Armaan Syed Anwar Charlotte Rae Year 5: Riley Forbes Julia Wahed Year 6: Omar Zeidan Caitlyn Gill Foundation Stage 1: Gil Hutcheson Kitty Commons Foundation Stage 2: Finton Griffin Farah Nafie Year 1: Omar Sheriff Emily Strika Year 2: Oscar Willsher Libby Backhouse issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 10
    • By Primary Curriculum Team Leader for Literacy, Miss Wood After several weeks of planning on the part of the Literacy Action Group (LAG) and some nail-biting heats and semi- finals, the final of the KS2 Spelling Bee was held on June 12. All eyes were fixed firmly on the prize, a huge gold trophy that any one of the competitors would have been proud to win. Aaisha Hassan was lucky enough to face the pronouncer, Miss Phillips, at the microphone first. If she was nervous, she didn’t let it affect her and she spelt the word “cough” clearly and with confidence. You could see the relief on the other twenty three faces. Maybe this wasn’t going to be as difficult as they had thought. The first ten spellers were through to the next round after spelling words like chocolate, friendly and useful. After being told their attempts were correct, you could see the joy on their faces as they returned to their seats. However, this was a competition and a test of nerves after all, so by the end of the first round eight of the finalists were out. Misspelt words in this round included theif, parsel, catterpillar, and misarable. TARIK KURKCU TAKES SPELLING BEE TITLE Now it was becoming unbearable. What if Tarik’s attempt at the same word was right? What would his next word be? Will he be able to spell one more word and become the winner? “M-A-I-N-T-E-N-A-N-C-E,” Tarik beamed. He was correct. Sighs of relief could be heard around the hall. Tarik knew he had to get the next spelling right. As his next word was read out, you could see by his face that he knew this one. Confidently and with excitement showing in his voice, he spelt out R-E-L-I-A-B-L-E and waited eagerly for those words from the judge. “You are correct.” Tarik had won. The hall erupted with applause. Mr Gale presented the awards. Tarik and Nandini proudly received the glistening winner’s and runner’s up trophies and all the finalists were called up to collect certificates and medals. Tarik Kurkcu (left) and Nandini Bhalla As the rounds progressed, the words became harder and more finalists were eliminated. The audience was tense. Anxious parents shuffled uneasily in their seats as they listened to their children deliberating before announcing each letter. Round after tense round went by, spellers moving to the other side of the stage as they were eliminated, until about 45 minutes and fifteen rounds later only two were left - Nandini Bhalla and Tarik Kurkcu. Now it became even more competitive. Both contestants stood on stage eagerly awaiting the next word to spell. Nandini was asked to spell moccasin. There was silence. “M-O-C-H-A-S-I-N.” “Sorry, you are incorrect,” announced the judge, Miss Dean. Tarik now had to spell this word correctly and also one more word to be crowned the winner. “M-O-C-A-S-O-N.” “Sorry, you are incorrect,” repeated the judge. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife now. Both children were still in with a chance. It was up to Nandini to spell the next one correctly. “Your word is maintenance,” announced Miss Phillips. “M-A-I-N-T-A-I-N-A-N-C-E.” “Sorry, you are incorrect,” the judge replied. “As Literacy and Spelling Bee Coordinator, I felt that our inaugural competition went very well. All KS2 children were involved and, most importantly, enjoyed themselves. We raised the profile of spelling at Al Yasmina, too. I can’t wait for next year, when we hope to also hold a KS1 Spelling Bee. Thank you to everyone who made this event a success.” issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 11
    • Year 6 staff are thrilled to have sent home Al Yasmina’s best-ever Year 6 SATs results with the end-of-year reports, showing the cohort far exceeding last year’s UK national average levels. “Each year the results have got better, but this year the students have reach an all-time high,” says Year 6 Leader Mrs Griffiths. The UK national average level for the end of Year 6 is a 4b. At Al Yasmina, 98 percent of students achieved level 4 or above in reading, compared with 87 percent in the UK, and 78 percent of students achieved a Level 5, compared with 43 percent in the UK. The maths and writing results were equally impressive. For the first time, Al Yasmina’s Year 6 students undertook the challenging Level 6 papers in reading and maths. Eleven attained this level in reading, and seven achieved it in maths. “The Level 6 papers tend to draw from the Key Stage 3 curriculum, so you have to be pretty outstanding to be able to achieve this level at this age,” Mrs Griffiths says. “We are exceptionally proud of those children who attempted the papers and would like to commend their enthusiasm for a challenge.” But just as important as attainment, is progress over the year. Most students are expected to make two sub-levels of progress a year -- to make three or more sub-levels of progress is exceptional, she says. This year, 71 percent of Year 6 moved up three or more sub-levels in writing, with 70 percent making the same improvement in reading. “That shows phenomenal progress made by the individual children, regardless of their end-of- year level. As a teacher, your progress levels mean more to you than the SATs attainment levels because making progress is what teaching’s all about.” “I can say that our children have absolutely blown us away. I think the results are amazing. I have never worked in a school that has been this successful.” Mrs Griffths pays tribute to the role parents have played in achieving these results. “I know that we could not have achieved this if we did not have so much support from parents, because learning opportunities need to be taken at every point of every day. The fact that the parents invest in their children by doing extra work at home or by engaging in activities which further their understanding of topics we are studying in school, has also helped the children.” She also recognises that the SATs results are the culmination of all the teaching they have received at Al Yasmina, not just in Year 6. “All the teachers here who have taught these children should be proud of the results they have achieved.” The students’ achievements were recognised at the Year 6 Awards Evening on June 23, and with a specially-arranged fun day out bowling on June 13. STAFF “BLOWN AWAY” BY SATS SUCCESS Al Yasmina’s enthusiastic participation in the Health Authority Abu Dhabi’s Schools for Health “Eat Right Get Active” campaign was recognised last month, with School Nurse Wendy Griffin collecting an award from HAAD on behalf of the school. HAAD AWARD FOR FOCUS ON HEALTH Al Yasmina’s enthusiastic participation in the Health Authority Abu Dhabi’s Schools for Health “Eat Right Get Active” campaign was recognised last month, with School Nurse Wendy Griffin collecting an award from HAAD on behalf of the school. Throughout the year, students have participated in healthy activities in school, she says. These have included regular PE classes, sports squads and physical activities at ECAs, and activities outside of school (horse-riding, sailing and golf). In addition to this, there have been classroom talks by staff about keeping healthy, eating the right foods and keeping active; and activities which have included preparing healthy foods in class and covering class-room topics involving physical exercise, such as FS2 undertaking a Firefighters Fitness Test. “At the awards ceremony it was encouraging to see so many other schools in Abu Dhabi which are also committed to providing a healthy environment for children,” Mrs Griffin says. “Given the high obesity figures among children in Abu Dhabi it is essential that we teach students the importance of healthy eating and keeping active.” issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 12 Level 4 Reading Writing Maths Al Yasmina School 98% 96% 97 % UK National Average 2012 87% 81% 84% Level 5 Reading Writing Maths Al Yasmina School 78% 44% 53% UK National Average 2012 43% No data found 42%
    • Sitting from left: Ahmed Al Belooshi (Owl of the Year), Sandali Weerasekera (Falcon of the Year) and Alexandra Rayner (Osprey of the Year) Back from left: Ariesh Ikram (Kestrel of the Year) and Rinki Gupta (Eagle of the Year) YEAR 6 AWARDS Outstanding Literacy Award Abigail Stanley (Owls) Tarik Kurkcu (Kestrels) Zavier Holzl (Kestrels) Jasmine Cheah (Kestrels) Glen Davidson (Kestrels) Mohanad El Chouemi (Falcons) Alex Rashed (Ospreys) Aine Griffiths (Ospreys) Ana Bustamante Perez (Eagles) Yarrow Ansell (Eagles) Bruce Donald (Eagles) Outstanding Numeracy Tarik Kurkcu (Kestrels) Zavier Holzl (Kestrels) Jessica Priestley (Falcons) Mohanad El Chouemi (Falcons) Mohammed El Barky Alex Rashed (Ospreys) Andrew Tampubolon (Ospreys) Aine Griffiths (Ospreys) September 2013 sees the launch of the new Primary Achievement Centre at Al Yasmina. This exciting development for the primary school will be led by Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Mrs Elmer, who has been at the school since it opened in 2008. She will be supported by a well-qualified team who will work with primary students in their learning to ensure each one achieves their full potential. The Achievement Centre (also known as ACE) will deliver intervention programmes across the primary school predominantly in English, maths, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation. It will also develop the skills of students who have English as a second or additional language, along with those pupils who have been identified as Able, Gifted and Talented within an area of the curriculum. The Primary Achievement Centre will complement the Secondary Achievement Centre launched at the start of this academic year. Both teams will work together to ensure a smooth transition for students between the primary and secondary school. “This is a huge step for the primary school,” Mrs Elmer says. “I am looking forward to the opening of the Achievement Centre as this will allow me and my team to support so many more students in their learning across all areas. STAFF EXCITED BY NEW ACHIEVEMENT CENTRE We are excited to have Yasmin Kapadia joining us as an experienced teacher of students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) and I will continue to be supported by Ms Bromley as I have this year.” In addition, the team will consist of two Higher Level Teaching Assistants - Mrs Pharoah and Mrs Queen, along with Learning Support Assistants Mrs Wright, Mrs Botham, Mrs Sozan and Mrs Hajqasem. “We are all excited to be working as a team across the primary year groups providing identified students the skills with which they can extend their learning independently within the classroom and beyond.” Back from left: Mrs Botham, Mrs Hajqasem, Mrs Wright, Mrs Pharoah, Mrs Queen, Mrs Sozan Front from left: Miss Bromley, Mrs Elmer issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL 13
    • FOY experienced another busy month, and as we wind down in preparation for the summer break, we have had the chance to reflect on our fundraising efforts and accomplishments of the past year. FOY donated 16,255AED to charity – 10,000AED to Operation Smile and 6,255AED to World Challenge Uganda. FOY’s other donations/purchases included: Primary Garden Design Project 10,000AED The Wiz production 5,000AED International Day stalls 5,000AED Beanbags for primary school 6,000AED Updated canvas photos for the school walls 2,000AED Walid’s crew—maintenance, security and cleaning staff—for their continued excellence and support of FOY and the school 1,250AED. We also purchased cakes/doughnuts as a thank you to teachers and a farewell gift for a departing key staff member. Lastly, we bought several items to help FOY better serve the school - BBQ grill, warming trays, and bins for uniform sales. FOY was able to do all of this because of our fundraising over the past year. FOY members and other volunteers participated in huge events such as the Festive Fayre, National and International Days, and the Table Top Sale. We assisted and sold refreshments at nearly all major sporting events—House Sports Days, Sports Awards Night, swim galas, and the Aldar Olympics. We also supported the WOW Factor, Year 5 Movie Night, Year 3 Australian Sleepover, Year 2 Click Exhibition, the Festive Concert, the D&T Art Auction, and more. Our major sources of income were the Festive Fayre, second- hand uniform sales, the FOYVEG program, and the Table Top Sale. Mr Gale was also very generous to FOY and we appreciate his constant support and encouragement. We had several key events this term. The first was the wonderful production of The Wiz on the nights of May 29 and 30. FOY donated 5,000AED to the primary drama club and provided refreshments on both nights of the performance. The annual FOY Table Top Sale was held in the atrium on June 1 and was hugely successful. Stallholders gave lots of positive feedback and even requested that more sales be held during the year. There were 65 stalls and a huge variety of goods at bargain prices. FOY will hold another Table Top Sale in May 2014. We may even host a bazaar in the autumn term. The FOYVEG programme maintained its popularity with Al Yasmina families and staff. This healthy eating programme will kick off again in October. The Design and Technology Art Exhibition took place on June 16 with an auction of beautiful artworks created and donated by secondary students. The auction raised 1,925AED, which the students generously donated to FOY. With the addition of another 8,075AED from FOY, a total donation of 10,000AED was made to Operation Smile UAE. We are looking forward to the following activities in the new term: • A Second Hand Uniform sale will be held before the start of school on August 28, from 1 – 3pm in the atrium. • Al Yasmina turns five in September , so keep an eye out for lots of exciting activities planned to celebrate this milestone. • The Al Yasmina Ball is scheduled for November 15. We would like to take this opportunity to say “thanks” to all who assisted us in any way this year. FOY could not exist without our volunteers who selflessly give up their time and talents to make Al Yasmina School even better. Please consider being a part of the FOY team. All parents and friends are encouraged to participate. Even if you can only spare a small amount of time, this will be appreciated by the students in the school and by the charities we support. All positions on the committee will be open for nomination at the AGM on Monday, September 16 at 6.30pm. It is time for our chairperson to step down after two years of wonderful work. Please contact Mr Gale (PAHOS@alyasmina. sch.ae) if interested in the position. Join us at the AGM or come along to the monthly meetings and be part of the fun! Written by FOY treasurer Lisa Wall FOY END-OF YEAR ROUNDUP 14 issue 3 2012/2013 AL YASMINA SCHOOL