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35 newsletter 07 06-12

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 7th June 2012 Issue 35 - 2011/12Dear Parents,Royal CelebrationThe Primary students arrived at school today in a sea of colours for their non-uniform day!! ThePrimary School Council asked if all children could come to school dressed either in red white andblue to commemorate Queen Elizabeths Diamond Jubilee, or the colours of their own country tocelebrate royalty around the world. All children were invited to bring in a donation of AED 10 tosupport the Make a Wish and Red Crescent Charities.As you can see, a very colourful day was had by all!! We will let you know how much money wasraised in next weeks newsletter.
  2. 2. Welcome to Mrs. Janette Hupalo We would like to welcome Mrs. Janette Hupalo to Al Yasmina School. She has been appointed as the PA of the Primary Principal, Mrs. Tait. Please contact her in the same way as the previous PA, Mrs. Vivienne Dignum. (primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae).From the Music DepartmentOn Thursday 31st May, 27 students performed in a student recital. The performers ranged from Year 1to Year 11 and instruments included Trumpets, Flute, Saxophone, Violin, Piano, Vocals and Guitar.The standard of the performances was excellent and the recital was thoroughly enjoyed by anaudience of parents and friends.The students who performed were: Noemie Queromain, Anna Rayner, Yasmin Gabi, Max Palmer,Iman Husni, Yassin El Sharabassy, Isabella Palmer, Katrina Radin, Alex Rashed, EmmanuelleVuilleumier, Abdulla Al Armouti, Julia Baig, Amir Farah, Christine Simon.Al Yasmina School Summer Music Concert Al Yasmina School will be presenting its summer music concert on Monday 25th June, at 6pm. The concert will feature performances from the Senior Orchestra, Al Yasmina Singers, the Senior, Junior and Intermediate Choirs, the Junior String Orchestra, Senior and Junior Brass Ensembles, the Senior and Junior Flute Choirs and solo pianists. This will be a very special celebration of another year‟s hugely successful music-making at Al Yasmina School – so please come along and support our hard-working and talented musicians!! SAVE THE DATE!!From the School NursesRoad safetyDuring this week and next one of the school nurses has been talking tothe pupils about road safety, focusing on how to stay safe while in acar, as a pedestrian and on a bicycle.Staying safe in the car:• Always wear a seat-belt and put this on as soon as you get into the car – you are twice as likely to die in a car crash if you are not wearing a seat-belt!
  3. 3. • Infants and children should sit in an age / size appropriate child seat, or booster seat (used until child is 12 years of age or 135cm tall)• Driver should NOT use their mobile phone while driving• It is safer for all children to sit on the back seat. It is law in the UAE that children under 10 years of age should NOT sit on the front seat.Staying safe as a pedestrian:• Walk on the pavements and not on the road• Always cross the road at a safe place, preferably at a designated crossing place• When crossing the road – STOP, LOOK & LISTEN before crossing• Do not cross the road while you are using a phone, playing with a toy or wearing headphones, as you will be distracted and may not hear potential dangers• Wear bright colours at night and preferably a reflector or lightStaying safe on a bicycle:• Always wear a properly fitted bike helmet – it could save your life!• Make sure that your bike is in good working order and the brakes work!• Ride your bike safely. Abu Dhabi roads are very dangerous with many speeding cars on the road.It is not a good idea for children to ride their bikes here on the roads. Better to take your child to aplay-area for them to ride their bikes and have fun.Watch this video-clip “Story of Daniel” who survived being hit by a car while riding his bike, becausehe was wearing a helmet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u09HRDNf6MPlease note that Dr. Stiles will be visiting the school clinic on Tuesday, 12 June at about 08.00am. Ifyou wish to speak with Dr. Stiles, regarding any medical concerns you may have about your child,please make an appointment with the school nurses on 02-5014722.Message from Friends of Al Yasmina (FOY)Primary End of Year Discos - CANCELLEDDue to the announcement that 17th June is now a school holiday, we have unfortunately had tocancel this event as we have not been able to find an alternative date that does not coincide withexams.Next FOY Meeting - Monday 18th JuneThis meeting will be the last of this academic year. If you are interested in being involved with FOY inthe new academic year, or simply would like to find out what goes on behind the scenes, thenplease come along - everyone is welcome. The meeting will be at 8am in Meeting Room 2.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)FS1 have been roaring off to space this week. We played whizzingrocket games, wrote our names on rockets, rolled dice andmoved around the space board to all the different planets. Wecut out shapes and made our own rockets with 2D shapes. Thenwe found out interesting information from „Roaring Rockets‟ byTony Mitton and Ant Parker the story book of the week. FS1discovered where the fuel tanks are on the rocket and whyastronauts need oxygen helmets in space.
  4. 4. FS1 children are just so excited about our work on rockets that they decided they want to beastronauts and visit the planets when they grow up! White Class had a Jubilee special snack time on Sunday and there was lots of flag waving as well! Photos of Thursday‟s Fundraising Day will be in next week‟s Newsletter. Please remember sunhats and water bottles as it is now getting very hot indeed and we need to keep all the fluid levels high!The fantastic Stars of the Week areJoseph Sassine - Green Class, Youssef Mikhail – Blue Class , Elijah Youlten - Red Class ,Mark Hart –Yellow Class, James Chacksfield-White Class.Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it‟s FS2 and their flying machines! This week, FS2 have been busy learningabout the different transport that will take you up, up and away! From aeroplanes and hot airballoons, to rockets and parachutes. The sky has been the limit! Keep your eyes peeled for some ofour fantastic paper mache hot air balloons that you may see floating through the sky. The childrenhave been busy layering and sticking, pasting and painting to make their balloons. As well as taking to the sky in our flying machines, we have also found time to produce some „super subtraction‟ sums. Take a look at the work from some of the „Matha-Magicians‟ in Ruby class. A big round of applause for last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟. Well done!
  5. 5. Year 1Another super busy week in Year 1! Our last topic „Toys‟ is great fun but its keeping usworking very hard.In Literacy this week we have been making our own timetables and sendingpostcards from the Scary Farm. Don‟t worry the monsters, crocodiles, spiders, snakes, sharks and lionsreally are friendly. We planned some funny jobs for them. Just check out some pictures of our work.Taking the shark to swimming lessons really made us giggle.In Numeracy all five classes are working extremely hard as we try and prepare ourbrains for Year Two work. It‟s a very exciting challenge!In Science this week we got to make ramps and had a challenge to make a rampwhich would stop a car moving. The children did a fantastic job and stopped many ofthe cars zooming away by creating excellent ramps.In Art we created our own teddy bears, this made us super excited for our trip to the „Build a Bear‟factory soon where we will get to make a real teddy. We are very excited! The WHOLE school said a massive congratulations to our ELS children who have been working very hard for the past 16 weeks with the Year 1 classroom assistants. They have now finished all their work and received certificates this week in assembly from Mrs. Tait. Congratulations!Well done to our stars of the week who have reallyimpressed their teachers with wonderful work and fantasticmanners. In Sparrows class Dana Busaibe, in Larks classZoey Groen, in Doves class Fares Al Hashmi, Pippa Kelly inCuckoo‟s class and in Robins class Federico La Cava. Keepup your super work.
  6. 6. Year 2Last week we enjoyed a great trip to Children‟s City in Dubai. We explored all the differentexhibitions and learning stations to find out about; countries around the world, technology, wildlifeand the U.A.E. A great day was had by all… the photos tell all!Date for your diary! On Tuesday 26th June you are warmly invited to attend your child‟s class countryperformance at 8.20am. Each class will perform within their own classroom followed by a short,whole year group get together in our shared area, where all the Year 2 children will sing to you. Moredetails to follow nearer the time.Spoonbills Update:Spoonbills are learning all about Hawaii as part of our Around the World topic but we are aware thatthis is not a country in its own right. Spoonbills have already been doing lots of research about thisand know that Hawaii is in fact one of the States of the United States of America – even though itmay seem like a separate country due to its uniqueness. Don‟t be surprised if a Spoonbill greets youwith „Aloha‟ sometime soon!Congratulations and jubilations to our Stars of the Week! Boodi Al Riyami, Zayed Al Khaili, LibbyO‟Sullivan, Kaitlyn Strika, Joshua RichardsonYear 3In literacy this week, the children have been looking at features of different play scripts. We havealso had lots of fun writing and acting out our own plays.We have been practising our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts this week andlooking how we can use the inverse to solve problems.In Science we were busy investigating about light and shadows. We used torches to test differentmaterials to see which were more transparent or opaque and how their shadows differed.
  7. 7. In Topic (All the World‟s a Stage) we looked at the design of different theatres and stages anddesigned and labeled our own. Reminder: Please remember to discuss with your child how theymight make a stage, with moving parts, in school. They can start to gather things they might need fortheir stage eg. a box, cotton reels, old material for curtains etc. Well done to the Year 3 Stars of the Week – Matthew, Shannaya, Hashem, Mihin and EmilyYear 4What a busy week we have had in Year 4. The children have beenmastering the skill of persuasion, through designing and evaluating avariety of different types of advertisements. Starting with magazine andnewspaper adverts, and moving onto radio and television ads it hasbeen a flurry of slogans and alliteration and jingles! I am sure we havesome budding employees for Saatchi and Saatchi!! The children have been completing their news reports for the Amazon rainforests with many using their drama skills to „mock‟ interview logging companies and tribesmen as a piece of gritty journalism before moving onto the weather report and reporting on the climatic conditions of the forest.
  8. 8. Congratulations goes to the following children who once again have shown that impeccablebehavior and manners, and a wonderful approach to work will indeed get you in the running tobecome our star of the week. And again, well done to Sandgrouse, class who won the TeachingAssistant award (yes, twice in a row!) for demonstrating all the 4 C‟s in and around the school. Comeon the rest of Year 4…. Let‟s not make it 3 in a row! Thomas Jelliman, Ali Al Mula, Iman Mohd Husni, Eve Miragliotta, Tom Clifton, and Miss Gaywood!Year 5Year 5 Olympic BidsThis week we are starting our Olympic bids in earnest. The children have been putinto groups and each group drew a country name out of a hat – it was all verynerve wracking! WE have a wide range of countries being presented.At the moment the children are busy researching their country and creating anadvert to represent their initial bid. They are allocating roles within the group, fromC.E.O to Designer, Accountant and Marketing.Everyone is very excited about the challenge ahead. Please encourage your childto research facts about their country at home as well.We will be sending an invitation home next week, but please put Monday 18th Juneinto your diaries as we would like you to come in and view the final bids on thatmorning, from 8am. These are our Stars of The week – well done to you.
  9. 9. Year 6Year 6 SATs are over but the Year 6 Production is inmotion! All the children have been actively workinghard in their allocated roles: creating props for thestage using mixed media, editing the scenes alreadyrecorded (Hollywood has nothing on us!) andpracticing the amazing dance routines under thecareful watch of Miss. Wood! Busy bees would be anunderstatement! We are all looking forward to our Year6 Production, keep up the fantastic effort children, it isgoing to be brilliant!Dates for your DiaryMonday 11th June - Presentation to Year 5 parents on proposed Year 6 camp at 6pmThursday 14th June - Year 6 Leavers’ Party – 12pm – 2.15pmSunday 17th June - School closed – Public holidaySunday 17th June - CANCELLED - Primary End of Year DiscoMonday 18th June - FOY Meeting at 8amMonday 18th June - Year 5 Olympic bid presentation at 8amThursday 21st June - FS1 Performance at 1pmMonday 25th June - Thank you coffee morning for parents at 8amMonday 25th June - Summer Music Concert at 6pmTuesday 26th June - Year 2 Year end ProductionThursday 28th June - Last day of Year – school closes at 12pmAl Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 5014888email: primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae