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13 newsletter 10-01-2013

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 10 January 2013 Issue 12Dear Parents,Dates for your DiarySunday 6 January - Start of TermSunday 13 January - Maths open house at 8am-9amMonday 14 January - ECAs startTuesday 15 January - Next FOY meeting at 8amSunday 20 January - Year 6 parents coffee morningMonday 21 January - Year 5 parents coffee morningTuesday 22 January - Year 4 parents coffee morningWelcome – Head of School – Mr GaleIt is good to be back. In assembly on Sunday, I very much enjoyed welcoming the students to thenew term. We spoke about two key words; time and new.There has been no time wasted this week with the school nowwell underway. Lots of new and exciting events planned forthe students this term.I have really enjoyed talking with the students this week andhearing about how they spent their time in the holiday. I nowlook forward to working with the Primary school to ensurestudents make the most of their time with us and reach newheights.I will be formally writing to parents regarding leadership,management and communication in the primary school in thecoming days. This week‟s priority has been settling thechildren back to school.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)A HUGE thank you to all those involved in the Festive Fayre, it was a fantastic day had by all and ahuge success. A total amount of around 21,000Dhs was raised so well done!!!We are still looking for a FOY Secretary if anyone is interested in taking on this easy position pleaseemail janineloftus@hotmail.com or come along to the next FOY meeting.The next FOY meeting is this Tuesday, 15 January at 8am in the Conference Room, the Agenda is asfollows:* Treasurers Report* Feedback Festive Fayre, Swim Gala, Christmas Concert, New Parents coffee* Table top sale - new date 1
  2. 2. * Ball Committee* International Day* Al Yasmina 5th Birthday celebrations* AOBVOYFEGDon‟t forget to get your orders in by 9pm tonight (Thursday), please place orders at emailfoyveg@hotmail.com.Full details on the school website.From the School NursesOn Tuesday morning we were sad to say good-bye to Dr. Stiles,who has been our primary school doctor for a couple of years.Dr. Stiles has retired and is heading back to his home in SouthAfrica. He will be missed by the school nurses, as well as by manyfamilies in Abu Dhabi. The school nurses presented him with acard and a leaving gift.We expect it to be a very busy day in the school clinic nextThursday, 17 January – some of the Year 1 pupils will be getting their booster vaccinations of MMRand varicella. A reminder e-mail with all information will be sent out to Year 1 parents next week.Teaching Assistant Vacancy - Al Yasmina School – Aldar AcademiesWe are seeking a full time Teaching Assistant at Al Yasmina School. The successful candidate will berequired to demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative and a willingness to learn in a dynamic schoolenvironment.The successful candidate will require the following:  All applicants must hold a valid Residents Visa.  Minimum qualifications – A Levels or NVQ.  Good literacy skills and an excellent command of English  Good numeracy skills  Flexibility, personal initiative and skills in prioritisation of tasks  Enthusiastic, motivated, resilient and patient  Ability to work flexibly as a member of a team  IT skills would be desirableThe post outlined above is needed to support the school‟s current mission to become an“outstanding” school. Salary: 4,500/- per month Hours: 07.30am – 2.30pm Term time onlyIf you are interested in applying please contact the Office Manager for a job description/personspecification. If you feel you have the skills and attributes to support us, please email your CV toDRoberts@alyasmina.sch.ae. We look forward to hearing from you.Closing date for applications: Thursday 17th January 2013 2
  3. 3. From the Music DepartmentThe Music Department would like to wish you all a very warm welcome back and ahappy and prosperous new year! We have a very exciting and busy term ahead ofus, with concerts and performances by the choirs and instrumental groups, as wellas several year-group performances and our regular monthly recitals.Well done to this week‟s Musicians of the Week: Shamma Al Khaili from Year 2 forher amazing note-reading in this week‟s lesson, and Alyazeya Al Shamsi in Year 3for her beautiful solo singing in class.Primary ChoirsChoir rehearsals will commence on Sunday 20th January and will run as follows: Alyazeya Sun 13th Jan No choir (Maths Open House) Sun 20th Jan Intermediate Choir Sun 27th Jan Junior Choir Sun 3rd Feb Intermediate Choir Sun 10th Feb Junior Choir Sun 17th Feb No choir (Half Term) Sun 24th Feb Intermediate Choir Sun 3rd Mar Junior Choir Sun 10th Mar Intermediate Choir Sun 17th Mar Junior Choir Sun 24th Mar Intermediate ChoirIf your child wishes to join either of the choirs, please encourage them to come along to the firstrehearsals, which take place in the music room opposite the primary library at 8am on Sundays. Formore information, please contact DMcLoughlin@alyasmina.sch.ae.Instrumental LessonsThese will recommence next week, beginning Sunday 13th Jan. Mr Chris Loosemore is the newDirector of the Aldar Academies Music Service (AMS) since September. All enquiries regardinginstrumental tuition should be addressed to him at CLoosemore@albateen.sch.ae. For new families tothe school, we offer tuition in the following instruments: piano, violin, viola, cello, voice, flute, clarinet,saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn and euphonium.Primary Production – The Wiz!For those who joined this ECA club in September, rehearsals recommence next Tuesday. Please lookout for information coming soon regarding costumes and pleas for props/help/etc!!If you have any questions regarding Primary Music at Al Yasmina, please don‟t hesitate to contactme at CKnapton@alyasmina.sch.ae. We look forward to working with your children in 2013!Mrs. Knapton (Head of Primary Music).From the Arabic DepartmentYear 1 non- native students learned about „break time‟ in Arabic this week. They drew fruits and thencut and pasted on the walls of the classroom. They were really excited and happy. 3
  4. 4. Useful website : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIU0CdKT-0shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33KmQRdcKvEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33KmQRdcKvEFrom the Finance OfficeJust a reminder that all Term 2 fees were due on Sunday, 6 January 2013. The Finance office workinghours are Sunday to Thursday from 8am – 3pm.Maths Open HouseThe primary school is looking forward to welcoming parents and family members into their classroomsand year groups on Sunday 13th January between 8 and 9am for our Open House. This time it willhave a maths based theme with each class or year group demonstrating the types of mathsactivities that we use in Al Yasmina Primary to help develop the teaching, understanding andapplication of Maths. There will be a variety of fun activities being demonstrated across the schoolthat may help you with ideas of how to support your child at home with their learning. The classes willnot be demonstrating a formal lesson to be observed, but activities that you are welcome to join inwith. Please come along if you have time and see how great the children are in each of the areas ofmaths. Please read what each year group will be focusing on during open house in this week‟snewsletter.Thank you.Outdoor Area of the Foundation StagePlease can we remind all parents and guardians that children should not be playing in the outdoorarea of the Foundation Stage before and after school! There are currently many children beingallowed to play in this area and this is causing difficulties for other year groups when dismissing theirchildren from class. The large playground is available for children to play in but please make sure thatyour child/ren is supervised! There have been many times where an accident has occurred and thechild was unsupervised.Thank you for your understanding and co-operationThe FS TeamFoundation Stage 1 (FS1)Welcome back children and we wish you and your families a Happy New Year!This week we were finding out about all the animals that we might see on ourouting to Emirates Zoo. „Dear Zoo‟ was read by all and we have been busy 4
  5. 5. making giraffes and zebras. We want to encourage the children to talk about what they havediscovered and share it with their friends and teachers. Maybe they can bring in a nice informationbook or picture or even a sing a song. As we delve into learning about all the different types ofanimals and their habitats maybe the children would like to do some discovering at home and sharethis with their classmates.We have been learning to listen carefully to the initial sounds of the alphabet and to help reinforcethis encourage your children to look at all the letters they can see in the world around them. Thechildren have also been using the Outdoor area to develop their knowledge of ring games andtrying out a little bit of yoga safari. This week we have practiced the sounds – s, a, t, i – pleasecontinue to practice these sounds at home.Next week is all about the Artic and the animals that live there and who we might find in a zoo. Nextweek we need to bring in hats and scarves as FS1 are going to have a really cold day and pretendthey live in the Artic. Please remember to bring in the hats, scarves and gloves all named and keepthem in school all week.The Maths Open Morning on Sunday will be a fantastic opportunity for all to see the marvellousactivities the children do in class. We will be looking at positional language, counting, comparinggroups of objects and looking at shapes in our environment.Don‟t forget! Trip money needs to be handed in by January 17th along with a consent form. A letterwith the details about the trip has already been mailed out to parents.See you Sunday have a great weekend!Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)Welcome back everyone; we hope you have had a wonderful break!FS2 were raring to get back and we have certainly started this term witha bang! The children have started their new topic of „At the zoo‟ andhave enjoyed learning about the Savannah this week.They‟ve been on safari and written about what they saw and theyimagined that they were lions, trying to find lots of different smellshidden around the classroom – we had a ROARING time!!This term is an exciting one for FS2 as we will be going on a school trip to the Emirates Park Zoo. Youshould have received a letter, by email, on Tuesday outlining when your child will be going and whatthey will be doing there. This needs to be signed and handed in, to your class teacher, with 70AED by 5
  6. 6. Thursday 17th January at the latest! Please speak to your class teacher if you did not receive theemail.On Sunday, you are invited to our Maths Open House. All classrooms will be open from 8am-9amwhere you will be able take part in various interactive Maths activities with your child. This will be agreat opportunity to see how Maths can be taught in school as well as having lots of fun with yourchild, in their school environment. We look forward to seeing lots of Mums and Dad on Sunday!Next week we will be visiting the polar enclosure and will learn all about the different animals we cansee in the North and South Pole.In Maths the children will be introduced to the concept of sharing objects into equal groups (simpledivision)You could help at home by:• Talking about the different types of animals one could find in the North and South Pole.• Research information on polar animals on the internet• Equally share groups of toys, books or even sweets between members of your family.Phonics Focus:This term we are revisiting all Phase 3 sounds in order to consolidate last terms learning. Therefore,next week we will be practicing sh ch th ng ai soundsPhase 3 tricky words: he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are, big, put, but, seeHelpful website:Below is a „you tube‟ website that is a great resource we have recently found to help the childrensecure their knowledge of sounds that we have learnt so far. You might find it helpful at home too:http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mr+thorne+does+phonics&oq=mr+thorne&gs_l=youtube-reduced.3.0.0l4.8739993.8741332.0.8744741. are some other websites your children might like to look at:National Geographic - http://kids.nationalgeographic.co.uk/kids/animals/creaturefeature/Maths, Sharing - http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=sharingv2 6
  7. 7. Year 1Welcome back Year 1! Everyone has made a great start to the new year and new term. Well done!New topicThis week, Year 1 has started our exploration of the jungle.Your children have been telling us what they would like to find out aboutthis topic, and have enjoyed using lots of materials to transform ourclassrooms into jungles! We have compared life in the jungle to our ownlives in Abu Dhabi.Learning „The Animal Boogie Woogie‟ song has been fun and you toocan learn with them using following link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0wQ1HOSrVAIn our literacy learning we have been reading „Rumble in the Jungle‟and acting out the animals movements to help our learning about verbs.Next week we will read „Brown Bear, Brown Bear‟ by Bill Martin which canalso be found on this link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdHCYgO9zh8We will discover where jungles are using world maps and what they arelike to live in. During Art the children will explore animal patterns and useoil pastels to create their own designs, as well as using some drawing programs in our ICT lessons. InDesign Technology they will be making some useful jungle door hangers!Changes to homeworkYour child will be bringing home a jungle project to be completed this half term. This entails allliteracy and numeracy homework until the half term holiday. This is to be completed in the separateproject book your child has brought home. Spellings will continue to come out weekly in the currenthomework book. Please see your child‟s class teacher if you have any further questions.Maths open houseWe are looking forward to welcoming parents into school on Sunday 13 th to participate in somepractical numeracy activities with their child. Some of the learning covered across the classes will be2D and 3D shapes, time and number skills. We hope to see you there!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekWell done to the children who were Star of the Week at the end of last term. The lucky onesbelow got to have an adventure with their class mascot for the whole holiday. Star of theweek will continue all year, so Year 1 children who have not yet taken the mascot home still haveplenty of time to earn it! 7
  8. 8. Isabelle Worth - Cuckoos, Miguel Gomez - Sparrows, James Devlin – Larks, Chloe Carter - RobinsHolly Wong - DovesYear 2This half term our Topic is „Click‟! To kick off our Topic, the classesvisited Manarat Al Saadiyat this week to help answer the question,„What is an Exhibition‟? We spent the day looking around thedifferent exhibits to enable the children to understand what anexhibition is, how it works and it‟s purpose. Next week, we‟ll bedoing map work and finding places of interest in Abu Dhabi.In Literacy, we had a first-time tourist to Abu Dhabi come into Year 2 and the children were able toguide her through questions and comments advising her of places to visit in Abu Dhabi. Next week, inLiteracy we‟ll be formulating questionnaires to find out peoples‟ favourite places to visit in Abu Dhabi.Next week in Maths we‟ll be looking at strategies for solving problems including addition wordproblems.Year 3Happy New Year to all our Year 3 families.We would like to welcome 4 new students to Year 3, Ahmed Al Saadi – Buntings, KarimOkba – TernsTanuli Wickramarchchi – Cormorants and Shaikh Mohammed Abdullah Bin Zayed AlNahyan. 8
  9. 9. This Term we start with the Topic Australia, this week the children have been introduced to thecontinent and used maps and atlases to find out where it is and why it is special.In Literacy the children have read the Dreamtime story about Tiddalik and have used adjectives andsimiles to describe characters, compared play scripts to stories and also writtendialogue using speech marks.In Numeracy the children have been learning about telling the time on an analogueclock and finding out about the relationship between minutes, hours and secondsthrough practical activities using timers.This week the children have had a chance to tell us what they understand aboutRocks and Soils and to come up with questions about what they would like to find outabout.Next Week‟s Learning focus will be:Literacy- Writing a diary entry based on the story “Are We There Yet?” by Alison Lester and linking thisto our Topic work about the immigrants who left Europe and headed for Bottany Bay to make a newlife Down Under.Numeracy- This week we will continue to learn about telling the time and solve Time problems usingtimetables.We would also like to welcome parents to Year 3 for the Open House between 8-9am on Sunday13thJanuary; to see and get involved with the children doing a range of practical maths activities.Science- The children will be finding out about the 3 main rock types.Aussie SleepoverThe Great Aussie Sleepover will take place on Thursday 7th February. Anyone who would like to getinvolved to help out would be most welcome. I would like to have a meeting to discuss various „jobs‟on Monday 14th January at 2.30 in the Curlews classroom. If anyone is interested in helping withshopping, dancing, art activities, cooking, grilling (Sausages), and sleeping out!!! Please just comealong and bring any ideas for fun Aussie activities with you.Year 4What a fantastic first week of Term 2 we have had here in Year 4.We have started our new topic, The Romans, and it looks like it is going to be a great one! Thechildren have enjoyed placing the main events of Ancient Rome on a timeline and making a map ofAncient Rome, as well as watching some clips from BBC‟s Horrible Histories. The Romans really wererotten! In Art we are looking at the Roman art of mosaics. We have looked at several differentexamples of mosaics and had a go at creating our own Roman design using coloured papersquares. 9
  10. 10. We continued with our Roman theme in Literacy, and we have been learning all about the Legendof Rome. We have taken this legend and transformed it into a comic strip. It has been reallyinteresting learning about Romulus and Remus, although we are in mixed opinion whether or not webelieve in the legend!In Maths we have been looking at decimals and where we find them in real life. We have partitioneddecimals to 2 decimal places and have converted metres to centimetres and vice versa. In Sciencewe have started our new topic of Circuits and Conductors by creating a mind map about what wealready know about this topic and creating questions of the things we would like to find out. Thestudents are looking forward to getting hands on and making circuits.Next Week we will be continuing our work on the Legend of Rome in Literacy. We will become bothplaywrights and actors, writing a play script telling the story of Romulus and Remus and thenperforming it. In Numeracy we will be focussing on multiplication, division and problem solving. Weare looking forward to welcoming parents at the Numeracy open morning on Sunday.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Congratulations to the Stars of the Week who had the class mascots join them and their families for the holidays- Lauren Kerr (Wheatears), Allison Card (Pipits), Armaan Syed Anwar (Warblers), Hashem El Naidi (Wagtails) and Devon Den Hertog (Sandgrouse).Year 5Happy New Year! 2013 has got off to an explosive start as the children have been looking at Gases,liquids and solids and how they can change their state. Running parallel with this science topic, thepupils have been introduced to coast lines. We are learning about the geographical features of thecoast and how they are formed.Sunbirds demonstrate how the particlesof a solid stick close together andwhether air exists!In Literacy we are studying the work ofMichael Morpurgo. Using the stories, TheButterfly Lion and Kensuke‟s Kingdom,we are learning how to create anarrative. We have also started tointroduce the pupils to Alan Peat‟sexciting sentences. This is a programmewhich will help pupils to write morevaried sentences which will engage thereader. This week the children havebeen looking at „BOYS‟ sentences. 10
  11. 11. In Numeracy we have been looking at place value and the effect of multiplying and dividing by10,100 or 1000. In addition to this we have been rounding whole numbers and decimals.During DT we were fortunate enough to have a demonstration lesson from Mr Wood, a secondaryteacher. Mr Wood demonstrated the concept of levers and mechanisms. With as practical demo, heintroduced the pupils to fulcrum, pivot, load and effort.Next week we look forward to inviting all the parents to our Numeracy open morning. This will takeplace on Sunday 13th January, 8:00am to 9:00am. This will be an opportunity to see your child workwith a variety of maths activities which will allow them to apply their maths knowledge and stretchtheir puzzle solving skills.In Literacy the children will continue with The Butterfly Lion and learn another of Alan Peat‟s excitingsentences! During numeracy they will brush up on written calculations and apply them to wordproblems. In science the pupils will look at how temperature can cause change and how thesechanges can be reversible and irreversible. We continue with our topic of changing coastlines bylooking at the four stages of erosion. Whilst in DT we follow up our lesson on levers by constructing avariety of mechanisms.Year 6The Year 6 children have hit the ground running this week! Many children seem to have had newyear resolutions around working hard and trying their best, so welldone to all the pupils in Year 6!We welcome 2 new members to the sensational six team. Mrs. WendyHyde has joined us replacing Miss Steele as Eagles teacher. I mustcongratulate the Eagles class on how well they have been supportingMrs. Hyde in getting to know the school and the routines.. well done!However Mrs. Hyde is not the only new member of that class, as Iwould also like to warmly welcome Mohammed Abdulla Al Saadi.This week the children have been really enjoying the start of our new topic “Freaks of Nature” whichhas allowed them to delve into the world of natural disasters. In literacy the children have beendeveloping their journalist writing and interviewing each other and teachers to produce someamazing newspaper reports. Catchy headlines and detailed interviews have ensured that readablearticles have been produced.In numeracy the children have been developing their understanding of fractions, decimals, placevalue and ordering. I would like to remind all parents that you are most welcome to attend the mathsmorning next Sunday (13/01/2013) from 8-9am. You shall be able to see the variety of maths thatoccurs in Year 6. 11
  12. 12. Next week we shall be continuing our development of journalistic writing, and in numeracy we shallbe problem solving using fractions, decimals and place value.Please could the children bring in an empty cereal box as this will be needed for an investigation inTopic.Al Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 501 4888email: jhupalo@alyasmina.sch.ae 12