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08 newsletter 08 11-2012

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 8 November 2012 Issue 08Dear Parents,Dates for your DiaryMonday 26 November - Next FOY MeetingMonday 26 November - Individual photosTuesday 27 November - Individual photosThursday 29 November - National Day CelebrationsThursday 6 December - Year 3 Ancient Egyptian DaySaturday 8 December - Festive FayreMonday 10 December - Al Yasmina Festive ConcertPINK Day
  2. 2. Last Thursday 1November was Pink Day! All of the pupils andstaff donated money and came to school wearing pink, tocelebrate breast cancer awareness. The whole schoolparticipated and we raised 14,500dhs. We will present thismoney to The Red Crescent, who assist women with breastcancer who can‟t afford the treatment themselves. A bigthank you to the school nurses for organizing this event.From The Music DepartmentYear 5 celebrated their end of topic „Lights, Camera, Action‟ with a sparkling showcase of their workin the Atrium this morning for the Year 5 parents. Sunbirds composed and performed a piece ofmusic to accompany a short clip of animated film music. It sounded wonderful. Nightjars gave astunning performance of the song “There‟s no business like Show Business”. A very talented selectionof performers from Year 5 also sang “Burn Them Trees” from the show Yanomamo., a beautifulcantata for choir and solo voices set in the Amazon Rainforest. The singing was fabulous. We are veryproud of them! Yanomamo is happening this evening at Al Bateen School at 5pm. Admission is free.Well done to this week‟s Musicians of the WeekSteven Tampubolon. (Key Stage1) and Sandali Weerasekera (KeyStage 2). Steven (Year 2 Flamingos) gave a very fine performance ofa piece called “The Haunted Mouse” on the piano for the whole classand Sandali (Year 6 Falcons) was super-successful when shedisplayed her ability to sight-read 3 difficult tunes and perform themflawlessly on keyboard for her class.
  3. 3. We have 3 dates for your diary:Thursday 8 November: „Yanomamo‟ at Al Bateen School. We hope to see you there!Saturday 8 December: FOY Festive Fayre. Both primary choirs have been asked to sing. Further details will be sent shortly.Monday 10 December: Al Yasmina Festive Concert, including performances by all choirs and ensembles. Further details to follow.For any information about primary music activities, please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.aeFrom the Arabic DepartmentWelcome to the first Primary Arabic contribution to the newsletterWe are looking forward to telling the parents every week about what the children have beenlearning in their native speakers and non-native speaking lessons. Each week we will tell you aboutthe different year groups.Y5 non- native: children have been learning about the music room and musical instruments andthey have been interested when they have been doing an Arabic activity about musicalinstruments.Y6 non-native : children have been learning about the music room and musical instruments and theywere doing an Arabic project about music festivals. The children were really happy and excitedduring their lessons.Useful website: www.funwitharabic.comYear 5 ArabicYear 6 Arabic
  4. 4. Science Challenge Congratulations to the Science challenge winners form last Thursday: FS winner Sophie Kay; KS1 winner Haya Halawa and KS2 winner Grace Lewis. The children had fun investigating if they could slow down the rotting process of apples. An email has gone out about the latest science challenge and I hope more of children and parents will want to join in with our „Fabulous Floating‟ experiment. We look forward to receiving your entries.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)FOY Hamper RequestThe Festive Fayre on 8 December is just around the corner and FOY volunteers are working hardorganising a raft of activities. You can help make the fayre an overwhelming success by providingitems for hamper baskets, which will be raffled on the day. Each Year group has been given adifferent theme for donations. Boxes will be provided in each shared area for donations. FOY needsall items brought in by November 22 so volunteers plenty of time to wrap them.FS1 and FS2 - Spa products - body wash, scrub, lotion, shower gel, hand cream, cuticle cream, nailpolish, nail file, aromatherapy candles or oilsYear 1 and Year 2 - Gourmet food - (nothing that needs to be refrigerated) - coffee, specialty teas,fancy biscuits or crackers, nice jars, oilsYear 3 and Year 4 - Toys/items for children - board games, cards, small books, crayons, colouringpencils, stickers, yo-yos, small puzzles, bubbles, balloonsYear 5 and Year 6 - Outdoor/garden - vases, candles, lanterns, small garden tools, seeds, hand scruband cream, gardening glovesFestive Jar CompetitionTake an empty jar, fill it with wrapped sweets and decorate it as festive as you can. Prizes for the bestdecorated jars (one for boys and one for girls). Please see attached flyer for more details.National Day CelebrationsAs you are aware, National Day is approaching. We are currentlyputting together an exciting day of celebrations for 29th November 2012,but we would like to ask for some help. We hope to set up a souk toshowcase traditional Arabic customs and artifacts. We want thechildren to see, learn and appreciate as much as possible about thelocal culture in which we live.Any vendors who would like to have a table at the souk, please contactMiss Dean (see below). There are limited places available. We would likethe stalls to sell traditional Arabic items as far as possible and with pricessuitable for the children.
  5. 5. If you have any contacts or would like to help out yourself, then please send an email to Miss Dean(CDean@alyasmina.sch.ae). We look for help and support in the following areas: Henna, Facepainting, Buffet food, Camel riding, Traditional cooking, Dancing,Any offers / volunteers will be much appreciated!There will be a meeting for anyone who wishes to volunteer at our National Day celebrations onMonday 12th November 2012 in Year 2 Storks Classroom. Everyone welcome. Thanks in advance!From ReceptionWhen Student‟s need to leave the School for appointments, a note from Mum/Dad/Guardian needsto be supplied either via Student Planner or email.If an appointment crops up last minute, please give us as much notice as possible to enable staff tolocate the student.Your co-operation is much appreciated.Car ParkingAs ever can we ask you to be patient and drive both carefully and sensibly. Our golden rule for thecar park is to please park in a marked parking bay before allowing your children to exit/enter the car.Please avoid a situation where you hold up the traffic as you allow your children to exit/enter yourcar near the entrance gates. Parents who do this mean well for their own children, but they causefrustration for drivers waiting to enter the car park. Please seek out a parking bay.We will be very grateful to any parent who elects to park on the sand to the side of the school andwalks the extra few meters to the school gate. We realise the temperature and humidity can beuncomfortable but this „sand‟ parking will help ease the parking situation. For parents new to theschool we essentially ask:1. Do not park next to the yellow or red painted pavements2. Enter the car park from the main front entrance.3. Do not drive against the traffic4. Do not park your car on the pavement4. Follow the directions and requests of the security staff5. As pedestrians use the marked crossing points where possible (zebra crossings). Please set an example to the childrenNews from Al Muna SchoolOn Monday 10 December, Al Muna School is having a Winter Souk. They would welcome peoplewho would like to run an art/craft stall – contact foam@almunaprimary.sch.ae for more information.ADDS Panto - British Club Abu DhabiWe wondered if staff and students aged 11 & over would be interested in attending our AnnualPantomime “Cinderella”. To be held at the British Club Abu Dhabi – Tuesday 11th December.Flat fee of Aed 25 for Students, Chaperones FOC.For any queries, please contact Mrs. Linda Arkley at Reception2@alyasmina.sch.ae
  6. 6. For all Year groups - Come on everybody, show off your talents!For the attention of all Primary parents Why not encourage your child to enter the story or poetry writing competition which is being run as part of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature? Click on the following link to find out more details. http://www.emirateslitfest.com/writingcompetition We have some brilliant writers amongst our children and it would be fantastic to see them being recognized outside Al Yasmina.If you have any further questions that can‟t be answered by the website, please email Mrs. Wood(Year 5 Parakeets) at CWood@alyasmina.sch.ae.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)„I wonder which fruit FS1 will like best...‟ There have been so many to choosefrom this week as FS1 have explored their mini topic „fruit‟. We have read thelovely story of „Handa‟s Surprise‟ looking carefully at the fruits in Handa‟sbasket, along with the African animals. We made some tasty fruit kebabs usinggrapes, strawberries and pineapples, talking about how they tasted and which one we liked best. With water paint, we painted some of the delicious fruits from the story. We also enjoyed counting up to 10 fruits and putting them on a number line. In our role play fruit and vegetables shop, we pretended to buy and sell fruit and vegetables using the tills and counters. Thank you very much to those parents who contributed their ideas this week, you made our learning even more exciting!Next week we will be learning about bread and cheese. We will have lots of fun making bread rolls,tasting cheese and bread, learning some words in French and getting creative with French art. If youthink you could help make the week extra special in any way, please get in touch with your classteacher, we look forward to hearing from you.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Our fantastic super stars from last week were Stef Markou from Yellow class, Lea Jawhar from White class, Misk Al Mukhtar from Green class, Fatima Al Hammadi from Red class, Hamed Al Haddad from Gold Class and Matteus Tysse from Blue class. Well done!
  7. 7. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)It‟s been a great week this for FS2 - we have had so much fun showing the teachers how clever weare!! We have written about the different types of food we enjoy eating, we‟ve practiced ourphonics and we‟ve proved how beautifully we can write our names. We‟ve also made our ownfireworks using tin foil and glitter, practiced our tricky words using magic crayons and practiced howto form numbers the correct way round – some of us are still finding this tricky! Why don‟t you have apractice at home?Next week our mini focus for our topic „Food around the world‟ is India. We have got some GREATactivities planned including tasting traditional Indian food, a demonstration on how to make Indianbread and we are going to make our own rangoli patterns.In Maths the children will be introduced to the concept of adding by finding the total number ofitems in two groups by counting all of them.You could help at home by:• Talking about the different types of food you can eat in India• Find out information about India• Talk about how the culture in India is different to their own• Add 2 groups of objects together e.g. toys, books or even sweets (then they can be eaten… YUM!)Phonics Focus:Revision of Phase 2 sounds: sh, ch, th, ngPhase 2 tricky words: I, no, go, to, go, the, big, put, butHelpful website:Below is the youtube website, it is a great resource we have recently found to help the childrensecure their knowledge of sounds that we have learnt so far. You might find it helpful at home too:http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mr+thorne+does+phonics&oq=mr+thorne&gs_l=youtube-reduced.3.0.0l4.8739993.8741332.0.8744741. to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekIsabelle Hodgson from Jade class, Maram Ghanem from Amber class, Mariam Barakat from Orangeclass, Hind Al Omaira from Ruby class and Roy Breidi from Purple class. Well done guys, we‟re soproud of you!!!
  8. 8. Year 1Year 1 came into school on Sunday and found a surprise inour shared area! It was all cordoned off ready forconstruction, the teachers had run out of ideas for ourhouses and homes topic! Luckily Year 1 came to therescue in their literacy learning this week, making designs inteams using their labels and captions knowledge andproducing an information booklet containing many typesof houses we could create. Well done Year 1!Year 1 continue to be busy in numeracy and have beenlearning to count in 2‟s, 5‟s and 10‟s this week. They have used this learning to answer numberproblems and puzzles. Keep practicing these number patterns at home.Sparrows: Please note Sparrows PE slot has changed so that there is now not a clash with IslamicStudies. PE is now on Wednesdays at 9 am, so please send the children in wearing their schooluniform. Swimming is still on Sunday!Robins: Robins class also have a change to timetable. Library time is now on Thursday.Help needed:Also there is still a need for a classroom helper in Sparrows. If anyone could spare an afternoon ormorning hearing readers especially, this would be wonderful! Thank you. Remember that we cannothave a Sparrows parent in our class…so we are calling on all Larks, Doves, Robins and Cuckoosparents!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Larks- Cillian Mitchell, Doves- Sabrina Heymans, Cuckoos- Karen Al Mokatash, Robins- Kayed AlHammadi, Sparrows- Jack WildYear 2 This week has been another busy week in Year 2. In maths we have been working on „inverse‟ to help us understand the link between addition and subtraction. We have also been working on fractions. We used play dough to help us think about halves and quarters and we were introduced to the words „numerator‟ and „denominator‟ to help us understand how many equal parts we had to make.
  9. 9. We are all very excited about our visit to the fire station and we have been using our time in literacyand topic to research fire safety. We even made our own adverts to teach younger children the firesafety rules! Next week we will be moving on the „The Great Fire of London‟. We will be learningabout this important historical event in lots of fun ways. We hope you enjoy looking through aselection of photos from our fantastic creatures of the desert day and last weeks „dress pink‟ day forcharity.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekSandpipers – Shamma Al Khali, Spoonbills - Thomas Muller, Herons – Alissar Nizameddin, Flamingos –Hannah Barber, Storks - Adham FoudYear 3The children have had an exciting week with their visit to Sheikh Zayed grand mosque. They havelearned lots of fascinating facts that they have been sharing during our UAE Social studies lessons.This week in Literacy we continued reading “The Twits” and have written another first person account,e.g. a character‟s own account of an incident in the story. We have also written a rhyme to performto the class and we have been developing our comprehension skills by learning how to find keywordsand use these to help us answer questions. We have also written a completely unaided piece ofwriting to describe a new nasty trick that we think the twits could perform on each other.
  10. 10. In Maths the children have been answering questions by collecting, organising and interpreting data.They have used pictograms to represent results and illustrate their observations.This week we have been drawing and labeling the different features of a plant and finding out whyplants are so important to us- e.g. food, furniture, building, papyrus-clothing -Egyptians, perfume,medicine etc. In future weeks we will be planting and growing plants and investigating how bestthey grow. In preparation for this we ask if the children can bring in a plant pot by Wednesday 14thNovember (Between 10 and 15 centimetres in diameter).We have continued to find out fascinating things about the Ancient Egyptians, this week we foundout all about the many different gods and why they were important. Next week we will learn abouthow the Ancient Egyptians entertained themselves and we will be playing and making some boardgames.Next week we have our Assessment week and will be doing a reading comprehension and revisingsome of our grammar rules that we need to apply to our writing for example changing present tenseto past tense and vice versa. In maths we will also have a maths assessment and work on problemsinvolving money.Date for your diary: Ancient Egyptian day is on Thursday December 6th.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekDaniel Florence- Curlews, Ziead Kaddoura – Buntings, Umar Ibn Yahya– Cormorants, GeorgiaCoulston – Ravens, Ethan Wong – Terns
  11. 11. Year 4Stop the presses! What a fantastic week it has been in Year 4!The children in Year 4 have turned into journalists this week andhave been reporting on the exciting events from our Healthy EatingDays.We have learnt about the features of a news report, what makes agood headline and the difference between reported speech anddirect speech. We even held a press conference to collect quotesto include in our newspaper articles about Healthy Eating Day.We looked at some TV news reports and pretended to be newsreporters ourselves, reporting live from scene of Humpty Dumpty‟stragic fall from the wall. We have some talent in year 4, the BBChad better watch out! We have kicked off our new topic, „Architecturally Sound‟, this week and have been looking at some amazing buildings and structures around the world, including the 7 wonders. We used world maps and atlases to help us. It was really interesting. We found out that the Taj Mahal in India was built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife and that the Great Wall of China can be seen from space! We are looking forward to having a real life architect come and visit us on Thursday and discuss her job with us. In ICT this week we have been taking part in the Middle East Math Challenge. It has been great fun to play the games and compete against children from different schools and even from other countries! Next week we will be learning all about different units of measure inMaths and will be doing some hands on activities measuring the length and perimeter of objects. Inliteracy we will be focusing on TV news reports and will be working towards writing and filming ourown! We are looking forward to learning about iconic buildings from around the world in Topic, suchas the Sydney Opera House, Empire State Building and the Burj Khalifa. It‟s going to be another afabulous week in Year 4!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Wagtails- Saoud Al Nassai, Pipits- Allan Murad, Warblers- Charlton Yau, Wheatears- Julia Ebner, Sand grouse- Charlie King
  12. 12. Year 5This week saw our Lights, Camera, Action topic come to an epic finale. On Wednesday evening thechildren (and teachers!) enjoyed the thrill of the movies, munching on hot dogs and crisps whilewatching Hugo, a 2011 film based on the life of an orphan boy, living in Paris.Many famous Hollywood actors were welcomed to Al Yasmina‟s red carpet for our Oscar awardceremony on Thursday.We saw Johnny Depp in his roles of Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands, the glamorousAudrey Hepburn as Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany‟s, Bruce Wayne as Batman, Judy Garland as Dorothyfrom The Wizard of Oz and many many more. Children (and parents) made a fantastic effort,working hard to prepare their costumes and their tear-jerking speeches in anticipation of receivingthe ultimate award of an Oscar. A huge thank you goes out to all who helped with this event.In Literacy this week we have written about the adventures that an alien encountered together withhis earthling friend during a visit to Abu Dhabi and have developed our ability to describe usingpowerful vocabulary. Next week we shall be finding out how to produce television news reports andwriting our own for presentation.This week‟s Maths has focused on developing our data handling and mental maths skills. Thechildren have also battled it out against others from all over the UAE competing in the Middle EasternMaths Challenge. Children will continue to develop their problem-solving skills next week in thecontext of measurement, focusing on length and time, including using a calendar.The excitement of the recent F1 carries on in Year 5 next week with the introduction to our new topic.Children will begin to find out about the race locations and the drivers involved in this exhilaratingsport.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Umar Bashir (Parakeets) Reem Al Rawi (Sunbirds) Riley Forbes (Nightjars) Elliott Pollendine (Mynahs) and Jonas Greene (Swallows)Year 6Year 6 have been working very hard this week and are to be commended on their behaviour anddedication to learning. During Literacy this week we have been focusing on how to write instructionaltexts. The pupils have been able to identify key features and have followed the teachers‟ instructionswonderfully in order to produce excellently written, clear and precise instructions. In Numeracy thepupils have been revising properties of 2D and 3D shapes, while also thoroughly enjoying taking partin the Middle East Maths Challenge; competing against other students from all over the Middle East.Science this week has been learning about forces. Test your child‟s knowledge by asking them whattype of forces were acting on the F1 cars as they raced around the Yas Marina Circuit last weekend.
  13. 13. Discovering the difference between the weight of an object in water and in the air.Next week in Literacy we shall be distinguishing the difference between instructions and guides andthen focusing on how to write a guide. The pupils will be collaborating in class to create a guidebook on how to be an outstanding student within Al Yasmina School. In Numeracy lessons we will becontinuing to classify 2-D shapes and 3-D solids according to their sides and edges and identifyinglines of symmetry within 2-D shapes.Well done to our stars of the week this week! Isabella Jarman (Owls), Nandini Bhalla (Eagles), Mohanad El Chouemi (Falcons), Jasmine Cheah (Kestrels), Alexa Rayner (Ospreys).Al Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 5014888email: primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae