05 newsletter 11 10-2012


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05 newsletter 11 10-2012

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 11 October 2012 Issue 05Dear Parents,Dates for your DiarySunday 14 October - Open House 8am – 9.30amWeek 14-18 October - No ECAs this weekTuesday 16 October - Parent Teacher ConsultationsWednesday 17 October - Parent Teacher ConsultationsThursday 18 October - FS Theme dayThursday 18 October - Year 2 Creatures of the Desert DaySunday 21 Oct – 25 Oct - Half TermMonday 29 October - FOY MeetingWednesday 31 October - Halloween Bake SaleTuesday 20 November - International DayThursday 29 November - National Day CelebrationsWednesday 5 December - Carols by CandlelightThursday 8 November - ‘Yanomamo’ Performance at Al Bateen SchoolSaturday 8 December - Festive FayreYear 6 student donating her hair for Cancer Research Emmanuelle Vuilleumier, a Year 6 student, will be donating her hair to the Beautiful Lengths program at the end of October. Beautiful Lengths will create FREE real hair wigs from Emmanuelle‟s hair for women who lost their hair during cancer treatment. You can show your support to the fight against cancer by making a donation. All the money collected will go to Cancer Research here in the UAE. Please put your contribution in a sealed envelope with you name and class and hand it to your child‟s teacher before 18 October. (Please see attached poster)From The Music DepartmentA huge well done to Year 4 Wagtails, who played together as a class orchestra inassembly this morning. They performed Beethoven‟s Ode to Joy on a variety ofinstruments and sounded fantastic! We‟re very proud of them all!
  2. 2. Well done to this week‟s Musicians of the week!They are Tarik Gulec from Year 1, who sang a whole song fantastically all by himself in front of hisclass; and Abdalla Alkindi in Year 4, who worked really hard in his music lesson and sang fantasticallyduring this week‟s Wiz rehearsal. Abdalla Alkindi Tarik GulecWe have 2 dates for your diary:Thursday 18 October is our monthly music recital, featuring instrumentalists and singers from theprimary and secondary schools. It will be held in the Recital Room at 2.30pm. Please come alongand support our brilliant performers!Thursday 8 November will see the culmination of 6 weeks‟ hard work, when 30 talented singers fromYears 5 and 6 will perform „Yanomamo‟, a beautiful show about the African Rainforest, at Al BateenSchool. We hope to see you there!For any information about primary music activities, please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.ae.From the School NursesFever and the use of fever-reducing medicationsA fever is a temperature above 38.0C. Fever is not an illness, but is a symptom of an illness. The feveritself has a physiological effect of helping to fight the infection. Fever retards the growth andreproduction of bacteria and viruses and aids in the body‟s acute-phase reaction.
  3. 3. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that fever-reducingmedications (anti-pyretic) should only be considered for children with feverwho appear distressed and unwell. It is important that any child with feveris encouraged to rest and to drink plenty of fluids, to prevent dehydration.They should be closely observed for any signs of serious illness.If your child has a fever, but appears to be otherwise well, there is no needto feel that you have to give your child an anti-pyretic (eg: Calpol, Brufen) to bring down thetemperature.If, however, your child isn’t feeling well, then go ahead and give them an anti-pyretic. Calpol andBrufen also relieve pain, so will make your child feel better when they are unwell. Note though, thatthe Calpol or Brufen is not treating the illness but is relieving the symptoms of the illness.Give just Calpol or Brufen. If the initial medication does not make your child feel better, then try adose of the other medication. Avoid giving both, as this could lead to medication errors and over-dose. Websites for further information:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2151818/http://www.nhs.uk/news/2011/03March/Pages/advice-for-managing-child-fever.aspxFriend of Al Yasmina (FOY)Thank you to all those who supported the Primary Disco, it was a great success and Im sure all thechildren enjoyed themselves.Preparations for the Festive Fair are well underway. If you are interested in helping out in any wayplease email Janine on janineloftus@hotmail.com. In the near future we will be looking for donationsfor various stalls including the Hamper stall and Tombola. Watch this space for more information.Festive FayreThis event will be held on Saturday, 8 December. This was a great success last year, and with yourhelp could prove to be equally successful this year. FOY need volunteers to help with theorganisation and also on the day itself. If you would like to help, please contact Janine Loftus atjanineloftus@hotmail.com.Staff vacancy at Al Bateen SchoolRegistrarAl Bateen School has a vacancy for a Registrar. The successful applicant must have a degree andeither have or be able to obtain an attested degree certificate.Fluent written and spoken English are essential and experience of working in a school would bepreferable.Hours of work are 7.30 am – 3.30 pm, Sunday – Thursday, with 30 working days holiday per year. Thecurrent salary for this post is AED 10,800 per month.If you are interested in this position please send forward your CV together with the names and emailaddresses of two referees, one of whom must be your current employer, to Miss Tahani Dabas,Principal‟s PA, PA@albateen.sch.ae
  4. 4. From the PE DepartmentOur recent House Sports Events were a great success. By all accounts, all pupils in Years 1-6 had amarvellous time, enjoying a wide variety of challenging sporting experiences that will live long in theirmemory.Pupils participated throughout the mornings with fantastic sportsmanship and team work. It was atremendous achievement for all pupils to gain so many house points. There was a range of gamesand skills events, coupled with tough competition, in which the pupils embraced in true Al Yasminastyle demonstrating Pride, Aspiration, Respect and Trust.All of the Year 10 JSLA pupils involved instructed in an impressively willing, enthusiastic andknowledgeable manner, showing excellent communication skills and dedication to their work asyoung leaders. They acted as positive role models who are continuously inspiring our young athletesof the future. A huge thank you goes out to them along with Well Done from the staff, parents andyounger pupils. The events would not have run as smoothly without their expertise.The PE Department would like to thank you for your support and co-operation during these events.Your feedback is always welcome and we would ask that you kindly direct it to an appropriatemember of staff to ensure it can be addressed accordingly. A huge thank you must go to Miss Oliverfor her endless efforts in organising and running of the House Sports events.
  5. 5. Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)This week in FS1 we have been working very hard, learning about our class. We have enjoyed talkingabout who our friends are and what good friends do. The class mascots have been seeing lots ofkind and helpful behavior this week and they are finding it hard to choose who to go home with. Wehave talked about what we like to do in school and how we are all different. Some time has beenspent finding out how to take care of each other and our class environment so we can all enjoy it.We have been very excited to start looking at our names and the letter shapes in them.Next weekNext week we will be having lots of fun learning about all the things we can do. We are going toinvestigate our numeracy skills through counting and sorting. We are also going be very active byexploring different ways we can move our bodies, using both fine and gross motor skills, whilstlearning to follow instructions.Thursday is also going to be a very special day for us because we are going to come to schooldressed up as „What we would like to be when we grow up‟. We are looking forward to seeing allyour ideas will anyone be a pilot, a doctor, an Olympic champion or even a teacher? Please keep inmind that on Thursday the children will still be taking part in a normal timetable and will still have tomove around the school, get changed for PE etc. so the children‟s costumes need to be practicalwith sensible shoes.Key dates:After the half term break we will be learning about „Foods Around the World.‟ If you have any skills orideas that could support us with this topic please contact your child‟s teacher by email, we wouldlove to hear about them and try and incorporate them into our planning. Thank you.Stars of the Week Nicholas Gregg from Yellow class, Giant Cultivar from Green class, Carlo Franchini from Red class, Sultan Abushahab from Gold class, Jemma Wilkinson from White class and Qais Al Braik from Blue class. WELL DONE!!
  6. 6. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)We have been having a super week in FS2! We have been learning all about where we come fromand where we live. Lots of children made „Me Suitcases‟ filling them full of things to talk about so wecould learn all about where they come from. They were then able to take them home; we all learntlots of interesting facts about each other! This week we were learning all about Abu Dhabi and theplaces we live in. In FS2 we each made wonderful U.A.E flags and pretended we were going on atrip to the Abu Dhabi desert. We wrote about all the things we thought we would need to pack in oursuitcase. Also this week, we have been learning about rhyming words! We played fun games andeven wrote our own rhyming words. In Maths, we have been focusing on 2D shapes. We went on ashape hunt, drew our own shapes, did some shape sorting and made some wonderful shapepictures!Swimming Reminder – Could we please remind you that children with long hair (boys and girls) musthave a swimming cap for swimming; otherwise they will not be allowed to swim. Thank you for yourcooperation Next weekNext week our mini focus is „what I want to be when I grow up.‟ In FS2 we will be thinking about howwe have grown since we were babies and the things we can do now. We will also be thinking aboutthe future and what we would like to do/be when we are older. In Maths, we will be looking atordinal numbers – learning all about 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.You could help at home by:  Please bring in 1 or 2 pictures of your child/children when they were babies. We will be discussing them in class and looking at the differences.  Talk to your child about what they were like when they were a baby. Discuss all the things they can do now that they could not when they were babies. You could start a height chart with your child to watch how they grow. You can also talk about the future. Discuss the types of jobs the adults in your family do and ask your child what they might like to do. Can they draw a picture of something they would like to do/be when they grow up?  Can you have a race? You could race with your family, your toys, your cars or pets. Discuss who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.Phonics Focus:Revision of Phase 2 sounds: h, b, f, ff, l, ll.Phase 2 tricky words: I, no, go, to, go, the, am, is, on, the, like.Helpful websites:http://www.abc.net.au/countusin/games/game4.htmhttp://www.softschools.com/math/ordinal_numbers/games/http://www.primarygames.com/squigly/question2.htm
  7. 7. Key dates:Sunday 14 October – „Open House.‟ From 8am until 9.30am. We would like to invite parents to comeand have a look at what we do in the primary school focusing particularly on Literacy. We hope youcan make it.Thursday 18 October- „What I want to be when I grow up‟ Day. On this day, we would like to invitethe children to dress up as something that they would like to be when they grow up. For example adoctor, a dentist, a vet, a fireman/woman, a pilot or even a teacher!! Please make sure they stillwear sensible footwear.Tuesday 16 October and Wednesday 17 October- Parent Teacher Consultation meetings – pleasemake an appointment with your child‟s class teacher if you have not already done so.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Daniel Bedrozov (Jade class), Tamara Massad (Amber class), Maham Aasim (Ruby class), Nina Sinclair (Orange class), Matilda Archibald (Purple class) Well done guys, we‟re so proud of you!!!Year 1 In Year 1 this week have been reading poems related to our topic “Senses”. The children enjoyed working as detectives to try and spot rhyming words in poems. They have also been thinking of their own silly rhyming strings as well as real word rhyming strings. In maths the children have been conducting surveys to find out what the most popular ice-cream flavor is in their class. The children conducted a survey to complete a bar chart which then helped them find out the most and least, popular ice-cream. In addition to this we have been practicing counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s. In social studies we have been learning the names of traditional clothes. Some children had the opportunity to model and dress up in traditional clothes. The investigation of interesting smells in science was great fun!Next week the children will be looking at writing a menu for the Kids Café in the shared area, alongwith composing and writing their own canteen poem. There will be no homework on the last week ofthis half term; however we would like the children to continue practicing recognizing high frequencywords and counting during the weeks break.Since we are coming into the Eid time of celebration, we would like children to dress up for theoccasion on Thursday 18 October. We will be learning about Eid celebrations and doing lots of funEid activities. If you have any questions please ask your child‟s class teacher.
  8. 8. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekFionn Doran- Larks, Ella Kerr – Robins, Mansour Al Mashedi - Sparrows, Assil Janajreh – Cuckoos andChrista- Maria Inaty -Doves.Year 2 Another busy week in Year 2! We have been learning all about calculations, thinking carefully about tens and units when adding and subtracting. In Literacy we have been skimming and scanning nonfiction texts hunting out some amazing desert creature facts ready to complete our nonfiction books in class next week.In science we were thinking about how animals can adapt to survive in the desert. We did anexperiment to find the difference between the temperature of sand in the direct sunlight and sandwhich is below the surface. We came up with some very interesting results!Next WeekIn Maths next week the children will be learning how to gather and record data. We will bemeasuring our feet, then recording our results in a chart, and then transferring them onto a bar chart.In Literacy we will be continuing with our own nonfiction books thinking carefully about features thatwe need to include. We will be making sure to add a contents page, index, glossary, lots ofinteresting facts and also adding some labels and pictures. In science and topic we will be reviewingall that we have learned throughout the last half term by looking more closely at life and survival inthe desert.
  9. 9. RemindersOn Thursday, 18 October the children are invited to dress up as a desert creature, Bedouin child ordesert explorer ready for our Creatures of the Desert Day. Throughout the day the children will betaking part in different activities across the year group. The children will also be performing songs theyhave learned during assembly.After the half term holiday we will be going on a visit to Khalifa City Fire station. A letter has been sentout in the daily mail shot. The consent form and 20dhs contribution are to be given to your classteacher no later than the 5th November. If you have not had the letter then please ask your child’steacher for a copy. Thank you.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekMohamed Al Khaili (Flamingos), Luke Hatcher (Sandpipers), Maryam Al Ali (Storks), Butti AlMosa (Herons) and Arlow Martin (Spoonbills). Well done!!Year 3This week in Year 3 we gathered all our Ancient Egyptian information to write some fantastic reports.We made sure we used all the features we have been learning about including – headings,subheadings, paragraphs, diagrams, labels and „Did You Know Boxes‟. Next week we are starting tolook at creative stories as we introduce our book study of Roald Dahl‟s „The Twits‟. We will befocusing on character descriptions of the „Charming‟ Twits and finding synonyms for our descriptivewords. (If you have your own copy of the Twits, feel free to bring it for use at school but make sureyour name is on it.)In math we looked at the properties of 2D shapes. We discussed sides, vertices, right angles and linesof symmetry. We have also been looking at shapes with more than one line of symmetry. Next weekwe will be looking at patterns and sequences in the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 times tables so keep practisingthose tables. We concluded our egg shell science „egg-speriment‟ this week with some „egg-straordinary‟ results. We found that liquids which contained acid had a worse effect on the shellsthan the fizzy drinks!!! We continue the same theme next week as we design a poster for a Dentist‟sSurgery. Everyone had a great time at the Year 3/4 House Sports. Well done to all the houses forshowing being good sports. Thank you to all parents who came along and cheered us on.RemindersParent/Teacher meeting slips due in this week. Parent Teacher Consultations are on Tuesday 16th andWednesday 17th October 2012.We still need a few more shoe boxes (small box) for our Egyptian Tombs please.
  10. 10. Could you also please save any small 500ml water bottles for us? We will be using them in thefollowing weeks to make our own canopic jars.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Stella Buttkus – Curlews, James Fordree – Buntings, Raees Liaqat– Cormorants, Abdul Rahmann ElGazzar – Ravens, Aisyah Ariffin – TernsYear 4 It‟s been a wonderful week this week, in fantastic, fabulous FOUR. And in honour of our poetry work, we‟d thought we‟d write some more. Yes, in literacy we explored the art, of creating worlds of rhyme. From tongue twisters to limericks, we‟ve had a terrific time! We read a poem called „The Magic Box‟ that filled us with ideas. And we scattered our books with lines of verse, and read them to our peers. In maths we shaped up rather well and polygons appeared. (A polygon‟s a straight-sided shape, not a parrot that‟s disappeared!) Rectangles, squares and triangles, trapeziums and kites We learnt about their properties and checked their angles, right? The big event, of course, this week, was the house sports day. The teams competed on Wednesday morn, showing excellent fair play. There were super skills in football, and in handball they all excelled, And the parents came to support, how they cheered and yelled! Next week, there‟s lots of fun in store, to keep us all excited, We‟ll be showing off our literacy skills, and parents are invited. In maths we‟ll keep an eye on time, and getting money-smart. And we‟ll finish off our topic work; painting healthy works of art. In ICT there‟s Powerpoints, about medical pioneers. And we hope to see you parents eve, to give your child three cheers!
  11. 11. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Sairah Bashir (Pipits), Isabella Harley (Wheatears), Isabelle Darling (Warblers), Matthew Gammell (Sandgrouse), Mohamed AL Nowais.Year 5In Numeracy this week we have focused on 2D and 3D shape work. Discussing, identifying andsorting them by their properties.In Literacy, after much discussion and planning we have completed writing our flashback stories. Wehave had the opportunity to self assess, recognising those all important elements such as using senseswithin settings and ensuring VCOP skills are applied. We have now started our „dramatic conventions‟topic, understanding how writers use language for comic and dramatic effects . Analysing scripts,watching clips and presenting role plays within groups.Continuing the knowledge we have learnt in Science about our eyes, we have developed detailedeye sketches, creating tones by applying different pressures and blending using our fingers. Sketched by Eros La Gona (Parakeets)Next week in Numeracy we will be moving on to data handling. Interpreting and representing data indifferent formats such as tables and graphs. „Dramatic Conventions‟ will continue within literacy –presenting drama from following scripts. In Science we will continue concentrating on reflections,carrying out investigations into reflective surfaces. Topic work looks closely at Hollywood, leading onto our homework preparing us for our forthcoming „Oscar day‟.... Get planning who you will be?! Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Well done to Julia Wahed (Parakeets), Sama Hanafieh (Sunbirds), Fraser Cassels (Nightjars), Annabelle Harrison (Mynahs) & Amelia Pearson (Swallows)
  12. 12. Year 6What another fantastic week the children have had this week.In literacy the children have been finishing and evaluating a suspense genre narrative. The childrenevaluated their stories and looked at ways of making their writing sparkle even more!This week in numeracy, we have been finishing our work on data handling and the many ways ofanalyzing it - we have manipulated data in many forms, ranging from bar graphs and line graphs, tostem and leaf diagrams. The children have been developing their understanding of the terms mode,mean, median and range and applying these to various forms of data. The children have also beencreating posters by researching facts on the Caribbean and have created mood boards in order tohelp design their carnival hats!Next week in Numeracy we will be looking at securing number facts – sequences, patterns andrelationships. In Literacy we will be introducing Caribbean poetry as part of our topic.We will be finishing our topic by making a carnival hat and having a „Caribbean‟ morning nextThursday!A quick reminder - if parents have not made a request for a Parent teacher consultation next week,could you please contact your class teacher as soon as possible. Thank you.Well done to our stars of the week this week! Zaid Aftab (Owls), Maryam El Gazzar (Ospreys), Emmanuelle Vuilleumier (Kestrels), Hamed Almheiri(Falcons), Mariyam Kuznetsova(Eagles)Al Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 5014888email: primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae