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04 newsletter 4 10-2012

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  • 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 4 October 2012 Issue 04Dear Parents,Dates for your DiarySunday 7 October - Primary DiscoTuesday 9 October - Year 5 – Year 6 House Sports (8.30am-10.30am)Wednesday 10 October - Year 3 – Year 4 House Sports (8.30am-10.30am)Thursday 11 October - Year 1 – Year 2 House Sports (8.30am-10.30am)Sunday 14 October - Open House 8 – 9.30amTuesday 16 October - Parent Teacher ConsultationsWednesday 17 October - Parent Teacher ConsultationsWednesday 17 October - Year 6 Heritage Village TripThursday 18 October - FS1 Theme daySunday 21 Oct – 25 Oct - Half TermImportant notice from Head of School, Mr GaleReminder: Keeping in line with the School Health Authorities directives as well as in respect of thesocio-cultural sentiments of the country, I would like to remind all our parents and staff that AlYasmina has a NO NUTS & NO PORK based food policy. Please make sure that breakfast andlunch items brought to the school are free of these ingredients. Many thanks for your understandingand support on this.Vacancies Al Yasmina School – October 2012The following vacancies have arisen at the school.The posts outlined below are much needed to support the school‟s current vision to achieve“outstanding”. Applicants must be confident and have an excellent command of English. Role Start Date Application Min Qualifications Salary AED Deadline Contract Arabic 28 October 2012 14 October 2012 Must be fluent in 6,400/- Secretary Arabic/English 7.30am – 3.30pm “A” Levels or 30 days holiday equivalent per annum Secondary 28 October 2012 14 October 2012 “A” Levels or 4,500/- Learning equivalent Term time only Support 7.30am – 2.30pm AssistantApplicants should already have full sponsorship and medical insurance.
  • 2. If you feel you have the skills to be outstanding in the posts please contact Mrs. Roberts for a jobdescription/person specification. Please e-mail your application with a letter stating why you havethe skills and attributes to support our aims to Mrs. Roberts at droberts@alyasmina.sch.ae.Shortlisting and interviews will take place during the week commencing 14th October 2012. We lookforward to hearing from you.From The Music DepartmentPrimary children had a wonderful treat this morning, as a rather special group of singers performed inour Primary assembly. The 30 talented performers from Years 5 and 6 have been selected to join withchildren from 4 other Aldar Academies Schools in November to perform „Yanomamo‟, a beautifulshow about the African Rainforest. The children have been rehearsing after school on Thursdays, andtheir hard work is already paying off – the singing was stunning. We were very proud of them!Well done to this week‟s Musicians of the Week: Danish Mohd Husni (Key Stage 1). Danish (Year 2) gave a captivating performance of a beautiful tune on his trumpet for the whole class. Zachary Earnest (Key Stage 2). Zachary (Year 4) was super-successful when he displayed his ability to tap back some complex rhythms in our „Spot the Rhythm‟ game.For any information about primary music activities, please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.aeFrom the School NursesPlease note that the school doctor who is responsible for primary pupils, Dr Stiles, is due to visit theschool clinic next Tuesday 9th October, at about 08.00hrs. If your primary child has a medical issuewhich you wish to discuss with Dr Stiles please contact the school nurse on 02-5014722 to make anappointment. Please note that a parent would need to be present at the consultation with theirchild.Please note that Dr Stiles will be in the school clinic from 08.00hrs only up to the time it takes him tosee all of the scheduled appointments.See the website for more information about Dr Stiles, who has an office at Al Noor Hospital, Airport Rd:http://www.alnoorhospital.com/PAEDIATRICSListdoctorsAirport.aspxFrom the PE DepartmentPrimary House Sports will take place next week. All children will need to wear their house t-shirt andhats. Please apply sun cream and bring lots of water!Year 5 – Year 6 - Tuesday, 9 October 8:30am - 10:30amYear 3 – Year 4 - Wednesday, 10 October 8:30am - 10:30amYear 1 – Year 2 - Thursday, 10 October 8:30am - 10:30am
  • 3. Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)Second Hand Uniform SalesThese are proving very successful, and the quality of the uniform on sale is very good. A sale will beheld on the last wednesday of each month, so put it in your diaries. The next sale will therefore be onWednesday, 31October.Primary & Secondary Discos :-These discos are being held on the following dates/times Years 1, 2, 3 - Sunday 7 October from 4-5pm Years 4, 5, 6 - Sunday 7 October from 5.30-7pm Years 7, 8, 9 - Monday 8 October from 5.30-7.30pmIf you are able to help in any way during these times, please contact FOY onalyasminaFOY@gmail.com.Festive FayreThis event will be held on Saturday, 8 December. This was a great success last year, and with yourhelp could prove to be equally successful this year. FOY need volunteers to help with theorganisation and also on the day itself. If youd like to lend a hand, join us at the Abu Dhabi GolfClub for a casual coffee and discussion at 8am (after school drop off) on Monday 8 October.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)We have reached the end of another fun filled busy week in FS1! This weekwe have linked all our activities to the theme „My Family‟. We were excitedto share our family photos with our friends and talk about them; we evenmade some of the photos into our very own jigsaw puzzles. We have beenlearning about 2D shapes and made our own shape houses in the classroom;we looked for the different shapes we know in the environment. Not onlythat! We have been looking at the initial letter of our name and practicedrecognizing it by decorating our own initial letter. Finally, we have lovedhaving a „bedroom‟ area in the class to relax in; this also helped us practicefastening buttons when tried on the pyjamas.A big thank you to all the parents who managed to send in pictures of the children and their families.Please continue to practice independent changing with your child at home, especially fasteningand unfastening buttons.Next WeekNext week we are looking at the theme „my new family - my class.‟ Some of the activities will include:passing a hug around a circle and talking about being good friends, finding out who is the tallest andthe shortest in our class and what our favorite school activities are, as well as introducing our ownname cards.
  • 4. AppealPlease could parents send in clean empty cereal boxes, clean plastic containers, bottles, (not glass)bottle tops etc. that we can use for junk modeling? Thank you very much in advance.Stars of the Week Last week the stars of the week were: Chloe Callachan from Green Class, Ashlee Strika from Red Class, Molly Shuttleworth from Blue Class, Saood Al Menhali from Yellow Class, Kitty Commons from White Class and Aryan Gupta from Gold Class. A big well done from all the teachers, we are all really proud of you!Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)What an exciting week we have had in FS2! We have been learning all about our 5 senses.We have been exploring the sense of hearing by making some big listening ears to wear on ourlistening walk around school. We took pictures, and used sound pegs, to record the different soundsthat we heard. We became investigators to explore the sense of sight! We carried out an experimentwith different materials to find out whether we could see through them or not. Continuing our supersenses week, we explored the sense of touch by feeling lots of different materials and using some„wow‟ words to describe how they felt.We read the story, „We‟re going on a bear hunt‟ and then went on our own bear hunt! In our bearfeet, we walked through all the different textures that the characters walk through in the story. Next,we explored the sense of taste by tasting foods that were all the same colour and discussing whetherwe liked them, or not, and why. Finally we learnt all about the sense of smell by trying to guess thedifferent smells in the cups. We were able to use our IT skills to make a programmable BeeBot moveto the correct picture of the smell.Next weekNext week our mini focus is „where I come from and where I live.‟ We will be doing some excitinglearning including making a „Me suitcase‟ so we can learn all about each other. We will be going onan adventure to the Deserts of Abu Dhabi and learning all about 2D shape in Maths.You could help at home by:
  • 5.  Making your ‘Me Suitcase.’ On Sunday the children will come home with their decorated suitcases and we would like you to help them fill it with things about themselves. For example, pictures of their home countries, family photos, flags, postcards, examples of cultural/family traditions, the meaning of your child’s name etc. This can be brought back to school any day during the rest of the week. Thank you   Discussing where mummy and daddy come from, where you used to live before Abu Dhabi (if applicable) and where you live now.  Talking about 2D shapes and their properties. Can you go on a shape hunt? See how many different shapes you can find around your house.Phonics Focus:Revision of Phase 2 sounds: ck, e, u, r.Phase 2 tricky words: I, no, go, to, go, the, am, is, onHelpful websites:http://www.ngfl-cymru.org.uk/vtc/ngfl/maths/maerdy_2d/frames.asphttp://www.starfall.com/n/level-k/index/load.htm?fKey dates:Thursday 18th October - „What I want to be when I grow up‟ Day. On this day, we would like to invitethe children to dress up as something that they would like to be when they grow up. For example adoctor, a dentist, a vet, a fireman/woman, a pilot or even a teacher!!Tuesday 16th October and Wednesday 17th October- Parent Teacher Consultation meetings. .Sunday 14th October – „Open House.‟ From 8am until 9.30am. We would like to invite parents tocome and have a look at what we do in FS2, focusing particularly on Literacy.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week William Durrant in Purple class, Hamdan Al Khaja in Amber class, Noor Chehayeb, in Jade class, Logan Nisbet in Ruby class and James Chacksfield in Orange class. Well done guys, we‟re so proud of you!!!Request to Parents of FS Pupils:The FS team would like to request that all parents and their children only use the fixed playequipment within the FS outside area in the morning whilst waiting for the whistle to blow, and theclassroom doors to open. The area nearest FS1 Red and Yellow Class should be avoided by parentsand their children at this time. This is due to the Teaching Assistants and Teachers requiring space toset up the activities for the children for that day. This has to be done between 7.30am and 7.45am toallow the staff to be back in the classrooms ready to receive the children for the start of the day.There have been a few incidents over the past couple of weeks where activities have been put outfor the learning that day which have had to be removed or re-organized due to children playing withthem in the morning. We are very lucky to have such wonderful facilities and your assistance with thismatter would be appreciated, we do not want to close this area altogether in the morning when thefixed equipment is available for use. Please ensure you are supervising your children on theequipment during this time.Many thanks for your support.
  • 6. Year 1WOW!!! What a super busy week had by all this week in Year 1. In Literacy this week we have beenwriting lists using adjectives, bullet points and even commas. The cheeky teachers took photos of ourlunch and snack boxes to help us make a leaflet all about healthy snacks and foods. Do we havehealthy lunch boxes? In Numeracy we having been learning our number bonds and finding ways to make 10 and 20 using two numbers. The Al Yasmina Café opened for business this week in our shared area. It is so much fun! The food is delicious and service is fantastic!We look forward to continuing our learning next week looking at senses poetry in Literacy. In sciencewe will be off around the school on a listening walk and looking closely at our local environment forGeography. In Numeracy we will be learning to use graphs, sorting objects and collectinginformation.Please could we ask that all children have the appropriate house colour t-shirt for our sport’s daywhich is on 11th October 8.30-10.30. If you are unsure of your child’s house colour pleaseask their class teacher who will be able to help. Thank you!A massive congratulations to our stars of the week.Well done to Emily Strika in Doves class, Charlotte Williams in Robin‟s class, Max Sperber in Cuckoo‟sclass, Maitha Al Hosani in Larks class and Owen Quintana in Sparrows class.
  • 7. Year 2We have been discussing and sharing our stories we have writtenabout Creatures of the Desert. This is similar to the stories thatBedouins have passed down to their families by „word of mouth‟.We enjoyed taking a Freeze Frame from each group‟s story thatwas being told.Next week we‟ll be looking at non-fiction and focusing oninformation and text. In Maths we have been studying Time and making human clocks! We also created our own clocks using hoops and various objects. Next week we‟ll be using strategies to calculate number sentences and problems. (photo) In Social Studies we discussed how Litter is a problem as it‟s killing the camels – and found ways of warning people against Littering and Saving the Camels!The Names of our Star Writers were: Muhammed Hussaini – Sandpipers, Steven Tampubolon –Flamingoes, Ahmad Ghosheh - Herons, Lucy Hodgson - Spoonbills, Yehia Said - StorksStars of the weekLibby Backhouse – Sandpipers, Eve Naysmith – Flamingoes, Laurie Smith – Storks, Ahmad Ghosheh-Herons, Mariam Alhosani - SpoonbillsYear 3This week in Year 3 we have been researching information on the internet all about Ancient Egypt.We have also been learning the difference between fact and opinion. The Buntings were debatingbetween – „Miss Brown is a teacher in Year 3‟ - FACT and „Miss Brown is the best teacher ! – OPINION.It was a very controversial discussion!In maths we have been learning to double and halve numbers to 100. We looked back at ourpartitioning work from last week and used this to help us work out the answers.We have set up an experiment in science about the effects of different drinks on teeth. We willrecord our findings next week.
  • 8. Have a look at our Ancient Egypt mosaics – aren‟t they fantastic?Next week our focus will be:Literacy – Gathering all information and writing our Ancient Egypt Reports. Math – 2D shape andsymmetry. Science – Making a poster for a dental surgery about Keeping Your Teeth Healthy. Topic –We will be learning about other Egyptian pharaohs and their roles. ICT – Copying and pastingimages from the internet into Microsoft Word. Art – Making models of a tomb.Please can you send in a shoebox or a small cardboard box on Sunday as the children will bemaking 3D models of an Ancient Egyptian Tomb.Well done to our stars of the week this weekAbhiraj Gupta – Curlews, Ayesha Al Mazrouei – Buntings, Lucy Amor – Cormorants, Eissa Al Mosa –Ravens, Tyler Goyea - TernsYear 4It has been an exciting week in Year 4 this week. We‟ve worked hard and been able to show off allthe progress we‟re making! In Literacy we have been working on how to punctuate speech and useadverbs. We played a great game where we had to act out some sentences with adverbs in them.We‟ve also planned a story all about a magic potion, which we‟re looking forward to writing up intoa story – watch this space for some magical happenings!In Maths we have continued our number work, with a special focus on number sequences. Thosesequences can be tricky, but with some counting in steps and lots of practise we got there! Ourweekly multiplication missions are continuing and this week we have students striving to completetheir mission to Mercury, Venus, Earth or Mars, in just 3 minutes! Last week Mr. Gale joined us for ourmission and nearly made it to Venus. Better luck next time Mr. Gale!
  • 9. This week in Science, we carried out an investigation to do with the body – we had to find out if thelength of your feet and your height are linked! We carried out lots of measurements and had to be asaccurate as possible. We‟ll share our findings once we‟ve written about the investigation next week!Next week we are looking forward to planning an exciting DT event and working on our culinary skills!In Literacy we will be becoming poets – and don‟t we know it! We‟ll be reading lots of differentpoems, finding rhyming words and exploring different forms. In Maths we will be getting to grips with2D shapes and finding out the properties of polygons.Congratulations to the Stars of the Week William Tweddle (Wagtails), Jordan Farrugia (Pipits), Hayden Woodrow (Sand Grouse), Zachery Earnest (Warblers) and Moaza Al Suwaidi (Wheatears).Year 5The week has whizzed by in Year 5 – just like the animated flip books we have been making in ICT! Wehave looked at animation „moving pictures‟, which actually consist of a series of still pictures, shownvery quickly one after another! The Frenchman Chevalier D‟Arcy used hot coals swung around hishead to demonstrate his theory of the „persistence of vision‟! Instead we used software called „Pivot‟to create a series of moving images!In Literacy we have been looking at how animations come to life by great animators such as „WaltDisney‟. We created out our own storyboards and pitched our stories to others. These could be futureanimated productions in years to come!
  • 10. In Science we have learnt about the eye and its key functions. We labelled the eye and describedwhat each part did, e.g. Iris, Pupil, Lens. Test us if you see us! Do you know the different parts of theeye? We have also looked at how a lens works and why people wear glasses or contact lenses.We have also seen the completion of our fantastic homework projects; we have presented these toour class.Next week in Math‟s we will be identifying, visualising and describing properties of 2d and 3d shapes.In Literacy we will be starting our new block of „Dramatic Conventions‟ which coincides with ourtopic of „Lights, Camera, Action‟. We will be exploring how writers use language for comic anddramatic effects. In Science we will be concentrating on reflections. In Art we will be completing oursketches of the eye and in ICT will be improving and editing our animations using Pivot to includeother characters or objects.Here are the Year 5 Stars of Week 3. Well done to Basil Subhani (Parakeets), Jake Officer (Sunbirds), Hindh Imad (Nightjars), & Amelia Pearson (Swallows) Hamad Al Hajira (Mynahs)Year 6What a fantastic week the children have had this week.This week in literacy the children have been planning and constructing a suspense genre narrative.They have looked at how characters can be portrayed through subtleties, such as body languageand specific vocabulary choices. The children had great fun looking at how personality traits can beobserved in actions.This week in numeracy, we have been working on data handling and the many ways of analyzing it -we have manipulated data in many forms, ranging from bar graphs, and line graphs to stem andleaf diagrams. The children have been developing their understanding of the terms mode, mean andmedian and applying these to various forms of data. Please ask them what these terms mean andsee if they can explain them to you.
  • 11. Next week in literacy the children shall be completing their suspense narratives and in numeracy willcontinue to develop their understanding of data handling.Please can I take this opportunity to remind any parents that haven‟t done so already, to pleasecomplete the permission slip and submit payment, for the children‟s trip to the Heritage Village, onWednesday 17 October 2012.Well done to our stars of the week this week! Anam Liaqat (Owls), Dylan Tayler (Ospreys), Kareem El Zeftawy (Kestrels), Anica Mirza (Falcons), Matthew Wood (Eagles)Al Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 5014888email: primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae