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02 newsletter 20_09_12

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 20 September 2012 Issue 02Dear Parents,From The Music DepartmentIt has been a very exciting few weeks in the Music Department as we kick off the new academicyear. On the Junior choir front, we have managed to attract over 100 keen students. We know thatwe will have the same level of enthusiasm for the Intermediate Choir which starts this Sunday. Ourteam of talented Instrumental teachers have been doing demos this week and last week, whichpositively encouraged the students. The Wiz – KS2 Production More excitement this week as well over 150 children attended a meeting about The Wiz! Children who are interested should sign up for Key Stage 2 Production when they choose their ECA’s. The Wiz will be on Tuesdays, and children will also need to commit to signing up in Term 2 as the performance will be in May. It will be amazing!! Natasha Willsher, FSI Blue, Caoimhe Dooley Cullinane, a sang a solo in her class this Year 6 pupil, sang ‘Someone week. She has the voice of like You’ by Adele in this an angel morning’s AssemblyFrom the PE DepartmentSwimmingPlease ensure that all students bring a towel to swimming lessons, for hygienic reasons we will notallow the sharing of towels. If students forget a towel, they will not take part in that swimming lesson.All girls must wear a swimming cap during swimming lessons, this rule also applies to boys who havelong hair.
  2. 2. Reasons for hair to be in a swimming cap during swimming lessonsHair PlacementOne of the simple advantages that a swimming cap can provide you is theability to keep hair away from the face. When in the water, hair can fall infront of your eyes and face, distracting you and possibly blocking your vision.Hair caps are especially important for those with longer hair that is more likelyto be an interruption.Hair ProtectionA secondary function of a swim cap is the protection it provides for your hair,especially if you are swimming in chlorinated water. Chlorines main action on hair is a drying effect.Chlorine dries the hair both from removing the protective layers of oil from the hair strand, as well asgetting deep inside the strand, drying it from the inside out. The salts in chlorine can also damageyour hair. As chlorine infiltrates the hair strand and dries, the chlorine salts crystallize and expand,weakening the structure of the hair and causing damage. The swim cap keeps the chlorine awayfrom the hair by providing a protective barrier.CleanlinessKeeping your hair securely under a swim cap means you wont shed any hair during your swim. Thiscan help keep a pool clean. When hair falls out in a pool, it often ends up in the pools filters. The hairmay clog the filters or make them dirtier.Primary Swim Team for 2012-2013Congratulations to the following boys and girls who were chosen for the Primary Swim Team this year.6 girls from Year 6 were chosen as two of them had the same number of points. Well done!Training will begin on Monday, 24 September at 2.30pm.Year 6 Year 5BOYS GIRLS BOYS GIRLSKyle Groh Tanami Loftus Thomas Clifton Isabella PalmerRobert Matchett Mette Den Haese Aidan Ball Gabrielle LoftusAlexander Darling Clara Kamel Riley Forbes Halle EvansKareem El Zeftawy Megan Rees Luke Jones Nora WallNor Asyraf Nor Azhar Emmanuelle Vuilleumier Thomas Jelliman Eve Miragliotta Hannah BurnsYear 4 Year 3BOYS GIRLS BOYS GIRLSHayden Woodrow Isabelle Darling Luke Gillroy Sara WallChristian Willsher Taylor Pharoah Sonny Matchett Sydney VenusMarcus Kelly Rebecca Gillroy Callum Dooley Cullinane Stella Da Silva ButtkusMohamed Al Nowai s Olivia Williams Julian Leruth McKenzie KenyonTom Johnston Mckenzie Venus Adam Joumma Libby O’SullivanFrom the School NursesWe all know the saying, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.Sometimes, though, parents are too busy, in the mornings, to prepare a good,healthy breakfast for their children, before they come to school. However, it isso important that they eat something at breakfast time. Here are a few ideas for
  3. 3. very quick and easy breakfasts, which can even be grabbed on the way out of the door and eatenin the car, or prepared the night before! - Single servings of whole-grain, low-sugar cereals - Yoghurt and drinking yoghurts - Fresh fruit - Whole-grain muffin or bagel - Trail mix of nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, crackers and dry cereals - Wholemeal toast, with cheese / peanut butter / nutella / marmite / mashed banana / chopped boiled egg / baked beans - Mix together fruit and milk / yoghurt for a tasty smoothie - Arabic bread and hummous - Crackers and cheese - Even last night’s left-over pizza!NB: Nut and products containing nuts to be eaten at home, as these are NOT allowed in school.Useful websites to check out are:www.kidshealth.org/kid/stay_health/food/breakfast.htmlwww.eatwell.gov.ukwww.5aday.nhs.ukFriend of Al Yasmina (FOY)Welcome PicnicFOY would like to invite Al Yasmina parents and students to our FOY Welcome Picnic this Saturday,22 September from 4pm – 6pm. Please see attached flyer for more details.DiscoPlease note the change of date for the Primary Disco. This is due to the School Inspection the firstweek in October. The Disco will be for all children in Year 1 – Year 6 and will be held on Sunday,7 October in the Primary Sports Hall.Year 1 – Year 3 will be from 4pm – 5pm (15dhs includes snack and drink)Year 4 – Year 6 will be from 5.30pm – 7pm (20dhs includes snack and drink)Tickets will be available at the door.Any information or to volunteer, please contact Gaynor at alyasminafoy@gmail.comSecond hand uniform saleThere will be a second hand uniform sale this Wednesday, 26 September from 1pm - 3pm at the mainatrium.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)We have had a busy week in FS1 meeting our specialistlesson teachers and continuing to settle into school. Weare doing such a great job of learning the schoolroutines during the day using the shared and outdoorareas too. As well as meeting our specialist lessonteachers, we also met our very own class mascots. Itwas lovely to say hello to them in a circle and we areall very excited to see who will be taking our mascothome on Thursday. At the end of the week we had lotsof fun dressing up as a character from the dressing upbox. This was great practice for PE, as next week wewill be changing into our PE kits at school.
  4. 4. Next week, we will be having lots of fun making hand prints using paint. We will put them above thesink to help remind us to wash our hands after going to the toilet and before our snack and lunch. Wewill also be looking at ourselves in a mirror to identifying and describe our facial features. You canhelp your child at home by naming parts of the face and continuing the good habit of hand washingto develop independent personal hygiene.With the outdoor area up and running, could we ask all parents and nannies to ensure that theirchild/ children do not play with the equipment (such as sand, water tray) after school? Thank you.Key DatesParent Information Meeting- 25th of September – 8am.Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)This week the children have been talking non-stop about themselves! We’ve drawn and labeledpictures of ourselves, talked about who is special to us and even made self portraits on theInteractive Whiteboard! We wowed the teachers with our ICT skills even Mrs. Abraham couldn’tbelieve what we were capable of doing!!In Maths, we made birthday cakes and drew the correct number of candles depending on our ageand we made our own pictograms showing the different eye colours in class.
  5. 5. Next week FS2 are going to be big boys and girls and come into class on their own. Please can youdrop your child off at their classroom door and leave them to get sorted (both the class teacher andTA will be around to help the children if they need it). If you need to speak to the teacher, brieflyspeak to them in the morning or if you think you’ll need longer,then wait until the end of the day.Congratulations to last week’s Stars of the WeekMikey O’Sullivan from Ruby class, Sukie Crowter from PurpleClass, Sammy Al Qaimi from Orange Class (who wasunfortunately absent when the photo was taken), Aisha Obaidlifrom Jade Class and Lucy Greenhill from Amber class. Well doneguys, we’re so proud of you!!!Next weekNext week our mini focus is ‘My Family’. We will be talking about the different members of our familyand where they all live, designing plates of food for our family and in Maths we will be doing lots ofcounting and discussing who is the tallest and shortest person in our family. You could help at homeby:  Talking about special events that have happened in the family  Find the flag that is associated to your family’s home country  Practice counting lots of objects e.g. the number of sweets in a smarties box  Order items from biggest to smallest e.g. toysPhonics Focus:Revision of Phase 2 sounds: i n m dContinue playing on these fab websites:http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/phase-2-games.htmlhttp://www.familylearning.org.uk/phonics_games.htmlhttp://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/Phase2Menu.htmKey datesMonday 24th September – FS2 Parent Information Meeting at 8amTuesday 25th September – The children will be making their own family tree. From Sunday onwards,the child are allowed to bring in some photos of family members. These will be cut up so please don’tsend sentimental pictures unless they have been scanned.Wednesday 26th September –The children will be making their own family crests. If you have anythingfrom the list below that will support your child in the making of their crest, please send them in as soonas possible.  Flags that represent the countries his/her family comes from  Pictures/photos of foods that are commonly eaten at home  Pictures/explanations that represent their first or last names  Photos that show family celebrationsYear 1It’s been an exciting week in here in Year 1! We are alladjusting nicely to our new classes and routines. In Literacythis week, we have been reading the story ‘Here Come theAliens’. We have focused on adjectives this week and usingthem in our sentences. We loved deigning our very own
  6. 6. aliens and writing descriptions about them including adjectives. Do you like the display we made?In Numeracy we have been busy counting forwards and backwards to 20. We have enjoyedordering numbers correctly and practising our number formations. Well done to all our Super Stars of the Week Zack (Sparrows), Noor (Larks), Sheikha (Cuckoos), Dalal (Doves), Sari (Robins).Next week in Literacy, we will be focusing on the story ‘Alfie’s Feet’. We will be retelling this story andsequencing the main events. In Numeracy we will be looking at place value and counting inmultiples of ten. In Science we will be learning about our five senses and exploring how we use themevery day!Year 2Year 2 have had an extremely busy and productive timethis week. We have loved spending time in our fabulousnew and improved shared area. We particularly like ourBedouin reading corner. In Topic this week we have been learning all about Bedouins and in Art we have been making our own Bedouin lamps to decorate our tent in the shared area.In Maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers andplace value.
  7. 7. In Literacy we have been reading ‘The Desert Leveret’ by Kathy Hoopman and writing our ownacrostic poems. Here are a few snippets:Dazzling deserts cover the worldEnergetic camels raceScary camel spiders sneak out at nightEerie night swoops downRocky mountains reach up highTough sand stings my feetI’m sure you’ll agree that Year 2 have some very talented poets!In social studies we have been learning all about spiders in the U.A.E. We created posters to warnpeople where they might be hiding and what they look like. Did you know that camel spiders areattracted to lights? Beware and remember to turn your lights off when you go camping!Next week:In Literacy we will be reading the story ‘Icky Doo Dah’ by and creating our own news reports. InMaths we will be learning about finding 10 more or less than any given number up to 100. We will alsobegin number calculations by learning to understand that subtraction is the inverse of addition. Intopic we will be creating our own weather reports and in Art we will be creating some camouflagedesert creatures!Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekLojain Bassiouni, Hannah Crighton, Harvey Redfern,Joseph Schumaker and Meera Ghanem.Year 3 Year 3 children have been producing some great Egyptian art work this week. We have been identifying key features of non-fiction texts and making notes from them.
  8. 8. In our topic we have been using an atlas to locate Egypt and the river Nile. In Maths we have beenlearning our number bonds to 100.Next Week’s learning focus will be:Literacy- Making notes from texts and broadcasts in readiness to write a report; and highlighting Keyfeatures of reports. Numeracy- The children will be learning to partition numbers up to thousands,hundreds, tens and units. Science- identifying the different type of teeth we have e.g. molars, incisorsand their purpose.Topic- We will be learning about Ancient Egypt writing in the form of Hieroglyphics.Trip informationJust a reminder of our trip to Café Ceramique in Dubai next week and that children are in schoolready to leave at 8am.Unwanted fiction/nonfiction booksIf any parents have any unwanted fiction/nonfiction books that they could donate to our Year 3/4shared reading area,we would be most grateful.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Katherine Vandy Zoha Ali Boodi Al Riyami Ummehani Ghadially Ali Khan Cormorants Buntings Curlews Ravens TernsYear 4Year 4 have been very busy this week investigating what our skeletons are made up of and trying toname some of the bones in the body. In literacy the children have been excited about reading‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ - the teachers are constantly being asked to read more! Along withthis the children have been working on their use of descriptive language and are inventing their own‘marvellous medicine recipes’.
  9. 9. In numeracy the children have been looking at place valueand negative numbers. The children have been improvingtheir artistic skills looking at perspective in preparation ofmaking their own food landscape picture.Next week the children will be building on the numberknowledge we have revised this week in numeracy and inliteracy the children will be looking at story structure andcreating their own beginning and endings for stories. Well done to last week’s stars: Amelie Prideaux, Christian Willsher, Ashley Miragliotta, Taylor Pharoah and Nora AL Braiki.Year 5It’s been another busy week in Year 5, with everyone starting to get to grips with new timetables androutines. We’ve been analysing silent animation films and identifying how they impact the audienceby looking at emotion, camera angles, music and lighting. We have also been investigating howthey made moving images back in the 1800s. Ask your child about a thaumatrope – perhaps theycan make one at home with you.Thank you to all the parents that were able to come to the Parents Information Meeting on Monday.For those that couldn’t make it, the handouts are going home with your child today and thepresentation power points should have been e mailed out to all parents.Next week in Math’s we will be working on adding and subtracting decimal numbers, this willincorporate ‘money’. In Literacy we will be creating conversations in a film by adding speech anddeveloping a storyboard with flashbacks. In Science we will be planning and carrying out aninvestigation to look at how light passes through certain materials. In Art & DT we are creatingsilhouettes. In ICT we will be making a flipbook. Finally in Topicwe will be collating and completing our research on ourartefactsCongratulations to our the Stars of week.Well done to Eve Miragliotta, Jana Al Armouti, Adrian Martin,Poppy Smith and Max Palmer
  10. 10. Year 6What a wonderfully inquisitive week we have had in Year 6. In literacy we have been finding outabout different types of fiction genres and revealing our favourite one. We have identified the keyfeatures of various genres and have used these to help us write our own short stories in a specificstyle. We have a lot of budding, talented authors out there! Science lessons this week have informedus of how green plants make their own food during a process called photosynthesis. Test ourknowledge and understanding by asking why the leaves of a plant are green. Continuing with our‘There’s No Place Like Home’ topic we have started to create brochures that will provide each otherwith amazing information about our home countries and will hopefully inspire others to visit there.Next week we shall be starting to compare our home countries to the countries of the Caribbean! Inliteracy we will be focusing on the fiction genre traditional tales, stories which are passed down orallyrelating to traditions of people and culture. The traditional tales we will be reading will be from theCaribbean. In numeracy lessons we will continue focusing on place value. However in the followingweek we will move on to data handling and will require some information about the climates of ourhome countries (please see the homework tasks for more information). May I please ask that youcontinue to send in as many spare or unwanted magazines as possible, which will be used to helpthe pupils create a mood board during art lessons.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekWell done to all of you!Tarik Kurkcu, Jo Vanden Auweele, Tanami Loftus, ConorGammell and Ashlyn MartinMay we present the 2012-13 House Captains and Vice Captains. Well done to all of you in making anoutstanding presentation which led to your appointment.Voyager Discovery Challenger EndeavourAbigail Stanley (C) Sandali Weerasekera (C) Eoghan Cumbers (C) Ana Sofia Bustamante (C)Ronan Greene (VC) Omar Zeidan (VC) Layla Jawhari (VC) Aine Griffiths (C)
  11. 11. Dates for your DiarySaturday 22 September - FOY Welcome Picnic (see attached flyer for more details)Sunday 23 September - Year 3 Café Ceramique (Curlew and Ravens)Monday 24 September - Year 3 Café Ceramique (Buntings and Terns)Monday 24 September - FS2 Parent Information Morning at 8amTuesday 25 September - Year 3 Café Ceramique (Cormorants)Tuesday 25 September - FS1 Parent Information Morning at 8amWednesday 26 September - MARHABA Open House Event 5pm – 6.30pmWednesday 26 September - Second hand uniform sale in atrium from 1pm – 3pmSunday 7 October - Primary DiscoAl Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 5014888email: primarypa@alyasmina.sch.ae