Hr practises wipro


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Hr practises wipro

  1. 1. WIPRO – Western India Products Ltd. Founded by Hasham Premji in December 1945. Started as a vegetable oil company from an old mill. Azim Premji, took on the leadership of Company at the age of 21. He repositioned Wipro into a consumer goods company that produced cooking oils, laundry soap, wax and tin containers. In 1977, it entered the Information Technology Centre. In 1979, it began developing its own Computers. In 1980, it moved in software development and started developing customized software packages for their hardware customers.
  2. 2. Spirit of Wipro Intensity to Win Act with Sensitivity Unyielding Integrity  Spirit of Wipro is the core of Wipro. It is the contemporary articulation of the never changing values that Wipro Practices and is rooted in current reality.
  3. 3. Objectives “When I look at where we have come, what gives me tremendous satisfaction is not so much the success, but the fact that we achieved this success without compromising on the value we defined for ourselves? Values combined with a powerful vision can turbo-charge a company to scale new heights and make it succeed beyond one’s wildest expectations.” Azim Premji • Forecast manpower requirements.. • Cope with changes – environment, economic, organizational. • Use existing manpower productively. • Promote employees in a systematic way.
  4. 4. HR Practices • Systematic analysis of HR needs in order to ensure that correct number of employees with the necessary skills are available when they are required.
  5. 5. Evolution of Six Sigma at WIPRO • Enabled decision making based on metrics and measurement. • If you know how many “defects” are there, you can solve them one by one to have “zero defect”. • Statistical method to translate information and makes analysis easy. • Work Smart and not Hard. • Wipro achieved: 91% scheduled project delivery. • 10+ years of experience with six sigma.
  6. 6. Six Sigma Methodology
  7. 7. Model of HR Policy System
  8. 8. Employee Relationship ManagementTalent Management Learning Technology Solutions Content Development Consulting Documentation Services Internal Talent Transformation Payroll
  9. 9. RecruitmentAnd Selection Sources Recruitments Internal Sources Promotions & Transfer Job Postings Employee Referrals External sources Advertisement Employment Agency On Campus Employment Exchange Education and Training Institute
  10. 10. Employee Selection Process Preliminary Interview Application Blanks Written Tests Employment Interviews Medical Exams Appointment letter
  11. 11. Training and Development Model • Critical Training • Minor change • Short Shelf Life • Frequent Updates Rapid Learning • Analyze • Inform • Involve • Support Process Training Wipro Training Model
  12. 12. Entry Level New Leader Wipro Leader Business Leader Strategic Leader Leadership Development Program
  13. 13. • Giving Feedback to employees. • Identify employee training needs. • Forma basis for personal decisions: Increments, Set Backs, Promotions. • Provide opportunity for organizational diagnosis. • Facilitate communication between employer and administrator. Performance appraisal
  14. 14. Promotion • On the basis of : • Seniority. • Merit.
  15. 15. Compensation
  16. 16. Employee Welfare • Education to employee’s children. • Nobody Should die without funds • Housing in own township • Canteen facility or allowance • Sports • Recreation activities • Club membership • Insurance policy
  17. 17. Incentives • Wings within. • Wipro Leadership Program • Recognition: Wipro Hall of fame, Mastermind, Thanks a zillion, Dear boss. • Long services award
  18. 18. Monetary Benefits • Medical assistance program. • Educational Assistance program • Interest free loan : car & housing • Contingency Loans • Wipro Employee stock option plan (WESOP) • Credit Cards
  19. 19. wipro