Mobile Marketing Small Business IM Basic Training


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Akiva Ben-Ezra

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  • Blackberry is most widely-used at 42%, and the iPhone 31%, and Android at 12%.
  • Mobile Marketing Small Business IM Basic Training

    1. 1. Small Business IM Basic TrainingJuly. 30, 2013 Ben-Ezra Marketing
    2. 2. Agenda  About Ben-Ezra Marketing  Why Mobile?  Mobile Strategy  Mobile Websites  Apps  QR Codes  Text Messaging
    3. 3. About [YOUR-COMPANY] Ben-Ezra Marketing is a full-service mobile marketing agency specializing in innovative and engaging mobile communication programs, promotions and campaigns. Mobile Web Apps QR Codes Mobile Location Analytics Text Message Marketing Social Media Management Mobile SEO & Mobile Advertising
    4. 4. The Mobile Revolution  More then a third of U.S. Adults own a smart phone.  95% of smartphone owners search locally  Customer attention span is only 7 sec. long
    5. 5. MOBILE WEB 34% of Americans access the web on their mobile device. TRIPLE DIGITGROWTH rate in usage. (eMarketer) (Quantcast) Engagement is on the Rise
    6. 6. Mobile Coupons are Booming MOBILE COUPONS Greater than 10x user growth in 2010 with triple digit increases in 2011 & 2012 in North America. (Yankee Group)
    7. 7. 37% 55% 44%18-24 YR OLDS 18-24 YR OLDS MOBILE USERS checked their mobile in the last five minutes. checked their mobile in the last fifteen minutes. checked their mobile in the last thirty minutes. Source: InsightExpress Mobile is Immediate!
    8. 8. AWARENESSCONSIDERATION PREFERENCE PURCHASELOYALTY • Mobile Web • Mobile Advertising • SMS Contesting • Mobile Web • Mobile Coupon and Updates opt-in • Mobile Web • Mobile Updates • Mobile Apps • Mobile Web • SMS Coupon or Incentives • Mobile Apps • mCommerce • Mobile Web • SMS updates • Coupons (Web & SMS) • Mobile Apps • Polling and Voting You get valuable data at each step along the path enabling ROI reporting and an optimization feedback loop. Mobile Purchase Decision Making The Mobile Purchase Decision Funnel turns eyeballs into buyers.
    9. 9. Use these tools to build brand preference, drive transactions, and increase customer loyalty. APPS MOBILE WEB Platform Independent Rich Experience Brand Extensible Easily Publishable No — A separate application is required for each platform. Yes — The mobile web is accessible on each platform. Yes — Apps can take total advantage of native features. Yes/No — With work, some native features can be used. Yes — Apps are a great extension of your brand. Yes — Mobile sites are a great extension of your brand. No — Apps require a lengthy approval process for release. Yes — Updating a mobile site takes mere minutes. Traditional Apps vs Mobile Web Apps
    10. 10. Premium Mobile Websites Our mobile sites lives in harmony with existing websites We convert your existing website into a mobile friendly version, compatible with nearly all smartphones and fully compliant with your brand. Our system auto-detects traffic from mobile devices and redirects to your mobile-friendly version
    11. 11. Premium Mobile Websites How Do I create a Mobile Website? 1. Test and see if your website is mobile Optimized • Build a Mobile Optimized Website Duda Mobile Wp Touch Ez Mobile Site Generater Responsive Design
    12. 12. Platform Benefits  Turnkey: easy, quick and inexpensive way to go mobile  Proven: our platform powers over 500 mobile websites worldwide  Scalable: always up-to-date, redundant, flexible and secure  Integrated: powerful CMS integrates with any existing website Our platform is compatible with more than 98% of mobile traffic!
    13. 13. Over 30 features
    14. 14. DR CAMPAIGN Tailor Mobile Marketing for Lead Generation SMS response from offline media (print, TV, etc.) SMS Contesting CONVERSIONS AWARENESS BRAND CAMPAIGN Tailor Mobile Marketing for Campaign Recall TOOLS/TACTICS DATA AVAILABLE SMS: Phone #, carrier, referring source Mobile Web: Location, device type. Must ask for personally identifiable info. Mobile Web advertising In-app advertising Sponsored apps TOOLS/TACTICS DATA AVAILABLE Mobile Web: Impressions, clicks, referring sources In-app: Impressions, engagement, clicks. The Big Picture: Mobile Strategy
    15. 15. Mobile Microsites Contact Information Data Collection Product Database Social Networking Content Download Mobile Commerce Geolocation Contest Entry
    16. 16. Customer Acquisition  Allows companies to engage users and capture information on location  Drive traffic through QR codes, SMS links, email, Facebook and Twitter  Provides an instant and secure contact capture form to acquire new customers anytime, anywhere
    17. 17. Mobile Offers & Loyalty Discounts  Offer free gifts, discounts, incentives, and reminders with our Mobile Coupon Platform  Create a campaign, broadcast it, and experience an immediate increase in traffic! Mobile coupons are a great way to: • Have immediate impact on your brand • Eliminate printing and mailing costs • Track redemption rates • Minimize investment in your POS set-up Sample
    18. 18. mCommerce – Mobile Sales On-the-Go  Gives your consumer the ability to purchase instantly, when and where the impulse strikes!  Combines: 1. ease of purchase 2. location-awareness 3. ready access to information  Mobile commerce will surpass eCommerce  A must have for ticket-based events and retail  Accessible via social media, SMS and QR codes Use these tools to drive transactions, and increase loyalty.
    19. 19. QR Codes  A QR code is only as good as it’s landing page…  SMART QR Codes: • Point to mobile optimized landing pages • Grab attention • Help spread mobile coupons • Build lists of mobile phone users • Run better marketing metrics • Easily share mobile media (photos/videos) • Achieve marketing objectives!
    20. 20. QR Codes  A QR code is only as good as it’s landing page…  How to create a qr Code: • Google Free Qr code generator • • Mobile Optimized Page • Facebook • Youtube • Txt Message • Phone Call
    21. 21. Near Field Communications (NFC)  Allows for simplified transactions, data exchange, and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity  Active vs. PASSIVE – NFC will be driven by marketing, not payments  NFC stickers, SmartPosters
    22. 22. Text Message (SMS) Marketing  Bulk SMS Blast: Send and receive bulk/individual SMS messages via our easy-to-use web based software and direct carrier connection.  Mobile Keywords: Text “yourword" to 12345 – provide on-demand rewards, coupons, links to mobile sites and loyalty program opt-ins.  Online and Mobile Sign-up Forms: Customers can easily enter their contact info on your website and get added to your SMS lists.  Mobile Voting: Create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes/polls.
    23. 23. Text Message (SMS) Marketing Txt Message Marketing Platforms  Sms Coin (  Yep Txt (  Free Mobile Biz Cards(  Online and Mobile Sign-up Forms: Customers can easily enter their contact info on your website and get added to your SMS lists.  Mobile Voting: Create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes/polls.
    24. 24.  SMS-backed mobile loyalty programs tie in with email and direct-mail programs  Include a URL in the SMS message to link back to the mobile web for further engagement, data capture, and conversion.  In retail, SMS is becoming the best tool for CRM and loyalty efforts.  Use SMS for:  store alerts  news updates  coupons  reminders SMS for Direct Response
    25. 25. MMS Picture Messaging MMS is the new standard in mobile messaging and often times gets 2 to 3 times the response rate in comparison to standard text messaging alone. Increased Direct Response Rate Targeted MMS Personalized MMS Interactive MMS Mass MMS Announcements Go Green
    26. 26. Questions?