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Fallon Brainfood: From Boring to Big Bang
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Fallon Brainfood: From Boring to Big Bang


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...From Boring to Big Bang: How Causes Can Get Interesting And Get Attention From News and Newsfeeds . Presented at Strategy for Good Twin Cities, December 10, 2011. …

...From Boring to Big Bang: How Causes Can Get Interesting And Get Attention From News and Newsfeeds . Presented at Strategy for Good Twin Cities, December 10, 2011.

Aki Spicer, Director of Digital Strategy at Fallon Worldwide, challenges social entrepreneurs and non-profits with a framework for brainstorming their marketing initiatives into bigger, more "social" ideas.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. …From Boring to Big BangHow Causes Can Get Interesting And Get Attention From News and NewsfeedsStrategy For Good, Twin Cities#S4GMPLSDecember 10, 2011
  • 2. Hi. Im Aki Spicer. Director of Digital Strategy Veteran Planning Director @nexus of consumer culture and technology Blogger, Author, User Adjunct Professor, University of Minnesota Co-Founding "Officer of Good" for Planning For Good Forging a “post-digital” approach Ushering advertising into the age of participation
  • 3. Everybody wants to know the secret…
  • 4. {Interestingness}
  • 5. A dark art best left to experts?
  • 6. Don’t Apologize For Your Message.Instead, Let’s Wring More Interestingness Out Of Your Message.
  • 7. So…How can my cause marketing get more interesting?
  • 8. Start by understanding the motivations of Press People
  • 9. PeoplePress
  • 10. Press{STORIES WORTH TELLING} People
  • 11. Newsfeed News
  • 12. News{STORIES WORTH TELLING} Newsfeed
  • 13. The harsh truth (from a friend who cares)…Your Press Release is often not a story (worth telling).Yet.
  • 14. 10 #Winning Approaches to Get Interesting…and Get Attention From News and Newsfeeds Lets look at some highly effective cause marketers, and what you can learn from them.
  • 15. 1. A great master of marketing Interestingness:William Castle, knew well how to Inject a Bit ofTheater into his announcements
  • 16. 2. Tate Modern Dumbs It Down by making fine artrelatable to pop culture and current times
  • 17. 3. Childrens’ Defense Fund Shocks/Mocks theSystem by running a 10YO for President
  • 18. 4. Minnesota Planetarium Society Challenges Age-Old Assumptions with a provocative new world view
  • 19. 5. “I Love Boobies” gets Refreshingly Honest toengage youth targets with a serious issue
  • 20. 6. Livestrong and #iranelection, and Starbuck’s Jobsfor USA Make Participation Easy
  • 21. 7. PETA Borrows Equity from buzzworthy celebhijinks to get their own message passed along
  • 22. 8. Susan G. Komen and (Red) recognizes and LendsEquity to brands
  • 23. 9. Special Olympics and MS Make People Co-Marketers into their otherwise serious agendas
  • 24. 10. Movember introduces “man cancer” into theconversation by generously Lending Interestingnessto Its Participants
  • 25. 10 #Winning Approaches to Get Interesting 1.  Inject A Bit Of Theater 2.  Dumb It Down 3.  Shock/Mock The System 4.  Challenge Age-Old Assumptions 5.  Get Refreshingly Honest 6.  Make Participation Easy 7.  Borrow Equity 8.  Lend Equity (to brands) 9.  Make People Co-Marketers 10.  Lend Interestingness to Your Participants…and Get Attention From News and Newsfeeds
  • 26. Appendix
  • 27. Bookmarkshttp://bytes.fallonhotdish.com
  • 28. Fallon Brainfood—trends, ideas, opportunities, andthought leadership for our brands.Brainfood is our all-agency food-for-thought.Where we’ve been in recent years:Being Digital // Social 10 // Virtuality // Design For All //China Rising // Fall0nylitics // Mobile 10 // The Google+ Opportunity //How Customer Service Will Save Luxury // Startup and Never Stop //Coupons 2.0 // How to Make Contagious Ideas // and moreUpcoming:Social Media Dollars and Sense // UX and You // How to PlanMobile Apps // and moreMissed previous Brainfoods?Go to