PR & Social Media Workshop - Thrive Health Fair


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Sharing Your Story through PR & Social Media by Anthony Kirlew. Presented at the Thrive Health Fair (April 2013.)

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PR & Social Media Workshop - Thrive Health Fair

  1. 1. Sharing Your (Business) StoryThrough PR & Social MediaAnthony Kirlew#ThriveHealthFair
  2. 2. • Wall Street Journal• MSN•• Fox News• Go Gilbert Magazine• 202 Magazine• Arizona RepublicWhere My Clients & I Have ReceivedPress Coverage• Blog Talk Radio• Scottsdale Airpark News• East Valley Tribune• Business News Daily• Modesto Bee• Washington Business Journal• Phoenix Business Journal
  3. 3. • The art of developing and managing the public image of an organization• Can include:o Drafting and distributing press releaseso Developing relationships with local and industry mediaprofessionalso Crisis / Reputation Management• It’s not advertising• Doesn’t have to be expensive• Not a one-time event• Goal is publicity (getting noticed & getting your message out)What is PR (Public Relations)
  4. 4. • Print (Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)• TV• Radio• Online• Social MediaTypical Channels for Publicity
  5. 5. Why You Should Consider PRWho is the best person to tell your story?HINT: It’s not you 
  6. 6. Editorial Content Ranks #3 in Trust
  7. 7. • Third party credibility / validation for yourcompany, product, or service.• Increases Online Exposure in Search Engines• Reinforces Your Expertise• Proactive Brand / Reputation ManagementMore Reason to Leverage PR
  8. 8. STORY: Local (Mesa based) Electrical Contractor was hiredto update wall sconces at the Biltmore Hotel and wanted tosell them.PITCH: My company ran a local PR campaign for them.RESULT: Received media coverage via Mesa Republic &KTARSmall Business PR Case Study
  9. 9. Small Business PR Case Study
  10. 10. RESULTS: According to client “Phone Rang Off the Hook” for a fewweeks after media coverage. Client generated roughly $3,000 in sales and service(installation) revenue and generated additional exposure viaweb and print. Campaign cost = $750.00 ROI = > 300%Small Business PR Case Study
  11. 11. • Be a News Source• Be a Newsmaker2 Strategies for Gaining Publicity
  12. 12.  Develop relationships with journalists Media Events Social Media Direct Outreach Subscribe to Press Services HARO – PitchRate.comBecoming a News Source
  13. 13. Social Media Press Opps
  14. 14.  A silver bullet for your PR campaign Media requests delivered via email three times per dayHelp a Reporter
  15. 15. • How to respondo Explain why you are the experto Provide input for their storyo Always give your cell number as a contacto Citing prior media mentions can helpo Have an online news room on your websiteBecoming a News Source
  16. 16. Press Releases 101Be a Newsmaker
  17. 17. • Headlineso Use numbers / statso Use keywords (helps with SEO)• Opening Paragrapho Who - is making the announcement?o What - are they announcing?o When - is this taking place?o Where - is this taking place?o Why - do I care? (or why is this newsworthy?)Press Release Creation
  18. 18. Press Release Creation• Always written in the third party• It’s not advertising• Always use a quote• Make sure it is proofed and edited• Close with “About Company” paragraph and link.
  19. 19. Press Release Distribution• Personal media contact listo How do they prefer to connecto When to connecto Getting back in timeo The power of working with internso Personalize the pitcho Are they the right reporter?
  20. 20. Press Release Distribution• Online services (I don’t recommend free services)o Webwire.como OnlinePRMedia.como PRWeb.como• Social Mediao Personal SOI - Contacts, Fans, Clients, etc.o Industry / Local bloggers
  21. 21. Responding to Journalists• Respond ASAP• Get media coaching (Especially for TV)• Be cautious of paid offers
  22. 22. Additional Press Tips• Create a Media listo Target geo and industryo Use social media to connect• Editorial Calendarso Make PR an ongoing part of your marketing campaign• Understanding Journalistso They need experts
  23. 23. Let’s Get Social!
  24. 24. Social Media Strategy• Developing a Social Media Footprinto Create compelling profileso Start with who you knowo Educate, Empower, & Influenceo It’s not about sellingo Great for branding and building online presence
  25. 25. Social Media Sites That Mattero LinkedIn (B2B)o Twitter (Hashtags)o Google+ (Hashtags)o Facebook (B2C)o Pinterest
  26. 26. #Hashtags
  27. 27. Social Media Strategy - Blogging• The most critical component is a blogo Your blog is your social media hubo Allows you to promote (unlike press releases)o Answer Questionso Creates content for your competitors to shareo Guest blogging
  28. 28. Social Media Tactical Strategy• Advertise with Cautiono Have specific goalso Capture leads• Practical & Tacticalo Share often but make it count Tips Testimonials Events Blog posts Ask / Answer questions
  29. 29. Social Media Tactical Strategy• Images and videos often get shared more• Sell less, give more• Never link to dormant social media profiles• Be relevant (Use an editorial calendar)• Tell people what you want them to do (Like, Share, etc.)• “Ask for a date”• Track everything
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Your Next Steps• Start creating your PR strategy.• Start creating your Social Media strategy.• Take part in the coaching program being offered.• Register for my FREE eCourse at
  32. 32. Contact Me:Anthony KirlewTel: 602-903-6223 x700Email: akirlew@akaim.comWeb: http://www.akaim.comFacebook: @AnthonyKirlew @oldschoolseoThank you for attending!