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Online Content Marketing - American Markteing Association Phoenix
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Online Content Marketing - American Markteing Association Phoenix


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. @AnthonyKirlew Online Content Marketing August 8, 2013 Anthony Kirlew
  • 2. @AnthonyKirlew Who is Anthony Kirlew? • Launched first Internet Marketing firm in 1999 (NSI Partners) • Founder of AKA Internet Marketing – Internet Marketing & Social Media Agency • Co- Author of Media Magnetism (A Guide to PR Success) • Featured on Social Media Today,, Mashable, and other notable sites as an Industry expert. • That last statement just put some pressure on me to deliver above average content • I never hold back any “secrets” when I speak  • Will never win an award for the prettiest PowerPoint, but… • I never hold back any “secrets” when I speak  • I am a Drag Racing Fanatic!
  • 3. @AnthonyKirlew That’s Me… Who are you?
  • 4. @AnthonyKirlew KINGContent is
  • 5. @AnthonyKirlew Types of Online Content • Social Media Content (Profiles, Apps) • Web Content (Copy, Blogs, White Papers, eBooks) • Press Content (The Source or The Story) • Video Content (Teasers, Music, Trainings, Movies, etc.) • Audio (Podcasts, Online Radio) • Images
  • 6. @AnthonyKirlew Web Content (Analyzing Web Copy) • Does your copy get the visitors attention? • Do you have a compelling offer? • Do visitors immediately know what you do? • Does it highlight features & benefits • Testimonials / Third Party Validation
  • 7. @AnthonyKirlew Web Content (Blogging) • Creates Fresh & Relevant Content • More is Better (According to Google) • Leveraging Audiences (Guest Blogging) • On the Same Domain as Your Website - • Attracts Links • Your Competitors Will Promote YOU!
  • 8. @AnthonyKirlew Web Content (Blogging) • What Makes Great Blog Content? o Questions & Answers o How To’s o Press / Company News o Promotions & Offers (Sparingly) o Video blog posts
  • 9. @AnthonyKirlew Web Content (Blogging Opportunity) Source:
  • 10. @AnthonyKirlew Viral Web Content What makes good VIRAL content? • Free eBooks • White Papers • Great blog posts (use images) • Autoresponder Content What viral looks like in Analytics
  • 11. @AnthonyKirlew Responsive Design / Mobile Web Source:
  • 12. @AnthonyKirlew Why Responsive / Mobile Web Design? Source:
  • 13. @AnthonyKirlew Content Marketing via Social Media
  • 14. @AnthonyKirlew Social Media Strategy Developing a Social Media Footprint o Create compelling (& complete) social media profiles o Start with who you know (Small Businesses in particular) o Educate, Empower, & Influence o It’s not about selling o Great for branding and building online presence o Integrate Lead Capture for Optimal Results
  • 15. @AnthonyKirlew Social Media Lead Capture Examples
  • 16. @AnthonyKirlew Social Media Sites That Matter o LinkedIn (B2B) o Twitter (B2B) o Google+ (B2B / B2C) o Facebook (B2C) o Pinterest (Image / Media rich businesses) (B2C) o YouTube (Video Platform) (B2C)
  • 17. @AnthonyKirlew Corporate Social Media Usage Source:
  • 18. @AnthonyKirlew Social Media Tactical Strategy • Images and videos often get shared more • Sell less, give more • Never link to dormant social media profiles • Be relevant (Use an editorial calendar) • Tell people what you want them to do (Like, Share, etc.) • “Ask for a date” • Track everything
  • 19. @AnthonyKirlew Social Media Tactical Strategy • What content to share? • Tips • Testimonials • Events • Blog Posts • Ask / Answer questions (Engage your audience) • Contests
  • 20. @AnthonyKirlew LinkedIn Tips • People Come to LinkedIn to do Business (#1 Professional Social Network) • Have Relevant and Up to Date Contact Info • Use the Summary to Sell Your Business and Make an Offer • Create a Company Page (More online real estate) • Group Participation is Powerful (Can direct message members) • Group “Ownership” is Even Better • Allows You to Build Your Own Community within LinkedIn • Allows You to Market to a Targeted Group • Works Great as a Lead Generation Tool
  • 21. @AnthonyKirlew LinkedIn Group
  • 22. @AnthonyKirlew LinkedIn Group Marketing Tactics • Build the membership • Post content, and post it often • Send a Weekly email to your group • Send an autoresponse to members that join. • Offer them something of value in exchange for their name and email
  • 23. @AnthonyKirlew Google Plus • Confusion in the Camp • Google Plus Local (Local profile for reviews) • Google Plus (Personal Profile) • Google Plus Brand Pages (Akin to Facebook Business Pages)
  • 24. @AnthonyKirlew Google Plus • Claiming Google Authorship • Links Your Google+ Profile to Your Online Content • Image based posts get more clicks • Improves Online Presence
  • 25. @AnthonyKirlew Google+ Tactics Google+ business page Verification – Add your badge on your website. Add and verify all your social media profiles, websites, and blogs on your Google+ profile page.
  • 26. @AnthonyKirlew Google+ Tactics Google Hangouts vs. Live Hangouts On Air Hangouts + =
  • 27. @AnthonyKirlew Twitter Tactics • The power of Twitter Search • #hashtags • Saved searches
  • 28. @AnthonyKirlew Facebook Tactics • Great Opportunity for Consumer Based Businesses • Focus on Community Building (Not Just Selling) • Become the Local Go To Source • Understand the Power of Paid Promotion
  • 29. @AnthonyKirlew Facebook Tactics
  • 30. @AnthonyKirlew Facebook Tactics – 22 Social (The Power App) Try out the 22 Social App:
  • 31. @AnthonyKirlew Facebook Tactics – 22 Social (The Power App) Try out the 22 Social App:
  • 32. @AnthonyKirlew Facebook Tactics – 22 Social (The Power App) Try out the 22 Social App:
  • 33. @AnthonyKirlew Facebook Tactics – 22 Social (The Power App) Try out the 22 Social App:
  • 34. @AnthonyKirlew Content Marketing Through Press & Media Relations
  • 35. @AnthonyKirlew Press (PR) Strategies • Huge missed opportunity • Who would you rather have tell your story? • It’s about relationships • Being a source • Being a newsmaker • Have a press calendar / Be prepared
  • 36. @AnthonyKirlew • The art of developing and managing the public image of an organization • Can include: o Drafting and distributing press releases o Developing relationships with local and industry media professionals o Crisis / Reputation Management • It’s not advertising • Doesn’t have to be expensive • Not a one-time event • Goal is publicity (getting noticed & getting your message out) What is PR (Public Relations)
  • 37. @AnthonyKirlew • Print (Newspapers, Magazines, etc.) • TV • Radio • Online • Social Media Typical Channels for Publicity
  • 38. @AnthonyKirlew • Wall Street Journal • MSN • • Fox News • Go Gilbert Magazine • 202 Magazine • Arizona Republic • American Express (Open Forum) Media Outlets Where My Clients & I Have Had Exposure • Mashable • Blog Talk Radio • Scottsdale Airpark News • East Valley Tribune • Business News Daily • Modesto Bee • Washington Business Journal • Phoenix Business Journal
  • 39. @AnthonyKirlew Why You Should Consider PR Who is the best person to tell your story? HINT: It’s not you 
  • 40. Editorial Content Ranks #3 in Trust
  • 41. @AnthonyKirlew • Third party credibility / validation for your company, product, or service. • Increases Online Exposure in Search Engines • Reinforces Your Expertise • Proactive Brand / Reputation Management More Reason to Leverage PR
  • 42. @AnthonyKirlew STORY: Local Electrical Contractor was hired to update wall sconces at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix and wanted to sell them. PITCH: My company ran a local PR campaign for them. RESULT: Received media coverage via Mesa Republic & KTAR Small Business PR Case Study
  • 43. Small Business PR Case Study
  • 44. @AnthonyKirlew RESULTS: • According to client “Phone Rang Off the Hook” for a few weeks after media coverage. • Client generated roughly $3,000 in sales and service (installation) revenue and generated additional exposure via web and print. • Campaign cost = $750.00 • ROI = > 300% Small Business PR Case Study
  • 45. @AnthonyKirlew • Be a News Source (They contact you) • Be a Newsmaker (You contact them) 2 Strategies for Gaining Publicity
  • 46. @AnthonyKirlew • Develop relationships with journalists o Media Events o Social Media o Direct Outreach • Subscribe to Press Services o HARO – o Becoming a News Source
  • 47. @AnthonyKirlew Social Media Press Opps
  • 48. @AnthonyKirlew  A must have for PR & Marketing Professionals  Media requests delivered via email three times per day Help a Reporter
  • 49. @AnthonyKirlew • How to respond o Explain why you are the expert o Provide input for their story o Always give your cell number as a contact o Citing prior media mentions can help o Have an online news room on your website Becoming a News Source
  • 50. @AnthonyKirlew Press Release Pitch Tips • Personal media contact list o How do they prefer to connect (Don’t Forget Twitter) o When to connect o Getting back in time o The power of working with interns / freelancers o Personalize the pitch o Are they the right reporter?
  • 51. @AnthonyKirlew Press Release Distribution • Online Press Services (I don’t recommend free services) • Can’t Get Traditional Coverage • SEO / Link Building (Let’s discuss the controversy) • Social Media Source:
  • 52. @AnthonyKirlew Responding to Journalists • Respond ASAP when you are contacted • Get media coaching (Especially for TV) • Be cautious of paid offers
  • 53. @AnthonyKirlew Additional Press Tips • Create a Media list o Target geo and industry o Use social media to connect • Editorial Calendars o Make PR an ongoing part of your marketing campaign • Understanding Journalists o They need experts
  • 54. @AnthonyKirlew Content Marketing Through Video
  • 55. @AnthonyKirlew Why Video Marketing? YouTube Statistics: • 800M Unique Users Visit YouTube each month. • Over 3 Billion Videos are Viewed Daily (How Many are Yours?) • YouTube Mobile Gets over 400M Views per Day (13% of daily views). • Owned by Google – Boosts Online Presence
  • 56. @AnthonyKirlew Video Content Marketing • The Video Production Studio You Already Have • The 5 Minute Video Marketing Solution • Going Viral on YouTube
  • 57. @AnthonyKirlew Tactical Video Marketing Strategies • Use relevant keywords (and phone number) in titles and descriptions (great local search ranking results) • Create helpful “how to” videos • Use video to reach out to prospects (your competition most likely won’t) • Screen Capture Tools: Camtasia Studio ($), Screencast-O-Matic (Free)
  • 58. @AnthonyKirlew Local / Mobile / Geo Strategies • Use address and integrated Google map on website • For smaller brands, use address on all pages. • Claim local profiles (Google looks for name, address, and phone # “aka NAP”) • Claim social profiles • Geotag photos and images (Picassa) • Use telephone number, city and state in video titles and descriptions
  • 59. @AnthonyKirlew Questions / Mastermind
  • 60. @AnthonyKirlew Contact Me: Anthony Kirlew Tel: 602-903-6223 x700 Email: Web: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: @AnthonyKirlew @AKAInternetMktg Thank you for attending!