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Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
Film magazines reviews
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Film magazines reviews


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Published in: Education
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  • 1.
    • First Biggest selling film magazine in Britain
    • Organizes the annual Empire Awards sponsored by Jameson
    • Usually rank films at end of year
    • Wants to be entertaining with competitions & games
    • USP
    • Pink of Milk Interviews celebrities' with funny and unusual questions then present answers
    • Each issue covers a old classic film
    • Makes it entertaining by including loads of pictures, film games, quizzes, red carpet images & ‘The Movie Poster Mash –Up’ that plays around with current issues and put them in a Mag cover or with a famous celebrity.
    • I feel that they aim for an audience that are interested in gossip, Celeb news, latest films and people that want to read something entertaining. I believe that their readers probably read The Daily Mail due to similarities. The magazine cost £3.99 so their audience may have a low demographic life and maybe working or middle class.
  • 2. The Movie Poster Mash-Up
    • This page is included because They want to add something funny that will appeal to their audience. I feel the fact that footballers are included suggest that their readers are also interested in football and perhaps watch the Premier League.
  • 3. Writing & Reporting Style
    • The writing used is clear but approachable and includes funny and quirky quotes and sub headings.
    • Empire like to report by using pictures to show the subject. By this they will be attracting their audience who are more interested with pictures and writing.
    • Under the frequently asked questions to Empire Magazine, one question asks do you have any general tips for budding magazine writers? Under their response were…
    • -Never use "Dear Sir/Madam." All those letters go straight into the bin. This tells me they don’t take writing too serious and don’t focus on posh type of writing but informal and people being realistic
    • -Don't say, "Can I please write features for Empire?'" Start with local newspapers, teen Mags, web sites - they are all more likely to take a chance on untested talent. This tells me they are supportive and will take anyone and you don’t need to study Journalism or Media.
    The fact that Empire magazine have said they don’t want posh writing and giving advice on starting off on other things shows that they do the same. This tells me that their reporting & writing style are quite similar to teenage writing suggesting they are Empires main target audience.
  • 4. Review Page
    • The review page on Empire are decorated and designed well which is to attract their target audience. This is because it has pictures, stylish writing and a colourful page. I feel they want to use this as they target mainly teenagers who now days read things especially if it looks good like Empire. They also like to use interesting, fun writing styles with adjectives and alliteration.
    • As the review age is popular to read amongst readers, magazines need something entertaining there to grab their readers. Empire gives information on games, TV, DVD, future films and ratings on them. I believe these are included because their audience are interested in new films and news going around about them. As Empire aims for teenagers & young adults including things like ratings on games & films will help them choose what to pay for and encourage them to keep buying Empire.
  • 5.  
  • 6. Uncut
    • Launched in 1997 in London
    • Adults 25-45 are their target audience
    • Owned by famous publisher company IPC Media
    • Unique Selling Point
    • Doesn’t only focus on films but also on books, music
    • Over 85% of reader are adult males
    • Every month they focus on a great legend and give away a free CD
    • Has a DVD magazine under its name
    • I believe the fact they also focus on books & films and already know who are buying their magazines means they are guaranteed success with the correct marketing approach because having a portfolio increases the chance of them doing well. Also including old great legends will widen their target audience age. The price of their magazine is £4.20 more expensive than Empire & Total film but suitable for their target audience because of their age and their demographic which is B to E.
  • 7. Writing and Reporting style
    • The writing used in Uncut is standard English and very clear. This is because its primary audience are male adults aged between 25 – 45. I believe Standard English is the best type of reporting because adult males don’t really speak informal English or slang and because of the things they include in the magazine for example artist like Bob Dylan and actor like George Clooney represent typical men and don’t relate to slang. Few pictures shown but shown to relate or represent a particular topic.
    • Their writing style or way of reporting is also similar to the Guardian which tells me a lot about their audience and both papers.
    • The Guardian Uncut Magazine
  • 8. Review Page
    • The review page of Uncut magazine is very simple as it is not designed in an attractive way but its clear and readable for their readers. I feel is because their audience wouldn’t really be interested in a fancy designed page more of what is written. Unlike Empire they don’t have games or quizzes but do give out CD’s which will satisfy their audience.
    • Below is how their review page is set out .
  • 9. Total Film Magazine
    • Launched in 1997 and published by Future Publishing
    • Offers DVD and Blu-ray news to readers
    • Usually have guest editors for example Peter Jackson and Ricky Gervais.
    • USP
    • Only focuses on films
    • Screen section tells public about new films and gives rating info.
    • They have a screening club that allows people to watch the latest films for free.
    • You can find them on every social networking site.
  • 10. Writing & Reporting style
    • Total Film magazine write in common standard English but their reporting style is catchy and interesting. One reason I feel it’s catchy is because they have slides when showing latest news, sub headings are under each other with subjects that go in that section. I feel this is because they want their audience to be engaged mainly because it is the largest English speaking magazine in the world.
    From this print screen you are able to see that although their writing is very common they still try to make their page look interesting
  • 11. Review Page
    • The review page of Total Film magazine is different to most of the other film magazines mainly because they rate the films the are the latest released. I feel this is a something that will grab their target audience because it will help them choose what films to watch and see if the ratings are true or not. By this they will be pulling the audience closer. This will make their target audience continue buying and reading Total film magazine.
    On the review page they have a ‘Film Finder’ with over 8000 films. This is something I didn’t find on other films and I feel this is an excellent way of expanding their target audience because with over 8000 there is every film genre meaning anyone can use the magazine.
  • 12. Review Page This is the rating on new films released on the review page