7/15/2009                                 IntraLinks Wins International Busines…

7/15/2009                                           IntraLinks Wins International Busines…
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IntraLinks Wins International Business Award For Best Customer Service Team


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IntraLinks Wins International Business Award For Best Customer Service Team

  1. 1. 7/15/2009 IntraLinks Wins International Busines… se arch Press room home > events > pres s room > pres s releas es > 2 0 0 9 Press Releases Article s Awards Upcoming events Press Releases ShareThis IntraLinks Wins International Business A ward for Best Customer Service Team NEW YORK, July 14, 2009—Intra Link s®, the le a ding provide r of critical inform ation e x change solutions, today won a Ste vie Awa rd for C ustom e r Se rvice Te a m of the Ye a r in the 2009 Inte rnatio nal Busine ss Please click here to Awards. take a brief survey. IntraLink s’ custom e r se rvice te a m s ope ra te from locations throughout the world, providing de dicate d global support 24/7/365 in m ore than 140 language s. This ye ar’s Ste vie Awa rd hono rs the unparalle le d se rvice that the te am cove ring Europe , the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) provide s to custom e rs facing a rapidly cha nging e conom ic e nvironm e nt. “At Intra Link s we a re , e a ch a nd e ve ry one , e ngage d in clie nt se rvice ,” said Andre w Pe arson, Managing Dire ctor EMEA of IntraLink s. A m ajor part of that succe ss is due to the atte ntion we have give n to clie nts’ ne e ds. It is pe rhaps not surprising the n tha t IntraLink s has e x pe rie nce d double -digit re ve nue growth for the last se ve n ye ars.” “O ur succe ss is base d upon our be ing at the disposal of our clie nts, to solve the ir busine ss issue s, and to he lp the m re spond to changing circum stance s. W e continue to e x te nd our e x pe rtise , incre ase our cre dibility, provide be tte r se rvice and continue to grow through a tough e conom ic e nvironm e nt. I a m proud of the te a m ’s a chie ve m e nt and congratulate the m all.” The Inte rna tional Busine ss Awa rds a re the only glo ba l, a ll-e ncom pa ssing busine ss a wa rds program honoring gre a t pe rform ance s in busine ss. Nick nam e d the Ste vie ® for the Gre e k word “crowne d,” the awards will be pre se nte d to winne rs at a gala dinne r on Monday, Se pte m be r 14 in the St. R e gis Hote l in Ne w Yo rk C ity. A bout IntraLinks IntraLink s pro vide s on-de m and solutions for busine sse s to se cure ly collaborate , com m unicate and ex change critical inform ation inside and outside the e nte rprise . For m ore than a de cade , 750,000 profe ssionals from m ore than 90,000 organiza tions intralinks.com/press-releases/…/477/ 1/2
  2. 2. 7/15/2009 IntraLinks Wins International Busines… have re lie d on IntraLink s to acce le rate work flow, optim ize busine ss proce sse s and re alize ne w profit pote ntial. IntraLink s counts 800 of the Fortune 1000 as clie nts, including AstraZeneca Pharm ace uticals LP, Bank of Am e rica, De utsche Bank and the FDIC . For m ore inform ation, visit www.intralink s.com . A bout The Stevie A wards Ste vie Awards are confe rre d in four program s: The Am e rica n Busine ss Awa rds, The Inte rna tional Busine ss Awards, the Ste vie Awards for W om e n in Busine ss, and the Ste vie Awards for Sale s & C ustom e r Se rvice . Honoring com pa nie s of a ll type s and size s and the pe ople be hind the m , the Ste vie s re cognize outstanding pe rform ance s in the work pla ce worldwide . Le a rn m ore a bout The Ste vie Awards at www.ste vie awards.com . National Sponsors of the 2009 Inte rnational Busine ss Awards include the Kore an Busine ss C om m unicators Association and the Public R e lations Socie ty of India. Me dia Sponsors include C orpC om m s m agazine a nd Be rlin’s JazzRadio 101.9. Lo calization Partne r for the 2009 IBAs is Lionbridge . C opyright © 2 0 0 0 - 2 0 0 9 I ntraL inks , I nc . A ll Rights Res erved | L egal N otic es | P rivac y P olic y | Sitemap Solutions | O ur advantage | O ur c lients | O ur c ompany | Blog | V irtual D ataroom | N ews & E vents | C ontac t U s intralinks.com/press-releases/…/477/ 2/2