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Bandana Energy Improves Productivity


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Bandana Energy Improves Productivity

  1. 1. Bandanna Energy Limited Selects IntraLinks to Improve Productivity and Shareholder Sa... Page 1 of 2 search IntraLinks Deal Flow Indicator IntraLinks Green IT Calculator home > events > press room > press releases > 2009 Press room Press Releases Articles Awards Upcoming events Press Releases ShareThis Contact Us Bandanna Energy Limited Selects IntraLinks to Sales Improve Productivity and Shareholder Satisfaction Email Us Customer Care Sydney, October 27, 2009—IntraLinks®, the leading Europe +800 3434 5656 US +1 212 543 7800 provider of critical information exchange solutions, announced today that Bandanna Energy Limited, an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed coal exploration company, has selected IntraLinks to securely and quickly share key information with investors such as exploration and cultural heritage data, tenure information and resource data. The company also expects increased productivity and dramatically improved stakeholder satisfaction as a result of using IntraLinks’ solution for critical business processes. “The exchange of investor information is crucial to our business, especially during various procedures such as the farm-in process, feasibility studies and for future construction contracts and tendering. IntraLinks enables us to quickly provide our investors with key information that will help guide their investments decisions. We have already witnessed a dramatic improvement in ease of information management and expect our investors to experience immediate benefits,” said Dr Raymond Shaw, Managing Director, Bandanna Energy. Bandanna Energy holds 16 Exploration Permits for Coal (EPCs) in QLD and maintains oil and gas exploration interests in both Queensland and South Australia. Previously, the company sent critical information to potential investors via DVD or email, a time-consuming and non-secure process for sharing more than 10GB of information. IntraLinks allows Bandanna Energy to share confidential company information with potential investors securely and auditably in a timely manner. “We’re witnessing increased requirements for companies in the energy, mining and resources sectors to securely share their information both internally and externally. The intuitive interface of Intralinks Exchanges™ enables our customers to easily add new users, find information and exchange documents, saving time and improving overall communication. We’re pleased that Bandanna Energy has selected IntraLinks not only to securely share essential information with its potential investors, but also to use it to improve project management processes at its exploration sites,” said Paul Rafalowski, Managing Director of Asia Pacific for IntraLinks. 10/30/2009
  2. 2. Bandanna Energy Limited Selects IntraLinks to Improve Productivity and Shareholder Sa... Page 2 of 2 About IntraLinks IntraLinks provides on-demand solutions for businesses to securely collaborate communicate and exchange critical information inside and outside the enterprise. For more than a decade, 750,000 professionals from more than 90,000 organizations have relied on IntraLinks to accelerate workflow, optimize business processes and realize new profit potential. IntraLinks counts 800 of the Fortune 1000 as clients, including AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and the FDIC. For more information, visit or About Bandanna Energy Limited Bandanna Energy Limited is a new coal exploration company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (Code: ASX – BND). Following a successful $10 million capital raising completed in September 2008, the Company is focusing on coal exploration in its Bowen Basin operated tenements, primarily the Arcturus (EPC 1221), Dingo West (EPC 881), Springsure Creek (EPC 891) and Arcadia (EPCs 892 and 1204) project areas. Details of its coal resource inventory, including resource statements released to the ASX, can be found elsewhere on this site. Copyright © 2000 - 2009 IntraLinks, Inc. All Rights Reserved | Legal Notices | Privacy Policy | Sitemap Solutions | Our advantage | Our clients | Our company | Blog | Virtual Dataroom | News & Events | Contact Us 10/30/2009