Entrepreneurship - The Basics & How to start

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An brief overview a gave to San Jose State University students in Feb 2013.

An brief overview a gave to San Jose State University students in Feb 2013.

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  • 1. Entrepreneurship: Basics & How to Start Akhsar Kharebov Feb 2013 @ SJSU
  • 2. WARNING:Dont try to write this presentation down.  Its online! 
  • 3. BreakdownPart 1: A word on Entrepreneurship...Part 2: How to get started?Part 3: Q & APart 4: Round Table over food
  • 4. Definition of sorts...entre·pre·neurship n.     The process by which anentrepreneur identifies solutions to what others seeas problems. This process significantly reduces theeconomic cost of the problem, thus creating thevalue for the stakeholders.
  • 5. IdiomaticFinding a diamond in the roughCooking a stone soupSetting up the dominos effect
  • 6. FunctionalSolving a real problemGetting people to use your solutionHappens in organizations of all sizes
  • 7. StatisticallyLot of small failuresFew stupendous successesGenerates all the wealth
  • 8. Three SkillsVision: Predict where the ball is goingExecution: Guts to leave the herd  Flexibility: Manage constant change
  • 9. Picking An IdeaLacks a solution on the marketOverlaps skills needed to execute Depends on team you can secure
  • 10. Building a Team:In the real world or at least Silicon Valley:Availability beats talentAlways pursue A+ talentTeam fit. Drive. Ability to grow
  • 11. Building ProductsIterate: Build quickly, release oftenCustomer: Lead and listenFocus: Ventures die of indigestion
  • 12. Operating a StartUp:First low hanging fruit ... but dont stop thereGrow market share, minimize margins aggressivelyIts a marathon and execution is king
  • 13. Putting it all togetherslide from Lex Sisney presentations at organizationalphysics.com/
  • 14. To get involved. Start Early.Get your foot in the door any way possible.
  • 15. Do something.The best way to get involved in the industry is to start working in it.
  • 16. Getting In:1. You can start your own start-up. (Very HighRisk/Reward)2. Target. Research. Approach very early start-upsfor any job they have - they hire on availability. (HighRisk/Medium Reward)
  • 17. Easier Way3. MOST IMPORTANT: Acquire some usefulcombination skills- Engineering- Sales / Marketing (later stage)(Low Risk/High Reward)(Hint: Do 1 and/or 2 on as a side gig, to get to 3)
  • 18. Learn Applicable Skills● Learning is easier than ever. ● Tools, Tutorials, Videos, Books and Courses are online and often free. (Appendix I)● Applicable? ...See next slide
  • 19. Creative Learning Your aim should be to create something with your new skills. Doesnt have to be perfect or big. Just make something.  Simplicity is brilliance. You can even build something for your family or friends.
  • 20. Things To DoPlaces to see, Events to Participate In
  • 21. Seasonal EventsEvents that might lead to a job in a startup: Start-Up or Demo Nights Competitions HackathonsMeet people!! Connections are key.StartUpDigest is a good source for listings
  • 22. Programs and SpacesMany Incubators & Accelerators ○ seed support and job boardsEven more Co-Working & Hackerspaces ○ network and learn*See Appendix B
  • 23. Local EventsStart-up oriented groups at meetup.com ○ 106Miles ○ SV Health ○ SV NewTech ○ search for "startup", "venture", "founder"Company events ○ launches or demos announced on website, facebook & twitter of the company and their investors (ex: news.ycombinator.com )
  • 24. Internships or jobs:● looks at newly founded or funded start-ups at: ○ techcrunch.com, venturebeat.com● and the websites of funds that invest in them ○ sequoiacap.com, dfj.com, ventures.io
  • 25. Internships or jobs: (hint: alumni are most useful here) (hint 2: be respectful) (hint 3: keep friends) Info that just didnt fit:*See Appendix C - Picking a StartUp
  • 26. General advice● Reject Negativity● Always Strive for Improvement● Be passionate!● Challenge your self.● Have a balance.
  • 27. Questions....Comments, Questions, Concerns or Requests Reach Out: hello@akhsar.com
  • 28. Appendix AStart learning now. Places to start. :Hands on with coding: Codecademy.com Coursera.com Udemy.com Elequent JavaScriptOpen Course Lectures Online: - MIT, Stanford, UCBBasic Tutorials: DontFeartheInternet Net Tuts
  • 29. Appendix B ● Many Incubators & Accelerators: f6s.com   ycombinator AngelPad not local: 500.co LemnosLabs TechStars RockHealth DogPatchLabs Amplify.la ChurnLabs RocketSpace StartUpAmerica ● Many Communal & Hacker Spaces  TechShop (SJ/PA/SF) BioCurious(Sunn) PariSoma (SF) TechMediaCenter HackerDojo(MV) NestGVS *I can help with tours
  • 30. Appendix C: What start-up is right for you:● Earlier stage companies are risky, but easier to enter and to advance in● Culture. Values. Team. And how you feel working there. ● Company needs vs. Innate capabilities and existing skills*first time, cant be too picky