Google advance features for power searching


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Advance features from Google allow to do better and more effective search. Also there are non comventional tools available from google which make it easier for you to find the right information you need. As they say Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.
So happy Googling with these techniques.

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Google advance features for power searching

  1. 1. Yourself Akhlesh Agarwal 6th July 2013 1 NIIT University
  2. 2. To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful 2 Google’s mission
  3. 3. Search: Power tips • Quotes on search string • In first example, search result will include pages where words NIIT and university are used separately. E.g. if NIIT does some project with Delhi university. But in second case it will show only those pages where both words appear together, so they will be about NIIT university only. 3 NIIT University “NIIT University”v/s
  4. 4. Search: Power tips • Minus sign • In first example most pages in the result will be about NIIT’s Raji pawar. But in second case you will be able to search those pages which have words Rajendra pawar but not NIIT. So you can search about some other person with same name. This technique is useful if you want to search about a marketing guru other than kotler or similar situations. 4 Rajendra Pawar Rajendra Pawar -NIITv/s
  5. 5. Search: Power tips • Site:<>, • With this keyword you can search within a website or within all .in sites or so on. • Filetype:ppt, pdf • With this keyword google will return only PDF or PPT files instead of web pages. 5 For more tips on power search view video lessons at Search-word Search-word site:.inor Search-word filetype:pdf Search-word filetype:pptor
  6. 6. Special search features • Calculator: • Graph • Currency conversion • Measurement units • Define (dictionary) • Weather • Time 6 45*34+23 Y=sin(x) Y=x^2 Y=2x+2 5 usd in inr 5 Km in Miles Define university Weather neemrana Time london Type these search strings in google search to use special google tools instead of conventional search
  7. 7. More google power • Alerts: receive daily mail on new content on web on area of your interest • Books: read limited chapters of text books for free • Scholar: search in research papers 7
  8. 8. Translate 8
  9. 9. Transliterate Type this: Mera naam Raam Hai 9 You can copy paste this hindi text in any doc or mail etc
  10. 10. Search by voice 10 Click on mic icon, search by voice instead of typing the search word
  11. 11. Search by image 11 Step 1 Step 2 Click on camera icon, upload an image from your computer and see results of similar images on the web
  12. 12. Google glass 12
  13. 13. T h a n k y o u 13 akhlesh.agarwal@ @akhlesha