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blue laser blue laser Presentation Transcript

  •  Blue laser is a laser that emits electromagnetic radiation The blue laser has a wavelength of 505 nanometers. Blu-ray has been developed for the manufacture of blue laser optical disc technology. In the blue laser technology, the special material is gallium nitride. The application of lasers range from the Optoelectronic data storage to medical applications.
  •  Inventing blue-laser technology ◦ Red Lasers ◦ 1992 - first efficient blue LED, ◦ Early 1990’s gallium nitride crystals more effective ◦ 1996- first blue laser - sapphire substrate ◦ 1999 - Polish crystals – Lasers twice the yield and 10 times the life ◦ late 1990s blue lasers were large and expensive gas laser instruments ◦ In 2000s blue laser with 60 mW of power,
  •  Blue laser pointers became available around 2006 same basic construction as DPSS green lasers. commonly emit light at 473 nm which is produced by frequency doubling of 946 nm laser radiation from a diode-pumped Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 crystal. Blue lasers can also be fabricated directly with InGaN semiconductors, which produce blue light without frequency-doubling.
  •  445 nm blue laser diodes are currently available on the open market. The devices are brighter than the 405 nm laser diodes Violet lasers may be constructed directly with GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors. As with all high powered lasers, such devices are able to pop balloons and light matches.
  •  The violet 405 nm laser (whether constructed from GaN or frequency-doubled GaAs laser diodes) is not in fact blue, but appears to the eye as violet, a color for which a human eye has a very limited sensitivity. When pointed at many white objects (such as white paper or white clothes which have been washed in certain washing powders) the visual appearance of the laser dot changes from violet to blue, due actually to fluorescence from brightening dyes. Many companies have demonstrated devices working at only slightly shorter wavelengths: 480–500 nm.
  •  Large recording capacity up to 27GB High-speed data transfer rate 36Mbps
  •  More amount of data than red laser same amount of surface of 120 mmdisc As perfect as your cd may be the surface is never 100% flat. even IF the surface was 100% flat, the disc spins.
  • Technologies
  •  Even organizations such as NASA, the Census Bureau, and many others have lost stored data. They forgot one major component: technical evolution. They didnt envision one or more components becoming obsolete and ultimately affecting the readability of their data. All organizations, whether archiving for historical preservation or complying with storage regulations, should avoid using short-term fixes for long-term problems and should choose a technology with a proven history and a solid growth path to the future.
  •  laser light with 12 in 1 attachment Four In One Pen, Laser pointer,LED Light and Pointer HP LaserJet 1022N Network Ready Mono Laser Printer HP Color Laserjet 2600N Netowrk Ready Laser Printer
  •  Advantages: With up to 50GB of storage space on a dual- layer disc, Blu-rays have five times the storage capacity of a DVD. . Another advantage of this amount of storage capacity is that a Blu-ray disc will be able to support the next level of technology: 3-D content. Backwards Compatibility Audio and Picture Quality Cost
  •  Cost : . Blu-ray players cost more than standard and HD-DVD counterparts, even though prices have dropped steadily. Capacity : While Blu-ray discs offer more storage space on a disc than standard DVD’s.• Movie Availability.• DRM: Although Blu-ray offers a nice picture and high-definition experience crisp beyond comparison, the Digital Rights Management limits the availability of certain features. Although Blu-ray offers a nice picture and high-definition experience crisp beyond comparison, the Digital Rights Management limits the availability of certain features.
  •  Blu-Laser is very cool technology. It takes the DVD-Technology one step further, basically by just using a smaller laser with a nice color. The DVD has gained in popularity, but the various formats and sizes have made the professional user of DVD-recorders gone mad already. same technology in CD and DVD players will provide a dramatic breakthrough in storage capability without an increase in device size.