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Muli Cements was launched 3 years ago but is still struggling along with other big players in the market. I proposed a Branding Strategy for the revival of the Brand.

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Murli cement

  1. 1.  Wall Paintings: This is the most used method for communicating by the brand. Painting the walls of distributor‟s / retailer‟s premises in the color and logo of the Brand grabs people‟s eyeballs and also their mind space Hoardings: The bigger and more visible hoardings are being placed at areas of high footfalls like malls and community centres around Nagpur Bus & vehicle Paintings: Currently 100 buses and other vehicles in Nagpur are painted in the colours of Murli Cement Real State Sites: The brand hoardings have been displayed at various real estate sites in and around Nagpur. The Kiosks have also been setup in these real estate sites and therefore, it occupies most of the consumer‟s mindshare Radio Spots: A few Radio spots have been aired in various local radio stations as well as private radio stations. This was used for increasing the reach of the brand communications to the rural people in the areas.
  2. 2.  Radio Shows: There used to be short 5 minute shows telling about the importance of owning houses that have been sponsored by Murli. This has decreased currently Masons Meet: To promote the brand in the household sector, Mason‟s Meet is conducted every 6 months. This increases the visibility of the brand in the eyes of the masons who act as influencers in the purchasing process of Household buyers Dealers/ Builders meet: To get a hold of the Business to Business segment of the market, in which it is already doing good, Murli conducts Dealer‟s / Builder‟s Meet to gain market intelligence from them and also to excessively promote their own brand Merchandising: It has been used predominantly in conjunction with various meets and distributed at Murli Cement Kiosks at the real estate sites
  3. 3.  Travel Bags  Pen Drives Laptop Bags  Diary T-shirts  Notebooks Caps  Posters Pens  Calendar Light construction material with their logo on it
  4. 4.  Production plant at Chandrapur, Maharashtra Operates in 4 States: Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, & Madhya Pradesh Plan to open new plants at: Gujarat, Rajasthan, & Karnataka 500 distributors 150 retail shops Distributor caters B2B segments
  5. 5. Brand Pricing (In Rs.) Perceived by Customers ACC Cements 285 Price & QualityAmbuja Cements 310 QualityUltratech Cements 383 Strength & ReliabilityBangur Cements 316 Not good quality + Higher price India Cements 280 Good Quality Murli Cements 275 Low price but cheap
  6. 6. Claims RealityGive banners, balloons etc. for shop Nothing found except Murli Cement‟s BoardGives pen, writing pad etc. Nothing found as suchInvitation for dealers meet on regular basis Not even invited onceRegularly in contact with the dealers Very lazy to go to dealer for enquiring about the productVery systematic approach No system at allAds Commercials No commercials found on Youtube, own site etc.Movie tickets, watches, pen drives, dinner etc. to Not received by the dealerdealersActive on Social network No presence at all
  8. 8. BRAND ELEMENTSColour: ORANGE is that it is a low budget product (cheap) “Royal Blue” which will intend to depict „trust‟Name: Murli “Horsepower” cement – Removed.
  9. 9. Value proposition: Current: “ ” Suggested: “sapna apka saath humara”
  10. 10. “communicating the new positioning”
  11. 11.  Launch at - Builders/Dealers meet and Maisons meet in october before diwali. Playing a commercial depicting – the quality of cement, certifications,manufacturing plant,and change in positioning “TRUST”. Distributing new broachers in sync with new elements. Internalizing the brand. Distributing gifts/ merchandise..
  12. 12.  Painting the walls of distributor‟s / retailer‟s premises. Replace hoardings with new promotional campaign depicting “ dream house placed between hands and a happy family”. Bus painted in the color and logo of the Brand to reach the masses Real estate exhibition.
  13. 13. EXPECTED OUTPUT The “trust” positioning would help in building the brand image. “Brand resonance” over a period of time.