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Sancharsoft workshop
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Sancharsoft workshop


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  • All the Three modules interact - SS will compute and present is for Mktg user
  • Transcript

    • 1. Review meeting at Hyderabad 6th February’2009
    • 2.  Present Status Problems and the Solutions Feedback from RO
    • 3.  Franchisee /Retailer Commission Module Key Indicators Reports, Circle, SSA, Franchise Reports with Serial number for inventory Can add other Products like Prepaid Broadband in the invoices Proposed Changes HelpDesk Self Resolution of cases Additional Facilities for Franchisee Login
    • 4.  RM login  Data Entry and Questionnaire Completed  Beat Area Addition Completed  Assigning FOS /RM based on Beat Area Completed  RM – Retailer Reordering as per route plan Completed  Pending Reports-On visits, Summary etc Pending
    • 5.  FM Login  Indent Completed  Issue logs Completed for both – Franchisee/FM  Summary Report on Franchisee Completed, fine tuning req  Reports as desired Given for Sales , Retailer list , FOS list , CTOP addition etc.  Pending  Reports on Issue logs  Minor Reports based on RMC module or other dependent on user input.
    • 6.  FRC and CTOP -Completed for South Zone, East zone. Billing Server integration Completed. Tertiary Sales of RC Processing completed for North Zone. CTOP integration for Commission payment Completed. Pending  FRC /CTOP for North /West zone  RC Sales as per IN,
    • 7.  Server Problem in south Zone Slowness Complaints in North Zone Network issues -
    • 8. Calculates and Approved Cases are presented to SSA passed on to Pyro as mktg for allocation request. approval Pyro will pass allocation afterCTOP Allocation and SS approval byReports are reconsiled for SSA Acctsproper monitoring andvalidation
    • 9. Sanchar Soft Sancharsoft process Commission for Daily Sales of Franchisee and Retailers. System will process only for the SSA approved for processing. Marketing Cell /Acct  Initiate the Process  Approves commission from his login  Reconcile the payments madePyro / Estel Credits commission into C-Topup number of the franchisee & Retailer  Reports for reconciliation
    • 10. • Active Commission Calculation Report • Commission Payable Report with Approval by the SSA marketing • Commission paid ReportNote : All reports can be downloaded /saved to preserve in soft copy or printout.
    • 11. Integrated Helpdesk with CircleAdmin and SSAAdmin for monitoring and follow up
    • 12. 2)FRANCHISEE Stock-Sale report.
    • 13. 3)SIMs activated by SMS, but CAF entry pending in Sanchar Soft.
    • 14. 4)Franchisee guide lines..
    • 15. New Down load menu..useful for OfflineTool
    • 16. 1) Download Retailers –gives retailerslist of the franchisee.
    • 17. SSA ACCTSLOGINREPORTSSTOCK@GIVENDATE ..>> Closing Stock ofAny day
    • 18. FRANCHISEE LOGINREPORTSSTOCK@ GIVEN DATEBased on Sec Sales >> ClosingStock of Given day
    • 19.  Key Indicators Report Demo of FM and RM login
    • 20.  Problems / Suggestion
    • 21.  SSA Nodal Login  Stock Negatives -- Closed  Stock Movement --Closed  Not Appearing in CSC  Reverted back to SSA  Stock diversion CSC-CSC /SSA  Stock moved from one SSA to other is not visible on the same day. /Cancelled also  Stock Adjustment  Diversion to be authenticated – or Approved(suggestion)  Conversion Not working – or Inv not available(attended)
    • 22.  SSA Nodal Login  Reports  Reports not proper  Values or information missing  SLR Annex III Report  Facility –  Offline Calculator  Stock Price list
    • 23.  SSA Marketing  DSA - Delete option  Activation Report not updated  SMS Activation of DSA-Available  CTPOP SI M Sales thro SS –Activation Problem ?  Helpdesk not resolved in time  Sec Sales of Franchisee can not be seen by FM  227 Reports is only 30 days  SMS Activation Reports
    • 24.  FMC /RMC Login  Reports –Sales , Sec Sales, Activation , CTOPUP sales  Delete FOS /Delete RM  Creation Error  HelpDesk Required  Franchisee Stock Movement thro FM  Retailer Data on Area basis  Deletion / modification of Retailers to RMC  Beat plans should be weekly basis
    • 25.  CSC /Franchisee  Online Indent  Sales Report  CAF WO generation –Error  One Time Entry for Franchisee  SMS Activation Report for Franchisee – With Retailer  Rejected CAFs –List needed  Cancellation  Search Not required /Alpha list Ok
    • 26.  Issues in Sancharsoft in the present form.  Bugs/Errors in basic features like primary sales,  sec sales,CAF entry,  FOS addition  Activation Reports its authenticity and reliability. New Features to be developed. other issues like  speed,reliability,  resolution of helpdesk,System breakdown,  Responsiveness of ITPC.
    • 27. Circle Issue Status DescAP Retailer list not Resolved This was due to change in the visible number fields on account of Project Vijay, the field mismatch has caused this problem. Now all Pages are Sync and problem resolvedAP HelpDesk Complaints to be Resolved fastAP Speed Issue To be discussed Suddenly some days speed will be very slowAP Frequent Errors No Error The data was found to be modified during bulk loading manually for SIM activations.AP, Templates for Ready for Demo... Needs some more time to finalizeMH RMC and FM not readyAP FOS entered by The are some page This is due filter not provided in some Franchisee where this approval reports status to be flagged
    • 28. MH Sales id updation in Billing Completed Access Provided to Billing to Fetch server the Sales detailsMH Duplication of requests Completed Originally Proposed in Act Server, Activation server now done in SancharsoftMH Franchisee wise/ Retailer Report hosted in To be provided in Franchisee/ wise activations for which MGMT login, SSA /FM logins CAFs have been submittedMH NO of Retailers given more Report hosted in To be provided in Franchisee/ than 5 FRCs MGMT login, SSA /FM loginsMH C-Top-Up integration in South Completed up North & West will be taken up we the Sancharsoft to tertiary Sales…/ are working on FRC also from FRC DATA -Completed CTOP server to give Activation info in West and South as per FRC used -Reports to be tested
    • 29. MH Reconciliation: Inconsistency SMS Act /DATA entry /CSR/CCN SIM sale report of due to variation terminal : For example MH some CAFs the retailers in the procedure are submitted directly to CCN and these generated in adopted in SIMs sales info does not come to SS, franchisee report different Circles only Stock is removed. Reports based and in reports which are at on prepaid table will be at variance menu variance.. with reports based on CAF data table. SMS processing differsMH CAF related Different types At present only CAF Pending is available of reports are suggested to be given.MH Disconnection of To be started in issue in west zone due to HLR SIM other zones /Command format. except South Flat file can be sent for disconnection to HLR on daily basis. Module for processing disconnection can be made active and reports and SMS alerts can be given to users
    • 30. SMS facility not available in North and East. North Zone due to SS server.MH Rejected CAF Some alerts are Can be provided in South and cases configured, West Summary some more will Statements be added as and periodical suggested Alerts FM Complete Sales Report : CTOP + Sancharsoft Sales
    • 31. Reports – Problems reported Franchisee stock report is not proper. At some places SIM No. and Mobile No. not getting displayed. The secondary sale figures from franchisees to retailers not appearing in the retailer’s report menu. Available in MGMT login Report regarding FRC activation by retailers may be provided. All the relevant report shall be made available FM and RMC login. Key indicator report available on Intranet may be mad available on the home page of Sancharsoft of Marketing login. Available in Circle Maktg In franchisee stock sale report, SIMs available in hand (retailers) is not showing. In stock allot new and in stock allot GSM all the retailers are not being shown. --Approval by SSA is required Others Separate user name and passwords for Sancharsoft shall be provided to SDE (Marketing), and SSA Sales Head Mobility. - Modules under development Unwanted links shall be withdrawn immediately. - under development to give Custom Menu Retailer Codes shown in the Sancharsoft are not correct. -- POS CODES GENERATED , SHALL BE COMPLETED SHRTLY-- Front end mgmt facility to be provided In view Retailer option Retailer list should be viewed with all the fields.