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Austin webinarpresentation 1 Austin webinarpresentation 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Webinars on eXtension.org:
    Experiences and Evaluation
    Alice Formiga, Jill Heemstra, Michael Coe
    eXtension National Conference
    Austin, Texas
    June 7, 2010
  • What is a Webinar?
    • Live presentation over the web
    • Powerpoint presentation
    • Opportunity for participants to interact with presenter
    • Participants may also be able to interact with each other
  • Why present Webinars on eXtension.org?
    • eXtension.org mission
    • Provide valuable and current science-, regulation- and experience-based information
    • Engage Community of Practice members
    • Engage Community of Interest—direct communication with experts
    • Create buzz—attract viewers to eXtension website and resources
    • Solicit feedback on topics of interest
    • Try new technologies to reach audiences, learn what works!
  • Benefits to LPELC
    • Connections
    • New content
    • Repurpose & remix
    • Traffic
    • Feedback
    • Research
  • Target Audience of eOrganic Webinars
    • Organic farmers, or farmers in transition
    • Extension agents who serve organic and transitioning farmers, or farmers considering transitioning to organic production
    • Researchers, ag professionals, certifiers
  • Audience: LPELC Webcasts
  • Audience: LPELC Webcasts
  • Selecting technology
    • Option of listening either via computer speakers or the telephone.
    • Ability to present many webinars
    • Ability to record the webinars and archive them on our site.
    • Automatic registration notices, reminders, and follow-up surveys.
    • Adobe Connect
    • GoToWebinar
    • Other? Ustream, Elluminate......
  • GoToWebinar
    • Participants can listen via phone or computer speakers (VoIP)
    • Webinars can be recorded
    • Setup and notification features are available
    • Polls and surveys can be conducted during (and after?) the webinar
    • Registration process collects contact and other information about attendees.
    • Recordings can be edited and embedded on eXtension pages.
    • We have had a variety of technical difficulties
    • Technical support occasionally needed (but it's free)
    • No interaction among participants (in contrast w/ Adobe Connect)
  • Adobe Connect
    •    Can put presenters on phone (dependable)   but audience listens by VoIP (cheap)
    •    Recordings
    •    Pods (chat, polls, closed captioning)
    •    Easy, dependable
    •    Lacks built-in registration, reminders
    •    Flash (?)
  • Other Software/Hosting Options
    Many, many, more
  • Selecting topics and presenters
    • Timely organic agriculture topics  (high tunnel construction, tomato grafting)
    • Disease epidemics (late blight of tomato)
    • New regulations (National Organic Program pasture rule)
    • Funding deadlines (EQIP initiative)
    • Farmers with expertise (business planning)
    Some presenters gave Webinars to fulfill the outreach component of a grant.
  • Webinar Preparation I:
    Communication with presenters
    What we need in advance
    • Description of the webinar
    • Bios of the presenters
    • Photos of the presenters 
    • Photo that exemplifies the Webinar
    • Webinar presentation, including a slide suggesting further resources (esp. eXtension resources)
    Scheduling a “sound check” (before the Webinar date)
    • Helping presenters learn to connect to the Webinar
    • Discussing hardware
    Working with multiple presenters
  • Preparation Tips and Advice
    Flyer & news release     6+ weeks out
    Segment webcast
        10-20 min
        Archive mgmt
    Continuing ed
  • Webinar Preparation II:
    Sound Check/Practice:
    • Have the presenters connect to the Webinar
    • Use the same computers, phones, etc. that will be used in the presentation
    • Make sure the sound is loud enough
    • Make sure there is no interference
    • Make sure the presenters can hear well
    • Make sure the presenters know how to mute themselves
    • Make they know how to advance slides
    • Prepare them for what to do if something goes wrong
    • If one of the presenters will moderate questions, make sure he or she knows how to do that.
  • Practice Session Tips & Advice
        Peer review (?)
        Gaps & duplication
    Common "mistakes"
        Charts not explained well
        Words instead of pictures
  • Webinar Preparation III
    • Email lists
    • Newsletters
    • eXtension.org events calendar
    • ATTRA events calendar
    • SARE events calendar
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Presenters’ organizations and contacts
    • Flyer at conferences
  • Publicity Tips & Advice
    Audience well-defined [ahead of time]
    Develop contact list(s)
        Social media
    Professional organizations as partners
        Lend their "name"
        Continuing Education
    Don't try to please everyone
  • Moderating the Webinar
    • Have more than 1 staff member available if possible for emergencies!
    • Know in advance how to pronounce presenters' names and institutions!
    • Prepare (and screen) questions
    • Provide further resources/links (to eXtension!)
    • Provide links to archived webinars
    • Plug Ask an Expert
    • Mention the evaluation survey
    • Follow-up with some attendees may be necessary
  • Moderating Questions in GoToWebinar
  • Webcast Archive (LPELC Example)
  • Archived Webinar: eOrganic example
  • Evaluation Questions
    • Did we reach our intended audience?
    • Would organic farmers listen to our webinars?
    • Was the information useful to them?
    • Was the presentation informative?
    • Would the participants recommend the webinar to others?
    • Was the technical level of the information appropriate?
    • How did our audience learn about the webinar?
    • What can we do better?
    • What other information do participants need?
  • Evaluation Instruments
    • Follow-up survey
    • Polls during the webinar
    • Registration data
    • GoToWebinar attendee reports
    • Focus group
    • Email feedback
  • Evaluation Conclusions
    • We have been successful in our outreach efforts at reaching people in different regions of the country. 
    • At least some farmers take time to listen to Webinars
    • We have been able to reach both farmers and extension agents with our Webinars.
    • 85% of those who responded to the survey found the technical level of the presentations to be about right
    • 80% of survey respondents reported that the webinar improved their understanding of the topic, and that they would apply the knowledge gained in their work
    • Our mailing list is our most effective outreach tool
    • Surveys during the webinar will probably result in a higher response rate than follow-up email surveys.
  • Additional webinar series impact
    • Relationships with Community of Practice
    • Relationships with professionals outside CoP
    • Relationships with CoI
    Using webinars for other purposes
    • Development of learning modules and courses
  • LPELC Evaluation
    "Average" viewer
    influences 136producers/yr
    Technical level
    83%=just right
    Applied to extension
    programs, education
    curricula, policy
    Engage researchers
    Our most valuable
    product (CoI)
  • Future Direction
    Beginning farmer
    Enhance pages
    Online courses
  • Webinars/Webcasts/Web conferences/Web chats on http://www.eXtension.org
    Bee Health
    Beef Cattle
    Entrepreneurs and their Communities
    Families Food and Fitness
    Farm Energy
    Financial Security for All
    Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center
    Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network