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Points For Ponder

  1. 1. Points for Ponder……
  2. 2. What We Already Know Will BLOCK what we Haven’t Learned Yet Already Haven’t Known Learned Yet
  3. 3. What We Already Know Will BLOCK what we Haven’t Learned Yet Already Haven’t Known Learned Yet
  4. 4. Some Applications Examples In working Aspect… Work Work Make Sure You Know Hard Smart What’s the Boss Thinking.
  5. 5. Some Applications Examples In Money Aspect… Working Saving Make Sure Your for for Money is Working Money Money Very Hard For You.
  6. 6. Some Applications Examples Other Aspect… Science Spiritual Path
  7. 7. Fill in the Blank
  8. 8. More points… How do we get to learn What we know till today? Who decides What we need to know through Which channel of media?
  9. 9. Some Application Example… What the Logging Elephants Need to Know? The Master decides the type of knowledge for a baby elephant need to learn through Training. The trainers will tie the baby elephant to a fix location with a chain. If the elephant performs the instructions correctly, it will get rewards (food).
  10. 10. Some Application Example… When that elephant grows up to be so strong and able to moving tons of logging, it can break the chain easily. But, it will not even try to do so. The training, experience and exposure received by that elephant will limit itself to perform limited task. No knowing that it can run into the jungle to be a king of the animal world.
  11. 11. Some Application Example… What the Customers Need to Know? The Company decides the Feeling, Slogans, Life Style, etc.. That the potential customers need to know through Advertisement. Take for Example of the Coca Cola Company ADVERTISING SLOGANS - COCA COLA http://www.winspiration.co.uk/cokeslog.htm
  12. 12. Some Application Example… ADVERTISING SLOGANS - COCA COLA 1943 The only thing like Coca-Cola is Coca-Cola itself It’s the Real Thing In actual fact, can we think of anything more Artificial, Man-maded Chemical for people to drink, than Coke? No, I can not… 1944 How about a Coke High sign of friendship If that so, Bush should try offer coke to Arab world to make peace… May be for an exchange of oil. (In actual fact, coke is selling more expansive than cruel oil in many places of the world in terms of same volume, unfortunately just that it can not use to run a car.)
  13. 13. Some Application Example… What the Public Investor Need to Know? The Big Financial Institutions and Insiders decides to publicize the type of Information for the Public Investors need to know through Controlled Media Channels. So that: 80-85% of equity (stock) public investors lost money to them, and 90-95% of future public traders lost money to them.
  14. 14. Some Application Example… What the Public Investor Need to Know? In the view of the Institution and Insiders. Continue Start to Telling Telling Positive negative Start to Story, Public Stories, Telling buy from Public Continue Positive Turn will get Telling Bad manipulators Around Story, because of fear News. Public will greed. again. Public will be help to push feared and let up the Price. go their holding to manipulators. Accumulation Mark up Distribution Mark New Cycle, or Stage for stage Stage for Down History Repeat Institution from Institution stage Itself. the Public to the Public Stages of Market (or individual stock is more easily done)
  15. 15. Last Example… What the Employees Need to Know?
  16. 16. Last Example… What the Employees Need to Know? Sorry, I have forgotten that since I decided to retire from the industry. Again, it got to fill in the blank by individual.  http://blessedfool.blogspot.com/