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Mariano Akerman, Curriculum vitae, 2010

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Mariano Akerman CV 2010

  1. 1. MARIANO AKERMANPainter | Architect | Researcher | Historian | LecturerBorn in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1963A. EDUCATIONArchitect, specialized in Visual Communication, 1987Art Historian, Thesis: The Grotesque in Francis Bacons Paintings, 1999 - Summa cum laudeB. ART EXHIBITIONS1979 Ministerio de Educación, Buenos Aires1984 Casa de la Pintura Argentina, Buenos Aires1986 Galería RG en el Arte, Buenos Aires1987 International Arts Exhibition, Shizuoka, Japan1988 Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires Feria de las Artes, Barcelona, Spain1989 Alliance Française de Buenos Aires Galerías Pacífico, Buenos Aires Bank of Boston Cultural Foundation, Buenos Aires1990 Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires Banco Federal Argentino, Buenos Aires Asociacion Latinoamericana de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires Banco Holandés Unido, Buenos Aires1991 Galería St Margaret, Buenos Aires2003 Oakwood Premier Ayala Center, Makati City, Manila, Philippines2005 The National Museum of the Filipino People, Manila Alliance Française de Manille2007 Residence of Sweden, Manila2008 IFWA Center, Islamabad, Pakistan2010 Residence of Belgium, IslamabadC. PUBLICATIONS1. "Un poema de Jorge Luis Borges, ilustrado por Mariano Akerman,"Revista EM, Buenos Aires,July 1981, front cover2. "La bella y la bestia" (painting), in Monique Sasegur, "Mariano Akerman: Un mensaje vital," LaActualidad en el Arte, Buenos Aires, May-June 1986, p. 583. "Comunicación" (graphic design), in Dolly Dolinsky and Hilda Chanca, Enseñanza-aprendizaje:una experiencia comunicacional, Buenos Aires: Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy, 1990, frontpage and p.14. "Your Honour, Una Auténtica Lady" (painting), in Diario del Viajero, 11 October 1989, p. 15. "¡Cómo te quiero!" (painting), in El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, 27 September 1989,supplement "Ocio & Negocio," p. 16. "Tres a la Ventana" (painting), in Teresita Pociello, "Mariano Akerman," Óleo y Mármol, BuenosAires, 12-23 September 1989, p. 37. "Piet Akermaan Rietveld" (architectural design), in Alfonso Corona Martínez, Ensayo sobre elproyecto, Buenos Aires: CP67, 1990, p. 838. "Mariano Akerman: Un Proyecto de Louis Kahn," Ideas en Arquitectura, vol. 1, no. 1, BuenosAires, March 1997, pp. 6-9, illus.9. "Piet Akermaan Rietveld" (architectural design), in Alfonso Corona Martínez, The ArchitecturalProject, Texas: Texas University Press, 2003, fig. 16
  2. 2. 10. "Flor de Ceibo" and "Constellation B" (paintings), in Jean-Paul Girault, "Les constellationsintérieures: Mariano Akerman," Alliance Française de Manille Program, October-December 2005,p. 3 B-211. "Homage to the French Revolution," in Pakistan, Raisons dêtre: Art, Freedom and Modernity,March-April 2010D. COURSES, given by Mariano Akerman1992-1995 The History of Art Watercolor1998-1999 How To Read a Work of Art 2001-2002 Introduction to the History of Art Tradition and Innovation: Foundations of European Art Renaissance Art Introduction to Classical and Medieval Watercolor Art1999-2000 Art Fundamentals Tradición e innovación: arte moderno Cómo apreciar una obra de arte Modern Art in the Age of Pluralism Modern Art in Revolutionary Times Calligraphy and Poster Design Artists’ Dreams and Imagination in Design of Educational Devices the Arts Scenography and Costume Design Calligraphy and Poster Design 2002-2003 Art Fundamentals Design of Educational Devices Fine Arts: Europe and America Scenography and Costume Design Arte de América precolombina y2000-2001 Art Fundamentals latinoamericana Introduction to the History of Art Art: Modernity and Post-Modernity Introduction to Classical and Select Issues in Modern Art: The Medieval Art Human Body Tradición e innovación: arte Calligraphy and Poster Design renacentista 2003 Foundations of European Art The Explicit and the Implicit in Meeting Modern Art Western Art Art of the American Continent How to Understand a Modern Educational Exhibitions in School Artwork Environments Select Issues in Modern Art: Design 2010 Français, Niveau Supérieur Calligraphy and Poster Design 2010-2011 Art-Appreciation Design of Educational Devices 2011 Español, Nivel Principiantes Scenography and Costume DesignE. LECTURES, given by Mariano Akerman2005 "Realidad e imaginación en la pintura belga", Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires The Belgian Contribution to the Visual Arts, Philippines 1. "Belgian Art," Belgian Residence, Manila 2. "The Marvel of Belgian Art in Renaissance and Modern Times," University of the Philippines, Quezon City 3. "Bosch and Magritte: Imagery of Reality and Fantasy?," De La Salle University, Manila 4. "Masterpieces of Belgian Art from Van Eyck to Magritte," University of Santo Tomas, Manila 5. "Suggestive Paradoxes: Symbolism and Surrealism in Belgian Art," Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City 6. "Tradition and Innovation in the Visual Arts of Belgium: From Compassion to Provocation?," National Museum of the Philippines, Manila2006 "Arte argentino," Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City2007 In the Spirit of Linnaeus: The Tercentenary Lectures on Science and Art, Philippines 1. "In the Spirit of Linnaeus," Residence of Sweden, Manila 2. "Carl Linnaeus: Exploration, Creativity and System," British School, Manila 3. "The Art of Linnaeus: From Curiosity to Apotheosis," University of Santo Tomas, Manila
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