Bc 421 week 1


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Bc 421 week 1

  1. 1. BC-421THEOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS IN BIBLICAL COUNSELING Week 1 Introduction to the Course
  2. 2. The discipline of psychology William James, 1842-1910 Principles of Psychology, 1890Wilhelm Wundt, 1832-1920Father of modern psychology Sigmund Freud, 1856-1939. Developed psychoanalysis when working with hysterical patients
  3. 3. Discipline of theologyTheos (God) and logos (study of)Anselm described theology as “faith seeking understanding.”Hall: “Theology is that ongoing activity of the whole church that aims at clarifying what "gospel" must mean here and now.”(6)Erickson: Theology is biblical, systematic, and relates to the general culture and learning; it is contemporary and practical.(7)
  4. 4. Theology continuedMerriam Webster adds that theology is the study of religious faith, practice, and experience. (8)Used to be called the “queen of the sciences”Answers meta-physical questionsSystematic theology includes the doctrines of Scripture, God, man, sin, Christ, salvation, the Church, and last things.
  5. 5. spiritualityDefined separately from religion in the professional literatureBeliefs rather than practicesTranscendence, meaning-making, relationship qualities, creativity, self-expression, and in therapy, may be used to describe how one’s beliefs in general resonate with the practice of living.
  6. 6. Christian spiritualityRyrie: Christian spirituality involves regeneration, the work of the Holy Spirit, and time to learn this way of living.(9)Christian spirituality involves the living out of our religious faith, within a body of believers, sharing in the transcendence of God, and awakening, calling forth, supporting and holding one another accountable.It is seeking to live a life imitatio Christi
  7. 7. Review of McMinn, Chapter 1 Psychology Alone • Completely rejects religion in context of counseling Integrated • Open to both religion and faith teachings and psychological theories and treatments Religion Alone • Rejects all psychological influences and relies on the Bible alone
  8. 8. McMinn Continued• Excellent scenarios presented to help you imagine how integration might occur• Techniques vary• Informed consent is an ethical requirement• “Intra-disciplinary integration in Christian counseling is both conceptual and relational. Conceptually, it draws upon important idea s from theology, psychology, and counseling theory and offers practical suggestions for how those concepts are applied within the discipline of Christian counseling. And practically, intra-disciplinary integration in Christian counseling is thoroughly relational---emerging out of a counselor’s relationship with God and others, and ultimately influencing client’s relationships.” (McMinn, 2011, 30).
  9. 9. Christian counselingHow do we define Christian counseling?By roles: pastoral, biblical, lay counselors?By location: church, para-church, professional?By the treatment models we use?By the theories we follow (or avoid)?
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