What makes you motivated to go to work?


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Presentation by Åke Nygren, SakinMedia.se & Alireza Afshari, Stockholm Public Library
@ IFLA Camp – Library Creative Laboratory – Kaliningrad May 2013

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  • We asked the librarians on Facebookcrowdsourced the answer in theSwedish largest
  • Annika: “When Sweden wins the world cup in icehockey! ”
  • Ann: “That I have an unyielding belief that we actually CAN build a society in which joint forces support people's lifelong learning, conversation and reading.”
  • Charlotte: “MAYBE I get a chance to make a difference, maybe I can see something that gives a student an aha experience, or maybe I have just purchased or cataloged the book (in the morning) someone asks for (in the afternoon) Also:I'm curious!”
  • Ann: “Curiosity is a driving force. Can’t live without it!”
  • Peder: “Getting to meet people from all walks of life and all strata of society. To get a smile when you helped someone, done that little extra, and get yourself a smile when someone unexpectedly wishes you a nice day. Getting interesting questions and interesting answers. Giving people who rarely go to the library a feeling that it was probably quite nice after all. To give and recieve recommendations, without obligations or compulsion. To meet without having to sell anything.”
  • Anette: “To be placed in a context in which the library can be a resource to many people who need this place for various reasons.”
  • Jessica: “I think it is time for you to take a ride with me in the bookmobile again, Ake.”Åke: “Haha it's ALWAYS time to go bookmobile. Everbody should do that every now and then.Jessica: “What I mean (seriously) is what most people are writing about above, namely that the meetings with people (patrons in my case) and the feel / hope of making a difference is a powerful motivator! You meet many people in the virtual world and it really is not bad, but sometimes you need just a wet, snotty kiss of a three year old who has just understood how cool it can be with books and stories!”
  • Ellen: “The love of libraries.”
  • Eve: "My team: When I say I like my job, it’s the people I think of"Carina: “All my co-workers first of all, I believe.”Catherine: "To have a fun and meaningful time with ones colleagues."Monica: "I go to work to provide library visitors with good service, for the feeling to be a cog in a well-functioning teamwork, that I have my wonderful inner visions and goals for what I do and want to achieve them."
  • Carina: "Because tomorrow, I will summarize the academic year reading with our second year pupils. We have dealt with many wonderful stories together and we will vote for our favorite. As a school librarian, it is mainly my patrons who make me go to work."
  • Out of the bubble! www.uturbubblan.nu (please use Google Translate ;)
  • Cycling for libraries Sweden: http://cyc4libse.tumblr.com/english
  • What makes you motivated to go to work?

    1. 1. What makes you motivated to go to work? Presentation by Åke Nygren, SakinMedia.se & Alireza Afshari, Stockholm Public Library @ IFLA Camp – Library Creative Laboratory – Kaliningrad May 2013 Photo: pysta http://www.flickr.com/photos/nykon/7392310356/sizes/c/in/photostream/ Creative Commons – Some rights reserved
    2. 2. We asked the librarians on…
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    8. 8. Finally… 2 motivating projects
    9. 9. www.uturbubblan.nu
    10. 10. www.cyc4lib.se
    11. 11. Thanks!  Åke Nygren SakinMedia.se sakinmedia@gmail.com Twitter: @akenyg Alireza Afshari Stockholm Public Library alireza.afshari@stockholm.se Twitter: @blabibl