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Kista Idea City/Lab - Partnerships for inclusion


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  • Kista Science City is the Silicon Valley of Northern Europe and Sweden’s most visited shopping destination. Here innovation equals cross-boundary collaboration for technological and economic growth. The guidline is the Tripe Helix model where Academia, Industry and Govenrment together build a cluster of competence, innovation and economic growth
  • Currently the key players in the area are working together to boost and visualize the social, cultural and multicultural aspects of this vibrant ICT cluster.
  • In this city building process, the Stockholm Public Library is taking an active role to create a cultural and social infrastructure for inclusion. The library aims at bringing together business and academia with residents and shoppers in a new cultural meeting point for reading, learning and un-expected meetings. An Idea Store in the middle of Kista Science City: A Kista Idea City
  • This is one idea about a possible location: As an sxtension to the Kista Shopping Centre Near everything: food court (cafés, restaurant) shops, cinema, sports facilities, metro, bus station... Partners: lifelong learning, Swedish for immigrants, Job Torg, Studie-och yrkesvägledning, cafés, local business But what about Kista Science City?
  • I Kista Idea Lab is an experimental library presence in the heart of Kista Science City, in the pilot project Digital Art Center (a preparation for the upcoming huge NODE building, or rather kvarter – a place for) Near everything that is research, ICT, business and digital art related. Partners: Stockholm University, Interactive Institure, Swedish ICT, Stockholm Municipality, Atrium Ljungberg, Dreamhack and Stockholm Public Libraries through the Kista Idea Lab But what about the users?
  • W In DAC, people can explore and learn in the intersection between art, creativity and emerging technologies The Digital Art Center has during its upstart period been open only on request and by invitation. Since recently, though, its open every Thursday for the public, and step by step the center will be become more of a public space.
  • This is a Japanese Art Work in Digital Art Center. Good metaphor for what we want to achieve: brake borders, facilitate unexpected meetings between elements and between individuals: alchemy. make different digital and physical ”worlds” come together: Facilitate technological and cultural mashups Cluster together
  • Nordic Labs
  • Apart from being an integral part of Digitsl ar Center, the Kista Idea Lab hosts various outdoor activities, in connection with local festivals and events: demo of a digital storytelling project done by young people in the area Why outdoors?
  • Welll, we have to start asking ourselves where is the library of the future? Here? Metro, cafe? Home? In your pocket? At work? We need to re-define our physical presence and constantly look for new contexts – both physical and digital – to be present, collaborate and interact with the citizens
  • Some examples of local projects for digital, social and cultural inclusion made possible through strategic partnerships
  • Internet Helpdesk is a partnership between Kista Library/Learning Center and Kista Folk High School. It's a multilingual ICT Helpdesk in the library staffed by trained locals who teach others = empowerment through network and peer2peer learning Aim: bridge the digital gap in Kista.
  • Boost participation in elections through strategic a partnership between a youth association, civil society and local business. ” Run and vote at the library!” Proactive joint campaigning in social media – Twitter, Facebook, blogs...
  • Experimental mobile music walk during World Music Festival in Kista in November 2010. A geo-local mobile music game combining cutting edge mobile technology developed by Mobile Life Centre with selected examples of World Music delivered by Spotity Apps used: mashups cerated by Mobile Life Centre: Phisquare & Spotisquare Important: not just for the geeks, but for everyone. Partners: Kista World Music Festival Kista Idea Lab Mobile Life Centre
  • With all these new technologies, services and innovation one can start wondering, what about the core values of libraries? What about people who don't feel that they belong?
  • Public lbraries have been and will continue to be in the matchmaking business, be it physical anor digita. The librarian is the facilitator who is acting as the intermediator. In order to.....
  • In order to: Now it's up to you to figure out two of the most important purposes of a public library today: Nokia = cnnecting people Läkerol: Making people talk ' Storytelling Sharing Democracry
  • Kista Idea City/Lab - Partnerships for inclusion

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