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LINKEX is a non-asset based logistics and transportation management company that is customer driven to provide multi-modal transportation and supply chain management solutions to a variety of …

LINKEX is a non-asset based logistics and transportation management company that is customer driven to provide multi-modal transportation and supply chain management solutions to a variety of customers, both domestic and international.

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  • 1. Custom Supply Chain Solutions Presented : August 2008
  • 2. About Us
    • Linkex, Inc. was formed in September 2002 in response to the numerous transportation requests of long-term customers associated with Relocation Systems, Inc. (RSI Crating & Packaging).
    • Created as a woman-owned and certified company.
  • 3. Organizational Overview
    • Sales
    • Contacts
    • Escalation Process
    • Inside Delivery
  • 4. Sales Process
    • All SOP forms will be setup by account management team:
      • Brian Kennedy
      • Rocky Young
    • Upon SOP agreement, Cross Training all Linkex team members on:
      • Daily bookings
      • Tracing Tracking
      • Service Delay communication
      • Non Conformance Report will be recorded if needed
  • 5. RMAX Account Team
    • Sales Manager: Brian Kennedy
    • Inside Account Manager: Rocky Young
    • General Manager: Jamie Wyatt
    • V.P. Operations: Neil Plunkett
    • Customer Service Team:
      • Rocky Young
      • Steve Martin
      • Michael Heath
      • Kim Small
  • 6.
    • The account management process for Linkex is completely hands on with every account. All sales, operations, and customer service personnel are fully involved and are updated real time with all shipments.
    • The Linkex sales staff is updated in real time with feeds from our in house computer system, which sends direct electronic messaging to their portable electronic devices such as Palm Pilots and Blackberry phones.
    • Any incident that may occur is immediately escalated to the operations supervisor, sales person, and the customer. All incidents will be handled through the proper channels in a timely fashion
    Escalation Process
  • 7. Inside Delivery Process
    • All inside deliveries are performed to shipper and consignee satisfaction.
    • Many inside deliveries are proprietary to the delivery site. For example:
      • Many inside deliveries require two delivery persons to complete the delivery. Several sites will require stair climbers, or walkers, to deliver in stair wells, and tight spaces.
      • Often times the driver is instructed to deliver in the rear of the building and then transport the product with equipment to a site within the building that is out of site of the regular facility such as telephone closets or equipment rooms.These locations often require some disassembly of the base of the pallet,or modification to the transport equipment.
  • 8. Inside Delivery Process (continued)
    • All problems such as these can be avoided with advanced contact of the delivery site, in which Linkex strives to do, rather than be informed on site. Many times the equipment needs to be moved over high end flooring, requiring boards, and masonite. These necessities can be shipped with the product, or kept on hand in all cities requiring such deliveries.
    • Often times two delivery personnel are dispatched to the site to accommodate these moves. Linkex will notify the delivery drivers of the specifics and all deliveries will be planned prior to arrival. Any necessary equipment and supplies required will be sent with the drivers rather than later which may delay delivery and cause inconvenience for the site.
    • Once the product is placed in its desired location, Linkex and its drivers can provide debris removal, and placement of the products.
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  • 23. THANK YOU Questions?