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  • 1. Homonymstheir tothere twothey’re too hear here yourits you’reit’s
  • 2. Homonyms are words that:• sound alike• are spelled differently• have different meanings See examples below:
  • 3. Let’s look at some common homonyms!Word Definition Picture• their possessive of “they” (their child)• there location• they’re contraction for “they are” Write a sentence correctly using at least two of the above homonyms.
  • 4. More Work with HomonymsWord Definition Picture• to direction• too excessive; in addition• two number Which homonym means “very”?
  • 5. Its vs. It’sWord Definition Picture• its possessive of “it is”• it’s contraction of “it is” Rewrite the following sentence using a homonym: “The dog’s leash is long. “
  • 6. You’re vs. YourWord Definition Picture• you’re contraction of “you are”• your possessive of “you” Which homonym shows ownership?
  • 7. Hear vs. HereWord Definition Picture• hear to listen• here location If you’re asking someone to come towards you, which homonym is correct?
  • 8. Right vs. WriteWord Definition Pictureright correct; directionIf you are creatingpoetry, whichhomonym is mostsuitable?write to produce words
  • 9. Peace vs. Piece Word Definition Picture • peace calm • piece part of a wholeFor the two homonymsabove, use the firsthomonym in a socialstudies context, andthe second one in amathematics concept.
  • 10. More Practice with HomonymsWrite a poem, using the following homonyms:• there, they’re, their• too, to, two• its, it’s• you’re, your• right, write• hear, here
  • 11. References/Acknowledgments• Microsoft PowerPoint• Slideshare• Music: Sam Levine’s Smooth Praise