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Ppl Tweet What 6 Sweet Ways To Connect






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  • Welcome Intro to session   Intro to speakers     Hi I'm Juile     Hi I'm Amy
  • Twitter is...   AJK
  • How it started what it's intent was how it has evolved JULIE
  • How Amy & Julie got started Amy joined April xx, 2007 3 days later, Julie joined April xx, 2007. We didn't know each other at the time. (DID WE?) 1 or 2 points that AMY gets out of it Julie's short story of how she started & 1 or 2 points that Julie gets out of it
  • twitter: the app tweets: the messages tweeple, tweeps: the people twitterverse / twittersphere: the whole community followers: people who want to keep track of your tweets following: accounts you want to keep track of @replies: public messages to you (@strnglibrarian) twitter stream: the list of msgs from a person or people  direct messages (DMs): private messages directly to you  favorites: "saved" messages you like and want to recall l8r hashtags:  keywords   Additionally: Twibes = tribes, i.e., www.twibes.com/groups/librarians Twends/Twending = trends/trending RT JULIE
  • As we go through wer're going to give you examples of how people are using twitter and also how you could be using it. And we're not going to limit it to libraries. We know you're a bunch of smart people and you'll be able to figure out ways it might translate for your particular institution.    The main ways we're going to show you Twitter is around these three things:  Connections Collaborations Conversations reference = conversation, etc [more here]   vr esp as conversation
  • #9 twitter it twitter search AMY  go to live web and ask audience what they want to search for
  • GRPL  uses the  Twitter's search feature to locate people who are in the Grand Rapids area who tweet certain keywords. Words like "library," "GRPL," "reading," "book," and "Evergreen" which is the name of our new catalog. Once you do the search you can create RSS feeds that are updated whenever someone mentions the words. I then subscribe to the RSS feeds using Google Reader to periodically find new people, insert the library into conversations, and see what people are saying about the library."   SEARCHING CONVERSATION HERE   JULIE
  • #2 customer service     AMY
  • #2 customer service   * note the following/followers  * personal connection / tweets * personal information * company information * personal face to the company AMY/ JULIE
  • JULIE Marketing and avertising grew organically
  • #3- news and events not just for planned events  duke university, perkins library JULIE
  • #3- news and events   JULIE can have on website or ANYWHERE like in this example!
  • #4 feedback JULIE can also put links to surveys
  • #5 professional network + tweetups AMY
  • Some examples of things to follow http://twitter.com/librarycongress   http://twitter.com/smithsonian   ny times books - amy add link breaking news example http://twitter.com/nyt_tech   http://twitter.com/lrainie Pew Internet Project
  • AMY
  • #7- Harness the hive   JULIE @conference, working f2f... record of answers
  • #8 watercooler AMY * tv tweeting in real time * debate tweeting * informal grapevine   JULIE * keeping up with friends - the original purpose of twitter
  • #10 know! know first! JULIE Arrested: http://twitter.com/jamesbuck/statuses/786571964 http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/04/25/twitter.buck/ AUSTRALIAN FIRE STORY
  • #11 locate the locals   NEARBY - on iPhone what's happening geographically nearby suggestions - restaurants, etc. eye-witness locals someone was complaining about not having enough copies of a book for their class and i was able to suggest their library AMY
  • #12 silliness like with any internet thing, there's the fun, silly and inane stuff. botanicalls tweeting cats
  • could try to tweet suggestions live using the hashtag (sort of like whiteboarding it electronicly)
  • what to do to get started talk about some apps play dont be afraid to break anything Grab your Twitter name Who to follow? Not Ready? Use it anyway..... (search, etc.) AMY  JULIE

Ppl Tweet What 6 Sweet Ways To Connect Ppl Tweet What 6 Sweet Ways To Connect Presentation Transcript

  • On the other screen:  "Twitter Is Like..." (a meme started by Peter Bromberg)
  • Tweet What? 6 Sweet Ways to Connect  in 140 Characters or Less Julie Strange, Maryland AskUsNow! & Amy Kearns, CJRLC Tweet this session: #tweetw09
  • History The Idea
  • We like it  like that...
  • The Main Idea
    • Connections
    • Collaborations
    • Conversations
  • Twitter it!
    • Twitter search is the new Google
  • Grand Rapids (Michigan) Public Library
  • Who is doing it?
  • Twitter.com/PrincetonPL
  • not just for planned events!
  • Thanks to John Fink @ McMaster
  • Ask for feedback! (and get it!)
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/eclecticlibrarian/3425197245/
  • Follow "Things"
  • Be everywhere at once
  • Lists!
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/7326810@N08/1268572888/
  • Locate the locals    
  • The Six+ Sweet Ways...
    • 1. connect with friends
    • 2. connect for customer service
    • 3. broadcast news & events
    • 4. solicit feedback
    • 5. broaden professional network
    • 6. be everywhere @once
    • 7. harness the hive
    • 8. "water cooler"
    • 9. "Twitter it"
    • 10. know first!
    • 11. locate the locals
    • 12. general silliness
  • How might you use it? let's brainstorm!
  • Resources
    • Common Craft, Twitter in Plain English, quick video on Twitter: http://commoncraft.com/twitter and Twitter search: http://www.commoncraft.com/twitter-search
    • Great guide on using twitter for business: http://business.twitter.com
    • Twitter Fan Wiki http://twitter.pbwiki.com  
  • Thank you!
            • Julie Strange @strnglibrarian [email_address]
            • Amy Kearns @akearns [email_address]