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This is our Off the Shelf Training Program Catalog containing 10 sample programs.

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Training Program Description Catalog

  1. 1. TrainingDescriptionCatalogwww.goomandplacewell.comFacilitators: Akash Dutta andChandrasekhar Thakar
  2. 2. Program names Duration Page no.1 High impact presentations 2 days 32 Team building 2 days 4-53 Leadership Back to Basics for first time 2 days 6-10 Managers4 Connect workshop on Interpersonal skills 1 day 11-125 Hospitality and customer focus workshop 2 days 13-156 Email netiquettes 1 day 16-177 Me to we Program on Basics of Team 1 day 18-19 formation8 Stress and Time Management 1 day 20-229 Adapt -survival skills for Freshers in any 2 days 23-25 industry10 Customer Management Workshop for 2 days 26-29 Retailers11 Facilitator Profile: Akash Dutta 3012 Facilitator Profile: Chandrashekhar Thakar 31 2 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  3. 3. Module 1 High Impact Presentations workshop Duration 2 daysBusiness professionals today must move their audiences to take action by creating anddelivering high impact and effective presentations. Whether in sales, marketing, operations, orR & D, presenters need to be engaging, persuasive, and focused in their presentation delivery.As a result of this learning experience the participants will be able to: • Project energy and confidence throughout their presentation • Build rapport from the start of their delivery • Deliver persuasive presentations that move audiences to take action • Use stories to better engage audiences • With their audiences’ needs in mind, systematically prepare for presentations • Use a presentation template when developing a presentation to deliver to senior executives • Successfully manage a Q & A session • Utilize PowerPoint effectively as a presentation supportDuration: This 2 days high energy, fun filled, result focused workshop is meant for all studentswho have to communicate and make High impact presentations 3 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  4. 4. Module 2 Team Building Duration 2 daysIn this 2 day workshop the program objectives are: • Build a team that lasts • Create positive energy on the team • Harness a team’s creativity • Identify weak players who negatively impact a team • Judge if the team can accomplish the dreamInvestments: 1. Two days from your busy schedule! 2. Enthusiasm and a learning attitude! 4 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  5. 5. Program synopsis:Day 1: The Power of teamwork 1. Teamwork --Why is it so important? 2. Good Teamwork –What is its impact? 3. Team dream--- How to accomplish it? 4. Team bonding –How to ensure that the team lasts?Day 2: The dynamics of Teamwork 1. What are the characteristics of a good Team? 2. Team player—what does it take to be a good one? 3. Building a winning team—how do you do it? 4. Weak player and the impact on the team. 5 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  6. 6. 5. Positive energy within the team –How to create it? 6. Team’s creativity—How to harness it?Module 3 Leadership Back to the basics Duration 2 daysA two day program for: Managers / Sr. executives who are transforming into LeadersThe Need:If you want committed, energized, loyal employees, you must have emotionally intelligentleaders. This Back to the basics Leadership Program develops the skills your leaders need both tomanage themselves and bring out the best in their people. 6 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  7. 7. Module 3 Section A. The Program ObjectivesProgram Objectives Competency To be built A. Leader as Chief Retention Officer The power of example B. Leader as Team Builder Recognizing Your Own Talents and Strengths C. Leader as Communicator Courtesy and Respect D. Leader as Problem solver Conflict Management E. Leader as Coach Coaching skills F. Leader as an Evaluator Managing Your Time and Your Life G. Leader as Customer Champion Exceeding Expectations H. Leader as Change agent Dealing with Things You Can’t Control I. Leader as Motivator Goals with vision with mission J. Leader as Synergizer Team Harmony 7 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  8. 8. Module 3 Section B. The Program Benefits:  Improve your executive career potential.  Move beyond the either/or limits of a management versus leadership mindset.  Upgrade to a unified, holistic view of the organization  Build a total-team organization for sustainable competitive advantage  Address personal, team and organizational change from a flexible response-readiness- fitness framework.  Understand your workplace personality, leadership, emotional intelligence, creative style, motivation, stress, and competency potential strengths and weakness and develop Action-Plans to address career success competencies, roadblocks and derailment issues.  Update, broaden and optimize you executive management style for continued career advancement.  Upgrade your executive decision-making capabilities.  Acquire executive sustainable leadership skills aimed at maximum managerial impact, personal and team confidence building, and better bottom-line performance. 8 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  9. 9. Module 3 Section C. The Program Flow Day 1 9 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  10. 10. Topic Sub Topic Duration1 Introduction Self and participants 30 minutes Activity based2 Program Orientation Basic Lecturrette on 30 minutes Examples used to match the mixed Leadership and profile of the participants Management Tea 15 minutes3 Activity Create a product 20minutes4 Debrief 30minutes Activity Who am I 10minutes5 7 habits session Habit 1 ppt+ video before lunch Habit 2 Activity Habit 3 Habit 4 45 minutes Lunch 45 minutes6 7 habits session Habit 57 PODSCORB Acronym Habit 6 Habit 7 95 minutes8 Video clip Fish Tea 15 minutes9 PPt on Fish 30 minutes10 Management Kundali Questionnaire 30 minutes11 Summary of learning 15 minutesModule 3 Section C. The Program Flow Day 2 10 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  11. 11. Topic Sub Topic Duration1 Recap for day 1 30 mins2 Situational Leadership Introduction to SL 30mins Tea 15 minutes3 Situational Leadership Why SL?4 Situational Leadership Detailed facilitation+ video 105 minutes on SL Lunch 45 minutes5 Situational Leadership Activity 30mins6 Situational Leadership Debrief 60mins7 Video on geese 5minutes8 PPT on Geese 15 minutes Tea 15 minutes9 Video on Coaching after Tea 10 minutes10 Debrief +Discussion on Coaching Grow model+SL 30minutes11 Motivational Capsule Activity Lemon race 30 minutes12 Wrap up of day 2Module 4 Connect: Duration 1 day 11 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  12. 12. People apply interpersonal skills to a wide variety of interactions, from talking to coworkersabout a project to selling a plan to clients. People with good interpersonal skills tend to be moresuccessful in business. They can interact more effectively with coworkers, management andsubordinates, in addition to establishing business networking connections more efficiently,landing clients, and retaining existing clients.Taking an interpersonal skills training course allows people to develop stronger and moreconsistent interpersonal skills.Welcome to CONNECT; a one day workshop on Interpersonal skills! 12 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  13. 13. Connect: The Program ObjectivesAfter completing the Course, the learners would be able to: Objectives n Methodology Explain and Demonstrate the Fundamental 1 Techniques in Handling People 8 hours CBT Identify the Six Ways to Make People Like 2 You Video Clips Identify and explain the Twelve Ways to Win 3 People to Your Way of Thinking Activity Demonstrate How to Change People Without 4 Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment Lecturrette 13 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  14. 14. Module 5 Hospitality and Customer Management Duration 2 daysWelcome to two days of exciting learning and development!We empower your human capital to soar above the rest .We groom them towards creating fansfor your Brand and mot merely customers.In this 2 day program, we empower your human capital to soar above the rest .We groom themtowards creating fans for your Brand and mot merely customers 14 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  15. 15. Module 5 Hospitality and Customer Management Program Description Document: Topics Sub topics n Methodology 1 Positive attitude Removing your mental baggage half a day CBT The Power of Positive thinking How to stop worrying and start living How to enjoy your life and your Job Action Plan Habits for personal and professional effectiveness 2 Interpersonal Effectiveness People management half a day CBT Team spirit How to win friends and influence people 3 Superior customer service Scoring with your customers full day CBT Serving customers at a Higher Level lecturette Decide what you want your customer experience to be Activities Discover what your customers want Role plays Deliver your ideal customer service experience Permitting people to soar Going above and beyond customer service Making customers the first priority Making it all happenTarget participants:Front desk, reception and all customer facing staff 15 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  16. 16. Module 5 Hospitality and Customer Management Program Benefits: Your take aways from this program • Self Confidence and sense of direction • Communication Skills • Motivational Skills • People management Skills • Accountability • Flexibility • Customer centricity as a culture for your peopleOur Esteemed Clientele in the retail sector: • Air Hostess Academy • Brand Promotions (Retail Marketing) • Reliance Retail( Lifestyle, Fresh, Hyper, CDIT, Luxury Verticals) • Jawed Habib (Salon and Spa Retail ) • Levi Strauss(Apparel retail)Module 6 Email etiquettes workshop Duration 1 day 16 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  17. 17. Efficiency is the essence of modern communication. A poorly worded email will simply renderthe message ineffective. It can be observed that all emails are not to the point. While somewriters could be too terse and communicate too little too quickly, there are others who wanderat random never understanding that this is instant messaging and being more specific helps theinformation dissemination faster.This workshop is directed towards developing effective email etiquettes.Duration: 8 hoursModule 6 Email etiquettes workshop Program objectives:At the programs conclusion, participants should be able to: 17 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  18. 18. Program Objectives Methodology1 Explain instances when sending email is CBT with hands on practice led necessary and appropriate. sessions2 Identify occasions when sending or retrieving Review of existing mail culture email is unacceptable.3 Understand items they should never send Drafting and creating professional electronically from their workplace. mails4 Create an email subject line that accurately describes the content of the message.5 State and avoid 12 of the most common mistakes people make in business writing.6 Consider the visual components that enhance an email message and make for easy reading.7 Determine who should and should not receive copies of emails.8 Know what to do when emails misfire and reach the wrong people.9 Develop a personal action plan to improve their email skills at work.Module 7 Transition from ME to WE Duration 1 day 18 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  19. 19. Program objectives:By the end of this module, participants will be able Objectives Methodologya Identify the traits of an effective team player CBT, audio video inputs, activities, games and Lecturretteb Discuss various stages of team formationc Discuss the causes and consequences of conflict and be able to apply techniques in solving itd Explore personal conflict resolution styleDuration: 8 hoursTarget: Junior management and FreshersModule 7 Transition from ME to WE Program Contents: 19 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  20. 20. • Understanding team basics • Stages of team development • The team player survey • Understanding team commitment • Understanding team communication • Working in a team • Developing team collaborationModule 8 Stress and Time Management Duration 1 day 20 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  21. 21. Section A: Stress Management ProgramChanging life-styles, technological advances, and a very intensely competitive business environment,have created tremendous tension for all of us. With the fast pace of life in the modern world, we are allfeeling burnt out as stress is slowly, but surely, taking its toll.No executive or company can afford to ignore the effects of stress. Stress affects decision making,interpersonal relations, the quality of work, and the level of productivity.Program Objectives:To enable the participants to: Objectives1 Dissolve Stress 2 Improve Concentration 3 Develop Creativity 4 Support Problem Solving and Decision Making 5 Improve Productivity 21 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  22. 22. Program Contents Methodology Assess stress CBT Develop a deeper understanding of stress Be aware of internal and external sources of stress Understand the positive and negative effects of stress Determine early warning signs Understand the interplay of body and mind Deal with stressful behaviors, thoughts and attitudes Gain practical tips on stress bustersModule 8 Section B: Time management Program 22 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  23. 23. Time management is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools, and systems working together tohelp you get more value out of your time with the aim of improving the quality of your life.The important point is that time management is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done,because much more important than that is making sure that you are working on the right things,the things that truly need to be done.Smart time managers know that there is much more to do than anyone could possiblyaccomplish. So instead of trying to do it all, smart time managers are very picky about how theyspend their time.They choose to focus and spend their time doing a few vital projects that will really make adifference, rather than spending all their time doing many trivial things that dont really matter allthat much.If you become a good time manager, you’ll not only get a lot more done in less time, but you’llfeel more relaxed, focused and in control of your lifeModule 8 Time Management Program ObjectivesS.NO Objectives Methodology 1 The nature and value of productivity 2 Valuing your time 3 Assessing your time management strengths & weaknesses 4 Removing the barriers to your productivity 5 Overcoming the procrastination habit 6 Focusing and staying in the zone 7 Learning to be present: the power of now 8 Managing tasks, projects, goals and ideas 9 Determining and managing priorities 10 Negotiating your priorities 11 Resolving conflicts with multiple bosses & priorities 12 Deadlines, time pressures and heavy workloads 13 Mastering the art of delegation 23 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  24. 24. 14 Inspect what you expect: the power of "The Stream" 15 The power of personal decision management 16 Negotiating your time & commitments 17 Understanding what you can control and what you can’t 18 Managing interruptions & distractions 19 How and when to say “no” 20 How and when to say “yes” 21 People vs. tasks: your personal style 22 Time management and effective communication 23 Dealing with the things you hate to do 24 Understanding and escaping your comfort zones 25 Starting and completing large projects 26 Managing multiple projects 27 Procrastination and perfectionism 28 Overhauling your task list system 29 Overhauling your planning and scheduling system 30 Getting and staying organized 31 Overcoming the force of habit 32 Setting & achieving personal time management goals 33 Developing new habits for managing your time 34 Achieving the productivity balanceModule 9 ADAPT Duration 2 days 24 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  25. 25. ADAPTA workshop dedicated to the communicativefresher in any Industry in this dynamic, warmand flat world! 25 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  26. 26. Module 9 ADAPT Duration 2 daysSection A: • Welcome • Workshop expectationsSection B: The Positive Mental Framework 1. Effective Interpersonal Communication: How to Demonstrate respect at work? 2. Play Well With Others: Develop Effective Work Relationships 3. The Five (Difficult) People You Meet at Work ... and How to Get Along With Them 4. How to Get Along With Your Colleagues :Resources to Help Improve Your Relationships With Colleagues 5. Ways to Be Happy at WorkSection C: The Negative Attitude and How to tackle it 6. Top 10 Ways to Annoy Your Coworkers 7. How to Get Fired: Advice You Can Live Without 8. Avoid Doing These Things After Work or You Could Lose Your Job 9. Workplace Bullies: What To Do About Workplace Bullies 10. Workplace Etiquette: How to Avoid Conflict in the Workplace 26 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  27. 27. Section D: The WIN- WIN Approach 11. Mistakes at Work---What to Do If You Make a Mistake at Work 12. How To Receive Feedback With Grace and Dignity 13. Listen With Your Eyes: Tips for Understanding Nonverbal Communication 14. Toward a More Civil Work Place: Avoiding Offensive Behavior on the Job 15. 9 Ways to Make a Good Impression at WorkModule 9 ADAPT Duration 2 daysSection E: The Technical Advantage 16. Business Email Etiquette: Maintaining a Professional Image 17. Top 6 Rules for Using Cell Phones at Work 18. Top 10 Ways in Which Social Media Can Get You FiredSection F: Reference 19. Top 10 Career Books 27 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  28. 28. 20. Laughter : the best medicineModule 10 Luxury Retail Customer Management Duration 2 days 28 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  29. 29. Module 10 Luxury Retail Customer Management Duration 2 daysWe empower your human capital to soar above the rest .We groom them towards creating fansfor your Brand and mot merely customers.In this 2 day program, we empower your human capital to soar above the rest .We groom themtowards creating fans for your Brand and mot merely customers. Your take aways from this program 29 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  30. 30. • Self Confidence and sense of direction • Communication Skills • Motivational Skills • People management Skills • Accountability • Flexibility • Customer centricity as a culture for your organizationAt the Luxury retailing level, we know your aspirations. So the objectives arewell Program Objective Target participant Methodology groups1 Scoring with your customers Customer service CBT + activity executives , Shop Floor assistants, Freshers in retail , cashiers2 Serving customers at a Higher Level Lecturrette + Video + skits3 Decide what you want your customer 30 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  31. 31. experience to be4 Discover what your customers want5 Deliver your ideal customer service experience6 Permitting people to soar7 Going above and beyond customer service8 Making customers the first priority9 Making it all happenModule 10 Luxury Retail Customer ManagementOur Esteemed Clientele in the retail sector: • Air Hostess Academy • Brand Promotions (Retail Marketing) • Reliance Retail( Lifestyle, Fresh, Hyper, CDIT, Luxury Verticals) 31 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  32. 32. • Jawed Habib (Salon and Spa Retail ) • Levi Strauss(Apparel retail)Coach Profile: Mr. Akash Dutta Mr. Akash Dutta’s corporate background includes a wide variety. He has been into the training and development function for more than 8 years and was associated with Levi Strauss, Reliance Retail Ltd, Airhostess Academy and Wadhawan Retail. Mr. Dutta’s batches included professionals from the BPO, Retail and Aviation and Hospitality industries. Mr. Dutta holds an Executive Coaching Certification from Reliance Industries. He is a certified trainer from K10, Mumbai, India and a certified trainer from Reliance Retail Ltd. He is a certified professional in world class customer service and a master in public speaking from the Dale Carnegie Inc. He is a graduate from Calcutta University. He is certified in advanced counseling skills. Contact Information: He can be contacted at +91 7303533725 Email: LinkedIn public profile Please check for references at Linked in. 32 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  33. 33. Coach Profile: Mr. Chandrashekhar Thakar • Ex AVP-H.R., Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. • H. R. Professional with a background of Commerce & an approach of law with a rich track record of 35 years • Worked in maximum Domains and premium Companies of Mumbai under the work culture of TQM/ ISO & ERP • Worked with TCS, Blue Star, Shapoorji Pallonji, Ichbaan Honda, Patni, Reliance etc.Specialties- Executive Coach- Group Trainer- H.R. Consultant- Visiting Faculty for HR/ Law/ Marketing & FinanceContact details:Cell: +91 9987682497 33 Lead author : Akash Dutta
  34. 34. 34 Lead author : Akash Dutta