Executive Coaching Catalog


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This is a Program Description catalog for our 10 sample coaching Programs.

They are mostly conducted on a one on one level.

We offer our Coaching services to Junior, Middle level and senior level executives. We also conduct Group Coaching.

Please contact us at +91 7303533725 or at +91 9969453934 or at +91 9820139497 and send us an email to feedback.ask@gmail.com

We are Eager to listen to your Executive Coaching Need and Feedback.

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Executive Coaching Catalog

  1. 1. ExecutiveCoachingCatalogFor Indian ExecutivesCoaches : ChandrashekharThakar and Akash Duttawww.groomandplacewell.com
  2. 2. ContentsS.no. Program Title Page Duration no. 2
  3. 3. 1 Module 1 Employability Coaching 3 10 Grab that Dream Job by enhancing your “employability” 2 Module 2 Professional Effectiveness Coaching 4 15 Convert your Personality into a successful “Professional” 3 Module 3 Communication Coaching 5 7 Communication is the ONLY key for success 4 Module 4 Self Marketing Coaching 6 5 Appoint a “Marketing Manager “ for self 5 Module 5 Self Confidence Coaching 7 5 “Confidence in NOT on ‘Sale’ it needs to be identified and developed 6 Module 6 CV Coaching 8 2 Get your CV short listed by customizing it 7 Module 7 Telephonic Interview Coaching 9 3 “Telephonic Interview” is an art & 2nd step towards final interview 8 Module 8 Presentation skills Coaching 10 3 Learn Master Presentation Skills 9 Module 9 Management Coaching 11 5 Be a Team/ Time and Task Manager 10 Module 10 Success Coaching 12 3 Be successful in Personal and Professional Life 11 Coach Profile: Chandrashekhar Thakar 13 12 Coach Profile: Akash Dutta 14Module1 Employability Coaching 3
  4. 4. Synopsis: • A large number of qualified young individuals who pass out with degrees and certificates in a number of courses ranging from arts and craft to advanced engineering and management disciplines, at different levels and with different specialization, remain unemployed even though a large number of vacancies remain unfilled every year. This is mainly on account of these individuals not measuring up the expectations of the prospective employers as they lack skills and knowledge for the job despite they possess the degree/certificates. • Employability is the need, both from an organization’s as well as from an individual’s perspectives. It is essentially the ability of an individual to carry out the assigned job/role. However, such roles may change as the organization evolves depending on its needs. Similarly, the individual also may aspire either change his role in the same organization or change the industry. This requires diversity in the skills and knowledge. • It is our endeavor to first assess the present level of readiness of such people for a job and, if found lacking, and then prepare them for employment. • We coach you to grab that Dream Job by enhancing your “employability”Duration 10 days Methodology: One on one CoachingModule 2 Professional EffectivenessCoaching 4
  5. 5. Objectives: • Maximize your success by learning ways to increase your on-the-job productivity and reach your goals • Develop an individualized plan for your career, based on your interests and goals • Compete more successfully for advancement • Seek constructive feedback from and work collaboratively with your supervisor to learn how to implement approved developmental activities. • Convert your Personality into a successful “Professional” Duration 15 days Methodology: One on one CoachingModule 3 Communication Coaching 5
  6. 6. Objectives: • Be confident and outgoing in social or professional situations • Charm people with ease and create a connection with them • Make friends easily and build fulfilling relationships • Deal with difficult people effectively and confidently • Get noticed, get ahead and earn more in the workplace Duration 7 days Methodology: One on one CoachingModule 4 Self Marketing Coaching 6
  7. 7. Objectives:In a competitive, global economy, you need to stand out. Whether youre hoping for a promotion, tryingto land a major client or striving to make a difference in your community, one thing is for sure: Theworld has no room for shrinking violets. And: • Build a personal brand and promote it to your personal target audience Think like a politician in order to get ahead in business • Establish name recognition and become a celebrity inside your sphere of interest • Get real results from your networking efforts • Exploit your current job for self marketing benefits • Become a superstar in your profession • Develop an expertise and become a sought-after speaker, consultant and source for news stories Duration 5 days Methodology: One on one Coaching 7
  8. 8. Module 5 Self Confidence CoachingSynopsis: • Confidence coaching aims to strengthen the inner belief that you have about yourself and set you on the path to even greater success. • Having confidence in yourself is all about perception, not facts, which is why people often feel less confident when something goes wrong. And if your confidence gets knocked on a regular basis, it can have a considerable impact on your life and how successful you are as you start to question your own abilities. • That’s where confidence coaching can help. It can help you to recognize your inner strength and abilities and help you to perform outside your comfort zone to turn long held dreams into reality. Whichever areas of your life where your confidence may be currently having a negative impact such as you career, your personal life, tackling change, taking on new exciting challenges ... confidence coaching can help.Duration 5 days Methodology: One on one Coaching 8
  9. 9. Module 6 CV CoachingSynopsis: • A fine CV or Resume is a thing of beauty and not something you can readily knock together at the last minute. Indeed even if you spent days working up your CV with the help of textbooks and friends you are unlikely to achieve the professional finish and superb results that we routinely provide for our clients. • One of the reasons for this is that curriculum vitae (CV) are as much about what is left OUT as what it contains. Many recruiters and HR professionals believe that they can provide that expert advice, when in fact their take is about what THEY would want to see on a CV rather than what YOU wish to promote. • CV Coaching can help you describe yourself in relation to the realities of the job marketplace. Our CV Coaches understand were you coming from and can help you put your CV together in a way which reflects what you can contribute to any field!Duration 2 days Methodology: One on one Coaching 9
  10. 10. Module 7 Telephonic Interview CoachingObjectives: • How to prepare for your telephone interview • What makes a telephone interview different from regular face-to-face interviews (it’s not what you think!) • How to plan your telephone interview setting and environment for success • The most effective ways to practice your telephone interview skills • Expert tips for telephone interview success (from veteran interviewers) • The equipment you must have in arms reach before you pick up the phone • The research you must have done before your phone interview • The Interview Success Killers – what you must never do in a phone interview • What telephone interview questions to expect • What answers to prepare • How to deal with the classic telephone interviewer personalities • How to Keep your energy and enthusiasm throughout the interview, and end on a positive note.Duration 3 days Methodology: One on one Coaching 10
  11. 11. Module 8 Presentation Skills CoachingObjectives: • Confidently deliver presentations in any environment • Understand the importance of preparation • Identify different audiences and tailor their presentations accordingly • Maximize the impact of visual aids • Understand the importance of body language, voice control and projection of "expert" statusDuration 3 days Methodology: One on one Coaching 11
  12. 12. Module 9 Management CoachingObjectives: • Developing team management and motivation skills • Developing listening skills • Developing negotiation skills • Developing networking skills • Developing self-promotion skills • Developing multi-cultural awareness • Improving business relationshipsDuration 5 days Methodology : One on one CoachingModule 10 Success Coaching 12
  13. 13. Objectives:  Reaching goals quicker  Getting ideas and directions  Achieving personal accountability  Being guided in setting a realistic time frame to achieve objectives  Receiving guidance in identifying clutter in life  Getting a clearer sense of self  Learning to see value in what you have to offer  Learning to use your time more wiselyDuration 3 days Methodology: One on one CoachingCoach Profile: Mr. ChandrashekharThakar 13
  14. 14. • Ex AVP-H.R., Reliance Infrastructure Ltd. • H. R. Professional with a background of Commerce & an approach of law with a rich track record of 35 years • Worked in maximum Domains and premium Companies of Mumbai under the work culture of TQM/ ISO & ERP • Worked with TCS, Blue Star, Shapoorji Pallonji, Ichbaan Honda, Patni, Reliance etc.Specialties- Executive Coach- Group Trainer- H.R. Consultant- Visiting Faculty for HR/ Law/ Marketing & FinanceContact details:Cell: +91 9987682497shekhar.thakar@gmail.com www.groomandplacewell.comLinked in Public Profile : in.linkedin.com/pub/chandrashekhar-thakar/13/600/914Coach Profile: Mr. Akash DuttaMr. Dutta is an executive coach with over 8 years of experience helping people and organizations attainmaximum effectiveness. His background includes working with senior managers, mid-level managers andjunior managers of private and govt. organizations. He is a visiting faculty for a subject called Training andDevelopment at ICFAI National College at Navi Mumbai where he guides MBA Students. 14
  15. 15. As an Executive Coach, Mr. Dutta works with junior, middle and senior level executives and leaders. Hiscoachee list is even more vivid than his training batches. The executives coached by him are from almostevery industry, Advertising, Hospital, IT Consultancy, Pharma, Security etc. These clients are individualclients and they are from well reputed companies like Wipro, Fortis, Siemens, Institute of IndustrialEngineers of India, UB Group, Reliance Industries etc. The variety observed among the clients is amilestone in itself.ClientsIndividual Clients from Wipro Consulting services, Fortis Hospitals, Institution of Industrial Engineers ofIndia, UB Group, Sun Pharma, Reliance Industries Ltd., Brand promotions India Pvt. Ltd, JCB,Siemens.EducationMr. Dutta holds an Executive Coaching Certification from Reliance Industries. He is a certified trainer fromK10, Mumbai, India and a certified trainer from Reliance Retail Ltd. He is a certified professional in worldclass customer service and a master in public speaking from the Dale Carnegie Inc. He is a graduatefrom Calcutta University. He is certified in advanced counseling skillsContact Detailsin.linkedin.com/in/akashduttaexecutivecoachCell: +91 7303533725akashdutta79@gmail.com www.groomandplacewell.com 15