Names, symbols, slogan in Brand Management


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Names, symbols, slogan in Brand Management

  1. 1. The Name, Symbol and Slogan What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. - William Shakespeare Akash C.Mathapati Asst Professor – Marketing Area
  2. 2. Akash C.Mathapati
  3. 3. Akash C.Mathapati
  4. 4. Names • Name is the basic core indicator of the brand, the basis for both awareness and communication efforts • It can serve as a substantial barrier to entry once it is established • An established brand can benefit from the establishment of a new subname • Name is much more permanent than most other elements of a marketing program Akash C.Mathapati
  5. 5. Generating Alternatives • Its useful to know which words & phrases will describe the associations that would be useful for the brand to have – – – – – Combining them into phrases Generating parts of words & combining them Considering symbols for each Using rhymes Using humor Akash C.Mathapati
  6. 6. • A powerful source of a name or slogan is a metaphor • metaphor is the use of a word or phrase denoting one concept in place of another concept suggesting a likeness between them – – – – Acura (derived from accurate) Sentra (from Sentry) Compaq (computer & Communication) (compact) Geo (geography – world or global connotation) Akash C.Mathapati
  7. 7. • Use a name with no associations • The name can then be imbued with meaning through product refinement • It may in fact be kept somewhat general or ambiguous Akash C.Mathapati
  8. 8. Is It Easy To Learn • Important aspect is its memorability • When a name is different or unusual enough to attract attention & perhaps to arouse curiosity – Zapmail than speedy mail – First federal will not stand out like Red Wagon Bank Akash C.Mathapati
  9. 9. • When a name has something about it that is interesting – such as rhyme, a pun or humor Akash C.Mathapati
  10. 10. • When a name elicits a mental picture or image • When a name has some emotion • Simple Akash C.Mathapati
  11. 11. Does it Suggest the Product Class • Brand name can play a key role in achieving an association with the product class, so that the brand will have high recognition/recall within the product class – Go-fly-a-kite – Overnight delivery services Akash C.Mathapati
  12. 12. Will The Name Support A Symbol or Slogan ? • A symbol & slogan can become important assests & need to be solidly linked to the name • Name can stimulate & support effective symbols & slogans • E.g., Harlem Savings Bank of New York – Apple Bank (we’re good for you) – Promo Line (“your money grows & grows at Apple Bank” “Take you pick from our branches”) Akash C.Mathapati
  13. 13. Symbols • Symbol can be the central element of brand equity, the key differentiating characteristic of a brand • Symbol can create awareness, associations and a liking or feelings which in turn can affect loyalty and perceived quality Akash C.Mathapati
  14. 14. • Symbols can be nearly anything: – – – – – – – Geometric shapes – prudential’s rock Things – wells Fargo stagecoach Packages – pringles cylindrical box Logos – apple with a bite out of it People – Asian Paints Scenes – Marlboro country Cartoon Character – Jolly Green Gaint Akash C.Mathapati
  15. 15. Attribute Associations • Note the slogan :you’re better off under the umbrella • Rock of Gibraltar mean strength, stability, a fortress against adversity • Dai-Ichi Kangyo – Little Red Heart Akash C.Mathapati
  16. 16. Akash C.Mathapati