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Port blair – field visit

  1. 1. Port Blair – Field Visit (PBMC) 8/12/2013 11:04:00 PM 1. PBMC office and the Secretariat. 2. Meeting with Secretary and other members of the PBMC team. 3. Important inputs by Vijay ( PBMC ward head by ANET) – voice recording. 4. Ward map by PBMC – 18 wards (Port Blair) Some important points by PBMC members : 1. Waste segregation at source. 2. Two point of entry into Port Blair, ships and flight. Design material that will aware the public at in ships and flight before entering Port Blair. 3. Awareness inside the ships and aircraft for SWM for e.g. – announcement inside the vessel and paper material like brochure or leaflets.
  2. 2. Wards - Portblair Municipal limits 8/12/2013 11:04:00 PM There are 18 wards in total which is divided between PBMC official so each person gets about 2-4 wards depending on the size of the ward. WARDS AND THEIR LANDMARK SITES Ward 1 # Comprises of Harbor which can be an important site for SWM campaign. # Sahajeevan colony a posh bungalow area. # Also has a small slum pocket. Ward 2 # Lillypur. # Shares the Harbor with ward no.1. # Also shares the slum pocket. Ward 3+4+5+6 # Defense colony. # Government quarters. # Small market. Ward 7 # Junglighat – main fish market. # Vegetable market, Mutton market, Pork shops. Ward 8 # Slum pocket – encroachment. # Fishing center. # Tamil basti, dairy farm. Ward 9 # Lambabijan dairy farm. # Slum area – door to door collection. Ward 10 # Defense colony. # Sr. secondary school. # Housing colony – door to door collection.
  3. 3. Ward 11 # Government quarters. # Police training center. # Chinmaya mission. # Marriage hall. # Joggers park. Ward 12 # It is on the left side of the VIP area. # Cellular jail, major tourist attraction point. # Veer Savarkar park maintained by PBMC. Ward 13 # Mohanpura. Ward 14 # Abadeen bazaar. # VIP area. # Ramakrishna mission. # Government college. # Football stadium – waste generated during matches. # BSNL, Postal colony. Ward 15+16 # Residential area. Ward 17 # Government quarters. # Cinema hall. Ward 18 # Avstinabad. # Marimman temple – festival and fest. One big festival of Port Blair celebrated here due to which lots of waste generated here. # Community hall – can be used for awareness programme. # ID.Harbor colony.
  4. 4. Meeting With Dennis (Andaman Chronicle) 8/12/2013 11:04:00 PM 1. Port Blair is also called little India. 2. Language influenced by hindi and urdu. It’s a lot like desimumbaiya language. 3. People not much into reading. 4. Govt. officials and people transferred here read the maximum number of newspaper. 5. In Port Blair not many advertising campaign except a few product & services advertisements. 6. People relate to messages in local chaltihindi which is brief and precise rather than an article. 7. Languages preferred are – English, Hindi, Telegu& Tamil. Bengali small pocket as its mostly spoken outside Port Blair. 8. A puzzle or a game with cartoon character to make the local population understand SWM.
  5. 5. Meeting With CCC 8/12/2013 11:04:00 PM - Campaign is just for awareness but should land an impact. - Should achieve the objective which is to aware people about SWM. - Reward system e.g.: What is dry waste? – People discuss, Google search etc. and at the end there’s a cash prize/contest card. - Contest Card : Distribute between kids in school who in turn discuss with parents and in turn get a reward if answer correctly. - Pamphlets wouldn’t work because out of 100% only 10% – 5% reach out which hardly creates an impact. - Design cards for household so when the PBMC worker collects and asks for segregated waste or does so himself he signs on the card, if not signed and segregated the worker can be sacked or warned. - Everything that we create should have a cycle effect as in it should involve more than two or three set of people in turn and engage with one another. - Start at grass root level which is through children. - Create a booklet with pictures that educates kids and also adults with pictures and info. - Target the PBMC worker as well as the household through the campaign. PBMC/ANET – SCHOOLS – TEACHERS –KIDS – PARENTS – WORKERS – PBMC – PBMC/ANET. - Similar situation can be for markets, hotels, guest houses etc. SUSTAINIBILITY is important so design a model which will be self initiated. - Visuals and Hoardings can be designed for example the jeweler hoarding with one picture or illustration and the message 1 line and by whom its initiated. - Number of questions should be much which keeps the audience engaged. - Funny/educative. - Informal language of communication. - For tourists info. In plane or ship through info card is a nice way to communicate the campaign. - Let people feel the ownership for the campaign. - Design locally for e.g. logo design.
  6. 6. IPNT & ASI 8/12/2013 11:04:00 PM # September – February peak season for tourists. # Lately less foreigners but more Indian tourists. # Red skin island no plastic system by the forest dept. and even private sectors. # Bags checking system for bottles etc., if found there’s a fine levied on it. # Port Blair no system. # Tourists who come dirty the place knowing and unknowingly. # Port Blair has dustbins all around but people not aware. # Off season garbage is less than in the peak tourist season. # Places like tourist spots are dirty as they are in constant use and it keeps piling even though PBMC takes it away every morning.
  7. 7. Brainstorm for Design 1. Main challenge is to come up with a design language which suits all the different user. 2. Float the idea of campaign name on Facebook page of Andaman Chronicle (4800 users) 3. Billboards, space for graffiti and illustrations. 4. Look at OBEY/NEW YORK/KERRY SMITH. 5. Have the logo in hindi& English. 6. Use map logo so to use the island in a metaphorical representation. 7. What it represents and the logo will belong to PBMC. 8. A campaign run by PBMC in Port Blair so the logo should represent that. 9. Message for the guerilla advt. is the end of Brukshabad. 10. Picture of the landfill with a message/first message about brukshabad, Hindi or English. GUERILLA CAMPAIGN Erasing the landfill. 1st one can beof the hideous landfill and the current status & PBMC statement for the solution. Rakshas/landfill/Raavan with 10 heads. Landfill started 30 years back so Rakshasa was born then./ did you know? Indian context/1 week story. Create a story board – born, stays, what he likes to eat, his friends, he smells bad etc. 1 week to create the first bit of story. Along with Rakshas advt. graffiti wall can be started. Effects and issues can be the weapons of the Rakshas which changes every day – ### day 9 – Collection, day 10 – segregation, day 11 – transport, day 12 – storage, day 13 – resource use, day 14 – town planning, day 15 – awareness, day 16 – equipment & final day – curtain raiser by PBMC, statement and commitment. # Strategy to get people inquisitive about the rakshasa campaign by following the story in newspaper/comic style like Amar Chitra Katha format. Story keeps updating on the billboard and in the papers we have the previous day recap in cut format comic style.
  8. 8. Lack of resources so to print on flex or paint. Printing on mainland will be costly time consuming and last minute edit wont be possible. Create a template for the public opinion wall about 6 options. Guerilla advt 2. On a billboard portblair map with tiny bit of landfill and as the days progress so does the extent of the landfill so then the present state and the future where there’s a overload of garbage from the landfill and spills all over the city.
  9. 9. 8/12/2013 11:04:00 PM