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Towards a smokefree Europe
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Towards a smokefree Europe



Published in Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Towards a smokefree Europe
    Malta Medical Students’ Association
    EU HELP 2.0 Campaign
  • 2. History
    The spread of the habit
  • 3. History
    5000 BC – tobacco cultivated in South America
    believed that smoking cured diseases
    Smoking was used to:
    contact spiritual world
    seal peace treaties (peace pipe)
    15th cent. – introduced in Europe
  • 4. Tobacco Epidemic
  • 5. The Cigarette
    What does it contain?
  • 6. The Cigarette
    Over 4,000 chemicals, more than 50 cause cancer
  • 7. Tar
    stains teeth and fingers brown
    contributes to lung disease
  • 8. Carbon Monoxide
    odourless and colourless gas and extremely toxic
    less oxygen taken up by the body
    less fit, out of breath quicker
  • 9. Other Substances
  • 10. The Cigarette
    All these substances contribute to all the signs and symptoms observed in smokers…
  • 11. Nicotine
    plants produce nicotine to prevent getting eaten by insects and animals
    highly toxic…also used as industrial pesticide
    contributes to:
    reproductive disorders
    heart disorders
    ........... addiction
  • 12. Addiction
    Why is it so difficult to stop smoking?
  • 13. The Nicotine Addict
    addict needs the drug to feel normal
    drugs are illegal or prescriptive
    although legal and harmful… nicotine is an addictive drug
    similar to the addiction of heroin and cocaine      
  • 14. Paul thinks that quitting may be hard for other people, but he can quit any time he wants to…
  • 15. The Addiction Cycle
  • 16. what happens if you do not take your cigarette?
    The smoking addict would feel:
    not concentrated
  • 17. The Nicotine Addict
    Nicotine addiction is what keeps many people smoking despite….
    its harmful effects
    wanting to quit
    The consequences of this are many...
  • 18. Disease
    What does smoking do to the human body?
  • 19. Kevin told Mark that after all smoking is not that harmful since cancer is the only disease smokers can get
    ….and everyone has to die one day or another
  • 20. Respiratory Problems
    Cilia in airways move dust upwards so that they do not get in the delicate lungs
    Smoke destroys them
  • 21. Lungs of a smoker
    lung will no longer be clear as it was
    smoking addicts are always coughing
    coughing is with mucus from damaged lung
    microbes accumulate in lungs
    smokers develop infections more often
    take longer to get better
    infections lasting months
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Diseases of the Circulation
    narrowing of the arteries
    smoking addict has a 200% increased risk
  • 25. Consequences....
    Heart Attack
  • 26. Cancer
  • 27. Lung Cancer
  • 28. How many people are affected?
  • 29. Annual Deaths
  • 30. Global Deaths by Smoking
  • 31.
  • 32. These people were once young people like you...
  • 33. Malta
    smoking is one of the major cause of disease and death among Maltese men
  • 34. Education
    education helps in making people realise the effects of smoking
  • 35. Secondhand Smoke
    Smoke in the environment around you
  • 36. 85% of cigarette smoke is produced between puffs
  • 37. Smoking and Pregnancy
    What are the effects?
  • 38. Smoking in Pregnancy
  • 39. Smoking is not just suicide...’s murder...
  • 40. Law
    What are my rights?
  • 41. Law
    smoking was banned in all enclosed public spaces (Malta, April 2004)
    the right for a smokefree environment
    Stand up for your rights!
  • 42. Smoking Ban
  • 43. Mirror, mirror....
    How does smoking affect the way I look?
  • 44. Social effects
    the clothes, hair and breath of a smoking addict immediately givehis habit away
    Bad odour
  • 45. Social effects
    ‘smoking reduces attractiveness’
    over two-thirds of young people
    over half of smokers
    ‘quit to improve my attractiveness’
    nearly half of smokers
  • 46. ‘Kissing a smoker....
    is like licking an ashtray....’
    Randy Powell
  • 47. Aging of a Smoking Addict
  • 48. Cosmetic Effects
    Skin - ages by 10- 20 years
    Wrinkles – increases x3 times
    Face - yellow-grey, hollow cheeks
    Mouth – bad breath, gum & tooth disease
    Staining - yellow tooth enamel and fingers
    Fat – more fat storage and cellulite
  • 49. When telling her to quit, Maria argues that she has a right to smoke since smoking doesn't hurt anybody but her
  • 50. Co$t
    How much mon€y does a
    smoking addict burn?
  • 51. Karmnu earns €7,030 a year and he says that he only smokes 1 packet of cigarettes a day. His wife tells him to quit because the house stinks and that their daughter suffers from asthma.
    If a packet of cigarette costs €3.80....
    How much does he spend daily?
    And how much would this be for a year?
    Since Karmnu earns €7,030 a year, what is the percentage of money spent on cigarattes?
  • 52. Cost
  • 53. Cost
  • 54.
  • 55.
  • 56. Malta...
    money spent to cure tobacco-related disease could go for better education and healthcare
  • 57. Financial Burden
    addicts in developing countries:
    do not afford enough food
    cannot pay education to their children
    earn less because of sickness and
    medical costs
    death or disability of smoking parent
    leads to child labour
  • 58. Environment
    Cutting trees, Fires, Toxic Waste and Litter
  • 59. Environmental Impact
    5% of global deforestation is due to tobacco cultivation
    leading cause of fatal household fires and bush fires
  • 60. Environmental Impact
    chemical waste from tobacco factories
    nonbiodegradable packaging and cigarette butts are a major source of a dirty environment
  • 61. The Tobacco Industry
    Who benefits from all this?
  • 62. The industry
    1994 - tobacco bosses swore that nicotine was notaddictive
    Only 3 years later…
    …admitted that nicotine was in fact addictive and that smoking could cause cancer…
  • 63. Expand to Developing Countries
  • 64. Youth and Gender Issues
  • 65.
  • 66.
  • 67. Employment
    The cost of tobacco use is
    than benefits!!
    11 times greater
  • 68. What YOU can do
    How can I help or get help?
  • 69. Yes! We can!
  • 70. More information